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Kochira Katsushikaku Kameari Kouenmae Hashutsujo 7

I'm a Murderer...


-> RTS Page for Kochira Katsushikaku Kameari Kouenmae Hashutsujo 7

The following script is approved only for English usage by "major scans" and Spanish usage by "Detective Conan Forever". Any other usage must have approval by the translator and can not be done without such.

Not even nighttime is immune to the strange situations that go on in the life of the police. What should be a dull night-shift for Ryoutsu turns into...something much less so!

Chp. 7: I’m a Murderer…

Ryoutsu: Alright, a bit more and it’s complete…
Ryoutsu: I have to distract myself with the boredom of night shift. This is the best……
Ryoutsu: But it’s great I’ve done this much. That Totsuka would say “It’s impossible for Ryou-san to do”……
Dog: Er~~~
Ryoutsu: N? What, is that the stray dog that I teased during the day!?
Dog: Er~~er~~
Ryoutsu: I’m busy now. Shoo shoo.
Dog: Grr~~
Ryoutsu: How could he plan to get revenge on me?

Ryoutsu: You really won’t live a long life defying the humans.
Ryoutsu: Y…you~~~will be……
Ryoutsu: Ah!!
Ryoutsu: After all my troubles……ow ow.

Ryoutsu: Damn, I’ll remember this, oww…if he does it this time; he’ll be shot on target!!
Ryoutsu: We—ll, it’s gotten bad already. I don’t feel like doing any work, s**t!
Ryoutsu: I’m tired already…
Ryoutsu: The radio……
Ryoutsu: I don’t listen to anything on it outside horse-races. What exactly does it broadcast these days?
Ryoutsu: There may be nothing on in the middle of the night…N!

Ryoutsu: Hello, this is the station in front…N!?
Ryoutsu: A cold? Dummy! This is my real voice. What? Injection!? Shut up! Who is this? What do you want? Hurry and say it!

Ryoutsu: A radio show? “Shoufukutei Kamekou”, who’s that!? Hurry and state your business!!
(TN: I really don’t know if this is the name of the show or sort of something similar to the “Prince Albert in a Can” bit, but “Shoufukutei Kamekou” sort of translates into “Vice-Minister of Laughs Kamekou”)
Ryoutsu: Wh…what was that?
Radio: Ah—that was surprising, we were on the phone with a weird guy.
Radio: That girl had a really manly voice. She really should be checked into a health center.
Ryoutsu: What are you saying! You crummy radio!
Nakagawa: I’m back! Huh? What are you doing?
Ryoutsu: I just got a weird call from the radio now.
Nakagawa: Huh, that’s too bad. Though it is past 2………I really wasted a lot of postcards for that~~
Ryoutsu: What?

Ryoutsu: You sent something for the radio?
Nakagawa: It was for Quiz Corner. I thought I would be called after my patrol ended.
Ryoutsu: Dummy! You can’t use the station phone for your own business!
Nakagawa: We have time in late-night and I thought I could fully use the station phone……
Ryoutsu: It’s fine that I’m your partner but……it will be dangerous if you’re discovered. Fine then!
Ryoutsu: At most, use the long-distance line.
Nakagawa: Right! So then I can call up my friend in LA.

Cab driver: Sorry, cop-san, just a moment!
Ryoutsu: What, a hit-and-run? Accident? Which is it!?
Cab driver: You’re wrong: it’s a drunk, a drunk.
Cab driver: He seems to be from around here. I came this far hearing his address but I have no idea where to go next.
Nakagawa: Well that’s bad. He’s really knocked out.
Cab driver: What! Please do something. Isn’t that your job?
Ryoutsu: I got it. So then, get him out of the car.

Ryoutsu: It’s bad if you don’t remain calm.
Cab driver: So…so then, please help me out.
Ryoutsu: Hey there! Wait up.
Ryoutsu: That’s how it is, Nakagawa. To think he would drop off a drunk at the station. I’m pissed.
Ryoutsu: So, get a bucket of water!!
Nakagawa: Huh, water?
Ryoutsu: At time like this, the best thing is to pour on water. This isn’t unusual at this time of night.
Nakagawa: Right.
Ryoutsu: Here—we go.

Drunk: He~~y! What were you doing?
Ryoutsu: See.
Ryoutsu: Hey, where’s your house? Tell me!
Drunk: Oh, are you two police? Are you going to arrest me? Ho—that’s fun.
Drunk: Since you two are looser than usual, you can give me the amount for a pay phone! Think about it.
Nakagawa: What is he saying?
Ryoutsu: At any rate, Nakagawa, pull him in here!
Drunk: Pull me in?
Drunk: How is that good roots for the police to pull us in when facing we of the populace? You take our heavy taxes.
Ryoutsu: Shut up! We’re the ones who pay the taxes!! You’re acting proud, dummy!

Drunk: Well that’s nice: you plan to pick a fight with me!?
Drunk: Come at me then~~
Ryoutsu: He’s in a drunken frenzy.
Nakagawa: Senpai, I’ll handle this………
Drunk: Gyo
Ryoutsu: Nakagawa! Hurry and take him inside.
Ryoutsu: So where do you have to go? Tell us.

Drunk: A…actually, I killed my wife.
Ryoutsu: Wh…what!!
Drunk: She was a horrible wife. Last night, I finally flared up…
Ryoutsu: Tell me more. What happened last night!?
Drunk: we got into an argument over a trivial thing and I flared up……
Ryoutsu: You finally…flared…up…and then?
Drunk: I got a bug pin nearby and thrusted it into her heart!
Ryoutsu: He got a bug pin nearby and…thrusted into her heart…well
Ryoutsu: A bug pin…!?
Drunk: Hyahahahahahahahaha

Drunk: That was great, I stabbed her to death with a bug pin……right, cop-san? Hyahyahyahya
Ryoutsu: It’s because of people like you that our community’s order is disturbed!!
Ryoutsu: Act nicer to the police……….
Nakagawa: Hey, hey, you’re acting strange.
Nakagawa: I’ll handle the rest…
Nakagawa: What’s your address? Do you have a business card?
Nakagawa: Address is…Kameari 2……What, isn’t this behind the Kameari Toei?
(TN: “Kameari Toei” is actually a movie theater in Kameari formerly owned by the Toei film company; today it is “MOVIX Kameari”)

Nakagawa: So then, it’s nearby. Well, we’ll go back immediately.
Drunk: I…I killed a person.
Nakagawa: He’s saying that again?
Drunk: This time it’s true. Did you see the “Senju Ugly Office Lady Killer” in this morning’s paper?
Ryoutsu: It can’t be? Do you know?
Nakagawa: Well, it really was in this morning’s paper…
Ryoutsu: Is it true? What he said………
Ryoutsu: I don’t know if he’s the criminal murdering ugly ladies, but nearby today, there was info from an officer.
Ryoutsu: At…any case, I’ll write a preliminary memo. How about telling us what you know of the circumstances calmly.
Drunk: Right.

Drunk: In truth, she was #2………
Ryoutsu: Hmm hmm and then…
Drunk: On that day, we got into a dispute over money…………
Ryoutsu: Got into a dispute…on money…And then?
Drunk: We got in a fight and I lost myself………
Drunk: With a safety pin from nearby, I aimed for her liver and did it in one strike!
Ryoutsu: With a safety pin, the woman’s…liver and did it………!?
Nakagawa: ………………………
Phone: Hello, hello, is this Kameari Station…
Drunk: Hya hya hya, I got you in again!!
Ryoutsu: You idiot, don’t come back again!!

Ryoutsu: Really, that guy is drinking alcohol ten years too early! He should have cola!
Nakagawa: The night shift doesn’t have decent people, just drunks, transvestites and molesters.
Nakagawa: It’s a tad early, but I’m taking a nap. You shouldn’t wake me up…
Ryoutsu: Well then, then how about some alcohol before you sleep?
Nakagawa: Huh!?
Nakagawa: Where are you going to get it?
Ryoutsu: Only from a vending machine. Are there any stores open in the middle of the night?
Nakagawa: Senpai, if you want one, there is. We’ll go to buy it there.
Ryoutsu: Really? At this hour!?
Nakagawa: I’ve left my car in the park.

Ryoutsu: Hey, you really can’t park it there.
Nakagawa: That’s why it’s an easy stop, so we’ll open this up.
Nakagawa: Senpai! Go ahead, I’ll drive it.
Ryoutsu: Isn’t this different from your former car? Nakagawa……
Nakagawa: I crashed it last week, so I bought this.

Ryoutsu: Where is this store we’re going to…
Nakagawa: In Aoyama.
(TN: Aoyama is in the northeastern part of Minato Ward in the Akasaka area, notable as being as fashionable to the young as Shibuya or Harajuku)
Ryoutsu: Huh—over there!
Nakagawa: Well with this car, we’ll be there in 10 minutes.
People: HYA--!! UWA
Ryoutsu: Hey, weren’t the lights red now?
Nakagawa: Huh? What? Did you say something now?

Ryoutsu: ………………………
Ryoutsu: Nakagawa! I’m getting out, open up!
Nakagawa: We’re here already.
Nakagawa: It’s here, Senpai!
Nakagawa: Take your favorite kind.
Ryoutsu: Hoho, it’s really filled with them.
Ryoutsu: I’ll take two of these. I’ll have them ship them to the station.
Nakagawa: Senpai, they won’t sell them there. This area is Akasaka station.
Ryoutsu: It’s impossible to send them to Kameari station downtown?

Ryoutsu: I’ll buy two or three beer cans too…
Manager: Gyaa!!
Nakagawa: Senpai, you’ve done a terrible thing. Put them back up.
Ryoutsu: I didn’t do it, I merely took a can…
Nakagawa: No, here comes the manager. Now I’ll be…
Ryoutsu: Nakagawa, keep your cool…
Manager: Thanks for catching the robber now. He was going to run off with our money just now.
Ryoutsu: Huh, he was a robber!?
Chief: Well, Ryoutsu, you’ve done well. I’ve heard from Akasaka station this morning. But why were you two over there?
Ryoutsu: Well I have already been in service for 15 years and crime can happen anywhere…well it’s the intuition of a pro.
Nakagawa: That was random.
(TN: The joke here is basically a bit of a pun Ryoutsu gives off: he says he has “pro no kan”, but the “kan” he mentions is “intuition”, but can also be connected to “kan” as in “can”)
(End of Volume 1…almost)

TN: It's sort of hard to say that this is the end of vol. 1, considering there is one more chapter in the volume (let alone...a commentary by someone), but I'm not lying when I'm saying that this is essentially the end for the most part of the "KochiKame" for the volume. And to tell the truth...this chapter just went all over the place. When I saw the title, I sort of figured Ryoutsu would be wanted for something he didn't do or would end up in some fake murder or something silly connected to the radio program at the end...but as I said before, it just seemed to fly from here to there in no-time, whether it was from the radio program to the weird drunk who made up murder stories to that random bit involving the "all-night supermarket" near the end. It was still fun, I guess I just wanted a bit more coherency...or what the heck that program was that Nakagawa wanted from it anyway. Anyway, there is a one-shot (and the "comment" at the end), but that will be recorded accordingly.

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