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Kochira Katsushikaku Kameari Kouenmae Hashutsujo 11

Youko-chan of the Tobacco Shop…


-> RTS Page for Kochira Katsushikaku Kameari Kouenmae Hashutsujo 11

At a time of year where everyone is off but him, Ryoutsu always tries to find ways to make the best of the time he has...even if it's not always in what he should be doing!

Chp. 11: Youko-chan of the Tobacco Shop…

Chief: Terai! Help me move the rocker.
Terai: OK.
Chief: There, a bit more to the front…
Chief: Huh……?
Chief: What’s this? Doing…..here.
Chief: The latest stable news advised from a pro so you can truly win at horse racing. A new book on how to write love letters…with this you can clearly get the girl.
Chief: Hey! Are these your books?
Terai: Do…don’t be ridiculous, it’s not.

Chief: You thought those things wouldn’t be found by me………and this bundle…?
Chief: What?
Chief: There was a pistol hidden there……..What exactly is with you!!
Terai: I…didn’t do it!!
Chief: The pistol is a standard Smith & Wesson, which are few in number for police…
Chief: No. 2345678…I recognize that number……this really is………
Chief: ! It’s his pistol!!
Chief: Ryoutsu!! Where’s Ryoutsu!?
Totsuka: He’s getting water outside.

Ryoutsu: He—llo!! Please give me cigarettes, mi-ss! Today is a Su—nday—that I’m off…
Chief: Hey, Ryoutsu, come here a moment!
Ryoutsu: What is it? He’s really yelling.
Ryoutsu: What is it, Chief? Got something to do?
Chief: Is this gun yours!? Huh, Ryoutsu?
Ryoutsu: Ah, that’s. So that’s where I hid it?
Chief: What were you equipped with since you didn’t have your gun? So show me.

Chief: Wh…..what is this gun?
Ryoutsu: Well, actually, that was instead of the pistol I broke…
Chief: You shouldn’t have obtained a pistol so simply instead!! Where did you obtain it!?
Ryoutsu: Uh, well…from Nakagawa.
Chief: What happened with Nakagawa?
Ryoutsu: When I told Nakagawa that I broke my old one, he got that. It’s a bargain with precise hitting………
Chief: Where’s Nakagawa!?
Terai: Didn’t he say he was throwing away trash earlier!?
Girl: Well, you want to drive with us? Really!?
Nakagawa: Since we’re free of one-way traffic and speed limits with a patrol car, I surely can with that this feeling of virtue……

Nakagawa: Oh, Chief, have you straightened things up inside?
Chief: Come with me for a moment!!
Nakagawa: Take it easy until later, I’m a bit busy.
Nakagawa: Wh…what is it!? Chief!!
Chief: It’s about a gun!
Chief: Did you really give this gun to Ryoutsu!?
Nakagawa: Yes…..I thought it would be dangerous to be unarmed in our insecure times…he was extremely pleased with it…
Chief: Where did you get it!?
Nakagawa: I bought it when I was in New York. It was a cheap item………
Chief: Ca…can this be used by a policeman…the future of the national police is dark……
Nakagawa: The Japanese can buy these as a souvenir at a gun shop…

Chief: Ah…ah, my blood pressure, my blood pressure…
Terai: Chief, are you alright? You have to calm.
Nakagawa: Did I do something wrong?
Terai: Please rest here for a moment. You work too much, chief……
Ryoutsu: What’s wrong with the chief? Did he eat something bad?
Terai: You’re the reason. You poison his air………
Totsuka: He—y, Ryoutsu!! Throw out this trash.
Ryoutsu: Why do I have to go?
Totsuka: You seem to have the freest time……
Ryoutsu: Damn, that’s because I don’t like these big clean-ups, really.

Ryoutsu: I haven’t cleaned my place yet………I haven’t even bought my Osechi yet………Though I’m busy with this, what’s with this clean-up of the station…
(TN: “New Years food”, also known as “osechi” as it was referred to here, are the traditional food of Japanese New years since the Heian era. These include various foods such as “daidai”, a Japanese bitter orange, many fish dishes such as “datemaki” (omlette with fish paste or shrimp), “kamaboko” (broiled fish paste) and “tai” (red sea bream), and particular symbolic food such as “kuromame” (black soy beans) for “health” or “konbu” (seaweed) for “joy”)
Ryoutsu: I’ll take it easy a bit here!
Ryoutsu: No, I’m afraid they’ll find me here!
Ryoutsu: I’ll hide in tis place.
Ryoutsu: Don’t look here! Play over there. Shoo, shoo.

Ryoutsu: Right, society. They’ve completed their work already. We’re the ones who are working around this time.
Ryoutsu: Though the other civil servants are off, we alone must work this.
Ryoutsu: Ow!
Boy: Cop-san, throw me the ball—
Ryoutsu: S**t, no apology either.
Ryoutsu: Take this—
Boy 1: Waa—
Boy 2: Uwa

Ryoutsu: Well, that shocked them! Hehehe…
Boy 1: You were great with that ball now, cop-san.
Boy 2: Are you really into baseball? You’re an ace.
Ryoutsu: Of…of course. You get it. I really am……muhuhuhu
Boy 1: Hey, be our pitcher, cop-san.
Boy 2: Its fine if you do, hurry!
Ryoutsu: I’m weak. I really can’t play baseball…
Boy: With you, you’d be used even in pro ball.
Ryoutsu: Of…course, I have the skill of a pro!! Of course! Alright, let’s go immediately.
Boy 1: Great—
Boy 2: Uwa, banzai.

Ryoutsu: While we’re at it, where am I going to throw this? I’ve forgotten a bit of this…
Boy: Over here…to the batter.
Ryoutsu: Right, here I go.
Ryoutsu: Doryaa—
Ryoutsu: Great hit!!
Boy: What are you doing, cop-san!!
Ryoutsu: What!? It’s as you said: shouldn’t I throw it to the batter!
Boy: No, you throw it towards the sitting catcher………
Ryoutsu: I’ll do as you said quickly if you say that.

Ryoutsu: It’s the second pitch of Head Patroller Ryoutsu, the ace of HQ……
Ryoutsu: Throw!!
Ryoutsu: Got him this time!!
Boy: Why are you throwing towards the face, cop-san!
Ryoutsu: I shouldn’t aim for the face…I was wrong? N………?
Boy: You throw it in the glove……Are you really into baseball?
Ryoutsu: Of…of course. I remember now….hahaha.
Ryoutsu: The only sport I play is pachinko.
Ryoutsu: Moving for my 3rd pitch.
Voice: SENPAI!
Ryoutsu: What?

Ryoutsu: Damn!
Voice: Uwa
Nakagawa: You’ve done a terrible thing………
Ryoutsu: You idiot, you were speaking from a weird place!

Ryoutsu: Why have you come here?
Nakagawa: I was told by the chief to look for you! It’s terrible now!
Nakagawa: They found whiskey beer hidden in the ceiling and found all your American-style porno mags beneath the tatami mats……
Ryoutsu: They were cleaning those places?
Nakagawa: The chief works hard for this. He’s flared up now.
Ryoutsu: So then, did he find the mah-jong tiles hiding in the extinguisher…? I’m not going back! I’m running.
Nakagawa: That’s slyly selfish, senpai!
Ryoutsu: That’s why I said I hated the big clean-up to chief from the start. It’ll be better that I take off today.
Nakagawa: It’s too late now.
Nakagawa: We’re going back like men, senpai! I’ll get killed if I don’t bring you back!

Nakagawa: (symbol)!?
Nakagawa: Se…Senpai!
Ryoutsu: Now lift both your hands. I’m free! Why must only the police work even at the year’s end and new years? The politicians are on break. The police should be off too. I’m not going to be used for that with my low pay. I’m running.
Nakagawa: I can’t do anything about it even if you tell me.
Nakagawa: Ah, senpai.
Ryoutsu: Tell that properly to the chief!
Ryoutsu: S**t, escaping isn’t fun.
Ryoutsu: N……!?

Ryoutsu: R…right!!
Ryoutsu: They’re seeing me waving around this dangerous object. And further, they see me in this uniform………
Ryoutsu: Ah.
Ryoutsu: That car shouldn’t stop there! No parking! Don’t’ go there!
Ryoutsu: No, no, you really shouldn’t be there!

Ryoutsu: Ah—no, no…why did I become a policeman?
Ryoutsu: It’s truly an intense job. I’d do well continuing in it, really. It humbly supports my sense of justice………
Man 1: GUOO
Man 2: UWA
Woman: Kyaa—
Ryoutsu: I am good functioning as a cop……but…

Ryoutsu: But I had no choice in wandering to this place.
Ryoutsu: Alright, I’ll waste some time over there……
Old Woman: Huh, Ryou-san, what’s wrong with you now?
Lower Sign: Tobacco
Upper Sign: 2nd Floor: COFFEE AND SPECIAL: IBOKORORI (Suddenly Warts)
Ryoutsu: Well, gra—nny, are you alright? Hahaha.
Old Woman: It’s closed upstairs until the 3rd of the New Year!
Ryoutsu: What? And I finally came here, s**t.
Old Woman: You’re wearing the outfit but not off-duty; on patrol?
Ryoutsu: Huh? Yeah, yeah, patrol. I’ve got a bit of time left.
Ryoutsu: But, your place seems like it’s greedy. That’s really a point to this.
Old Woman: The elderly have fun in sitting here………that’s my intention.

Girl: I’m back—huh? Ryou-san’s here. Good day.
Ryoutsu: Same.
Ryoutsu: Is Youko-chan in high school next year?
Old Woman: Right, she’ll be 16 real soon………
Ryoutsu: She’s really getting sexier.
Ryoutsu: I was going to ask you earlier, but shouldn’t I be a policeman!?
Old Woman: You really should quit……
Ryoutsu: How come? Currently policemen are popular! Therefore you should speak praise for me…
Old Woman: Actually…thinking of them like you…I don’t feel secure.
Ryoutsu: Wh…what? People have spoken kindly of us.

Youko: Ryou-san, can I please have you a moment……
Ryoutsu: N!?
Ryoutsu: Hehe, well then, I seem to have the interest of Youko-chan…too bad, granny.
Chief: What, Ryoutsu ran off?
Nakagawa: Yes, I couldn’t catch him?
Chief: If you had threatened him with a gun.
Chief: Inexcusable! I’ll make him clean up everything by himself!
Totsuka: That’s really feels as intimate as satin!
(TN: It’s really hard to make it out, but I think Totsuka is stating that hearing the chief speak badly of Ryoutsu feels appropriate, like feeing close and intimate to satin)
Totsuka: I’d be saying it once more, but we’re having Ryoutsu do it all.
Terai: I get it!
Totsuka: Hehehe, that’s great. Whatever else happens will all be charged as a crime to Ryoutsu!
Terai: That’s cruel…

Chief: Right, he’s there. I’ll capture and punish him!
Nakagawa: Chief, it’s not necessary to capture him.
Chief: Well then………
Chief: Ryoutsu, that really does suit you……
Youko: Do it ten more times, go for it Ryou-san!!
Ryoutsu: I get it. S**t, it was more fun at the station!

TN: Was I the only one who felt this chapter was really disjointed? Let me try to get this straight: it really wasn't that "bad" a chapter and it did feel like it had a whole feel of a storyline regarding Ryoutsu avoiding the cleaning of the station...but it felt more like a stream of consciousness moving the chapter from one point to another to the next until it reached the end. It felt more like several chapters than one, I guess I'm trying to say. Though in a weird way, the sequence where Ryoutsu plays baseball with the kids seems to be a foreshadowing of some of what may be occurring later in the series, where it becomes more about what is done aside from policework...as opposed to a lot of the police-feel this early part has. Though one really cool thing about this chapter is that we meet a "recurring" female character in Youko...considering that the chief's daughter (not that I know of) isn't really that recurring and we're a long way from "her", the fact that a female is in the cast interacting with Ryoutsu does add a bit more, though it feels weird that Youko feels like a cross between a potential girlfriend...and Ryoutsu's daughter!

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