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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Bleach 15

Bleach -15

+ posted by spacecat as translation on Dec 14, 2007 08:16 | Go to Bleach

-> RTS Page for Bleach 15

Done from a combo of 2 raws with watermarks :blink luckily what wasn't clear one one was ok on the other xD

Page 1:

Hitsugaya: I dream of an ice field.

Page 2:

Hitsugaya: I can feel the ice
Hitsugaya: I hear a voice echoing
Hitsugaya: It’s squashing and wrapping me
Hitsugaya: like thunder echoing in the distance

Page 3:

Hinamori: Good morning!
Hinamori: Shiro chan!
Hitusgaya: You are way too close…
Hitsugaya (bottom text): I hear a voice

Page 4:

Hitsugaya (side text): Squashing and wrapping me
Hinamori: Come on!
Hinamori: Eat your breakfast, I’m running late and it’s my firt day at the academy!
Hinamori: I also want to say hi to the neighbours Tecchin and A-chan! I’ll be back.
Hitsugaya (thought): like thunder echoing in the distance
Hitsugaya: Jeez
Hitsugaya: so annoying
Hitsugaya (bottom text): like a flower touching my palm
Title: Bleach -15

Page 5:

Text: Death in the ice field
Hinamori: Bye for now but if I get the chance I will come visit and play with you okay!

Page 6:

Hitsugaya: Don't come back
Hitsugaya: Bed-wetter Momo!
Grandma: Even though
Grandma: you may not see her for a long time you feel it is okay to say that to her?
Hitsugaya: It doesn’t matter
Hitsugaya: When she has holidays she will be back, whatever happens she will be back.

Page 7:

Hitsugaya: Tatsukiji and Ayumi who live next door
Hitsugaya: they are friends of Hinamori
Hitsugaya: however they are scared of me
Hitsugaya: I never did anything to them but
Hitsugaya: I can tell that they are scared of me. Most people around here are.
Hitsugaya: West Rukongai district number 1 Junrinan
Hitsugaya: Around this place the only two people who aren't scared of me are Hinamori and Grandma.
Hitsugaya: Silver hair, turquoise eyes and a cold attitude
Hitsugaya: so they say, I’m like ice.

Page 8:

Hitsugaya: Grandma would never mention it
Hitsugaya: I love her for that.
Hinamori: I will see you later guys!
Hinamori: I should be back in the summer holidays!
Hinamori: Oh! So this is where you have been all this time!
Hitsugaya: 5 years have passed since Hinamori entered the shinigami Academy.

Page 9:

Hitsugaya: She doesn’t visit as often anymore
Hitsugaya: and seems to have found a new objective
Hitsugaya: Her hair's grown longer.
Hitsugaya: I haven’t grown at all though.
Hitsugaya: And Grandma has
Hitsugaya: grown really thin

Page 10:

Grandma: Toushirou
Hitsugaya: I'll go buy some sugared red beans for you
Hitsugaya: I don’t think there are any left?
Shop person: Here's your change of 3 kan.
Rangiku: Whoah wait a minute! That's no way to give change to a customer!!

Page 11:

No text.

Page 12:

Rangiku: You think you can treat him like that just cos he's a kid!?
Rangiku: I didn't think the people of this store were so rude and impolite!

Page 13:

Rangiku: And how long are you gonna cry about it eh!! How about being a man and standing up for yourself!!
Hitsugaya: Who’s fault is it I’m like this!? I’m not even crying!! Let go of me!!!
Hitsugaya: I said let me go!
Rangiku: Oh!
Rangiku: Hey you, hold up a minute!

Page 14:

Hitsugaya: I hear a voice
Hitsugaya: echoing
Hitsugaya: Squashing and wrapping me
Hitsugaya: like thunder landing in my palm

Page 15:

No text

Page 16:

No text

Page 17:

Hitsugaya: What the hell…
Hitsugaya: are you!?
Dragon: Boy!!
Dragon: I am you
Hitsugaya: What did you say!?
Hitsugaya: I can't hear you!!
Dragon: I said my name is
Hitsugaya (thought): I can't hear you.

Page 18:

Rangiku: Yo!
Hitsugaya: It’s you! From the store…
Rangiku: You need to suppress that reiatsu of yours, when you sleep.

Page 19:

Rangiku: Your grandma looks a little cold.
Hitsugaya: Huh
Rangiku: Boy...You should become a Shinigami.
Hitsugaya: Huh…
Rangiku: A strong child like you really needs to learn how to control that power.
Rangiku: I’ll have you know, if you don’t
Rangiku: You could easily end up killing that grandma of yours with it.
Hitsugaya: What...

Page 20:

Rangiku: It speaks to you already doesn’t it?
Rangiku: If you want to find out about that voice
Rangiku: you need to learn how to control your power.
Rangiku: this is what we do when we become a shinigami.
Rangiku: I'll only tell you once
Rangiku: boy.

Page 21:

Grandma: Is that so
Grandma: then I’m happy.
Grandma: You've been holding in that power all this time, haven't you.
Grandma: you have been worried that I'd get too lonely without you around.
Grandma: But you can’t stay like this because of me.
Grandma: For your grandma to see this
Grandma: it only causes pain.
Hitsugaya (bottom text): I hear a voice

Page 22:

Hitsugaya: Distant, close, echoing
Hitsugaya: I have decided to go after it.
Hitsugaya: even if I am led to die in a field of ice.

Next week: Mayuri vs Szayel Aporro! A terrible shock!

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#1. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Dec 14, 2007
thanks very much spacecat!!!!
#2. by ChaosCloud ()
Posted on Dec 14, 2007
thanks spacey
#3. by MadaraUchiha1 ()
Posted on Dec 14, 2007
thanks spacecat!
#4. by ssjasper2003 ()
Posted on Dec 14, 2007
Aussie aussie aussie oy oy oy
#5. by niphredil ()
Posted on Dec 15, 2007
thanks for the translation, spacecat ^^
#6. by TaiLss89 ()
Posted on Dec 15, 2007
OMG I love this Chapter !! Thanks for translating =D
#7. by OrangeRat ()
Posted on Dec 16, 2007
thank you

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