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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Beelzebub 4


+ posted by squirrellord as translation on Mar 14, 2009 02:15 | Go to Beelzebub

-> RTS Page for Beelzebub 4

Woo, I got this done a lot faster than I figured I would.
Enjoy the great chapter
(Translation is open to the public, just credit)

01/2/1 Hey
01/2/2 WAit, Oga...!!
01/3/1 Are you listening?! I'm telling you, this is seriously bad!!
01/3/2 This is the 3rd Year Building!!
01/3/3 He's above us, isn't he? This Kanzaki guy...!!
01/4/1 I told you I'm not really going there to fight or anything
01/5/1 No...
01/5/2 Even if that's what you think...

02/1/1 This side is preparing for war
02/2/1 Oga...
02/2/2 It's Oga
02/2/3 That is...
02/4/1 It's Kanzaki-san
02/4/2 First year shit

03/1/1 Is that Kanzaki-kun fellow here----?
03/3/1 Oh my
03/3/2 He seems like a really bad guy...
03/3/3 Uha
03/3/4 That's a strange reaction
(TL: Page 2/3 are actually a double spread. I've labled it how the raw was cut)

04 Babu4- FLY!!

05/2/1 Haha
05/2/2 He really brought a kid
05/4/1 Haah, you ok with this--?
05/4/2 Are you an idiot?
05/4/3 You're an idiot?
05/4/4 What're you being so carefree for in this kinda situation?
05/4/5 Wanna die?
05/5/1 Aaa

06/1/1 He says we have no business with small fries, get lost
06/1/2 Fuu....
06/2/1 Fine with me, C'mon
06/2/2 Wait!!
06/4/1 I'll be his opponent
06/4/2 Shiroyama-san!!

07/1/1 You're Oga huh...
07/2/1 What's your business with Kanzaki-san...?
07/2/2 Ah?
07/4/1 Uuuh... How could I put this?
07/4/2 I can't say I came to force a kid on him...
07/4/3 I want to get close to that Kanzaki guy so.... uhhh..... umm....
07/5/1 Furuichi~~~~~~
07/5/2 Don't look this way
07/6/1 No helping it...
07/6/2 Um... Sorry

08/1/1 Actually we...
08/1/2 Came to serve under Kanzaki-san
08/1/3 This guy just has a bad mouth...
08/1/4 Haah?!
08/2/1 Match my tone
08/2/2 If we don't start off as the subbordinates, we won't even get to talk
08/2/3 Guu...
08/4/1 You want to serve under?
08/4/2 Aa... Aaa
08/4/3 That's right!!
08/4/4 Politely
08/4/5 Mista-Sir!! (TL: Oga used Sendaiben here, saying Degasu instead of Desu. It's just a polite word to tack on the end, but it's odd he used that accent)
08/4/6 Mista-Sir?

09/1/1 Every day, Oga thrashes around this school fighting
09/1/2 He's a ghastly creature
09/2/1 If possible, I'd prefer he doesn't get picked up by others
09/2/2 What should we do?
09/2/3 He's definitely increase our firepower
09/2/4 That's what I should be thinking...
09/2/5 But can we trust him?
09/3/1 Kuku
09/3/2 Interesting, isn't it?
09/4/1 Kanzaki-san!!
09/4/2 We welcome strong guys with open arms
09/5/1 W... Wait, please!!
09/5/2 Putting faith in these two is...
09/5/3 Then show me proof
09/5/4 Shiroyama

10/2/1 I don't need people who can loose to you
10/5/1 ...Alright, this is good
10/5/2 Just maybe that big guy is Kanzaki's right hand man

11/1/1 If I can win...
11/1/2 If I beat you
11/1/3 I can earn some trust huh
11/2/2 What are you scheming?
11/2/3 Huh?
11/3/1 People like you who try to get close to Kanzaki-san
11/3/2 I don't know how many I've crushed and let their sleeping heads fall to the ground
11/4/1 You too...

12/1/1 Shiroyama-Saaaaan!!!!
12/2/1 No
12/2/2 Mercy
12/3/1 A single shot to the chin...
12/3/2 Can't stand from that huh
12/5/1 Pu
12/5/2 Kuhahahaha
12/6/1 Very nice
12/6/2 Welcome to class 3A

13/1/1 Please wait...
13/2/1 I can keep going
13/3/1 Oooo
13/6/1 I still...
13/6/2 Haven't los...

14/1/1 Kuku That was cool wasn't it... Hey
14/1/2 I don't have a use for you anymore
14/1/3 Disappear
14/3/1 Oooo
14/3/2 He's evil
14/3/3 Nice
14/5/1 Please wait Kanzaki-san, that man...
14/5/2 That man is dangerous!!
14/5/3 Please believe me!!
14/5/4 Everything I've done has always been for you...
14/7/1 Can you stand...?

15/2/1 Of course
15/5/1 Goood, you got up...
15/6/1 ----Then
15/6/2 Fly out that window

16/1/1 Alright
16/1/2 Everyone, CLAP---!!
16/3/1 Clap
16/5/1 ---- And that's how it is
16/5/2 Everyone's got their hopes for you
16/5/3 Fake-Second Shiroyama-kun
16/6/1 Oioi
16/6/2 No matter what, this is a little...

17/1/1 What's wrong?
17/1/2 Oh, I guess standing's the most you can do, walking's too much?
17/1/3 Can't be helped
17/2/1 Oga, your first job
17/2/2 Through this guy out the window
17/3/1 I guess it wasn't you
17/3/2 Haa?
17/5/1 Have a nice flight

20/2/1 What the, What the!? Somebody fell
20/3/1 Ge, It's Kanzaki isn't it?
20/3/2 Is he alive?
20/4/1 He's not breathing
20/4/2 Call an ambulance!!
20/5/1 Sparkle (TL: I love the PS2/3 controller on the wall)

21/1/1 Now I've done it...
21/2/1 In the stunned Silence...
21/3/1 DAABUU!!!
21/3/2 There was only the Demon Lord's Warcry
21/4/1 Rising Higher and higher
21/4/2 Resounding
21/4/3 I knew it
21/4/4 UUuuuuuuu
21/5/1 Into the Spring Sky
21/5/2 I'm home

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#1. by Lukedono ()
Posted on Mar 14, 2009
w00+ thnx alot.
#2. by ranx ()
Posted on Mar 14, 2009
>17/2/2 Through this guy out the window
>10/2/1 I don't need people who can loose to you

I believe it's "throw" and "lose"

Thanks for the translation! Really enjoy this series.
#3. by Lukedono ()
Posted on Mar 14, 2009
nice catch ranx. :D oh squirrellord, are ya going to translate the one shot?
#4. by squirrellord ()
Posted on Mar 14, 2009
I thought I was forgetting something.... Spell check! D:
And yeah, when I get around to it lol. I have an essay to write and a test to study for this weekend. Quite happy the Beelzebub raw came out early so I didn't have to split my attention.
#5. by Lukedono ()
Posted on Mar 14, 2009
kewl. good luck on the test :D
#6. by Maxy Barnard ()
Posted on Mar 14, 2009
damn that was fast. i better get onto it quick as!
#7. by Lukedono ()
Posted on Mar 20, 2009
just wanted to check see if you plan to translate the one shot. ^_^

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