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Kochira Katsushikaku Kameari Kouenmae Hashutsujo 1

The Youthful Policemen of Downtown


-> RTS Page for Kochira Katsushikaku Kameari Kouenmae Hashutsujo 1

Every day at the station in front of Kameari Park is a new day...for making mischief! And with Ryoutsu around, even a hot day or a local patrol can turn into plenty of trouble!

Chp. 2: The Youthful Policemen of Downtown

Banner: AGNES LUM SIGNING: Kameari Station

Cop: How could it be hot at the end of September…
Ryoutsu: Hey you, if you ever come to this police box again, this won’t be all you get.
Man: Hyaa!!
Cop: What’s wrong, Ryou-san?
Ryoutsu: This and that has happened! That guy mistaken here for a bathroom and jumped right in.

Ryoutsu: With the stupidity policemen put up with normally, how could that type come in here!
Cop: While we’re at it, here’s your azuki ice.
(TN: “Azuki ice” is a flavor of kakigouri (Japanese shaved ice) flavored of sweet azuki bean)
Ryoutsu: It’s strange that it’s gotten hot, but it’s hitting at the end of the season……
Cop: While we’re at it, did you find that reporter who left the station?
Ryoutsu: Aah, that…it seems they were thrown out…
Cop: That’s no good. You forgot about everything that they wrote about.
Ryoutsu: Oh well. It will be the same as last week, they won’t understand.
Ryoutsu: Chi, that worn air conditioner has stopped again.
Cop: OK

Cop: S**t—this foolish conditioner.
Ryoutsu: Hold on, hold on…
Ryoutsu: Don’t use that slow method…
Ryoutsu: Shock it with this!
Ryoutsu: Doryaa!!
Ryoutsu: See, its working.

Ryoutsu: Hey, it’s heating up. It’s not back to normal.
Cop: Don’t joke around, it’s steaming up.
Ryoutsu: Quiet. Are you saying it’s my fault?
Cop: Well won’t it ultimately get hotter than earlier!
Cop: It’s much cooler outside. You should go on patrol!
Ryoutsu: I get it. I’ll wake up Terai…
Ryoutsu: Hey, get up!!
Ryoutsu: Hey, naptime is over!

Ryoutsu: Hey! Don’t you get that you should get up?
Ryoutsu: How could you get drunk during the day~~
Cop: It’s no good. He won’t be joining us on patrol.
Ryoutsu: He will do it! Help me.
Ryoutsu: Well, it does seem like him somehow?
Cop: U—h, a bit in the face.
Ryoutsu: Raise it as such…
Ryoutsu: Some cellophane for the eyes…
Cop: Well…..
Ryoutsu: How’s that?
Cop: Mu—he looks ghastly!

Cop: He’ll hold a gun like this…give him some force…and
Ryoutsu: That’s quite the feel. You’re skilled at this.
Cop: He’s better than those standing dolls for rural cops…Yep.
Ryoutsu: Really is. I’ll regret him falling down.
Cop: Let’s hurry and finish up this patrol before his body does.
Ryoutsu: Um, we should do that.

Ryoutsu: Even so, it really is hot.
Cop: It is!
Ryoutsu: Can you buy me a canned beer?
Cop: Hehe, shouldn’t I?

Mother: What’s wrong, Osamu-chan? Eh…wh—at?
Boy: Gyaaaa
Cop: Here’s your beer…
Ryoutsu: WAAAAH…we’ll drink it over there, right there……
Ryoutsu: Brats these days get quite bothered.
Cop: What are you worried about?
Ryoutsu: No, n…nothing…
Cop: Hey, I’ve heard they have air conditioning in movie theaters, so let’s take a break in there. Elder Bunta came to do that.
Ryoutsu: Movie theaters are dangerous!...........Of course.

Ryoutsu: Let’s take a short break in here.
Sign: Coffee & Set Meals: DIPHTHERIA
Restaurant worker: Welcome………
Ryoutsu: We really can relax in this tea house~~
Cop: Yessir!
Cop: It’s better for patrols to be left to the young.

Ryoutsu: Hey stupid! Get dressed.
Cop: Ubu
Cop: Aren’t you relaxing?
Ryoutsu: You’re merely causing fear to the populace with your appearance, huh.
Cop: What! You have the face that could commit an evil crim…
Waitress: Welcome.
Waitress: May I have your order?

Ryoutsu: Ah…cough cough, my order. Um…iced kombu tea.
(TN: Kombu tea, or “kombucha” is a fermented tea usually with medicinal purposes)
Cop: Oh, I’ll have the same.
Cop: That’s a nice girl!
Ryoutsu: Re…really……
Ryoutsu: Totsuka, go. Attack her.
Totsuka: Wh…what do you want?
Ryoutsu: You idiot: we’re police. We have many methods, from questioning her to bringing her in as a suspect. We’ll take her to the box, that’s what we’ll do. Understood?
Totsuka: So then you do it, Ryou-san.

Ryoutsu: I’m in a sacred profession. How could I do that…or even think that…
Totsuka: Aren’t I the same!
Ryoutsu: At any rate, we’ll have her be questioned as a volunteer. We’ll make up a reason later.
Ryoutsu: We don’t have to be scared. Those who resist an officer will be caught by me. We have accountability that can be dispenced here. How can we be scared!
Totsuka: Kukuku, I get it. So let’s go!
Totsuka: Ah!
Totsuka: He’s touching her shoulder.
Ryoutsu: S**t, what is he?
Totsuka: Ah—he’s touching her waist.
Ryoutsu: That guy!!

Totsuka: Ah, aren’t we a sacred profession…
Ryoutsu: With how it is, I’ll have a secret profession and my meal!!
Ryoutsu: Hey you! What are you doing talking to that girl, you pervert!
Man: Huh?
Ryoutsu: You’re under arrest, caught red-handed for rape! Come with me for a bit to the station!
Man: Hey!
Waitress: Cop-san, that man is my fiancée!
Ryoutsu: Fiancee……?
Woman: We’re engaged…
(TN: This joke only really works in Japanese: the woman states that he is her “fiancée” in Japanese, then uses the Japanese term of “konyakusha”. I tried to make it work as best as possible)
Ryoutsu: Y….you, how dare you look like that…

Man: Please let go!!
Tokatsu: Ah—hey you, now you’re inflicting assault on an officer. Attempting to inflict murder is the death penalty for you.
Man: Another weird one has appeared.
Ryoutsu: Hold on, hold on. You’re really complicating things by coming here, leave him to me!!
Ryoutsu: For the moment, you’re coming in for crimes of interference of duty and assault!
Man: That’s too much!
Ryoutsu: We’ll have the woman as reference…for…you…N!?
Waitress: You will, OK……a fight in my shop…it’s really urgent…
Ryoutsu: ……………………

Ryoutsu: There!!
Man: Huh!!
Ryoutsu: Hey, pick him up!! Hurry!
Tokatsu: But what do we do…with the woman…
Ryoutsu: Idiot! Come on now!
Ryoutsu: That woman called the police. The cops are coming!
Tokatsu: But aren’t we the police!?
Ryoutsu: Aren’t we a different kind……!?
Ryoutsu: Fine, calm down. We’ll let this pass………

Ryoutsu: It’s hot working out there. Appreciate your efforts.
Tokatsu: Now, run quick…
Ryoutsu: Don’t get disorganized.
Ryoutsu: Look inside the patrol car.
Toktatsu: ?
Tokatsu: A newbie officer………
Ryoutsu: You did say you wanted to go to the sea on a hot day……
Tokatsu: It’s perfect weather for a sea bath. Let’s do it!
Officer: Huh? You’re…

Ryoutsu: We’re with patrol from central office. We need this car. Get out immediately.
Officer: Really? OK!
Car Side: Police Headquarters
Officer: You’re from central office? Aren’t you with me perhaps?
Tokatsu: You really know us? Hahaha
Officer: So where to? Back to HQ?
Tokatsu: No, actually………
Ryoutsu: Can you take us to Funabashi, no, the beach in Miura?
(TN: Funabashi is a city in the Tokyo area on the bay. Miura, though, is a city along the Pacific Ocean in Kanagawa bordering the sea, as well as a peninsula where that city is located)
Officer: Huh, why there…
Ryoutsu: You have a secret duty there…We can’t tell you what it is. Haha……
Officer: Ha, alright
Voice: Stop here a moment!
(Sign on right: KANETAMA BEER)

Tokatsu: Well, I’ll buy us a bit…
Ryoutsu: Hou, you’re stationed at Kanda? I had plenty of problems with that chief too…
(TN: Kanda is a district of Chiyoda ward, Tokyo)
Officer: Heh, you’re different from those in central office.
Tokatsu: Alright, let’s go!!
Officer: Are you bringing all that with?
Ryoutsu: What, it’s for the secret duty.
Ryoutsu: Let’s take this chance!!
Tokatsu: YES, YAHOO!!

Officer: Watch out, we’ll hit something—
Ryoutsu: Well, don’t say that, drink~~drink~~
Ryoutsu: You idiot, that’s the patrol car from Tenka Gomen!
(TN: “Tenka Gomen” is a notable and popular Japanese drama originally aired in 1971)
Officer: Idiot, this is the special car of the Superintendent General of police!!
Ryoutsu: What!!
Chief: Hey! All of you have to show more chin!!
Ryoutsu’s sign: I’m a professionally lazy policeman. –Ryoutsu
Tokatsu’s sign: I’m a professionally lazy policeman –Tokatsu
Terai’s sign: I’m a policeman who really loves Lum-chan – Terai
Terai: How did I come to be with them!?

TN: Well Terai was sleeping on the job, so of course the chief had an excuse to crack down on him...but it feels strange that he's the one with the "Agnes Lum" sign as opposed to Ryoutsu or Tokatsu. (or just Akimoto in general...dang he was obsessed with her back then) Well, somehow considering the situation of the chapter and the style of the art, this is probably the point where KochiKame began serialization in general...whereas the art in the previous chapter was much more raw and there was way more dialogue, this felt like an ordinary fun one-shot chapter (well most of the series is one-shot chapters so that's to be expected) and much easier for me to do than the "pilot"/"first chapter" last time around. The series felt more manic and in its element this time than in the first chapter, with Ryoutsu not just complaining in a station the whole time and ending up running around doing everything from getting beer to stealing girls to stealing fellow patrol cars! This chapter introduces as well another Kameari stationer in Tokatsu...he probably may not appear as much but for the time being (which Nakagawa suddenly gone), he seems like Ryoutsu's partner in crime. To tell the truth, I actually like the way Tokatsu was used here as Ryoutsu's partner than how Keiichi was in the pilot: sure he acted a lot like Ryoutsu in some ways, but it felt more like there were two crazy partner policemen compared to...well the contrast of Ryoutsu and Nakagawa. Oh, and note how this world seems to have weird dialogue and strange things going one everywhere...I wonder if this is Akimoto's style at the time or just gag manga in general for the era.

BTW: Had to change this since this is officially chp. 1 and the previous is the pilot...beware any confusion.

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#1. by zombietoaster ()
Posted on Aug 20, 2009
Pretty cool that youve picked up this mammoth project. Im always interested to read some of these extremely long mangas and see why they could go on for so long.

Good luck with it.
#2. by LUFFY357 ()
Posted on Aug 20, 2009
chapter one will be released as soon as my computer is fixed:)
#3. by chemigoku ()
Posted on Aug 20, 2009
¡You're amazing! Thanks for you work. One questions This chapters is the number one or number two?
#4. by StrangerAtaru ()
Posted on Aug 20, 2009
chemigoku: This is chp. 1. The previous chapter was a one-shot/prelude. (the art style shows that, not to mention I had to use Wiki to make sure)

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