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Kochira Katsushikaku Kameari Kouenmae Hashutsujo 13

Kouken Chiai…


-> RTS Page for Kochira Katsushikaku Kameari Kouenmae Hashutsujo 13

Even with all the turmoil and tribulations going on at the end of a year, Ryoutsu needs some time to have a bit of fun. But of course, when fun combines with what police do for fun, it's only going to lead to more trouble!

Chp. 13: Kouken Chiai…
(TN: “Kouken chiai” is an expression in kendo which literally stands for “wisdom and love in crossing swords”)

Officer: We’re a tad early, but that’s fine for training. Today is the kendo tournament.
Officer: Ah!
Ryoutsu: Nakagawa, haven’t you found a slightly better way to stop yet?
Officer: Hey there.
Officer: Are you reckless driving delinquents!? You’ve really done it with an accident in front of a police station……

“Glasses”: Chief clerk, they’re not delinquents, they’re officers; your colleagues.
Chief Clerk: Seriously……?
Ryoutsu: No, really…that idiot Nakagawa is bad at driving…
Ryoutsu: Now, let’s go, we don’t have time!
Chief Clerk: Hey, hold on a moment!
Ryoutsu: Huh!?
Chief Clerk: Youngster there! Is that the uniform of a police officer!?
Ryoutsu: We’re in a hurry; we’ll take it easy later.
Chief Clerk: You seem short too! And what’s an officer doing with sandals!
Ryoutsu: Mu! Sh…short…
Ryoutsu: It’s none of your business if I’m short or tall, fatso!
Chief Clerk: F…Fatso! You’re speaking that towards a superior…

Nakagawa: Well, well, let’s hurry. We don’t have time.
Ryoutsu: S**t, what’s so superior! What swagger!
Sign: Customary Year-End Drinking Party Recreation: 19TH ANNUAL OPPOSING KENDO TOURNAMENT MEETING
Nakagawa: It hasn’t started yet…
Kendoists: Taa--!! Tou! Orya—

Ryoutsu: This is strange: it seems there are few in number but……
Voice: Hey, Ryoutsu!
Chief: You’ve come so early that you came in during all the screaming. Nah, that’s fine.
Chief’s Banner: OOHARA/OOWARA
Ryoutsu: Ah, chief!
Ryoutsu: This is early…isn’t it from 4?
Chief: It is, but it’s still 3 now. You have an hour.
Ryoutsu: Hey Nakagawa!
Nakagawa: Well it seems past that on my watch.
Ryoutsu: You bought a cheap one, it’s cheap.
Nakagawa: That’s strange; it was four-hundred thousand yen…yeesh!
Chief: Ryoutsu! Change your clothes, we’ll do this together.
Ryoutsu: Right.

Nakagawa: Huh? Senpai, aren’t you changing?
Ryoutsu: Don’t be kidding! I’m not doing that irritating practice!
Nakagawa: It’s to your advantage in a match in doing practice.
Ryoutsu: Shut up: if I said I’m not, I’m not!
Cop 1: We’ve got a lot of people watching us this year.
Cop 2: The policewomen from the traffic department came too.
Nakagawa: Weren’t you going to be absent from this?

Ryoutsu: What are you saying? Did I say that somewhere!?
Ryoutsu: With my physique, I’ll be giving my all, wahahaha. You should come quickly too!
Ryoutsu: Here I come~~
Nakagawa: That terrible change in fighting spirit makes him a terrifying man.
Ryoutsu: Ooh, here I come, here I come.
Kendoists: Taa—urya
Ryoutsu: Well, I’ll look for a good place.
Nakagawa: Senpai, let’s practice.
Ryoutsu: Right.

Ryoutsu: Wh…what’s with that protector…?
Nakagawa: I got this design from Miyake Sansei. Does it work for today’s tournament!?
(TN: Can’t really find who “Miyakei Sansei” is but somehow they do exist)
Nakagawa: Please don’t attack my mask or torso. Since I don’t want to damage them, go for my forearm……
Ryoutsu: How is that practice?
Nakagawa: So come at me~~let’s do this.
Ryoutsu: Alright.

Ryoutsu: Doa!!
Ryoutsu: Hey! Do it more to the right, the right!
Nakagawa: Why?
Ryoutsu: The policewomen are watching. You’re going to lose on purpose!
Nakagawa: But that’s!
Ryoutsu: How about we switch on night shift? Got it? Do this fine.
Nakagawa: If you want that!
Ryoutsu: Oryataa—
Nakagawa: Ow—

Ryoutsu: I’ve got it! I’ll continue with one more!
Nakagawa: Senpai, are you alright……you dived into there.
Ryoutsu: Oww, I just didn’t use my spirit.
Terai: Ryou-san, a woman was cheering!
Ryoutsu: What, really? Mhmm.
Ryoutsu: So then, I’ll greet them a bit.

Ryoutsu: So then, thanks. I’m Ryoutsu. In this busy place, you’ve specially………
Old Woman: What’s that, Ryou-san? Well, how formal.
Ryoutsu: What, the woman was an old lady? That’s disappointing.
Old Woman: You shouldn’t speak so dissatisfied. I’ve finally come to see this. Youko’s over there too.
Youko: I’ve brought the girls of the class to cheer too. Show us some good stuff, Ryo-san.
Ryoutsu: Alright, leave that to me! Hahaha.
Youko: Ryou-san took out four people in last year’s tournament.
Ryoutsu: Not really, my opponents were so weak, they were!
Ryoutsu: The Eastern Side will fall this year too…
(TN: Ryoutsu is probably speaking of the “east side” of the opponents in the tourney)
Youko: …!!

Kendoist: Uwa
Ryoutsu: Ow.
Ryoutsu: You, how could~~N!?
Ryoutsu: Ahahaha, it’s great you’re so energetic, fine, fine.
Kendoist: ……thanks.
Youko: You don’t care, Ryou-san?
Ryoutsu: Well this style of martial arts called kendo is a sport that involves forging your state of mind and maintaining a steady heart that doesn’t get disturbed even a bit.
Ryoutsu: To become like me is to do for the people…
Kendoist: Ah, um, sorry. I did it again.
Youko: Ryo-san, hold on!

Ryoutsu: You thankfully don’t seem to have a foundation. I’ll teach you a bit of this. So then, Youko-chan, I’ll see you later.
Youko: Well, good luck in the match!
Girl: Heh—these policemen have heavy hearts.
Youko: Of course: they’re people who do for the people.
Kendoist: Th…that’s my foundation?
Ryoutsu: Chief! What’s wrong! You look bad. You were exited until earlier.
Chief: Well, my daughter has come on a field trip.
Ryoutsu: Huh, with her girl’s university?
Chief: That’s her. But you don’t know…Ryoutsu.

Chief: She’s come with a man, a man!
Ryoutsu: Wh…what! A man!
Chief: Until this year, I’ve raised her to not go after weirdoes and to bring her own table salt, but
Ryoutsu: S**t~~
Chief: So can I ask you a favor…
Daughter: Where’s my papa? I’ve been looking for him since earlier but…?
Kendoists: Taaa
Ryoutsu: That’s him, chief! As you’ve set up.
Chief: OK, do it.
Man: Uwa

Chief: No, I’m sorry, sorry. Does it hurt? It does seem like it hurts.
Daugther: So, are you alright, do you mind that!?
Man: Ha…haha, with Hiromi-san by my side, I can take 10 or 20.
Hiromi: Well.
Ryoutsu: She didn’t care; though it was done by you.
Chief: It’s because I’m wearing the mask, but………
Chief: Haven’t they gotten along better than earlier?
Ryoutsu: Wh…what? S**t, that lecher!
Ryoutsu: I was lax now. Alright, please hold on a bit!
Ryoutsu: Alright, thanks for waiting……
Chief: N!?
Chief: What are you hiding? Hold on…
Chief: You dummy! Don’t take that out!!
Ryoutsu: But this can end it now.

Chief: Let’s do that again. Apply force to me.
Ryoutsu: I’ll increase it this time.
Hiromi: Are you really not hurt?
Man: It doesn’t anymore in that way.
Kendoists: Taa yaa.
Man: But…I’m in a bad mood again.
Ryoutsu: Chief, I’ll do it soon.
Chief: No, not yet, not yet.
Chief: There’s an opening with her turning to the side………N!?
Chief: Now, Ryoutsu!
Ryoutsu: Alright!
Man: Ugyaaaaa……

Man: Ugyaaaa
Chief: Well, I’m sorry. I was finally entering the heat of practice…I didn’t notice that there was people there.
Ryoutsu: I really didn’t notice him either.
Chief: Here’s my greatest despair!
Ryoutsu: Right, I’ll put in all of my strength!
Man: Save me—they’ll kill me.
Hiromi: Kobayashi-san!!

Old Man: Gentlemen! Um—now we’ll be holding our 19th annual Year-End Kendo Tournament! Each of you will return to your prescribed place and further will recuperate at the end of your matches. We will be holding our yearly customary year-end tournament in this dojo.
Ryoutsu: That was good timing, chief!
Chief: This will refresh our chests for a bit, right!
Proctor: Start.
Kendoist: Taa—
Nakagawa: Tou!

Kendoists: Taa—Doryaa—
Ryoutsu: Our Eastern Side’s falling down flat…
Terai: They are…
Voice: Win, Western Side!
Voice: Eastern Side: Officer Terai, patroller.
Ryoutsu: Hit them without reserve.
Ryoutsu: The guy who’s winning them all over there is…um.
Ryoutsu: 5th Rank Assistant Inspector Iwata of the Security Department……Hm—mm
Ryoutsu: We won’t be able to stop him……
Terai: It’s your turn, Ryou-san…
Ryoutsu: N, what? Terai, shouldn’t you go to your match quickly?
Terai: I lost.
Ryoutsu: What!?

Ryoutsu: Really, all of you are slobs.
Proctor: Eastern Side: Head Patrol-Officer Ryoutsu, No. 1 of Patrollers.
Iwata: Ah, its sandal-man from earlier!
Ryoutsu: Ah, fatty! You’re the guy that’s making fools of our Eastern Side!?
Ryoutsu: Perfect: I can get back at you and finish off my debt from earlier!
Iwata: What! Don’t go babbling!
Youko: You can do this, Ryou-san—
Ryoutsu: Well, leave it to me.
Officers: Chief Clerk Iwata, this’ll be your 4th.
Iwata: I’ll knock him down immediately.

Proctor: Begin—
Ryoutsu: This guy is set up in a high position…s**t, he’s underrating me.
Ryoutsu: I’ll attack him here. Taa
Ryoutsu: Uh.
Ryoutsu: Uooryaa~~
Iwata: Deyaa Toryaa, Oryaa
Iwata: D…damn. (internal) What is this stupid strength!
Ryoutsu: Don’t ride that rhythm! You fattie!

Iwata: Ata!!
Ryoutsu: Um, I’m sorry. You’ve got a bit of skill…S**t.
Iwata: If he’s going crazy, then fi—ne!
Proctor: Begin—
Iwata: Taaa—
Ryoutsu: Uwa

Iwata: Um, sorry. Your leg slipped a bit.
Ryoutsu: S…s**t!
Proctor: Um, both sides. Return to the center.
Proctor: Begin—
Iwata: Uwa
Ryoutsu: Doryaa—
Everyone: Ah!
Ryoutsu: Sorry, sorry, your body slipped a bit!

Iwata: No, what happened happened.
Iwata: Oryaaa!!
Iwata: Men!
(TN: “Men” is a cry usually when an opponent strikes a mask in kendo)
Iwata: Huh? That was thoughtless……that wasn’t a shinai.
(TN: Shinai = bamboo stick used in kendo)
Ryoutsu: You—
Ryoutsu: So then, shouldn’t we do this to the end!
Iwata: Guwa
Youko: Grandma.
Old Woman: Ryou-san’s bad habits have emerged again……!
Ryoutsu: S**t! He’s!!
Iwata: What?

Ryoutsu: Guwaa, you—die—
Old Man: ……………………..
Iwata: You beast, what are you doing, guwa.
Ryoutsu: You.
Ryoutsu: Ye…yes~~I did it! Ryou-san of the Eastern Side Won, victory for the Eastern Side!! Look, chief.
Chief: Gather your things quickly! I’m hiding at my uncle’s in Hokkaido!!

TN: Is it just me or is this really about the third-straight chapter based around this one period near the end of the year (which assumably is still 1976...and of course there is the factor of the sukiyaki chapter also taking place then). While I do like all the festive chapters we've been getting, I guess I sort of want a bit of time movement with pretty much everything since the Christmas chapter occurring around the same week. As for the chapter itself, for some reason I loved a lot of the interaction with Ryoutsu and the characters that we know of, including Nakagawa, the chief, Youko and her granny, Hiromi (about time the chief's daughter has a name) and even that one short encounter with Terai. The kendo stuff worked in it's element, particularly the part where Ryoutsu and the chief schemed to get rid of Hiromi's boyfriend, but somehow the last match with the Chief Clerk Iwata sort of was rather confusing except where it got violent at the end. (typical Ryoutsu behavior but of course we expect that by now) I think the chapter was probably saved, though, by the characters we knew over the characters we didn't.

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