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Kochira Katsushikaku Kameari Kouenmae Hashutsujo 14

A Shooting on New Years


-> RTS Page for Kochira Katsushikaku Kameari Kouenmae Hashutsujo 14

It's New Years, meaning it's time for a new beginning...or in Ryoutsu's case, a new year for problems and chaos to occur! (even when the source isn't around)

Chp. 14: A Shooting on New Years

Caption: 1977: NEW YEARS DAY
Ryoutsu: Please allow me to be successful this year too! I please ask you to be just like last year!!
Ryoutsu: With that, I’ll have the grace of god this year too! But that night shift was boring. S**t.

Ryoutsu: Shall I watch TV, hm…m. Konto 55-go was pleasant last night…
(TN: “Konto 55-go”, or “Konto #55”, is a comedy duo that has been on TV since 1966 and continues to be on the air to this day)
News: Next is news. Recently, policemen have been driving drunk……there has been a scandal with arrests at Aoto Station.
(TN: Aoto Station is referring to a train station in Katsushika…yeah, that’s not going to go well with Ryoutsu)
Ryoutsu: The police are human! They were drinking sake for New Years! S**t!
News: Really, what are policemen doing these days…
Ryoutsu: Shut up! Do you know anything, you deflective mass communication!!
News: I have a public order for this………
News: For the sake of our country, we should fire those insincere policemen immediately…
Ryoutsu: Shut up, shut up on saying that!
Ryoutsu: How could you say such a selfish thing!! You! If you talk like that, then here’s what I say!

Totsuka: Keep quiet~~you woke me up, yawn~~
Ryoutsu: How long are you going to sleep? They’re going to bring an end to insincere police, even on New Years.
Totsuka: What…? Today’s a holiday? Which one?
Totsuka: Ah, today is…Sports Day!
(TN: Sports Day is a holiday on October 10th)
Ryoutsu: Yeesh, you’re really going to live a long life…
Youko: Happy New Year! Is Ryou-san here!?
Ryoutsu: What’s going on? You’ve come early on New Years. Did something happen!? Huh?
Youko: No, I’ve got your New Years’ food, here!
(TN: I mentioned “New Years food” or “Osechi Ryouri” a couple chapters ago)

Ryoutsu: Isn’t that great: did you make this…I was really hungry!
Youko: It was made by my grandma.
Youko: She’s really skilled with New Years’ Food!
Youko: Huh?
Youko: Are you hungry? Eat it, quickly.
Ryoutsu: Nah…this will fill up my stomach quickly…
Ryoutsu: Hey, Totsuka, shouldn’t you get changed quickly and make some tea! You have no taste.
Totsuka: Damn, I get it.
Ryoutsu: Did you do your first temple visit yet…?
(TN: Ryoutsu makes mention here of “First Temple Visit”, also known as “Hatsumoude”, which is a habit of New Years activities.)
Youko: From here I’m going with grandma to Katori Shrine, you?
(TN: Katori Shrine is the local Shinto shrine in Chiba Prefecture)
Ryoutsu: Me……..This year I think I’ll be going with my colleagues of the station.
Ryoutsu: That’s because I’m a poor man; the boss isn’t bothered by it. It’s minor that we head to Ise by bullet train, mufufufu.
(TN: Ise is the main shrine dedicated to goddess Amaterasu in Mie Prefecture, one of the most important shrines in Japan)
Youko: Sounds fun. So then, see you, I’ll be by later!

Ryoutsu: Be careful!!
Youko: O—K.
Ryoutsu: Wh…what!!
Ryoutsu: Hey you! You’re one of those reckless drivers!! Get out here, you!!

American: He—y, I am sorry. Fukuda sorry!
(TN: I really don’t know what the “Fukuda” here is for other than just playing around with “English”, so I’ll leave it as is for the moment)
Ryoutsu: Wh…what, a foreigner!? E…even if you’re foreign, that’s unforgivable!! Those blue eyes! How could you be so proud!
American: Excuse me, is this the station in front of Kamenari Park!?
Ryoutsu: It’s not Kamenari, its Kameari!
(TN: Silly note: there is actually a “Kamenari”…but it’s not in Japan, it’s in Montenegro)
American: It’s mystic Kameari! Is Mr. Nakagawa here? I’m his friend, me.
Ryoutsu: Nakagawa? He said he was going on a New Years ski in Switzerland.

American: Bad! That’s very disappointing. I finally got him a present.
Totsuka: He—y, Ryoutsu, here’s your tea.
American: Oh! Japanese tea; very good!
Ryoutsu: S**t! What an impudent guy!!
American: The tea is wonderful, it’s full of sweetness.
(TN: I think the American was making a weird pun: first he actually says “wandafuru”, which is obviously “Engrish” for “wonderful”. But then, he goes “ame ga furu”, which is “it’s full of sweetness”; but it really doesn’t translate well)
Totsuka: Ryoutsu…what is he?
Ryoutsu: I’ll ask now! Where did you come from?
Paul: I’ve come from Honolulu on the mystic Hawaii. I’m Paul of Honolulu city police.
Ryoutsu: Huh—you’re a policeman!?
Paul: Yes, with the detectives.
Totsuka: There are cops like us even in Hawaii…
Ryoutsu: Well then, you said you have a thing you were giving to Nakagawa…
Paul: Yes, please give this to Mr. Nakagawa for me.

Paul: He asked for this since last year……it was very, very slow to get since it’s a custom…
Ryoutsu: Wha, isn’t this a gun!!
Totsuka: Ah, seems like it! It’s the same as Kanou’s gun at HQ!!
Paul: The same gun? That’s strange. The first Japanese to have gotten this custom should have been Mr. Nakagawa.
Paul: Perhaps it was the standard Super Blackhawk. This is a .454 Ultra Blackhawk, further powered up. It’s a gun that was modified by the famous gun craftsman Dick Castle, who lived in America……Even the magnum bullets aren’t .44 but .454 Wild Cat.
(TN: The “Super Blackhawk” is a variety of the Ruger-brand “Blackhawk”, which was a notable gun which came out mostly as a replacement of a similar gun to the Colt and was .44 bullets at the time Smith & Wesson came out with the .44 Magnum in the mid-50s. The Super Blackhawk variation is heavier and has a tighter grip to deal with the recoil problems typical of .44 bullets…though I can’t say anything about this “Ultra Blackhawk”, which is obviously a custom as said)

Paul: The big difference from the Super is the caliber and the numbers it loads, you know. This utilizes a 5-shot-type cylinder with very few shots. Because of this, this model is a further power up of the .44 Super Blackhawk, which is said to not have a superior among currently marketed guns. With its thin thickness, it’s no good to have six-shots…………
Paul: I use a similar gun for my business too, but…my head’s not in it when I fire at a criminal. Therefore, that’s all there is……
Paul: Well, for just that, its punch is big. The gunmen who can endure this among the Japanese are Kunimoto Keiichi and Mr. Nakagawa…
(TN: Keiichi Kunimoto is actually in reference to a Japanese man who holds a patent on an automatic bullet-supplying mechanism since the early 1950s)
Totsuka: Ryoutsu, are you alright!?
Paul: Ah.

Ryoutsu: That…pulled back a bit, just touching the metal……oww.
Paul: The trigger is feather touch. Just touching it will drop the hammer.
Paul: You’re really calm. A normal person would have ripped out their shoulder………
Totsuka: We~~ll, he opened a big hole in the wall……
Ryoutsu: That’s from holding it……hmm.
Ryoutsu: How did you bring that here!?
Paul: By airplane of course!
Ryoutsu: If you did that, aren’t you in a secret ring!!
Paul: It’s natural that I have a gun as police. Look.
Ryoutsu: So then, take that and go home!! We haven’t seen these!

Paul: You’re not giving this to Mr. Nakagawa…………I’ve finally come from Hawaii to………
Ryoutsu: Shut up! I have a bad premonition with you here! Whether you’re from Hawaii or Tahiti, go home at once!
Chief: What’s wrong…Ryoutsu!?
Ryoutsu: Ah—Chief! Aren’t you off duty today……
Chief: I was coming home from the temple visit. Hmm? Who’s the foreigner…..?
Paul: Oh!
Paul: A Japanese kimono! Very beautiful!!

Chief: Ryoutsu, what is he! That foreigner?
Ryoutsu: He’s Nakagawa’s friend, a policeman from Hawaii…
Paul: Very nice beautiful girl. Like Agnes Lum.
(TN: In the Japanese original, Paul merely just says “Agnes Lum” for no reason aside to compare probably Hiromi to her. It felt random so I tried to fix it…then again, isn’t Agnes Lum Hawaiian?)
Chief: Oh, an American policeman, yes!
Chief: Isn’t he an important visitor that has to do with Japan/US Friendship who has come to inspect Japanese officers!
Ryoutsu: Um, well, he is…
Paul: Beautiful! This is a pen. I’m so fluent, oh—yeah.
(TN: Yeah, Paul makes mention of the classic “line” many Japanese say in “English”)
Ryoutsu: That guy, he’s caught in the moment.
Paul: Oh—mystic sprinkles sliding on me. Wonderful.
Grandma: Ryou-san! It’s serious, really!
Ryoutsu: Oh, what’s wrong Youko-chan?

Ryoutsu: What, she was touched by a molester!?
Grandma: It seemed to have happened at the shrine!
Ryoutsu: Nunu! Does this cute girl remember his face!? His face! Alright, I’m coming with her.
Ryoutsu: Chief Patroller Ryoutsu is coming to kill the offender!
Chief: Ah.
Paul: So then, I’ll come with too!
Chief: Ah.
Chief: The honor of the Japanese police will be destroyed early in the New Year…

Ryoutsu: Youko-chan will wait patiently here.
Ryoutsu: Well, it’s a round-face man who wears glasses! Tell me if you see him!
Paul: OK!
Paul: Ah!
Ryoutsu: That him!?
Paul: Japanese badminton. Very good.
Ryoutsu: You idiot, that’s hagoita, hagoita.
(TN: “Hagoita” is a rectangular wooden paddle, usually painted, used usually for the game of “hanetsuki”, particularly on New Years)
Ryoutsu: Let’s hurry, he should still be loitering in this area.
Paul: OK!

Paul: Ah.
Ryoutsu: That him!?
Paul: Japanese gala kites! Beautiful!
Ryoutsu: You~~go back to Hawaii!! You’re ruining our search!
Paul: Ah—it’s him! It’s him!
Ryoutsu: Shut up, be quiet!
Paul: It is, it is. Exactly as I see!
Molester: Oh no! The cops!
Ryoutsu: Ah, he’s running.
Ryoutsu: Hurry, after……hmm?

Paul: Hey you, stop!!!
Ryoutsu: Oh—no—
Woman: Kyaa
Ryoutsu: You idiot! You’ve mistaken this for America, you’re in Japan!
Paul: Oh! Mistake, mistake.
Ryoutsu: Nakagawa’s friends aren’t decent guys, s**t!
Paul: Ah.
Ryoutsu: Wh…what is it!!
Paul: Japanese strip show! Wonderful!

Ryoutsu: We’re not going there! You inferior foreigner!! Are you really a cop?
Youko: Ryou-san, here! He’s here!
Ryoutsu: Alright! A dead end!
Ryoutsu: Prepare yourself, you!
Ryoutsu: Uoriaaa—
Paul: Oh—Japanese judo.

Ryoutsu: Here! Hurry, Youko-chan!
Youko: Huh!?
Ryoutsu: Clear your earlier resentment, go!
Youko: B…but……doing that………
Ryoutsu: Don’t reserve yourself. Anyone who lays a hand on you shouldn’t live! Die!
Ryoutsu: Now! We’ll decide this with go—od aim!
Molester: Gyaa—
Ryoutsu: Ku—almost. Alright, once more!
Ryoutsu: Ah, damn, it was off by a little bit.
Molester: I’m saved……

Voice: Iyahahahaha, great.
Chief: This New Year has become joyous quickly!
Chief: Ryoutsu, you’ve really done it with open arms, hahaha.
Grandma: Really, Ryou-san, I’ve reconsidered you.
Ryoutsu: No, we—ll, it’s natural for police……owow.
Youko: Don’t move for a moment!

Hiromi: Even that foreigner from earlier went home really satisfied. He seemed so happy.
Chief: Now you mention it, didn’t he bring something…?
Chief: Well, isn’t this a gun!
Ryoutsu: Wh…what, it’s a model gun. A toy…
Chief: Right, it really is. It seems so real.
Ryoutsu: Hey, please don’t turn that here!
Chief: Wahahaha, it’s so delightful, Ryoutsu.
Ryoutsu: Ah.
Hiromi: Uwaa
Youko: Kyaa—

Hiromi: Are you alright, papa?
Chief: Owow, somehow……
Ryoutsu: Um…I was merely holding on to it……this is all Nakagawa’s fault…but even so, it seems you won’t believe me…hahahaha.
Chief: Hey! Ryoutsu, you—you’re fired—get out of here.
Hiromi: Papa, calm down!
Chief: Quiet! Pipe down! Shut up! Women shouldn’t interfere!

TN: Let me just ask this question: why the heck would Nakagawa not tell Paul that he is out of town? None of the chaos in this chapter really would have happened if Nakagawa got in contact with Paul, told him "going away to Switzerland for New Years, be back later", and prevented that long-haired hippie foreigner from dropping off strange guns that get Ryoutsu in trouble! That sort of bugged me...but other than that, it was actually a fun chapter aside from the stupid technicality of Nakagawa being stupid enough to let someone drop in unannounced for the Kameari station workers. The running gag of Paul's intrigue of Japanese culture did work (luckily it's his only appearance so at least he had the chance to have this quirk) and, strangely enough, I actually really like the further development of the relationship between Ryoutsu and Youko. (makes me wonder badly why she never really stuck around...) I sort of didn't mind Hiromi being in it again either but she seemed more to either yell at her dad or be hit on by Paul...but hey, when in cute Japanese dress for New Years, these things happen.

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