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Kochira Katsushikaku Kameari Kouenmae Hashutsujo 5

Tea at the Station…


-> RTS Page for Kochira Katsushikaku Kameari Kouenmae Hashutsujo 5

The following script is approved only for English usage by "major scans" and Spanish usage by "Detective Conan Forever". Any other usage must have approval by the translator and can not be done without such.

Kameari Station may be infamous, but Ryoutsu still knows when to do his job...when he has to. Of course, there are still some perks towards the job...and who they can bring in!

Chp. 5: Tea at the Station…

Chief: Ryoutsu! Totsuka! Don’t bring in any alcohol!
(TN: I probably screwed it up in the first chapter by calling him “Tokatsu”, but he’s actually “Totsuka”)
Ryoutsu: Got it, Chief.
Ryoutsu: Oh brother, the chief is old……he’s gradually getting repetitive.
Totsuka: Whenever you’re handed control, you really get sarcastic.
Ryoutsu: Really!
Totsuka: Last week it was “We’re really unique officers for watching TV on duty”!
Ryoutsu: Is that true? Totsuka………

Ryoutsu: So why would the chief bring a TV in here? Someone’s been telling on us……?
Totsuka: Really? Doesn’t he search for them after we’ve gone home? He’s really fastidious on this………
Ryoutsu: Well then, maybe it would be better to hide the mah-jongg tiles and pornos in another place.
Totsuka: That would work. But aren’t there no more hiding places?
Ryoutsu: This will be fine if he searches……
Totsuka: What would happen if there’s a fire hiding it there?
Ryoutsu: If there’s a fire……? If that happens, we’ll run out quickly!
Totsuka: He’s terrible.
Man: Cops, there’s an accident in front of Katsushika High! Come quickly!

Totsuka: Ryoutsu! There’s an accident. You go. I’m tired so I’ll pass…
Ryoutsu: You’re being selfish. So then, we’ll have a hanafuda match.
Totsuka: I can’t since you’re trying to trick out of it quickly.
Ryoutsu: That’s stupid! So then, some dice……
Man: Either is fine, just come quickly!
Ryoutsu: Shut up already……so we’ll both go!
Totsuka: Fine, that’s how it is?
Ryoutsu: You’ll watch over here.
Man: Hold on you!!
Totsuka: If we call, take an exact note on it!
Man: The police of Japan have really changed…………

Totsuka: Hey, move it! Move it, move it.
Totsuka: Well, let’s inspect the site………
Ryoutsu: You dummy, the hurt people are in front of us!
Totsuka: Ah, right.
Ryoutsu: Hey!
Ryoutsu: Don’t get near there, go away!
Ryoutsu: Hey!

Ryoutsu: I’m going to hit those brats!
Man 1: What a dreadful cop……
Man 2: He’s on overkill, overkill.
Man 3: Take him in, copper!!
(TN: The man actually referred to Ryoutsu as “Porikou”, which is a slang for an officer. Since that really wouldn’t have context in our language, I changed it to “copper”)
Ryoutsu: Which of you called me copper now! Come in front of me now, right now!
Man: Kyaa
Woman: Kyaa!!
Ryoutsu: What it you?
Ryoutsu: Or you?
Ryoutsu: Only getting complaints from this crowd is bad for the Japanese.
Totsuka: Hey, Ryoutsu!

Totsuka: Ryoutsu, I’ve listened to the circumstances for this, but somehow the car here is…….
Ryoutsu: Hmm, this is bad for this Sprinter……
(TN: The “Sprinter” is in reference to the Toyota Sprinter, a compact car variation of their Corolla manufactured between 1968-2001. Due to the year of this chapter, the Sprinter is potentially an E60 model, considering that this was based on an upgrade to the Corolla that occurred in 1974)
Totsuka: Who was it? Who was the one driving this car?
Voice: Um…
Girl: The driver was me but…
Totsuka: Ah, of course, no really. Hahahaha.

Totsuka: You! You were the driver of the foreign car! You’re brazen to have a Maserati Bora! How bad are you!!
(TN: A Maserati Bora is a two-seater V8 vehicle produced by the company between 1971 & 1978)
Driver: You cop………
Driver: I was stopping for the moment over there……my speed was…
Totsuka: You have guts to blame her for your crime……
Ryoutsu: Let go, Totsuka.
Ryoutsu: You’re acting sloppy because you’ve seen a nice girl and immediately want her!
Ryoutsu: A policeman must be impartial like I am!
Ryoutsu: You didn’t see him at that moment stopping right there…
Girl: Waa—forgive me—cop-san! My face may be nice, but I have evil in my eyes!
Ryoutsu: Uuh.

Girl: WAAAA…
Ryoutsu: R…right, of course! It was his entire fault over there. Though it was a red light, it was his fault!
Ryoutsu: Though civil servants get little wages, it was his fault!
Ryoutsu: Though our railways are in the red……
Totsuka: Hey, Ryoutsu!
Ryoutsu: Shut up, I’m in a moment now!
Ryoutsu: ???? (keep as is with the question marks)
Sign: ICE CREAM – 100 YEN
Ryoutsu: He…hey, when you’re done dealing with the accident, go back immediately.
Totsuka: The documents may all be done, but that, that is……
Ryoutsu: Huh?

Totsuka: Wouldn’t it be better to go back with that nice girl? This is done already since we’re settling this out of court.
Ryoutsu: Ri…right…
Totsuka: You may not see such a beauty like her in your life if you have the chance…
Ryoutsu: Right! I won’t! We’ll go back.
Ryoutsu: But this incident is already done……
Totsuka: So there……whisper whisper.
Ryoutsu: Right, I’ll go down that line.
Ryoutsu: Please hold on: you still have your side of the incident left.
Girl: Eh?

Girl: About that, I told it all to the yakuza-looking cop over there earlier.
Ryoutsu: Well then, since it’s bad to discuss important matters here, the police box…
Girl: So then, I’ll give it to you there. We’ll go in my car.
Ryoutsu: Well since my friend is calling for a car, we’ll take that……
Ryoutsu: Oh, well, is it coming quickly?
Totsuka: Naturally. The response time of Japanese police leads the world!!
Girl: ??............
Ryoutsu: Oh, it’s come.

Girl: Well! We’re going in that car?
Ryoutsu: It really was fast. Minute thirty seconds…
Totsuka: Well even two is fast with our average. I commend him…that car.
Officer 1: Three has arrived now for officer Nakajima.
Officer 2: Right, thankfully.
Officer: Where’s that gun-toting criminal?
Totsuka: I thought they’d come quickly with that, kukuku…

Officer: Don’t neglect yourselves, everyone. The criminal his hidden nearby!
Ryoutsu: Hey, just a moment.
Officer: Huh?
Ryoutsu: Can we borrow a driver? We want to use this patrol car.
Officer: Then, take officer Sawata!
Ryoutsu: Right…
Officer: While we’re at it, head patroller, do you know where the criminal is hidden?
Ryoutsu: N, criminal?
Ryoutsu: The criminal is hidden in the second floor of the cheap-sweets shop over there.
Officer: Throw out your weapons and come out quietly! Your parents are crying for you!!

Ryoutsu: The speed of this patrol car really is different!
Girl: Huh? This is………?
Man: ……Right. They’re out.
Man: Ah, he’s come back now…………
Man: Here, phone for you.
Ryoutsu: Who are you…?
Man: Huh?

Ryoutsu: Don’t enter the station on your own while we’re out! Thief!
Ryoutsu: We usually aren’t unprepared or show openings, miss.
Totsuka: In here. Inside, since we won’t take any notice……
Ryoutsu: Well, this is a painfully sultry place but please make yourself at home.
Girl: Do you always take incident reports in this place?
Ryoutsu: Well? We do…

Ryoutsu: Hey, you, make some tea! Are you giving her the wrong idea?
Totsuka: Ow!
Ryoutsu: In truth, he’s a distracted man. Hahaha.
Totsuka: How could he speak so selfish?
Ryoutsu: While we’re at it, Miss, what are your hobbies?
Girl: Huh, I have to speak of that?
Ryoutsu: But of course. It’s common with police. Having a deep mutual understanding creates trust.
Girl: My hobbies are tennis, reading, kendo and handicrafts.
Ryoutsu: My hobbies are…racing, horse races, hanafuda, mah-jongg, pachinko……we don’t have a common topic at all……
Ryoutsu: No, there is one!
Ryoutsu: I like reading too……

Girl: Well, that’s nice. I love Agatha Christie, what about you?
Ryoutsu: If I have a favorite, it’s Kurogane Hiroshi……next, I’ve been going through Shouji-kun, and recently I’ve been into Kontarou. Are those good……
(TN: There are a peculiar list of authors, but let me try to help:
-Kurogane Hiroshi: the author/writer of “Tenka Gomen”, and later did a fictional work on the Shinsengumi
-Shouji-kun: never really found anything about him to tell the truth, probably could need a bit of help on that
-Kontarou: the mangaka most notable for the mid-70s WSJ gag series “1-2-Ahou!”)
Ryoutsu: But whatever I say, Akimoto is……
(TN: Obvious reference to KochiKame mangaka Osamu Akimoto himself)
Girl: A…Aki…
Ryoutsu: Hey, we don’t have tea yet?
Ryoutsu: What exactly is he doing? He—y, the tea!
Ryoutsu: What are you doing……
Totsuka: Since we only have sake and beer here, I had to buy it outside.

Ryoutsu: Well, a teabag. Very good………
Totsuka: We’re going Dutch on this!
Ryoutsu: Got it!
Ryoutsu: Hehehe, does this suit you? Well, it’s a bit much.
Girl: Well, black tea. My favorite.
Girl: With a bit of brandy in it, it can be tastier.
Ryoutsu: Right!! That idiot didn’t ask, that—
Ryoutsu: He truly is distracted. Since you said so immediately, hold on a moment, hahaha.
Totsuka: What a bother.
Ryoutsu: Du~~mmy, this is great. Brandy is alcohol too! If she drinks this…

Totsuka: Right! This will make her drunk!
Totsuka: I knew you would, Ryoutsu! You truly have a sharp mind on everything but work……
Ryoutsu: We—ll, don’t we have brandy?
Totsuka: So then, I’ve got whisky for the night shift. !?
Totsuka: Dummy, that’s the liquor!
Ryoutsu: With this, we can quickly get her tipsy!!
Ryoutsu: Well, please take it easy.
Totsuka: There’s much more liquor than tea…
Ryoutsu: Oh, someone’s here.

Ryoutsu: Ah, the chief! He’s come at a good time.
Chief: I’ve forgotten my documents……
Ryoutsu: While we’re at it, we have a flowering college girl for you!
Chief: What!! A college girl!?
Ryoutsu: She’s already drunk, she’s practically collapsing.
Girl: Huh, papa~~hic.
Chief: Eh?
Ryoutsu: Papa…then she’s your daughter?
Ryoutsu: Chief patroller Ryoutsu is going on patrol.
Totsuka: Ryoutsu! I’m coming with—
Ryoutsu: Hurry! If we’re caught…we’re half-dead already!

TN: I can't believe how stumped I am on "Shouji-kun"...considering what Ryoutsu is listing from pulp authors to mangaka of the 70s and how many "Shouji-kun" there are even today, I really can't help you on what he was trying to refer to. Then again, maybe something later will show what exactly he was trying to reach for. On the other hand...we finally meet our very first "recurring character" (one who isn't going to be in every or nearly every chapter) of semi-note in "the chief's daughter"...though it was weird that it was more Totsuka trying to hit on her and Ryoutsu playing along...well aside from Ryoutsu being the controller and Totsuka being the "tea-maker" in the second half of the chapter. It is strange we really didn't have a female that interacted aside from being a side character prior to this chapter, but it's still early in the run. (and we are still a long way from any really major female...or "semi-female" characters from showing up) Though while it's weird that Ryoutsu nearly tried to hook the chief up with his own drunk daughter...he's got other things to worry about next time...like the return of the "other major character" of the series! (a small hint: he hasn't shown up since the one-shot...)

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#1. by chemigoku ()
Posted on Aug 27, 2009
Thank you for you translation ^^ I expecto you following with this manga

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