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Translations: One Piece 847 by cnet128 , Gintama 615 (2)
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Zettai Karen Children 175

ESP On The Test (5)

+ posted by Spikey2713 as translation on Jun 12, 2009 16:19 | Go to Zettai Karen Children

-> RTS Page for Zettai Karen Children 175

Chapter 175: ESP ON THE TEST (5)
Page 1:
4 panels from right:
薫:往生ぎわが悪いぞ!! 全部白状するんだ!!
Koaru: You should know how to give up!! I’ve overheard everything!!
Yukino(Sachio): Ah!!
薫:さあ、何が見えた!?言うんだ!! あの子のどこに何が!?
Kaoru: Now… what did you see!? Say it!! Which part of that kid did you see!?
Naomi: She means there…!?
Kaoru: Specific that name out, Aoi!!
葵:そっ そんな……!
Aoi: No…no way……!
Kaoru: Say it!!
Aoi: No……
Kaoru: Just say it~!!
Aoi: P…Pe…
Text beside: Almost get into the world of porno
4 panels from left:
*TN: There’s a mistake in this chapter for Sachio’s name in Japanese, it was mentioned in Shiina’s blog*
幸生:雪乃が悪いんだ! 僕を捨ててよそのチームに行くなんて…!
Sachio: It’s Yukino’s fault! You abandon me and assign to another team…!
雪乃:だって…… 幸生といると私は成長できないもの。
Yukino: Because… I won’t able to grow if Sachio is with me.
幸生:成長なんかしなくていい!! 雪乃は一生僕が守るんだ!! ずっとそのままでいて!!
Sachio: It’ll be fine that you don’t grow!! I’ll protect Yukino for my entire life!! It’ll be better to stay just like that!!
Aoi: So he planned to anger the team in purpose for breaking it up.
Kaoru: Is that siscon or lolicon?
Tanizaki: You’re wrong about that, Sachio-kun!!
Naomi: Supervisor…!
Tanizaki: Making a girl grow up within your own vision is the roman of man…
Naomi: You’re the one who need to grow up~!!
「健やかな子供を育む」を理念とする『よいこの小学館』の少年まんが誌として、斯様に不健全な成長はいかがなものか? という判断のもとに、編集部は本シリーズの自主的打ち切りを…あ! 誰だ!? やめろ!! うわあああああ
Statement at the left: How could this unhealthy growing things like this, stand for the Shonen Magazine which holds the ideal of “To raise healthy kids”? After that conclusion, the editorial department independently decided to cut off this series…Ah! Who are you!? STOP IT!! UWAAAAA

Page 2:
Title page: ESP On The Test (5)
普段と同じ夜 ―――のはず なのに 何かが足りなくて―――
Statement: It supposed to be――― a usual same night and yet something is missing―――

Page 3:
奈津子:あら、 いい男ですね、 管理官!!
Natsuko: Wow, what a handsome guy, Director!!
不二子:でしょ? 資料室で見つけたんでコピーしたの。 昔の同僚よ。
Fujiko: Isn’t he? I copied it when I found the photo in the reference room. He’s my previous colleague.
ほたる:兵部少佐もいたっていう…… 軍の超能力部隊ですね。
Hotaru: Even Major Hyoubu was there, so this is from the army’s ESP team unit.
不二子:そ。 彼は情報分析と暗号解読のプロ。 宇津美清司郎…紙と文字を操る合成能力者よ。
Fujiko: Yep. He’s a pro in information analysis and cryptanalysis. Utsumi Seisirou… He’s a synthetic power user who manipulates the paper and writing.

Page 4:
不二子:当時の軍部は超能力に偏見を持ってて、 戦局がおしつまるまで私たちを重要視しなかったわ。
Fujiko: At that time the army was prejudiced against the espers, so they never pay attention to us until the state of the war was going underway.
Fujiko: He was able to decipher all the communication of the allied forces.
不二子:戦闘能力も高かったのに――― 争いごとのきらいな優しい人だった……
Fujiko: Though he was quite good in battle ability too, he was a gentle person who dislikes conflict.
Kyousuke: The combined fleet…
Fujiko: Was obliterated…!
Fujiko: Kyousuke!!

Page 5:
パイロット:日本軍のエスパーソルジャー!! 生かしては帰さん!!
Pilot: Esper Soldiers of the Japanese Army!! I won’t let you get back alive!!
Kyousuke: We’re gonna be killed…!!

Page 6:
パイロット:な、 何だ!?
Pilot: What, what the!?
パイロット:くそっ!! キャノピーに貼りついて視界か…!!
Pilot: Damn it!! Those things were sticking the canopy, I can’t see…!!
ウツミ:蕾見くん、京介!! こっちだ!
Utsumi: Tsubomi-kun, Kyousuke!! Over here!
Kyousuke: Utsumi-san!

Page 7:
ウツミ:機動部隊は全滅だ…! しばらくはこれが僕らの母艦だよ。
Utsumi: The task force was annihilated…! This will be our mother ship for a while.
ウツミ:君たちの嫌いな報告書や命令書で作ったけど… これなら気に入るだろう?
Utsumi: Though this made of reports and directives that you both dislike… But I sure you’ll like about this.
京介:はは…! こいつはいい…!
Kyousuke: Haha…! This is awesome…!
Fujiko: The strongest battle ship…!!
Hotaru: Don’t tell me that you went all the way back to the homeland on that…
奈津子:ミッドウェーから? (あはははは)
Natsuko: From the Midway? (Ahahahaha)
不二子:いやもー長かった…… 雨水とサカナでしのいでさ…… あと、敵の潜水艦に見つかって―――
Fujiko: Well, it was a long journey… We had to survive by rainwater and fish… Then we spotted by the enemy’s submarine…

Page 8:
不二子:結局そのあと戦死しちゃったけど――― 彼は人格の一部を本に移すこともできるから… 日記が残ってれば、あるいは―――
Fujiko: In the end, he died in the war later… But since he had ability to put part of his personality into books… If he left any diary, it’s possible…
ほたる:で、 どうだったんスか!? (ドキドキ)
Hotaru: So, how was it!? (Heart bump)
Natsuko: You and he must’ve at least, err…
不二子:ふふ… それはヒ・ミ・ツ♥
Fujiko: Fufu…That’s a S.E.C.R.E.T♥
Fujiko: I mean, will you remember how many piece of bread you’ve eaten until today?
ダブル・フェイス:う…うわ!! 管理官が言うと冗談に聞こえない…!
Double Face: U..uwah!! That doesn’t sound like a joke when the director said it…!
Kazura: …that’s how it goes,

Page 9:
カズラ:先生は本の内容をただ伝えるだけでなしに、 本にこめられた思いなんかも透視できるわけ。
Kazura: Sensei not only can tell the content of the books, but also read the hidden thoughts that put inside the books.
ウツミ:正確には作者と読者の心を共鳴させるんだよ。 透視するのとはちょっとちがうけど… この能力が役に立つならうれしいよ。
Utsumi: It’s more like the resonance between the heart of the writer and the reader. Though this is a bit different with Psychometry… but I’m glad that my ability could be helpful.
澪:でも気をつけてよ。 先生は昔の記憶しかないんだから。 余計なこと言うと混乱してややこしくなるよ。
Mio: Be careful. Sensei has nothing but just his previous memory. If you say something unnecessary will cause him to confusion and make things complicated.
ウツミ:で、 君は何を読んで欲しいのかな?
Utsumi: So, what do you want me to read?

Page 10:
薫:ん。 じゃあ…
Kaoru: Hmm. In that case…
Kaoru: I’ll test it with this first.
ウツミ:「いけません、私は貴男(あなた)の(あね)義姉です。」 「かまふものか、貴女が好きだ」 彼女はそれ以上抵抗する力を失ったやうだった。
Utsumi: “No you can’t, I’m your sister-in-law.” “I don’t care, I love you” she then lost all the power to resist any further.
ウツミ:彼女は微かにXXXXXX  その奥はすでにXXXXXXXXXXXX
Utsumi: She slowly XXXXXX In that deeper, she already XXXXXXXXXXXX

Page 11:
ウツミ:(ぱらぱらぱらっ) なぜこんな本がここに?
Utsumi: (Flipflip) Why this kind of book is here?
本:宇津美さん 女に興味なさすぎ! これ読んで勉強しなさい!! 不二子
Book: Utsumi-san Your interest in girls is way too low! Read this and study!! Fujiko
ウツミ:そーいば僕が入院したとき蕾見君が本を何冊か――― その中に混ぜてなんだな。
Utsumi: Come to think of it, Tsubomi-kun left some books for me when I was hospitalized. So this must be mixed together with them.
薫:へー。 そーなんだ!?
Kaoru: Ohh. Is that so!?
澪:蔵書の中から一発で…! あんた図書室でエッチな本を見つける天才!?
Mio: You get it by just 1 shot among those books…! Are you a genius to search porn books in the library!?
Utsumi: This book is no good for education, so I’ll keep it!
薫:えー!? ある意味教育的じゃん!?
Kaoru: Eh!? It’s educational in certain meaning, you know!?
Kazura: Kagari? Why are you sitting with that pose and that weird face?
Kagari: No..not really!
薫:それはね…… (ごによ ごによ) (ごによっ)
Kaoru: That’s because… (talk in low voice)

Page 12:
カズラ:カガリ最低!! いやあああ―――!!
Kazura: Kagari, You’re the worst!! NOOOO…!!
薫:(あら かわいい)
Kaoru: (Oh my, how cute)
カガリ:えっ。 ちょっ。
Kagari: Hey. Wait.
薫:しょーがないじゃんねー? そーじゃないと自分も後で困るくせに。
Kaoru: It can’t be helped, right? If I don’t say so, you’ll also be troubled.
Kagari: Enough, just shut up!!
Mio: What!? What’s going on!?
ウツミ:君たち、 マジメにやる気がないなら…
Utsumi: If you all… don’t intend to take it seriously…
Kagari: You should just go home!!
薫:そだね。 勉強するっつってもう3週たつし、そろそろ…
Kaoru: Yeah. The study had been hold for 3 weeks, it’s about time…
本:ザ・チルドレン 一学期中間試験範囲まとめ 皆本光一
Book Cover: The Children First Term Mid-term Exam Material Minamoto Kouichi
薫:テスト前なんで、その勉強したかったんだよね。 教科書の範囲をまとめたプリントがあるんだけど、 これが一瞬でアタマに入ったりする?
Kaoru: For me to get started and study for the coming test. Though this is the handout that has all the textbook materials summarized; will you able to put them all together into my brain at once?
ウツミ:……ふむ。 教科書よりこっちの方が良さそうだね。 作った人の思いを強く感じる。 君の先生かな?
Utsumi: …Hmm. This is definitely better than the textbook. I can strongly feel the feelings of the one who made this. Was this person your teacher?

Page 13:
ウツミ:ちょっと待ってて。 テキストに僕の念を―――
Utsumi: Please wait for a while. I’m putting my psychic wave inside the text…
Mio: What?
Kaoru: …Nothing
薫:犯罪者ってわかってても――― あたしは…こいつらが嫌いじゃない。
Kaoru: Even if I know they’re criminals… But I…don’t hate them.
Fujiko: He murdered the people who related to the former army’s ESP team unit.

Page 14:
薫:何であんなことしたのか――― 怖くて聞けなかった。 でも、聞く必要なんかない…!
Kaoru: I afraid to ask the reason… that why he did something like that. But, I don’t need to hear it…!
薫:あたしはバベルのエスパーだもん! パンドラの女王(クイーン)になんかならない!!
Kaoru: I’m esper from BABEL! I won’t become the Queen of the PANDRA.
薫:京介は仲間に優しいけど、 それはエスパーだけ。
Kaoru: Kyousuke is kind to his comrades, but that’s just for the espers.
薫:あたしは――― ノーマルの人たちも同じように思ってる!!
Kaoru: I… think of the Normals the same as the Espers!!
Magi: Major.

Page 15:
真木:なぜ女王(クイーン)がこの船のことをバベルに話さないと思うんです? その根拠は?
Magi: Why do you think that the Queen won’t tell BABEL about this ship? What are you basing that on?
Kyousuke: Eh?
Kids A: Gyah
Kids B: Wah~
紅葉:うるさいわねっ!! せっかくくつろいでたのに!!
Momiji: You’re too noisy!! I was just about to get relaxed!!
京介:さすがにそりゃ無理だろ。 犯罪エスパーの本拠地だぜ? バベルに黙ってたら裏切り行為じゃん!
Kyousuke: Of course that’s impossible for her to keep secrets. This is the main base of the espers criminal, right? If she doesn’t tell BABEL would be like betraying them!
京介:彼女が仲間になるのはもっと先。 政界情勢がキナくさくなってからだ。 それも追いつめられて他に選択肢がなくなって…
Kyousuke: Her joining is still to come. That’ll be when the world is in war critic status. Then she might be cornered until she has no option left.
京介:見通し甘いなあ、真木は。 人が良すぎるっつーか、単純っつーか。
Kyousuke: You’re naïve in reading the perspective, Magi. Should I just say that you’re too kind or you’re simplicity?
真木:あんたが言ったんじゃん!? 「彼女も秘密を作れる」って!!
Magi: Aren’t you the one who said that!? You said “She will keep this as secret”!!
Magi: So are you going to erase her memory again!?
京介:試験前に記憶を消すって…僕は鬼か。 それじゃ招待した意味もないだろ。
Kyousuke: Erase her memory before the test…am I a cruel devil? That’ll make my invitation meaningless.

Page 16:
京介:あいつと違って、僕はあの子を一人前に扱う。 以前のようにただ甘やかしてばかりはいないさ。 (に…) 今回はちょっとばかり罠にはめさせてもらう。
Kyousuke: Unlike that guy, I’m helping her to become adult. I won’t spoil her much more like I did before. (Smirk) This time I have setup some trap for her.
ウツミ:終わった。 これでこのテキストは命を持った。
Utsumi: All done. With this, the texts have life.
ウツミ:読みば普通よりはるかに意味がわかるはずだ。 けど、ますは―――
Utsumi: If you read it, you’ll understand more than usual. But first…
Utsumi: I’ll let you feel the heart.
Minamoto: Kaoru, Shiho, Aoi…!
Kaoru: Minamoto!?

Page 17:
皆本:局長の立場は気にしなくていい。 それは大人の僕らが心配することだよ。 でも、君たちが勉強するのはいいことだ。
Minamoto: You don’t have to worry about the chief’s situation. That’s for us adults to worry about. But, studying is a good thing.
皆本:正解を出していい点を取るのが勉強じゃないんだ。 何かを学ぶのは楽しいことなんだよ。 僕は君たちにそれを教えたい。
Minamoto: By just answering correctly and getting good grades isn’t the point of studying. It’ll be fun when you have learned something new. That’s what I want to teach you girls.
皆本:僕のとりえの中から――― 君たちに何かをしてやれるのが嬉しいよ。
Minamoto: I’ll feel happy… when you girls have learned something useful from me.
Kaoru: He… thinks of this when he writes this handout?
ウツミ:まあつまりはそういうことなんだが… そのイメージは僕が活性化した行間から、君自身が読み取ったものだ。 文章を読むのは透視するのとは違う。 読み手の心がそれに共鳴してイメージを作る。
Utsumi: Well, that’s how it works but… From the middle of my activation, that image is something you read on your own. Reading the sentences is different with scanning through it. The resonance of the reader’s heart with it creates this image.

Page 18:
ウツミ:ただのプリントから君はこんなにも優しい彼を読みとった――― この先生のことが大好きなんだね?
Utsumi: For you to read such a kind person within a simple handout… You love this teacher, don’t you?
Kaoru: Uh.
薫:ごめん澪。 あたし、帰って勉強するわ。 今度こそやる気出ちゃった。
Kaoru: Sorry Mio. I’ll go home to study. This time I have gotten motivation.
澪:な、なによ!? ここで勉強すりゃ、テストなんか楽勝なのに…
Mio: Wh-what the!? The test will be a piece of cake if you study right here…
薫:テストが大事じゃないの。 あたしには――― 期待に応えたい人がいるんだ。
Kaoru: The test isn’t something that important. There’s someone… whose expectations I want to live up to.
Kaoru: Ka…Kaoru!?
Statement: What will Kaoru do with the main base of PANDRA!?


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#1. by Spikey2713 ()
Posted on Jun 12, 2009
js06 had done the translation for this but since I'm currently working on 171 onwards... I'll redo the translation myself with most of them based on js06's translation, hoping to let this manga more interesting. Hoping everyone can lead me a hand for a quick proofread before I go for scanlations. Thank you.

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