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Kochira Katsushikaku Kameari Kouenmae Hashutsujo 12

A Mystery Man…


-> RTS Page for Kochira Katsushikaku Kameari Kouenmae Hashutsujo 12

Everything pulled by Ryoutsu and the cops of Kameari doesn't quite go unnoticed. Unfortunately, many seem to see what's going on there...but what if the many...isn't quite as many as you think?

Chp. 12: A Mystery Man…

Ryoutsu: Er…grumble grumble.
(TN: The “grumbling” is based on “munyamunya”, onomatopoeia for “talking in sleep”)
Ryoutsu: Yes…hello…this is…
Ryoutsu: Bya!!
Ryoutsu: Buwa!! Wh…what—

Ryoutsu: Ah, right…!!
Ryoutsu: Chief and the others are coming back from patrol at 2. A~~ah, I slept well.
Ryoutsu: I drank a bit too much at the dorm’s year-end party last night…it was until dawn this morning.
Ryoutsu: Phew—
Ryoutsu: Yet even so, the young ones these days really drink well…well, not as well as me…

Ryoutsu: Well, I did have umewari liquor with the old man since grade school………I even went to school with a hangover……
(TN: “Umewari” is an alcoholic drink combining hot shochu [a clear liquor made from sweet potatoes, rice and buckwheat] with umeboshi [pickled Japanese apricot], usually a delicacy of men in their 40s and 50s)
Ryoutsu: Well it’s because I’m hardcore that I can rival these youngsters……
Ryoutsu: Heh.

Ryoutsu: You’ve been staring inside since earlier, but do you have some business?
“Beard”: No, I don’t have, what you say, business…
“Beard”: With how you were reading manga, I thought this was an unusual police box…
Ryoutsu: Is a cop breaking the law for reading manga!?
“Beard”: They are not, however…
“Beard”: On the other hand, there should be one person keeping watch outside usually…
Ryoutsu: It would be big help to have a guard!
Ryoutsu: You don’t have a r-i-g-h-t to say that! So then what is it? Do you have fault with the police administration! Huh!?

“Jacket”: What are you saying! In that way…
“Beard”: Well well, Kakuta-san, it’s fine, it’s fine.
“Beard”: Pardon us. Well, thanks.
Ryoutsu: What’s with that old man. He doesn’t know etiquette!
Kakuta: He’s that policeman from the rumors.
“Beard”: Yes……..
Ryoutsu: A-ah, the chief is late. I’ve finally gotten up to wait for him and yet…s**t.
Ryoutsu: I’ll do my forecast for New Year’s Gold Cups.
(TN: The “Gold Cup” is a classification of a group of Level 1 Horse Races in Japan and certain parts of the world)

Ryoutsu: I brilliantly hit the mark in the last Nakayama Daishougai~~And seven of the special tickets are mine at HQ. As expected of Ryou-san, the Devil Gambler.
(TN: The “Nakayama Daishougai is a Grade-1 Steeplechase race held at Nakayama in late December, held since 1934)
Chief: Hm? What’s with the bandana, Ryoutsu…?
Ryoutsu: Wel…since there isn’t that much left this year, I was going to give myself my greatest yell so I can endeavor at my duty.
Chief: Right, well, well done, well done.
Chief: So what does “Prayer for Certain Victory” mean?
Ryoutsu: Well…I thought that I would take the first “Police Sergeant Promotion Exam” next year…it’s a good-luck charm……

Chief: Well, you’re taking the promotion exam?
Ryoutsu: Well, I’m gradually am gaining the merit in name…so I’ll succeed next year.
Chief: If Ryoutsu passes and is the same grade as me, then I’ll be losing faith in HQ…
Ryoutsu: Huh!? Was that something, chief…?
Chief: N…no. Well, good luck on that, hahaha…(to himself) I think it’s useless but…
Chief: While I’m at it, was there something unusual, hmm?
Ryoutsu: No, nothing……
Ryoutsu: Ah, now to mention it…!
Ryoutsu: A weird old man was qui—etly staring into the station………I got a really bad impression from him.
Chief: What!? He was looking inside, hm—mm……

Terai: Chief! Perhaps he’s with that new violent far-left group.
Terai: Their plan is to bring peace by purposely using the elderly…
Chief: Hmm, I hadn’t thought of that…
“Monk”: Pardon for what I’m doing!
Ryoutsu: What is it, Fuutaro, are you a spy too!?
Terai: No, that’s a mendicant monk, Ryou-san!
(TN: A “mendicant monk”, also known as a “Takuhatsubou”, is a Buddhist monk (commonly in Japan) who travels and offers prayers and sutras for money and food for their survival)
“Monk”: Ah, ow ow.
Chief: What is it, old man? We don’t have food or money to give you at this station.
“Monk”: Those are strict words from you. So this person I suppose is the sergeant from your appearance.

Chief: Of course but……why?
“Monk”: I thought so. Well, thanks. Pardon my discourtesy.
Ryoutsu: What was that……?
Terai: Well, what was that, chief?
Chief: I don’t know…
Ryoutsu: So then, I’ll get food, chief.
Ryoutsu: U—m, I’ll get a large serving of curry nanban delivered……what do you want chief?
(TN: “Curry Nanban” is in reference to “Curry Nanban Udon”, an udon soup with a hot curry sauce)
Chief: I’ll have the Okame Udon……
(TN: “Okame udon” is an udon with fishcake in it)
Terai: I’ll have the tempura soba……
(TN: “Tempura Soba” is soba with a tempura-fried item, usually shrimp, on top)
Ryoutsu: Tempura soba…..and okame udon…huh!? Chief, don’t you always have tendon?
(TN: “tendon” is a bowl of rice with a piece of seafood, usually fried like a tempura-fried shrimp, on top)
Terai: Shh, the chief has bought a New Year’s kimono for his daughter, so he’s having financial problems currently……

Ryoutsu: I can’t comprehend those who want to cut their own meals to buy clothing for their daughter!
Ryoutsu: Hey, ask him Terai!
Terai: Got it.
Ryoutsu: But even the chief is lovable. He really is a father.
Ryoutsu: I guess you can’t judge a book by its cover.
Ryoutsu: Just looking at his face, he really seems like a brutal criminal.
Chief: Ryoutsu, since only you are particularly on an eternal New Year’s Break, then it’s better that you don’t come in anymore.
Ryoutsu: What staggering sarcasm!

Terai: I’m going………
Terai: I’ll be late since it’ll be crowded now……
“Delivery”: Hey, sorry to keep you waiting---!
Ryoutsu: Weren’t you terribly fast!?
“Delivery”: We profit on our speed.
Ryoutsu: Huh? Haven’t I seen your face?
“Delivery”: Hey, I just came in.
Ryoutsu: Hehehe, this is great for when it’s cold.
“Visitor”: I want to ask for some directions but……

Ryoutsu: What is it, people are finally eating!
Ryoutsu: If you want directions, then look on this map above! Look for yourself!
Ryoutsu: Really, I’ve had enough……
“Visitor”: Um………
“Visitor”: I don’t have my glasses so I can’t see it well.
Ryoutsu: S**t.
Ryoutsu: Here, look closely with this.
Ryoutsu: Chi, I can’t even settle to eat.
“Visitor”: Um………

Ryoutsu: Y…you’re~~~
“Visitor”: No, I can’t see well….with this…
Ryoutsu: Here! Look closely and find it!
Ryoutsu: S**t, can’t I even take a bite yet?
Ryoutsu: There, now it’ll be fine………
“Visitor”: Ah……there.
“Visitor’: Thank you very much for the binoculars……
Ryoutsu: Ah.

Ryoutsu: You~~do you resent me?
“Visitor”: N…no…
Ryoutsu: You go back immediately too!
Terai: What was that, Ryou-san, haven’t you eaten yet?
Ryoutsu: What jokesters.
Terai: Huh~~you’re putting in something else?
Ryoutsu: Don’t joke with me; regardless of the strength of my teeth, how can I eat that?

Ryoutsu: S**t, I can’t eat this anymore!
Ryoutsu: How about having some soba?
“Ramen Seller”: Um—I’m doing morning service now!
Ryoutsu: Didn’t I hear you were “Oraga Ramen”!?
(TN: “Oraga Ramen” may actually be in reference (aside from this cart) as a ramen shop in Shinbashi, Minato ward)

Ryoutsu: Somehow you really have great timing.
“Ramen Seller”: Well thanks, sir.
Ryoutsu: However, how could you be selling it so early?
“Ramen Seller”: Well I prefer this, it’s great even without the profits.
Ryoutsu: This is a unique soba shop.
“Ramen Seller”: While we’re at it, you’re not in a good condition recently, cop-san.
Ryoutsu: Of course. Well, it’s because my boss is the national flag, I can’t wave at that…….Since policemen have public-service pay, it’s a bit better than other public workers.
“Ramen Seller”: You also get a bonus as proper. What will you use it on?
Ryoutsu: Don’t be ridiculous; I’ve mostly used that up……hahahaha. Half I have to repay the money I borrowed from my colleagues……the rest I used on cabarets, mah-jongg and horse racing until I was broke
Chief: Hey, Ryoutsu.

Ryoutsu: ? What is it……?
Chief: You shouldn’t be chatting on about that to the civilians. You have to have much more pride as a policeman…
Chief: You shouldn’t be selling in front of the station either.
“Ramen Seller”: But is there a law that I can’t do this here…?
Chief: This isn’t a law argument, I’m bothered by the bother you’re making!!
Man: Hey, is he finally going?
Kakuta: Right.
Kakuta: Hey, oldie! Who informed you that you could sell here?
Man: Yeah, aren’t you brave.

Kakuta: Shall we take you over there for a bit, oldie?
“Ramen Seller”: Aa-h, cop-san, kill them and save me—
Ryoutsu: Chief!!
Chief: Right.
Chief: Hey, hold on a moment!!
Kakuta: What is it, business!?
Chief: It’s absolutely unforgivable to perform violent conduct in front of officers! Let him go!
Kakuta: Heh, the policeman is scared, shall we take a walk!
Chief: What!
Chief: That’s as far as you all go!

Kakuta: What are you doing, you—
Kakuta: Ah
Chief: Uwa
Ryoutsu: Chief!
Kakuta: Heh, he’s no more than a mouth!
Man: You’ve really beaten him up…
“Ramen Seller”: Yeah.
Kakuta: Now, come with us.
Ryoutsu: Hold on.
Kakuta: Mu, you going to stop us again?
Ryoutsu: Right! I’ve decided to do that. The honor of the station won’t let this pass!
Kakuta: Well, that much might is good.

Ryoutsu: Well boy, I’m an Edoite!
Ryoutsu: Uh!
Kakuta: There aren’t any stronger people in society than us. Any opponent, any big or powerful man, will be going to that workd with just a pull of the finger. Well, do you want to have a gunfight in this town?
Ryoutsu: S**t.
Kakuta: So then, if you don’t have a gun you can use, then shut your muzzle and paint yourself yellow, hahahaha.
Kakuta: Ow!
Ryoutsu: Ryoutsu-style Capture Technique!

Kakuta: Oh no, a patrol car!
Ryoutsu: Hold on—you can’t run!!
Ryoutsu: Uh.
Ryoutsu: Damn that—
Ryoutsu: Did…did you capture them!?
Cop: We’ve got them now.

Ryoutsu: Chief, are you alright?
Chief: I’m old too. My grappling techniques were no good, I can say, owow……
Chief: I won’t be screaming even a bit in juukendou tomorrow…
(TN: “Juukendou” is a Japanese martial art in fighting with bayonettes, semi-modified from regular kendo)
Ryoutsu: Now you mention it, today’s been a strange day.
Chief: Ryoutsu, I heard this from the guys in the patrol car now, but the chief of District HQ has been coming around to check on work conditions “in secret”. It’s secret intelligence.
Chief: Further, he seems to use many elaborate disguises so he won’t be known. He’s called “the overdoing chief”. There seems to be many places that are scolded when they’re discovered to be truant.
Chief: At any rate, they seem to be coming here soon. We’re lucky! How’s this: I ask you to act serious for just two or three days.
Ryoutsu: Got it, Chief.
Chief: If you can do that, our station will be HQ’s best model station, mufufu.
Ryoutsu: We can celebrate that, chief!
“Ramen Seller”: Pardon me.
Ryoutsu: Ah, the old ramen seller!!

Ryoutsu: S**t, you left without thanks though we saved you! You~~
Kakuta: Hey, won’t you stop!
Ryoutsu: Ah, you’re that yakuza from earlier.
Kakuta: You’re not hurt are you, retired man?
“Ramen Seller”: No.
Ryoutsu: All of you were a group!? S**t~~
Ryoutsu: I can’t forgive you anymore for the banter you’ve done!
Man: Quit that. Do you know who this is here!!
Ryoutsu: Who that is? Isn’t that merely the old ramen seller!? F**king oldie.
Man: What are you saying…!
“Ramen Seller”: Well well, Sukeyama-san.

“Ramen Seller”: Sometimes I’m a manager of a soba shop…sometimes……
“Monk”: I’m a white haired mendicant monk!
Ryoutsu & Chief: Ah.
“Man”: And sometimes again, I am a one-eyed driver! And sometimes again…..I’m an attendant at Kameari Station…...And sometimes I’m the Editor-in-Chief at Shonen Jump. I’m the dreaded man with seven faces!!
(TN: Silly comment here: at the time of this publication, the Editor-in-Chief at Jump was Yuusuke Nakano…which BTW, he looks nothing like. Oh, another aside: Nakano was also the first editor-in-chief at Weekly Young Jump in 1979)
Ryoutsu: Wh…what exactly are you……?
Kakuta: You should relax……
Kakuta: His true identity is…

Kakuta: The rear-superintendent commissioner of HQ!
Sugeyama: Mito Mitsuo: The chief of 9th District!!
Ryoutsu & Chief: Huh—
Ryoutsu: We were all drawn into this!
Chief: I realized it, but that idiot…no, Ryoutsu acted impolite……
Mito: There’s no excusing the point of your justice sense, but speaking flattery about the work condition at this station……0 points.
Ryoutsu: You have expensive shoes as I expected, chief~~
Kakuta: He gets 100 points for brown-nosing……

TN: This chapter just drove me nuts. Pure and simple: whether it was all the weird references going on (from the priest that visited to all the various noodles that Ryoutsu, the chief and Terai bought to the horse racing terminology) to some of the storyline that seemed to go on too long. (the yakuza threatening "the ramen man", particularly since later it is revealed to be a set-up) But putting those aside, for the most part (except the yakuza part), it was a fun chapter. Seeing Ryoutsu and the Chief get boggled down by the District inspector was fun, considering that you could see something was up with someone who looked similar to the first man appearing every few pages. Somehow I sort of wished we had Totsuka or Nakagawa there in order to make things even more chaotic...but I think Ryoutsu and the chief did enough to make a lot of trouble between and for themselves. (besides, Terai was a legitimate straight man so him being there balanced the goofball and the tightwad)

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