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Kochira Katsushikaku Kameari Kouenmae Hashutsujo 8

The Curious Enemies!!


-> RTS Page for Kochira Katsushikaku Kameari Kouenmae Hashutsujo 8

All they wanted was an easy day out on the job...but when Ryoutsu and Nakagawa encounter an accident on the wrong side of the tracks, they are about to cross the border into...insanity!?

Volume 2: The Curious Enemies!!
Chp. 8: The Curious Enemies!!

Both Armbands: Police H.Q. Representative

Nakagawa: Senpai! I can’t pull this.
Ryoutsu: Quiet, shut up!
(TN: The sign of where the two of them are is the Edo River [as opposed to Edogawa, a ward with the same name], a river that is the eastern edge of Tokyo)
Nakagawa: It’s because I couldn’t pull on it much further.
Ryoutsu: You’re so fussy! Leave it to me!
Nakagawa: That’s a great carp, senpai!

Ryoutsu: Nakagawa, tonight we’re having koi koku.
(TN: “Koi koku” is a soup made with carp and burdock)
Ryoutsu: Ua
Nakagawa: Senpai~~!!
Ryoutsu: How…stupid…it shouldn’t have been there…that’s my important place…
Nakagawa: Senpai! You let go of the rod. It’s getting away.
Ryoutsu: I will truly catch it.
(TN: The verb that Ryoutsu uses for “catch” is “tsukamaeru”, the same as “to arrest”)

Ryoutsu: S**t, did I hit it?
Nakagawa: Senpai, I’ll get it!
Nakagawa: Senpai! How’s that, I got it.
Ryoutsu: That was too much; shouldn’t you blow at it without leaving a trace!
Ryoutsu: So then we’ll shoot it down with a fighter craft somehow…
Nakagawa: Ah, senpai!

Nakagawa: How about we have fun without making it get timid……
Ryoutsu: No, fish will act stupid for me.
Nakagawa: You don’t have to do that……well, well.
Nakagawa: Th—ere, luck will come down from the heavens if you calm down.
Ryoutsu: Ri…right, wish me luck once more………
Ryoutsu: This time, I’ll catch a big one…
Ryoutsu: N!?

Ryoutsu: Let’s stop this already. I really have to get back!!
Nakagawa: Senpai, what about the koi koku?
Ryoutsu: I did want to eat that. I’ll do it with the river fish of Shibamata…
(TN: “Shibamata” is another name for the area around Katsushika Ward…which actually borders Edogawa, where they are now)
Radio: This is car #2, will the closest patrol car reply.
Ryoutsu: Shut up, it’s not here!
“Fuutaro”: Cop-san, there’s an accident on the bridge! Please come quickly.

Nakagawa: This seems like the partner of the car that fell in earlier!
Ryoutsu: Well then, an accident………
Nakagawa: Senpai, isn’t it time to be going back soon…………
Ryoutsu: Understood!
Ryoutsu: Right! We’ll push the car into the river!!
Nakagawa: Huh?

Ryoutsu: The middle of the Shin-Katsushika Bridge is the border between Tokyo and Chiba. If the car drops over there, then it’ll be in the jurisdiction of Chiba’s police.
(TN: This is actually true to Japanese geography: the Edogawa River separates Katsushika Ward and the prefecture of Chiba outside of the jurisdiction of Tokyo, separated by the Shin-Katsushika Bridge)
Nakagawa: Understood: therefore it will be an accident that occurred there…
Ryoutsu: Of course: let’s hurry Nakagawa!!
Ryoutsu: Huh!?
Ryoutsu: S**t! If it was just a bit more. The prefectual police already know.
Nakagawa: Yoisho.
Ryoutsu: Those idiots! Nakagawa, how long have they been there? They’re watching, shouldn’t we stop!
Nakagawa: ……?

Chiba Cop: Ah, sorry for putting you through this.
Ryoutsu: Well, its fine, Nuhahahaha.
Ryoutsu: Hey, Nakagawa, how about leaving them the rest and going back……….
Nakagawa: Of…of course………
Chiba Cop: Um, you have to stay.
Ryoutsu: N? What do you need us for!?
Chiba Cop: This accident is in your jurisdiction.
Chiba Cop: It’s ours up to here. From there it’s the Police HQ.
Ryoutsu: Don’t talk so stupid! The middle is here, here. Thus it’s in the jurisdiction of Chiba!

Chiba Cop: That’s not it. You’re off by 130 meters………
Ryoutsu: Shut up! The driver seat is completely on the Chiba side!!
Chiba Cop: But the body is in Tokyo……
Ryoutsu: So then, if it fell from here, which side would it drift to!
Fat Chiba Cop: Well we’re at a disadvantage since it would go to Chiba.
Ryoutsu: So, since we’re taking care of the car that has fallen before, this car will……huh!?
Chiba Cop: The current is fast in this river…
Ryoutsu: Where is it flowing to?
Nakagawa: Really, senpai is senpai, but those prefecture cops are also……

Nakagawa: Ah!
Ryoutsu: Nakagawa, you really did that when you saw the opening.
Nakagawa: No…I wasn’t really…going to…
Chiba Cop: Flow—flow into Tokyo—go—
Ryoutsu: S**t—go to Chiba. The—ere, you can do it.
Chiba Cop: Don’t come here—change direction—go over there.
Ryoutsu: ………
Chiba Cop: It sunk…………
Chiba Cop: It’s still an accident, even if the car sunk…come to chief’s office for a bit.
Ryoutsu: We—ll, I have to go there? S**t!

Voice: Hm—mm, well then, I rea—lly understood the circumstances.
Chiba Chief: It is a problem. I’ll go over there to investigate and make my decision……
Ryoutsu: But oldie, the jurisdiction of Police HQ was 20 cm over there.
Chiba Chief: We’ve got no choice. Draw up the accident treatment papers.
Chiba Cop: Right.
Ryoutsu: I’ve won.

Ryoutsu: Nakagawa, since we’ve finally come here, how about the Nakayama Racecourse?
(TN: The Nakayama Racecourse is a notable horseracing course in Chiba, in use since 1907)
Nakayama: That would be fine too, but for the moment we should call the station………
Ryoutsu: That’s fine too…can we borrow a phone!?
Fat Chiba Cop: A phone? We don’t have those yet, sorry.
Ryoutsu: You’re joking again!
Fat Chiba Cop: Now you mention it, they seem to be selling all those color TVs in Tokyo…………Do you watch one there?
(TN: A bit of trivia: Japan was the third nation to adopt color TV [after the US and Cuba], beginning to air in 1960 and notable for holding the first Olympic games completely in color in 1964. Due to such, color TV was more widespread by this point in the mid-70s, though as you’ll see as this chapter goes on, this town seems to be the last to know about color TV…or anything for that matter)
Ryoutsu: Color TV…? We always watch that at our station.
Chiba Cops: Eh, you have one!?
Fat Chiba Cop: Really!? How is it…having such a high-class item?
Chiba Chief: Is it really in color?
Chiba Cop: Is there a superstition that you’ll go color-mad watching it a long time?
Fat Chiba Cop: Is it really colorful on NHK’s “Wakai Kisetsu”?
(TN: “Wakai Kisetsu” or “Season of the Young”, is a notable NHK drama that aired in Japan between 1961 & 1964, which actually was filmed in color)

Chiba Chief: The mayor’s house was making a fuss about finally getting a big-screen B&W TV.
Chiba Cop: Those places in Tokyo are really getting civilized. It’s amazing~~
Ryoutsu: What exactly is going on?
Nakagawa: I don’t get this either……?
Chiba Chief: Is that young policewoman in the same box?
Nakagawa: Policewoman?
Nakagawa: Don’t joke on that. I’m not a policewoman! I’m a man!! A man!!
Chiba Chief: Well a man.. Well they’re reddening their corn-like hair again.
Chiba Cop: He looks like he could be entertaining at a town festival.
Fat Chiba Cop: Even his trousers have gotten loud……
Chiba Chief: This is a modern Japanese boy. I’m sure with his appearance, he’ll bring out the girls of the town to dance the twist…
(TN: You can really see how antiquated the Chiba cops are from that exchange: not only are they referring to a dance craze of the early 1960s from “the twist”, they also refer to Nakagawa as “mobo”, which was a 1920s term for a “modern boy”)
Nakagawa: Senpai, they’ve really fallen behind the times here.

Ryoutsu: We’ll show you the full story of the private life of Rikidouzan.
(TN: Rikidouzan is one of the first huge pro-wrestlers in Japan, even though he was Korean. Though he established Japanese wrestling in the 50s, he was tragically murdered in 1963)
Nakagawa: What songs are popular now in Chiba?
Fat Chiba Cop: Well then, “Otomi-san” is good. It’s sung by that new singer, Kasuga Hachirou……
(TN: Though I mentioned it in an earlier script, Hachirou Kasuga first became famous in 1951, and “Otomi-san”, his biggest hit, came out in 1954)
Fat Chiba Cop: I’ve been getting interest in that Kasuga Hachirou, but don’t you think so, Mr. Policeman?
Nakagawa: Not really…
Chiba Cop: I’m a fan of the Komadori Sisters and Oota Hiromi, but which of them is popular in Tokyo………?
(TN: I’ve mentioned Oota Hiromi before, who actually was relevant then. On the other hand, the Komadori Sisters (Komadori Shimai) are twin sisters who were notable and popular singers in a period mostly between 1959 and the mid-60s, yet are still active as recent as today)
Nakagawa: Senpai, their era and their dialects are messed up…
(TN: There probably is a lot of problems regarding the dialects, but considering how difficult it is for me to really define it, I won’t really search for it at this time)
Ryoutsu: Their mass media is messed up too……I’ve got a paper from next year.
Ryoutsu: Hey you, what’s the name of the current prime minister of Japan.
Fat Chiba Cop: But of course, it’s Itou Hirobumi-san!! Is it!?
(TN: Hirobumi Itou, a former statesman and samurai, was notable as the first Prime Minister of Japan in 1885 and was in power four times through the Meiji period through 1901)
Chiba Chief: Idiot, it was Izumiya Shigeru from this year.
(TN: Shigeru Izumiya isn’t even a politician: he’s a musician and poet who became notable in the 1970s)
Chiba Cop: The chief really does have character.
Ryoutsu: Nakagawa, we’re in a bad dream. Let’s go home……

Chiba Cop: Stay if you’re not in a hurry~~you can tell us more interesting stories of Tokyo, hey, come on……
Ryoutsu: Where were you born?………
Chiba Chief: Since you’ll be here a while, I’ll go get some sake………
Ryoutsu: Sake……there’s no problem.
Ryoutsu: Wee~~everyone!! Forget your duties and let’s go have fun~~~Hey, Nakagawa, what’s wrong!? You should drink too~~
Nakagawa: I’ve drunk enough. This HQ is really embarrassing……

Nakagawa: Even so, the manga that’s here are really old. You’ve got “Majin Garo” and “Billy Back”.
(TN: Though neither of those series are real, the magazine that Nakagawa is reading is: “Manga Club” is an early manga magazine that existed as early as the 1940s)
Voice: What? How could all of you in this HQ be so stupid~~~
Chiba Chief: What, didn’t you say that prefectural police are rural people?
Ryoutsu: Shut up! How could you complain to us Edoites!!
(TN: “Edoites” is my translation of “Edokko”, which are essentially children of Edo/Tokyo)
Nakagawa: Well, well, senpai, calm down.
Chiba Chief: If you’re serious, then how about a gun match!?
Ryoutsu: You want that here!
Ryoutsu: I’ll leave this here to you…

Voice: He got four out of five………
Chiba Cop: How’s that, our chief has the best skill in the prefecture.
Ryoutsu: Shut up, now it’s our turn.
Ryoutsu: Nakagawa, I leave the honor of HQ to you!
Nakagawa: Right.

Chiba Cop: A…amazing, he hit all of them dead center.
Ryoutsu: Hahaha, that’s nothing, really. He’s my pupil. How about that, can we go?
Fat Chiba Cop: That was astonishing!
Chiba Chief: Go on ahead. Show us a color TV next time.
Ryoutsu: Ah, got it. And remember that the prime minister of Japan isn’t Izumiya Shigeru, its Miki.
(TN: Ryoutsu is correct: Takeo Miki was prime minister of Japan by the publishing of this chapter in late 1976…though he actually would be succeeded by Takeo Fukuda on December 24th of that same year)
Chiba Chief: Got it. I’ll remember.
Ryoutsu: Don’t forget that the fee of a public bath isn’t 28 yen, it’s 120.
Chiba Cop: It was fun making fun of him…chief-san, he was serious in going back home, hahahaha.
Fat Chiba Cop: We really wasted time with that unserious guy, hahahaha…

TN: Well...somehow or another, I'm back for another set of old, outdated, bizarre, but somewhat peculiar, classic and maybe even cool chapters in the second, still 1976 edition of KochiKame! (well that is unless someone wants to take it off my hands) It did feel like I was a bit rusty doing this chapter (well it has been a while since I finished vol. 1), but I figured to at least try another volume to get back into things and see where things go from there. So I guess with that said...I know I really should have seen the punchline of this chapter coming, but the way the Chiba officers drove Ryoutsu and Nakagawa nuts in their peculiarities and in their mixing of time when trying to "show off" to them, it actually made for a fun joke and a fun chapter. Sure there was quite a bit of research (I actually was expecting them to refer to a drama that was out in the mid-70s instead of one of the first color programs that NHK ever aired in 1961) and I had to reacquaint myself with some references I went over in the last volume (primarily Hiromi Oota and Hachirou Kasuga), but it all somehow worked out in the end...though I think this was the punishment Ryoutsu gets for trying to force an accident out of his jurisdiction.

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