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Zettai Karen Children 178

Life Savers (1)

+ posted by Spikey2713 as translation on Jun 25, 2009 15:13 | Go to Zettai Karen Children

-> RTS Page for Zettai Karen Children 178

Chapter 178: Life Savers (1)
Page 1:
4 panels from right
Narrator: Momotarou secretly come over to play.
ちょうどスケッチの宿題があったので、 ネタにするチルドレン。
Narrator: The Children’s homework happened to be making a sketch, so they sketched it.
Narrator: Kagari rushed out after receiving the emergency call by Momotarou.
カガリ:「焼きつきして欲しいものがある」って――― いったい何が…!?
Kagari: It said “There’s something I want you to burn”… What could it be…!?
Sketch on the right: Kaoru
©Hirano Aya
Sketch on the left: Aoi
©Shiraishi Ryouko
4 panels from left:
カガリ:あんまりおかしかったんで、 デジカメで撮っておきました。
Kagari: It was really weird and funny, so I took pictures with my digital camera.
京介:正確なのがいいえと思うのは素人だ。 この女帝(エンプレス)の絵なんか、すごい味がある。
Kyousuke: Only an amateur thinks that accuracy makes a good drawing. This drawing by the Empress has amazing charm to it.
Kyousuke: Don’t you think that by market this will be our organization’s source of funds?
©Tomatsu Haruka
まさかの 大ブーム発生
Narrator: An Unexpected Fad had begin.
CM:作者不詳のこのかわいい犬は、 「プルプル犬」の愛性で親しまれ―――
CM: A cute DOG made by an unknown artist, has become close friends with “Purupuru Doggie”…
Shiho&Momotarou: IT’S NOT A DOG!!
Narrator: It doesn’t matter if they got it wrong.
Statement on the left: Actually, these Super Treasures, “Momotarou(?)” Illustrations were drawn by Hirano Aya(Kaoru cast), Shiraishi Ryouko(Aoi cast), and Tomatsu Haruka(Shiho cast) on the stage during the [Z-Child Premium Event] held on 7th June!!
The assignment given was “Please draw out Momotarou based only on your memory”. However, every member in that seiyuu team seems to really have a superior memory and drawing skill (XD)

Page 2:
Title page:
178th sense.ライフ・セイバーズ(1)
Title: 178th sense. Life Savers (1)
Kaoru: The latest Comic Vol.17 will be release on 17th July!
Shiho: Shiina Sensei 20th Anniversary Debut’s Memorial Gallery Exhibition and Autograph Session has been decided!!
Aoi: That’s Double great news!!
Minamoto: The details will be given at issue no.32!! Let’s look forward for it.

Page 3:
キーン コーン カーン コーン
薫:ああっ…予鈴が…!! 急げっ!!
Kaoru: Ahh…The warning bell…!! Hurry!!
Shiho: I don’t want to run anymore~~~!!
葵:しゃーないやろっ!! 次のバス待ってたら完全にアウトや!
Aoi: It can’t be helped!! We’ll definitely be late if we wait for the next bus!

Page 4:
Shiho: Just teleport us~~~!!
Aoi: But Minamoto said……
皆本:(ズルは絶対ダメ!! みんなと同じように走れ!)
Minamoto: (Absolute no cheating!! Run like everyone else!)
紫穂:薫ちゃんが悪いのよ!! 出がけに衣替えのこと忘れて冬服で―――
Shiho: It’s Kaoru’s fault!! You forgot about the uniform change and had your winter uniform on…
薫:よくあることじゃん!? ケンカしてるヒマあったら走れ―――!!
Kaoru: Doesn’t that happen to a lot of people? If you have time to argue, just run~!!
Chisato: You three……!!

Page 5:
先生:ほら、急げっ。 あと2分!!
Teacher: C’mon, hurry up. 2 minutes left!!
Yuuri: Okaaaay.
Chisato: We almost come in with our winter uniforms……
Kaoru: So it’s the same reason for us……
薫:ドジっ娘萌え要素だけど… 本人は大変なんだよね!! (てへっ♥)
Kaoru: Being clumsy may be moe… But it sure is tough!! (Tee hee♥)
Chisato: Moe…
Shiho: Say that kind of thing in front of the people who haven’t affected by your clumsiness!!
Yuuri: Ah.
Yuuri: Gyah…AHH!?
Aoi: Yuuri-chan!?

Page 6:
キーン コーン カーン コーン
悠理:あ… あの…
Yuuri: Ah… Um…
悠理:わ、 私のことはいいから先に行って――― (あうあう~~~)
Yuuri: Don-, don’t worry about me and go on ahead~~ (Owww~~)
Kaoru: (Like we can do that, you klutz!!)
Aoi: (We’re definitely late―――!! )
東野:別に1日くらい制服まちがってもイーじゃねーか。 そんなに気にすることか?
Touno: There’s nothing wrong with wearing the wrong uniform for one day only. Do you really have to worry about it that much?
Chisato: (Touno-kun……)
薫:あんたみたいながさつな男子と違って、 あたしたち乙女なんだよ!
Kaoru: We’re not tactless boy like you, we’re maidens!
Chisato: Come to think of it, did you reserve the swimsuits?
葵:あ、今日届くんやったっけ。 お昼休み購買部に取りに行かな。
Aoi: Ah, they’re getting in today. We’ll go get them in the store during the lunch break.

Page 7:
薫:もうすぐ夏かあ… えへへ。
Kaoru: So the summer is coming… Eheheh.
Kaoru: It’s going to be fun, in a lot of ways.
男子たち:うん。 楽しみだナ。 (ウットリ)
Boys: Yeah. It’s going to be fun. (Fascinated)
薫:知ってる?関東はまだだけど、早いところだとそろそろ海開きしてんだよ。 沖縄なんか4月ごろだってさ。
Kaoru: Did you know? Though it still early for Kantou, but some of its places are about to open the beach season. And Okinawa is started in April.
悠里・ちさと・葵・紫穂:ちがう!! 明らかに乙女と違う側に立った発言!!
Yuuri&Chisato&Aoi&Shiho: (Here she is!!) (Those words clearly won’t came out from a maiden!!)

Page 8:
皆本:ここ、H県では今日が海開きで、 日曜日で天気もいい。 大勢の海水浴客が見込まれてる。
Minamoto: Today, the beach season has started at H Prefecture, it’s Sunday and the weather is good. There’ll be a lot of people swimming in the ocean.
皆本:が、 本部予知課はこの付近で今日、 30%の確率で死者が1名出ると予知した。
Minamoto: But, Our HQ’s Predication Department predicated, that there’s a 30% probability of a death occurring in this area today.

Page 9:
皆本:これ以上の詳細な時間・場所などは不明。 我々の任務はそれを阻止し、未来を変えること――― ……って、
Minamoto: A more accurate time and place is unknown. Our mission is to stop it and change the future… …Umm.
Minamoto: HEY!!
Kaoru: Don’t be shy!! Met me touch…I mean, see them a little!!
Shiho: Stop it~ You two~.
Aoi: Stooop it―――!! You Idiooot―――!!
葵:えいっ!! たまにはセクハラされる側の気持ちも思いしれっ!!
Aoi: Here!! Sometimes you need to know how it’s like to be sexual harassed!!
Kaoru: Ahn…!?

Kaoru: Do you have to hit us?
皆本:人命がかかった任務だよ!? 遊びに来たんじゃないのっ!!
Minamoto: Someone’s life depends on this mission!! We didn’t come here to play!!
薫:つーても発生確率30%だろ? 海の事故は毎年あるし、 そんなムキになんなくても……
Kaoru: But the probability is only 30%, right? Accidents happen at the beach every year, even if we don’t take this that seriously…
皆本:そうだ。 だから注意喚起はしたけど、この海岸は閉鎖されてない。 出動も特に強制はされなかった。 でも、僕が志願したんだ。
Minamoto: True. That’s why we put on an alert, but didn’t close down this beach. And we weren’t actually ordered to go out for this. But, I volunteered for it.
皆本:君たちにだって大事な人はいるだろう? もし、家族や友達の誰かが、 1/3の確率で死ぬかもしれないとしたら、放っておくかい?
Minamoto: Even you have people you care about, right? What if one of your family or friends… had a 1/3 chance of dying? Would you ignore it then?

Page 11:
皆本:どの人にも家族や人生、未来がある。 知ってしまった以上、放ってはおけない。
Minamoto: Everyone has a family, a life and a future. Knowing that, I can’t just ignore this.
皆本:休日にこの程度の任務ですまないとは思うが、 できるだけのことはしてくれないか。
Minamoto: I’m sorry for making you do this kind of mission on your day off… but we need to do what we can.
Shiho: Understood, we’ll go with you.
葵:うん、 了解や。
Aoi: Yeah, Roger.
葵:ウチの大事なお姫様のワガママやもんな。 しゃーないわ!
Aoi: If it’s what our precious princess wants, we don’t have a choice!
皆本:だ、 誰が姫だ!!
Minamoto: Wh- Who is the princess!!
Shiho: Oh my, you didn’t realize it?
薫:あたしもいいけど…… でも…
Kaoru: I’m fine with it too… but…

Page 12:
皆本:どうした、薫? この任務イヤか?
Minamoto: What’s wrong, Kaoru? You don’t like about this mission?
薫:そっ… そーじゃなくて―――
Kaoru: It… It’s not that―――
薫:水着でそれはどーなのかと!! 皆本が反応したらどおする!!?
Kaoru: How can you do that in that swimsuit!! What you gonna do if Minamoto reacts!!?
Aoi: Eh.
皆本:ばっ、 するかバカ!!
Minamoto: L… Like I would, idiot!!
Shiho: Why are you suddenly turning into a maiden?
薫:い…いや、もう子供じゃないし!! さすがにリアルな男に胸が当たるのは―――
Kaoru: W-Well, we’re not kids anymore!! If you let your boobs touches a guy like that……
紫穂:やーね、当たってるんじゃないわよ。 これはね、
Shiho: Oh c’mon, they weren’t touching him. That was,
Shiho: (Smirk) *Ateten.
Note: Reference to the manga :”Takaya –Senbu Gakuen Gekitouden-“
Captain: We’re in the predicated area―――!!

Page 13:
Captain: The morale of my men depends on it, so get out, you damn lolicon!!
Soldier A: We didn’t say that because we’re pissed off, you damn lolicon!!
Soldier B: Men of the sea won’t need woman, you damn lolicon!!
皆本:す…すみません!! ただちに!
Minamoto: So..Sorry!! We’ll go at once!
薫:えーと… 皆本?
Kaoru: Err… Minamoto?
Kaoru: What is this?
Minamoto: “SWAN BOAT”
Shiho: Well, we can tell that by just looking at it.

Page 14:
Shiho: Wouldn’t we usually get a helicopter or jet skis or something…
皆本:今回の任務、あまり予算が出せないんだ。 規模が小さいし、確率も低いし…… 潜水艦は演習のついでに便乗させてもらっただけ。
Minamoto: This mission didn’t get much of a budget. Not much was predicated, and the probability is low… All we could do was taking on a submarine which will do a practice here..
薫:局長め…!! くだらないことには予算ガンガン使うくせにさあ―――
Kaoru: Damn chief…!! When it comes to pointless things, he always uses a huge budget…
Minamoto: No, the chief’s been having it tough lately too.
Kiritsubo: (Sorry, Minamoto!)
桐壺:(はー はー ぶるぶるぶる) 国の宝「ザ・チルドレン」の任務となれば、 何百兆円でも出したいところなのだが!! 最近いろいろと厳しいのだ!!
Kiritsubo: (Ha~ Ha~ purupurupuru) If it’s a mission for our country’s treasure, The Children, I want to use hundred trillions of yen!! But things have been tough lately!!
Minamoto: It's not that big of a deal.
桐壺:せめてここんところにホラ!! これをつけておくヨ!!
Kiritsubo: At the very least, look here!! I managed to get this put on!!
皆本:おそらく政府内でのバベルへの…… というよりエスパーへの、 風当たりがよくないんだ。
Minamoto: Inside the government, there must be… some anti-B.A.B.E.L. … or more likely, anti-esper sentiments.

Page 15:
皆本:強大な力を持つ人間は誰だってこわい。 この子たちも今はみんなと仲良くやってるが、 「超度(レベル)7」と知れたら、 それでも受け入れてもらえるだろうか?
Minamoto: Anyone would be afraid of people with this much power. These girls are getting along with everyone now... But if they were found out to be “Level 7”, would they still be accepted?
ナンパ男A:へ~~~バベルのエスパーなんだ? 事故の予知を防ぎに?
Nampa Guy A: Ohh, so you're espers from B.A.B.E.L.? Are you here to prevent an accident?
Nampa Guy B: So you're high level!? Awesome!!
ナンパ男B:俺たちも手伝うからさ―――! 仲良く一緒にどうよ? 3対3だし、人数もちょうどよくねえ?
Nampa Guy B: We’ll help out too! So how about we be friends and do it together? It'll be 3 and 3. The numbers match up perfectly.
Kaoru: Eh~ What should I do?
Shiho: What do you think about that guy on the right?
皆本:あのね、 (ガチャ)
Minamoto: You know what? (Kacha)
皆本:仕事中のエスパーをナンパすんな!! お前みたいなチャラ男の受け入れは拒否する!!
Minamoto: Don’t hit on the espers who are on the job!! I won’t let them be accepted by the showing off guys like you!!
Nampa guys: Waaaah.

Page 16:
Kaoru: You don’t need to get that mad.
Shiho: Just now was that jealousy?
Aoi: Isn’t communicating with the general populace important?
皆本:そーゆー問題じゃねだろ!! まじめにやれー!!
Minamoto: It’s not about that!! Take this seriously!!
皆本:あと、なんだあいつらは!! 子供をナンパって―――
Minamoto: And what’s wrong with them!! Hitting on kids…
Kaoru: Well, y’know…
Kaoru: Could it be that at some point we stopped looking like we're in elementary school?
Shiho: That’s right.
Aoi: Don’t you think so too, Minamoto-han?

Page 17:
Minamoto: Eh.
Minamoto: D-don't ask me such pointless things!!
チルドレン:え――― 大事なことなのにい!!
Children: Ehhhh~~~ This is quite important!!
皆本:(確かに女らしくなってきてるとは思うけど… 10歳から面倒見てる子たちに色気なんか感じるか、バカ。)
Minamoto: It's true that they've gotten more feminine... But there's no way I can find girls whom I've been looking after since they were ten to be attractive, idiots.
Shiho: …is what he’s thinking.
Kaoru: Hmmm.

Page 18:
Aoi: Even if that was a lie, you didn't say anything right!
Shiho: You didn’t improve at all~!
?? : There’re three Special Agent Espers…!?
?? : Yeah, they don’t have backup either.
?? : I see. This is our chance.
??:そのまま待機しろ。 怪物(エスパー)ともに身の程を教える方法を考えよう。
?? : Stay on standby there. We’ll think of a way to teach those MONSTERS (Espers) a lesson.
ナンパ男B:くくく… 「我々はどこにでもいる」 何せ「普通の人々」ですからね。
Nampa Guy B: Hehehe… “We are everywhere” We are “The Normal People” after all.
Statement on the right: A premonition of unrest!
ただのナンパ男だと思ったら… あらご無沙汰の「普通の人々」!!
Statement: As we thought they’re just hitting on girls… But they’re from the long silenced “The Normal People” !!


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#1. by Spikey2713 ()
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Most of them are based on js06 (Should I say 95% ^^) ? Sorry js06 ><
Just that I have add in some translation part that js06 didn't put in. And this translation is still looking forward to be improved. My team will check on them... but I don't mind anyone making a proofread^^ here.

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