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Akame ga Kill 26

Kill the Enormous Hazard Type

+ posted by soranokira as translation on May 27, 2012 06:20 | Go to Akame ga Kill

-> RTS Page for Akame ga Kill 26

Note: This is a speed scanlation. TLC is necessary. But who cares amirite?! I'll review this if anyone provides me with HQ raws because the ones I used were extremely blur on some pages. Certain parts were omitted during translation because of blurred raws.

Certain things different from Lucifell's translation:
Esdese = Esdes (E-su-de-su)
Dangerous creatures/species whatever = Hazard Type(s)
I left Teigu as Teigu but I'm extremely tempted to translate it as Imperial Tool.

[] = box, narration or thoughts
"" = speech
// = split bubbles
() = small text, either outside or inside bubbles.
<> = sfx (if I tl it)

Line break = different panel. Bubbles in the middle might belong to either panel on my whim.

---page 1---

[] A young swordsman who came from a village, Tatsumi,
[] joined the assasination group with many distinct individuals, Night Raid.
() <Akame ga Kill!> Summary of what happened until now

[] Tatsumi got over the deaths of his comrades,
[] grew up as a Teigu user,

[] had the strongest, sadistic general fall in love with him,
[] and waged a deathmatch against his nemesis Jaeger.

[] Tatsumi continues fighting for the sake of defeating the corrupt Empire--

---page 2---

"" An intruder from the foot of
"" the mountain...?!

[] Numbers are...
[] only one person...I guess.
[] What's with that movement speed...!

[] It isn't normal.

---page 3---

"" There aren't any Hazard Types from the mountain.
"" Stylish's keepsake's almost decimated too, huh...

"" Just in case I better head until that bend to take a look.

[] Climbed halfway up the mountain in a few minutes with the momentum...
[] I don't know whose this is but sorry...

[] I'll hide here
[] and let him go past!

[] Tatsumi hasn't came back down from the mountain top too,
[] I've got a bad feeling about this.

---page 4---

Story: Takahiro
Art: Tashiro Tetsuya

Is this a reunion of love, or death--?!

Chapter 26: Kill the Enormous Hazard Type

---page 5---

[] Tatsumi is--
"" Mmm.

[] captured by Esdes in an instant.
"" This is exactly Tatsumi's smell, // it's the real thing.
"" How dare you escape...I was so lonely...
"" ...Wh...
"" Why are you here?!

"" Recently, there's been a threat of Hazard Types nearby the Capital and I've been sent to eliminate them.
"" Battling them in the night.

"" What about you, why are you here, Tatsumi...

---page 6---

[] ...I'm being suspected.
[] If I don't think of a good reply it'll be bad...!

"" Erm... // before that, can we do something about this position?
"" I don't want to.

"" If we're this close, I can't calm down, or something...
"" I won't let you escape again.

"" ...I

"" I was testing my abilities!
"" Because I heard that strange Hazard Types came out from here!
"" Hmph...that mouth of yours.

"" Well... // have you joined the Revolutionary army?

---page 7---

"" Not yet, but
"" I have no intention of changing my way of thinking!

"" ...Right now I'm in the middle of warrior training for the sake of that...
"" Hmm.

"" I see.
"" Indeed, your body has leveled up finely by one round...

"" You've worked hard in this short period!
"" You're still growing.
"" We...well...

[] This isn't the time to be calming down--!!

"" The Hazard Types have nearly been wiped out...
"" They were a nuisance...

---page 8---

"" That's why we met again thanks to that,
"" I don't know what to say other than it's fate.

[] This is bad,
[] after getting over a pinch, a pinch of a different type is coming...!

[] At this rate, I'll be dragged back...
[] Should I fight...?
[] No way...against this person I still don't have a chance of winning!!

---page 9---

[] Tatsumi's face deep in thought is cute too.

"" ...Surprisingly there sure are a lot hindrances here.

"" Now, the guy who's hiding his presence,
"" come out.
"" If you don't, I'll attack without question.

---page 10---

"" I had thought that I had hidden well but...
"" not bad.
"" As expected of the Empire's Strongest, you live up to your title.

"" However, bumping into you is...
"" I guess this is the end of playing with this time's toys.

"" You look like you know all sorts of things,
"" let me guide you to the torture chamber.

"" Fufu... // since it's a rare chance...
"" how about I give you a real large toy to clean up!

---page 11---

() Teigu Shanbara
() activate!

"" Wh-
"" What the?!

---page 12---

"" Well then,

"" it seems that it's still a little early to go greet the Minister

"" on his return trip.

"" I wonder
"" what we should play next.

---page 13---

() Wh...
() What the hell is this?!

---page 14---

"" E...
"" Esdes-san...

"" please make me feel pain.
"" However, I request that you don't leave much of a wound on me, just a bolt of pain will do.

"" ...Tatsumi...

"" So you had such hobbies.
"" As I thought, we have excellent compatibility
"" No, I'm not saying that!

"" It's just that the guy just now might've let us see an illusion...
"" If that's the case, if our body receives damage we might be able to wake up!

"" ...I understand.
"" Let's do it!

---page 15---

"" It's not an illusion.
"" The feeling is too real.

"" The scent of the tide and the sea breeze... // the temperature and humidity...
"" I guess all of it is real.

"" In other words...
"" It's probably the ability of the guy earlier...
"" we were sent to another place...?

"" Sending to another place...
"" Is something like that possible?!

---page 16---

"" In the Empire, there are // 48 superweapons called Teigu.
"" Within them are the secret techniques of the lost kingdom. // I've heard of Teigu that can manipulate airspace...

"" Ehhhhh?!
"" Amazing...

[] Ah, but is this the feeling when you call Inclusio and the armor suddenly appears?

() Eh...?! If you think about it, it's somehow su~per scary...

[] I'm afraid among all the Teigu, to be able to use the ability of Five Fingers to such an extent...
[] who exactly is that guy?

"" Then this place is...is... // is...
"" I wonder what and where this coast is in the kingdom.
"" Calm down, Tatsumi.
"" I am.

"" In any case, let's take a look at our surroundings.

---page 17---

"" Wooooooooah!

"" It... // it's the sea all around...
"" Is this a lone island...!
"" This is another beautiful scenery.

"" Somehow, it seems like we're on a date.
"" ...you sure are calm.

---page 18---

"" Teigu, like the ice I control, // is a thing by itself that moves as a doll, used to kill living things.

"" Thinking that it will go easy on us is naive.
"" I see.

() But, it really is amazing.
"" ...let's get back to what we were talking about.

"" This situation is like we're on a date!
"" Wah...
"" Wa-wait a little!

---page 19---

"" An enormous Hazard Type...!!
"" Even such a thing is possible?!

[] ...This is bad.

[] It's similar to how Dr. Stylish looked after transforming...
[] If I'm not wrong, they should be related.
[] But at that time, it took all the members of Night Raid to barely defeat it...

[] Can we win?
[] There's only 2 of us...

---page 20---

"" Woah!
"" It's really coming towards us!

"" People who hinder us
"" will not be pardoned.

---page 21---

[] Bastards like you should be rewarded by being skewered!

() Weiss
() Schnabel
* German for Whitely Beak

---page 22---

[] ...Or rather, exactly what
[] Teigu does this person have?

[] I've only seen weapon or armor types, but it does not seem like it's expressed.
[] Anyway I have to take a closer look.

"" Hmm.

"" Ohh...?
"" It's unexpectedly tough, huh. // It looks like it'll be interesting.
"" ...Erm,

"" over at that guy's head, // doesn't it look really brittle?
"" Yeah, // my thoughts exactly.

---page 23---

"" Like I thought, we really are compatible!

() Grau Horn!
* German for Grey Horn.

"" Oh...?
"" Still being stubborn I see.

---page 24---

"" Ohhhh!

"" Tatsumi?!


---page 25---

"" Nicely done.

"" However, you showed me something nice, I think I'm falling deeper in love with you...
"" Though I'm already the one who's deeper in love...
() Even though it's a rare chance that I shout out the name of my sure-kill technique...

"" There's another one!!

---page 26---

"" Leave it to me
"" to give it a death befitting of it.

---page 27 + 28---

() Hagel
() Sprung!!
* German for "Hail Leap" or something.

"" Wh...
"" What a way of fighting...

---page 29---

"" The scale is totally different...

[] This is...
[] the ability of the Empire's Strongest...

[] How are you going to kill her--
[] Akame...

---page 30---

"" It looks like the fighting stopped after those 2.

"" I guess we can say that this is the hiding place of the new Hazard Types.

"" Even so, this is troubling.
"" What do we do after break time ends?

"" First we should explore the surroundings.
"" It's necessary to find out a lot of things.
"" That's true...
"" there are too many mysteries right now.

"" If we panic, we'll just end up self-destructing. // Let's proceed calmly.
"" Understood!
"" Let's go!

---page 31---

[] ...What am I doing, instinctively replying immediately.
[] This person is an enemy, you know...

[] Yeah...
[] it doesn't resemble...

---page 32---

---page 33---

"" Hah...

"" The day ended while we were exploring...
"" But it was fun!

"" And, this place became clear.

"" Right now, the place that we're at is
"" an uninhabited island even more southeast than the Empire.

---page 34---

"" Eh... // It...it...it's far southeast?!
"" That's right.

"" Even the timezone deviates far from the Empire.
"" From our exploration during the day, the flora and fauna we saw were listed in some of the documents, and they're

all native to the far south.

"" The decisive factor is the position of the stars.
"" Looking at them, we can roughly know our location.

"" We were sent so far away, huh.

"" In other words...
"" we can say that the 2 of us are alone on this uninhabited island.

---page 35---

"" Now then, what do you want to do, Tatsumi? // It's your destiny.
"" Choose yourself:
[] 1) It's not a bad idea for the 2 of us to live here for some time.
2) We must return to the Empire no matter what and live together over there.
3) Please hug me.
"" There's no room for me to choose at all!

"" You're a boring guy.
"" ...Or rather, somehow you're too composed about this.

"" I happen to know a way to return,
"" so rest assured.

"" Oo!

"" However...Tatsumi will have to help out,
"" got it?
"" Ye...
"" Yes!

---page 36---

[] I have an intensely bad premonition, but
[] a chance to escape won't come even if I make a ruckus about escaping.

[] I'll bet on it!
() The 2 of them's cooperative play are as expected...following in next issue!

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