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Kochira Katsushikaku Kameari Kouenmae Hashutsujo 10

Snow on December 24th…


-> RTS Page for Kochira Katsushikaku Kameari Kouenmae Hashutsujo 10

It is one of the most celebratory and busiest times of any year: the end of December, in particular the days around Christmas! But sometimes, one can find the quest for cheer to be difficult, especially if you're working the day...

Chp. 10: Snow on December 24th…

Ryoutsu: You should. Have died. Otomi-sa—n, it had come.
(TN: Ryoutsu is singing the enka “Otomi-san”, originally made a hit by Hachiro Kasuga in 1954)
Younger Female: Why would the cop take a bath so early?
Older Female: You don’t know that cop…he’s famous within this town……
Ryoutsu: Ple—ase give me a handkerchi—ef from Higashimurayama~~………
(TN: “Higashimurayama” is in reference to a city in the Tokyo area just west of the “special 23 Wards”)
Man: Master Ryoutsu, you’re in a good mood.
(TN: The salesman refers to Ryoutsu as “Ryoutsu no Danna”, with “danna” as an expression for “master”. Since the “no” separates them, I decided to directly translate it)
Ryoutsu: Oh! Well, if it isn’t Masa!
Ryoutsu: You’re not reaching out to the bad side.
Masa: Master, I’m seriously working as you see.

Ryoutsu: I’ll take what you have too…
Masa: Hey, that’s great.
Masa: We’re nearing the end of the year, have you been busy too?
Ryoutsu: Well…of course…
Ryoutsu: Even if I’m busy on a typical day, these year-end police duties are as such……it’s been irritating, hahaha.
Ryoutsu: There are a lot of thefts at year’s end. More drunks too……
Ryoutsu: Those drunks are really horrible………
Ryoutsu: I am devoted to my post, though I’m in a painful month……N!?
Ryoutsu: Hey, what are you doing, brat!

Ryoutsu: S**t, my gun is mixed together with the model gun; really, kids these days…
Masa: Aa—h, your pistol’s been taken apart…
Ryoutsu: It was completely disassembled…my one problem is reassembly.
Masa: Your problems are incessant too.
Masa: You can’t do it? Master……
Ryoutsu: I don’t have my trigger or firing hammer. Can you look for it too?
Masa: It’s impossible since it’s already dark. If I find it, I’ll send it to you immediately…
Masa: So then, how are you going to fire it? It’s going to be a bit hard.
Ryoutsu: Making matters worse, it’s not enough to have two or three springs and pins inside…it’ll be dangerous to be discovered with that if they find out at the station.
Masa: If that’s how it is, how about ordering a new one?

Ryoutsu: Right. So then, I’d get a rotating-style pistol with a much bigger caliber……
Masa: Hee, a revolver. For that you’d have to get three-hundred thousand yen with bullets…huh.
Ryoutsu: N!?
Ryoutsu: You!! Are you still a gun smuggler!?
Masa: N…no, it’s…a joke, huh, a joke……
Ryoutsu: Really? It was an act now, it was so real…
Masa: I was with Nozawa Nachi in the Rose Group until last month, no, it’s true…hehehehe……
(TN: Nachi Nozawa, originally known as Yasutomo Nozawa, is a notable actor, both live and as a voice actor in anime and narrations since the early days in the 1960s. The “Rose Group” is in reference to the “Gekidan Baraza” or the “Rose Theater Group”, a group of voice actors he was a member of)
Ryoutsu: Recently, there was a shooting incident for a wide-ranging gangster organization, rattling the nerves of the police. Knock it off with your foolish jokes.
Masa: Hee…you’ve surrounded me.
Masa: With my opponent Master Ryoutsu, I truly…escaped with my life…a—ah, I’m saved.

Driver: Ryou-san, thanks for doing that.
Ryoutsu: Well, I’m steadily working!
Ryoutsu: I thought it would be crazily crowded, since today is Christmas………It came quickly……
Ryoutsu: Oh, Terai! What are you doing here?
Terai: Ah, Ryou-san.

Terai: I thought of buying a cake for my sons, since its Christmas……
Ryoutsu: You going home from here? So then, I’ll eat some too…
Terai: You have night-duty tonight……aren’t you on duty?
Ryoutsu: Damn, that miser!
Ryoutsu: He…hey, you’re leaving already? Don’t you want to have tea……
Terai: I’m sorry, I promised I’d go home to the kids quickly.
Ryoutsu: (grumpy sign)
Voice 1: Wahhahahahaha
Voice 2: Hey.

Totsuka: Oh, Ryoutsu, you’ve come back…
Ryoutsu: What’s with the ruckus?
Totsuka: Its Christmas tonight.
Ryoutsu: Right, a Christmas party. Alright, let’s do it.
Ryoutsu: Here we go: Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, hurry up New Years so we can reach payday. Spring has come, spring has come, Christmas!
(TN: Though Ryoutsu did add the “Christmas” spontaneously, he was actually singing “Haru ga kita” (“Spring has Come”), a traditional children’s song)
Ryoutsu: N!? What’s wrong, you’ve stopped partway……?
Nakagawa: That was a dry rehearsal now, senpai…
Totsuka: The real thing will be at Nakagawa’s place.

Nakagawa: I’ve called a hundred friends to my house to hold a Christmas party…
Ryoutsu: You didn’t call me!?
Nakagawa: But aren’t you on duty tonight? That’s why I didn’t send you a written invitation……
Ryoutsu: Of…of course……
Ryoutsu: But won’t it be cold? I would have conveniently used a fake illness if I knew of this in advance……
Nakagawa: So with Mizutani-san off tonight, that makes it three people.
Ryoutsu: !?
Ryoutsu: What, how did he get off!?
Nakagawa: Huh? Senpai…you hadn’t heard? There was an incident where he shot live ammunition too quickly and it hit his leg. He’s in the police hospital now.
Ryoutsu: What happened to Matsumoto and Minami?
Nakagawa: They’re doing patrol…
Ryoutsu: So, I’m going to be alone here?

Nakagawa: So then, senpai, have fun from here.
Ryoutsu: Hey, wouldn’t it be better if you don’t hurry there……
Ryoutsu: I’ve got a porno mag from Sweden. It’s just for you, Nakagawa…
Nakagawa: I want to read it, but I won’t be on time if I don’t get there by 7……
Ryoutsu: ………………
Ryoutsu: Right. You’re such a cold man. I get it, I get it………
Nakagawa: Senpai! How could you…
Totsuka: Nakagawa, we only have twenty minutes left.
Nakagawa: So then, I’ll be going…
Ryoutsu: So go! You short-legged gay man!!

Ryoutsu: Even if you get in a traffic accident; even if you get discharged
Ryoutsu: Heh, achoo!
Ryoutsu: S**t! I’ve been hit by cold water…really. I have to cool down quickly!!
Ryoutsu: I was finally in a good mood when I had gone to the bath.
Ryoutsu: Now that I mention it, isn’t the TV being repaired…

Ryoutsu: Chief!
Ryoutsu: Is there something wrong……coming at this time. Well, how about some tea……I’ll start it now……
Chief: I’m in a hurry……I have to go home quickly……
Chief: Got it! This is it, yep!
Ryoutsu: What exactly is going on?
Chief: It’s Christmas tonight. This is a present for my daughter. Since I didn’t know what to get a girl, I had Nakagawa pick something and buy it……
Chief: Got to get home quickly…my daughter will be surprised.
Ryoutsu: Ah…chief.

Chief: What, Ryoutsu!?
Ryoutsu: Um, with the problems you had coming, take it easy here…
Chief: I told you from the start: I’m in a hurry.
Ryoutsu: Then, please look at this!
Chief: If it’s about dealing with the accident, I’ll look in the morning.
Ryoutsu: So, over here…
Ryoutsu: This is giving me troubles again. What do you say……huh? I’m enthusiastic on it…
Ryoutsu: There was a person who lost something here…the girl who reported it was a cute girl. She looked like Lum-chan……I say I somehow I made up the documents and checked her here for two hours at the station…well, hahahaha. No, what am I saying? If she was that cute, I suppose I’d have her …
(TN: The last part of “I suppose I’d have her” was really a part I couldn’t quite translate; the original Japanese was “oshitaoshitai”, I tried to make due with inferences)
Ryoutsu: You should have seen her too……huh!?
Ryoutsu: ………………

Ryoutsu: S**t! How could this one and that one be all about Christmas, how! We’re in Japan, damn this!
(TN: The “we’re in Japan” part will further be explained but basically Christmas is more seen as a fun holiday for giving gifts, for children and lovers, with the serious holiday being New Years)
Radio: Tonight will be a fun Christmas.
Ryoutsu: F**k you, die! Die!
Ryoutsu: I’ll end this.
Ryoutsu: Damn, I can’t use this!!

Ryoutsu: Owow…how could that happen…uh………I won’t make it through tonight……owowow
Ryoutsu: It’s best that I quietly sit down. That thing……
Ryoutsu: It’s cause it’s a lump of iron…s**t! As if I’ve asked for this, really.

Ryoutsu: Damn.
Ryoutsu: How about I continue making this plastic model?
Ryoutsu: What is this Christmas? It’s all that American influence.
Ryoutsu: In Japan, most of this is just for New Years…………………...
Ryoutsu: There’s 7 days left this year……

Fuutarou: Hehe, master…
Ryoutsu: What is it you!! I said to not come back ever again.
Fuutarou: Got it………
Ryoutsu: ………………
Ryoutsu: Oh well. Tonight is special. Come in………
Ryoutsu: Don’t restrain yourself, get much closer to the heater, there………
Fuutarou: Th…thanks for this.
Ryoutsu: He…hey, what happened with that booze…? Did you steal it again……
Fuutarou: You’re wrong.
Fuutarou: I got this at the Arima Kinen…I’ll always be oblidged to them. I think I’ll drink this with you.
(TN: The “Arima Kinen” is a Grade I flat horse race held every late December in the Nakayama Racecourse)
Ryoutsu: ………………………

Osamu: Cop-san; Gorilla Cop-san.
Osamu: Here……For you from us.
Ryoutsu: How many times will you cheat me!! You evil brats!!
Brothers: Kyaa!
Ryoutsu: They’re always coming by with their banter, s**t!
Fuutarou: Ah, that’s wasteful!
Ryoutsu: Well, it’s going to be some box of surprises with rubber snakes inside.
Fuutarou: Is it? So then, I’ll have it…
Fuutarou: Ah!!

Fuutarou: Master, these are wool-knit gloves and a hat……
Fuutarou: No, are they socks……? They’re really badly knitted…..
Fuutarou: Are they hand made? He, master, please look at them, it’s really terrible…
Ryoutsu: It………it is…………
Fuutarou: Well, I’ll take these. Aren’t they extravagant, hehehe…
Fuutarou: Ah.
Fuutarou: Master, you gave me those……
Ryoutsu: Shut up, I’ve changed my mind!!

Ryoutsu: I’ve got booze, so we’ll drink! You can too.
Fuutarou: I…I can drink that……
Fuutarou: Well, thanks.
Fuutarou: But, you and your office have it bad. You can’t take off for the year-end or for New Years………
Ryoutsu: What?
Fuutarou: No, I was speaking of how it’s a terrible job…
Ryoutsu: No……it’s not like that…
Fuutarou: Heh!?
Boy: Uwaa, its snow. Its snow, mama~~snow.

Boy: It’s a white Christmas, mama!
Ryoutsu: Shall we drink with good cheer tonight?
Fuutarou: OK!

TN: I really like this chapter...and I think I know a reason why. I guess I can start by saying that this chapter of KochiKame sort of began to resonate the whole concept I read once that the manga is essentially "the Japanese version of 'The Simpsons'. Now without getting into personal feelings about Matt Groening's most famous series, I can see by this chapter and by how 'The Simpsons' started how similar they were. As you may remember, one of the first full 30-minute episodes of the series was a Christmas special that, surprisingly, treated 'America's Most Dysfunctional Family' in a more realistic manner. It allowed the characters to shine and for the day-to-day to blend in with a plot that one could comprehend. Now compare that first Christmas episode (which will forever be a classic) to ones in later seasons...see the difference? The show just gets too caught up in it's wackiness of getting away with anything, random celebrity appearances and literally doing anything and everything for a laugh (and failing with me...yeah, I'll keep quiet) that the show forgot that probably the best Christmas story they did was rather early on, when it was more realistic and still animated.

Now what does my whole 'Simpsons' story have to do with this KochiKame chapter, aside from the Christmas theme? Well in a way, at this really, really early stage of the series, we get perhaps an extremely emotional touching and silly storyline that doesn't go way over the top. While I can get into the first few pages with Masa as really having no purpose aside from making Ryoutsu's gun unusable much later in the chapter (and making him in a bad mood that gets worse as the chapter goes on...well, that's crucial), the tale is something you can believe happening and works on more levels than it usually does. As a policeman, you know Ryoutsu has to work every day, regardless of holidays unless he schedules time off. And considering that someone has to stay in the box at all times, the fact that Ryoutsu is on duty on Christmas eve combined with everyone else from Terai to the Chief to Nakagawa and Totsuka celebrating just adds to his frustration and his griping...and builds up to his climactic situations, first with Fuutarou, then with the present from the brothers. Ryoutsu doesn't hate Christmas, he just wish he had someone to be with or a means to celebrate in what probably can be a lonely, solitary job in maintaining a police box on one of the most celebrated nights of the year. (then again it's like Phoebe Cates said in "Gremlins": Christmas is the time of year most suicides happen...never mind) But aside from the actual plot, what seems to also make this equate to the first 'Simpsons' Christmas special...is it's realism compared to what's to come. With how wacky and crazy KochiKame gets (and probably later Christmas stories too), seeing something as simple as "Ryoutsu trying to find cheer on the most celebrating and loneliest night of the year" gives more resonance and shows that these sorts of stories can be told even in series that aren't known for them. I guess that's what I'm trying to get across...and I doubt it worked but at least I tried.

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