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Kochira Katsushikaku Kameari Kouenmae Hashutsujo 6

Ryou-san the Quick-Draw!?


-> RTS Page for Kochira Katsushikaku Kameari Kouenmae Hashutsujo 6

The following script is approved only for English usage by "major scans" and Spanish usage by "Detective Conan Forever". Any other usage must have approval by the translator and can not be done without such.

Ryoutsu may not have too much peculiar that's crucial to his job as a cop, but there are some who see him more special than he realizes...one of which may be coming back to give him an invitation to use it!

Chp. 6: Ryou-san the Quick-Draw!?
(TN: The title, both for the chapter and the volume, will become apparent as the chapter goes on)

Ryoutsu: What nice weather, it’s perfect for horseracing.
Ryoutsu: With this Sunday, I should slowly leave the house to get a porn mag……N?
Ryoutsu: Wh…what!?
Ryoutsu: He…hey, I’ll shoot if you don’t stop!
Voice: You’re the same as ever, senpai!
Ryoutsu: Senpai……?

Ryoutsu: Well if it isn’t Nakagawa!
Ryoutsu: And you’re as gaudy with your outfits as ever~~~
Nakagawa: No, it’s embarrassing. It was just three-hundred thousand yen, a really cheap thing. Hahaha.
(TN: Considering that everyone calls Keiichi Nakagawa as merely “Nakagawa-san”, I decided to use “Nakagawa” for the scripts from now on)
Nakagawa: I’ve come back to Kameari again from Ogasawara-town; please take care of me, senpai.
(TN: Ogasawara-town refers to the actual town of Ogasawara, administered as part of the Tokyo metropolitan area but the central government for a large administrative area which includes many island chains south of Japan, including the Ogasawara chain (known as the Borin Islands) and a set of volcanic islands)
Ryoutsu: OK. I won’t give you trouble either……
Nakagawa: Actually, today it will be my pleasure to you.

Ryoutsu: Well, what exactly for?
Nakagawa: We young police officers are the pivot for moving for the creation of an HQ Combat Shooting Club.
Ryoutsu: Combat Chou Cream, what’s that?
(TN: Yes, Ryoutsu does make that weird pun in the original. As for the reference: “Chou Cream” is the abbreviation of “chou a la crème”, the Japanese word for a cream-filled pastry)
Nakagawa: In short, a Gun Shooting Club. We compete on who has the quickest draw.
Nakagawa: Thus I really want you to be our club advisor.
Ryoutsu: Huh, me?
Nakagawa: Of course!! When I looked up the number of fires over the last year at the Prosecutor’s Office over us, you were danzen toppu! You also have the seal of approval among officials.
(TN: Nakagawa actually uses an expression “danzen toppu”, which originates from Italian as “The best”. I probably could just use “the best” but sort of want to show a bit of class from his part)
Nakagawa: There isn’t a suitable person at any other station except you! You have to be our leader…
Ryoutsu: A leader? Hmm, ri…right…

Nakagawa: N? He’s coming.
Nakagawa: Senpai, let me introduce our club leader!

Nakagawa: This is Fuyumoto-kun, in charge of traffic enforcement.
Fuyumoto: Well, it’s nice to meet you……
Ryoutsu: ……………………!!
Ryoutsu: Well, why are we standing around talking? Let’s go inside, let’s go in!

Ryoutsu: Ugya!!
Fuyumoto: Ah, well, I have a sudden reflex of pulling my gun out with sounds. Forgive me.
Ryoutsu: Hey Nakagawa, is everyone like your club president?
Nakagawa: Well, generally so. We all want to just fire our guns and be police……so yes.
Ryoutsu: Isn’t his style like he’s stepped out of a foreign movie?
Nakagawa: He also was numbed by the motorcycle cop in “Dirty Harry” too. It cost three-hundred thousand for all that equipment…

Nakagawa: Please look at his gun too. It’s a custom barrel that’s 6 ½ inches, not the 4 inches that police use, with his initials on the right side. Since it’s stocked with a hard rubber grip with hard steel in it, it’s easy to stick the hand on it. Just this pistol cost over four-hundred thousand.
Ryoutsu: What a waste, I could have done plenty of races with that much money…
Nakagawa: His specialty is a song of firing.
Ryoutsu: A song of firing………It can’t be that here he’ll…
Nakagawa: Shh…he’s starting.

Nakagawa: Well!! It was just 2.5 seconds!
Ryoutsu: You dummy, this isn’t the Fukagawa Range.
(TN: Assume he’s referring to a shooting range in Fukagawa, which is around Koto Ward near Taitou)
Nakagawa: Well well, I have a great present for you. Here……
Nakagawa: I want you to have a large gun.
Nakagawa: A Corolla Anicha!!
(TN: I assume this gun does exist somewhere but somehow I couldn't find any proof of it at this time)

Ryoutsu: Hmm, it’s heavy but it’s really quite cool.
Nakagawa: It’s precisely made for you………it a gun that’s really hard to get in Japan. It’s a Spanish model.
Ryoutsu: Nakagawa, how do I fire this?
Nakagawa: With the magazine inside, you pull on the cocking base.
Nakagawa: And when you let go, it charges automatically.
Ryoutsu: Hm—m.
Nakagawa: When you pull it back, you hold it with the finger that can’t do it well…
Ryoutsu: Ow!!
Nakagawa: Ah, watch out.
Ryoutsu: Uhh!!

Nakagawa: It weighs over a kilo. Are you alright?
Ryoutsu: I’ve been so stupid with this!!
Ryoutsu: Don’t give me advice!
Nakagawa: Ah, senpai!
Ryoutsu: Gyaa~~
Fuyumoto: Ah, I’ve done it again~~
Ryoutsu: Enough already.
Fuyumoto: While we’re at it, Ryoutsu-senpai, can you show your draw that was called “miraculous”?
Ryoutsu: Eh, miraculous?
Nakagawa: Right. I thing I really want to see it too.

Ryoutsu: Mufufufu…miraculous……right? Can you give me a moment, I’m not that confident in my gun. Bu…but now I’ve got a bit…
Fuyumoto: He’s putting on the charm! I’ve mistaken him for another person.
Ryoutsu: No, actually that’s not it…
Man: Um, cop-san…
Ryoutsu: Are you going to threaten a guy who wants to get directions!

Ryoutsu: Where do you want to go? Tell me.
Man: Eh, uh…well, the meeting place for the Nagasaki Association…
(TN: The “Nagasaki Association” is in reference to “Kenjinkai”, an association of people from the same prefecture living in a particular place…thus in this case it’s an association for people from Nagasaki Prefecture…while I’m not quite sure if it’s there then, today, the Nagasaki Association of Tokyo is in Hirakawachou district, Chiyoda Ward)
Ryoutsu: Nagasaki………Aah! You have to go a bit from here.
Ryoutsu: Here, do you see that bank over there? Turn right there and then a left at the 3rd traffic light……and then make a right at the 12th light, then it will be at the 22nd light. Got that?
Man: We…well, turn right there…u—m.

Man: Left at the 3rd light………And then the 12th, no, 13th light…
Ryoutsu: 12th. You turn right there, you dummy.
Man: Turn right at the 12th light, then at the 12th…no, 31st……no, actually, u—m.
Ryoutsu: Hey! Quit while you’re ahead! The police don’t have the time to play around counting with you.
Voice: He did it! 0.9 seconds!!
Fuyumoto: We—ll, he’s as fast as was rumored.
Nakagawa: And he cocked it too. It would have been terrifying if he hit his target.
Ryoutsu: ………………………
Man: I should be prepared for these stations in Tokyo.
Ryoutsu: While we’re at it, you two should move this car. If the chief sees this…

Ryoutsu: ……………………….
Nakagawa: ?
Nakagawa: Who were you speaking with, senpai?
Ryoutsu: There was a warning of some rabble-rousing kids going towards Loop 7 from Mito Kaidou!
(TN: “Loop 7” is also known as Rt. 318 of Tokyo; while Mito Kaidou is actually a former “kaidou” route going between Tokyo and Mito in Ibaraki Prefecture, formerly one of the “Five Kaidous of Edo” and now known as “National Route 6”. Not coincidentally, the two roads intersect in Kameari)
Fuyumoto: Well, it’s them. That’s my job.
Fuyumoto: It’s interesting they’re coming during the day……
Nakagawa: Alright, I’ll help out too!
Fuyumoto: Come quickly. I’ll end it, fufufu.
Ryoutsu: He…hey.

Nakagawa: Understood.
Ryoutsu: He’s going to raise ruckus in front of my station.
Nakagawa: Rabble-rousing kids, please go back quietly! Otherwise you will face pain.
Kid: Chie, those annoying coppers! They won’t interfere!
Fuyumoto: They…seem to be ignoring it.
Nakagawa: We did warn them once but.

Nakagawa: Well, senpai. I give salutations for a bit.
Ryoutsu: I don’t know you anymore! Do what you want!
Ryoutsu: ……I won’t be digging their graves of those idiots…
Kid 1: Hey, the coppers are chasing us!
Kid 2: Leave us alone: we weren’t doing anything.

Car Kid: Gya!!
Ryoutsu: Hey—can’t you stop that! Stop.

Ryoutsu: Nakagawa! Your opponents are just high schoolers. They’re not doing anything so…
Nakagawa: Senpai, watch out!!
Ryoutsu: S**t~~they’d do that? The—n, fine!!
Ryoutsu: Don’t go facing me! You brats!
Ryoutsu: Nakagawa! I’ll keep at this! Not one of them will be brought back alive!
Nakagawa: ………………………
Fuyumoto: ……………………!!

Nakagawa: Senpai, this doesn’t look good at all!
Ryoutsu: Shut up. This was a direct order from the chief for preserving the order in Tokyo! You were the bad one originally, idiot.
Nakagawa: Wasn’t this from the huge uproar due to you entering to stop them!?

TN: Figures: the first chapter with a ton of dialogue and a few bizarre references in a while and it's Nakagawa's first appearance since the pilot. Of course, this chapter probably does seem to refer a bit to the pilot...maybe not directly but you could infer that it was the first chapter after all: it was Ryoutsu and Nakagawa's first meeting, they screwed up, went to Nossapu, Ryoutsu probably found his way back to Kameari while Nakagawa moved to Ogasawara, then came back when everything was straightened up. It is weird that Akimoto would wait several chapters after starting the official series before bringing Keiichi back, but I guess in a way it was to develop a bit more of the world Ryoutsu was in before bringing in another consistent character he planned on having from the start. Aside from the technicalities of Nakagawa's return (and realizing the true title of the chapter...and the volume), this was an extremely weird but fun chapter with a lot of great moments, from Ryoutsu with the Spanish gun to his "gun-pulling" in regards to helping the guy with assistance...to the part where Nakagawa and Fuyumoto chase after the punks and Ryoutsu ignores it until he gets tossed around. (and let's not forget the ending with the water guns!) Fuyumoto did seem interesting in bringing in a motorcycle patrolman...but doesn't seem to have a personality compared to...well, someone we'll meet later. (he was mostly there for that one annoying running gag about "shoot at a noise")

One more interesting comment I think I need to make now: something peculiar I've noticed with Akimoto in this chapter, as well as the pilot and quite a bit later on, is how great he is at depicting real world technical objects and integrating them into this cartoony world he has. Whenever he depicts a gun or a car from our world, he shows it off in great detail to make sure we all understand what it is and the technicalities of it. Definitely something different from a typical gag mangaka that I like about him...even if sometimes the stuff he draws are hard to track down. (like that Spanish gun)

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#1. by chemigoku ()
Posted on Aug 29, 2009
A one work how always... ¡You don't stop of translated! I love it this manga *-*
#2. by StrangerAtaru ()
Posted on Aug 29, 2009
I did finish the volume but sort of can't put the last chapter up yet cause I want to make sure I translate one more thing.

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