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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Beelzebub 12

The Bored Demon Lord's Playing

+ posted by squirrellord as translation on May 16, 2009 01:26 | Go to Beelzebub

-> RTS Page for Beelzebub 12

Woo, for some reason, this chapter seemed really hard. Dunno why. I checked it over a couple of times, but if you find a wonky sounding part when you're looking it over, don't hesitate to edit it to something that flows better

01/0/1 It's "Beelzebub"!!
01/2/1 ...This
01/2/2 It tidied up!!
01/3/1 It turned back (TL: Ooga's shirt says "Dad" on it)
01/4/1 It turned back!!
01/5/1 It turned back----!!

02/1/1 Babu12 The Bord Demon Lord's Playing
02/1/2 There are plenty of crisis's. But I won't hurry!!
02/1/3 Tamura Ryuuhei

03/2/1 What are you celebrating for?
03/3/1 Fufu
03/3/2 As you can see
03/5/1 You... What did you do to the Zəbûb Spell, after it finally expanded...?! (TL: This was a "dangling" sentence without a verb)
03/5/2 Wahaha!!

04/1/1 ----Well, I wonder why?
04/1/2 Just as I thought, because I've been an outstanding citizen?
04/2/1 If I stay docile, then I figured something like this would happen!!
04/2/2 Hahaha
04/3/1 Docile?
04/4/1 Yeah!!
04/4/2 I've spent the whole week holed up at home, playing games!!

05/1/1 ----You
05/1/2 Goddamn Neet (TL: You know what a Neet is. Not employed, in education, or training)
05/1/3 Noooooo, my week of hard work!!
05/2/1 Dammit, don't screw with me!!
05/2/2 Give them back!! My Mildrath, Deathtamoor, and Orgodemir... Give them back!! (TL: These are the evil, final boss, Demon Lords from Dragon Quest V-VII)
05/2/3 If you want Demon Lords, then raise one yourself
05/2/4 You know about it!? Dragon Quest...
05/3/1 Stop your blubbering (FLTL: Don't cry)
05/3/2 I've brought a toy much more fun than that
05/4/1 Ah?
05/4/2 Toy?
05/5/1 You can play together with the Young Master. It's a toy from Hell
05/5/2 I had to return home to pick it up, but it took a little time
05/5/3 There are lots (small below Hilda's main bubble)
05/5/4 You went back to Hell?
05/5/5 And if I say I don't want them?

06/1/1 Hmph
06/1/2 It appears that some assembly is required
06/2/1 Hey, help
06/2/2 Aah!?
06/2/3 Let's set it up while the young master is asleep
06/2/4 Snoooore
06/4/1 ----So
06/4/2 Do you mind if I ask?
06/5/1 Hm?
06/6/1 What are we making?
06/6/2 Hmph

07/1/1 The instructions aren't exactly user friendly
07/1/2 I thought it was something like a playpen, but...
07/1/3 Oh, here it is
07/2/1 Playpen huh---
07/2/2 This is the last part
07/3/1 This is...

08/1/1 Wh-
08/1/2 What the!?
08/2/1 This is bad!!
08/3/1 ..........!!
08/5/1 It appears that
08/5/2 Yup

09/1/1 It appears we've been sealed inside
09/1/2 How can you say that so nonchalantly!?
09/1/3 You just said 'This is bad', didn't you!!?
09/1/4 Aaah!?
09/2/1 What is this!?
09/2/2 What do you mean we've been sealed inside!?
09/2/3 Explain it to me
09/2/3 ...Yeah
09/3/1 How should I explain it...
09/3/2 so that even you will understand...?
09/3/3 I told you to cut me some slack!!
09/5/1 To put it simply
09/5/2 It appears to be like what you call in the human world a Bug Cage
09/6/1 Bug Cage?
09/6/2 Yeah

10/1/1 Today, I went on a picnic with my family to the edges of the demon world, and there I happened across a rare Demon beast!! I want to capture him, but...
10/1/2 You've all had that feeling, right!!?
10/1/3 Nope
10/1/4 For times like that, there's this!! The simple to construct
10/1/5 "Usable Anywhere Demon Beast Capture Cage"
10/2/1 Using Hell's most talked about material, Hardened Akumataite, the cage is both strong and without peer (TL: Akumatite, Akuma = demon, ite = ending word for stones.)
10/2/2 It doesn't matter what kind of demon beast it is, it won't escape
10/2/3 It's a cage for capturing demon beasts---?
10/3/1 So, long story short, I guess that means we've been captured?
10/3/2 Yeah
10/3/3 Then what do we do to get out?
10/3/4 Well, hold on
10/4/1 Furthermore, opening the cage has been designed to stimulate a child's playful heart by utilizing Keyblocks!!
10/4/2 Keyblocks?
10/4/3 Those, I think......
10/5/1 While playing the shape game, the cage will open
10/5/2 If you can't solve this, then the lid will definitely never come off
10/5/3 That's total bullshit, that system!!

11/1/1 It won't open, it won't open, y'all never be free, it wan' open
11/1/2 Wait, what's up with that instruction booklet!!?
11/1/3 Is it making fun of us!?
11/2/1 Also, while constructing it, please make absolutely sure that you are on the outside (lol) (TL: The "lol" is part of the line, seriously)
11/3/1 -----Anyway
11/4/1 It seems we can do now is
11/6/1 have the young master solve this
11/6/2 Serious?

12/1/1 Baby Be'el--
12/1/2 Wake up--
12/1/3 Young Master!!
12/1/4 Please wake up
12/1/5 Bang bang
12/2/1 Fumi
12/3/1 Ooooh, he woke up!!
12/3/2 Good, that way, that way!!
12/3/3 Booooo
12/3/4 Aaa--
12/4/1 *paku paku* (TL: The sound effect for lips flapping basically. Makes me think of them as fish in an aquarium...)
12/4/2 *knock knock*
12/5/1 Aaa-
12/5/2 Idiot!! Not this way
12/5/3 That way!!
12/5/4 Ku, our voices won't reach him

13/1/1 Aaa--
13/1/2 *nod nod*
13/1/3 *paku paku*
13/2/1 Da!!
13/2/2 *NOD*
13/3/1 He bowed!!
13/3/2 Yeah, it seems he got our message
13/4/1 DAAAA
13/4/2 What are you doing!!
13/4/3 Young master---!!

14/1/1 *pikun*
14/1/2 Dabu
14/3/1 Oooo--
14/4/1 Ooh!! This is...
14/4/2 Yeah
14/4/3 As expected of the young master
14/4/4 It seems he was able to notice the toy's presence on his own
14/5/1 Aaa--
14/5/2 He's got a block in his hand!!
14/5/3 All right, all that's left is for him to put it in the hole!!

15/1/1 Aaa--
15/1/2 Why'd he put it under the bed so ceremoniously---!!?
15/1/3 Are you a dog who found treasure!!?
15/2/1 DAA (text over buble) *Twist*
15/2/2 Or so he made it look, and now he's going to put it in
15/2/3 A feint!?
15/3/1 But it's not that oooooone!!
15/5/2 Now he's trying to forcibly thrust it in!!
15/5/3 Is he dumber than a chimpanzee?
15/6/1 Y-... Young master!! Please stop
15/6/2 You'll break it

16/1/1 *Crunch*
16/2/1 Seriously?
16/2/2 Don't tell me...
16/2/3 that we're gonna be stuck like this...
16/3/1 Don't screw with me
16/4/1 I'll frickin' smash it!!
16/5/1 This is...

17/1/1 Even though he was separated from the young master
17/1/2 He drew out demonic power!!
17/2/1 Wahahahaha, how was that!!?
17/2/2 It's in little itty bitty pieces!!
17/3/1 ...Yeah
17/4/1 And the Zəbûb Spell returned as well
17/4/2 All's well that ends well

18/2/1 *whisper whisper*
18/3/1 Kunieda...
18/3/2 It's the Empress, Kunieda....
18/3/3 She's back from conquering Northern Kantou...?
18/4/1 Just as her title says, she has almost every girl at Ishiyama under her control
18/4/2 Leader of the evil "Ladies Redtail" group
18/4/3 Kunieda Aoi
18/5/1 Kanzaki and Himekawa got beaten?
18/6/1 Yes...
18/6/2 That, and by just one man...
18/6/3 Fufu... I've heard
18/7/1 Oga Tatsumi

19/1/1 Just what kind of man are you...?
19/1/2 Why don't we go have a look
19/1/3 This isn't the time to be playing, Oga!! An Inevitable battle!!

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