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Kochira Katsushikaku Kameari Kouenmae Hashutsujo 15

Worship at Ise Shrine


-> RTS Page for Kochira Katsushikaku Kameari Kouenmae Hashutsujo 15

For his "Hatsumode" of 1977, Ryoutsu has decided to head to Ise Shrine to worship for a good year! But for him and his fellow officers, getting there may be half the fun...

Chp. 15: Worship at Ise Shrine

Nakagawa: Senpai! This is the perfect weather to go on our First Temple Visit.
Ryoutsu: Well it’s great since we’re going to Ise Shrine!

Ryoutsu: Hey, Terai, what are you doing!?
Terai: Huh, getting a ticket……
Ryoutsu: We don’t need those. I have a better idea……Nakagawa, give me your gun!
Nakagawa: Huh!? Why…
Ryoutsu: They’ll skip the ticket check if we show them we’re chasing a crook on official business.
Nakagawa: Will that go smoothly?
Terai: Ryou-san, I’m in my civvies…I didn’t bring my gun……
(TN: Terai actually says “shifuku” or “civilian clothes”, but I think “civvies” is an abbreviation for it)
Ryoutsu: Got no choice. It’ll work if we scream out from the next moment. Fine!?
Nakagawa: Hold on, don’t run!! Hold on—
Ryoutsu: Hold on---!!
Ticket Man 1: What was…that now……?
Ticket Man 2: Well…?
Ryoutsu: Fuu, see…it worked well.

Nakagawa: It worked well, but I’m really tired…from that………
Ryoutsu: Don’t complain! That’s how we don’t get a ticket check!
Ryoutsu: Huh!?
Ryoutsu: What, another ticket check!?
Nakagawa: Senpai! What will we do, shall we use that again?
Ryoutsu: Shut up! I’m thinking now.
Ryoutsu: Right! We’ll be in the midst of a criminal convoy!
Ryoutsu: Terai! You’ll be the criminal since you look evil when I take your glasses!!
Ryoutsu: Nakagawa will take you; I’ll be the guard.
Ryoutsu: Right!? Let’s go!!

Ryoutsu: Well, go ahead, go ahead. We’ll be taking this atrocious criminal to Ise Shrine from here, Hahhahaha…
Ticket Taker: An evil criminal to Ise……? ??
Ryoutsu: Splendid, we penetrated the 2nd barrier, that s**t!
Nakagawa: He’s still steadily watching us…
Ryoutsu: Hold on, I’ll buy some booze.
Nakagawa: Senpai, the key! The key!!
Ryoutsu: Oh, right. I completely forgot.
Nakagawa: How could you…
Ryoutsu: Mufufu, how can I have fun on a journey without booze?
Ryoutsu: Huh, where are Nakagawa and Terai?
Nakagawa: Senpai!

Nakagawa: Senpai~~~it’s here, right here!
Ryoutsu: They all look the same. Which goes to Ise……Nakagawa!?
Nakagawa: With this bullet train, we’ll transfer at Nagoya. Senpai, please don’t get lost.
Man: Ah, that’s just great, a cop!
Man: Please come! My girlfriend’s is stuck with a drunk…
Ryoutsu: We’re not on duty today, we’re on personal business! See you.
Man: But it’s horrible. There’s no station attendants…

Man: Please see it if you can!
Ryoutsu: You’re so stubborn! You!
Ryoutsu: Didn’t you get that we’re off duty today! Will this make you understand!? Huh, will it!?
Nakagawa: A~~ah, I don—‘t know him…
Man: Uwaa—s…someone save me—Hariuchi-sa—n!!
Ryoutsu: Really, he has no common sense!
Terai: Isn’t it great that we came with Ryou-san…
Ryoutsu: What is it! We can’t go on yet, Nakagawa?
Nakagawa: We can’t go in yet until the door opens…
Nakagawa: It’s crowded as expected for New Years~~~
Terai: I don’t know if we’ll be sitting or not.

Nakagawa: Ah, we can’t butt in1
Ryoutsu: What?
Ryoutsu: Hey you, is there a reason for cutting in!
Man: Huh!?
Man: Hold on, I have to go to the bathroom.
Woman: No way, that policeman is noisy…
Ryoutsu: Hey! Line up properly.
Glasses: Shut up, my wife isn’t here yet!
Ryoutsu: Can’t I watch over anything properly?
Terai: It’s as if he works for the railway.
Man: He’s randomly bossing us~~that cop…
Woman: Well, shouldn’t he go home?
Ryoutsu: Shut up! Split to 2 lines if you want to live!! Stand in those lines--!!
Woman: Kyaa
Hat: Uge
Bearded Man: Waa
Boy: That complainer has stepped in front of us!!

Ryoutsu: Really, what’s happened to Japanese public morals these days…s**t.
Voice: The door will open soon.
Ryoutsu: Out of the way, out of the way!!
Girl: Kyaa
Man: Uwa
Ryoutsu: Yes—I’m the first on!!

Ryoutsu: Wahahahaha, look Nakagawa! I’ve already secured three seats. Hurry and come sit down.
Nakagawa: Se…senpai!?
Nakagawa: These cars are the Green Cars, senpai. The unreserved seats are over there.
(TN: The “Green Car” in Japanese trains is first-class reserved cars)
Ryoutsu: Why can’t we sit here? This is fine.
Nakagawa: They’re all reserved.
Ryoutsu: What! Is that stupid talk!?
Nakagawa: It’s fine, I’ve already found some.
Nakagawa: Here, right here, senpai!
Ryoutsu: The three here are tight. They’re too small, Nakagawa……
Nakagawa: So then, we’ll do as such, here……

Nakagawa: How about this?
Nakagawa: Hmm……not bad, it’s wide……
Announcer: Soon, the Hikari #99 will be setting out, leaving at 9:12 for Hakata.
(TN: The “Hikari line” is a limited stop bullet train which, at the time of this printing, traveled between Tokyo & Hakata, with only two limited stops in Nagoya & Kyoto)
Ryoutsu: Ooh, amazing, we’re moving really fast!!
Terai: Well then, Ryou-san, this is your first time on a bullet train.
Ryoutsu: My first time…well? A…actually, I rode a bullet train when I had to attend a Buddhist service last year in Saitama!
(TN: Saitama is a prefecture just northwest of Tokyo, essentially a suburb)
Terai: He…went to Saitama by……?
Nakagawa: That was for show! For show!
Ryoutsu: S—o, with that’s let’s play a game!

Ryoutsu: So shall we start with trump!? Hanafuta!? Mah Johng…shougi…go, chess, Othello, dice, roulette? And then we’ll have Kamizumou……cards, sugoroku, marbles…
(TN: Most of those games probably are known to you, but one that actually stands out that we really don’t know of too often is “kamizumou” or “Paper sumo”, a game where you literally sumo wrestle with plastic or paper figures)
Nakagawa: You’ve really brought a lot, senpai……
Ryoutsu: I thought we’d have a problem of being bored…it’s a long trip.
Nakagawa: Long trip…it’s 2 hours to Nagoya.
Ryoutsu: So, Terai, how about some shougi? I’ll play without the bishop…
(TN: Ryoutsu mentioning “playing without the bishop” is a style of shogi play where a superior player starts with a handicap without a bishop piece)
Ryoutsu: Hehe, it’s great to start my New Year drinking booze while playing shogi.
Ryoutsu: While I’m at it, Nakagawa…what do you plan to wish for this year?
Nakagawa: Of course. I had been skiing in Switzerland…this year I’ll be crossing the Pacific Ocean by yacht and meet Lum-chan when in Hawaii……
Ryoutsu: Your dreams are small-time~~~

Ryoutsu: For me, health is important this year……I have to cut back to look after it……ye……p.
Ryoutsu: Hold on a moment, that bishop!
Terai: What, there a matter already?
Ryoutsu: Since you did it as I was talking, I nearly overlooked…
Terai: Chi, you have a point. Here……
Ryoutsu: Right, right. With that, I’ll go here……
Terai: Not a problem anymore, Ryou-san!
Ryoutsu: Nope, of course not. Good luck, Terai……
Terai: Right, so then, check!!
Ryoutsu: Ah, that’s…not a problem!
Ryoutsu: Uuh, mumu, s**t.
Ryoutsu: Ah—A~~h, uwa.
Terai: Ah!

Ryoutsu: No, I’m sorry, sorry. It’s a really shaky train. It’s regretful is it, and in such a good place…huh?
Terai: A bullet train shouldn’t be swaying!
Ryoutsu: It was an unforeseen accident! You can go first again!
Terai: I’m fine. I’m tired of playing with you.
Ryoutsu: Nakagawa, how about you go first?
Nakagawa: I’m a bit…tired too……
Ryoutsu: Then, we’ll all play Old Maid! Won’t that be fun?
Terai: Old maid……!?
Terai: Alright, now Ryou-san will take it……
Ryoutsu: Alright.
Ryoutsu: Nu!!
Ryoutsu: Nakagawa, now take……!!

Nakagawa: Alright.
Nakagawa: I…I shouldn’t take that!!
Ryoutsu: Do…another one! That would be bad!
Nakagawa: But~~shouldn’t I be free to take whichever?
Ryoutsu: You won’t be a great officer if you defy your senpai!!
Ryoutsu: I think your direction should be the furthest to the left…
Nakagawa: Then I’ll go with the right!!
Ryoutsu: Ah.
Ryoutsu: If you think you can tell the policeman society of the danger of what your senpai said, you’re greatly mistaken!!
Terai: Ryou-san, it’s a ticket check, a ticket check!!

Ryoutsu: Wh…what!?
Terai: The ticket check is coming to look at our tickets!!
Ryoutsu: Oh no! Let’s run!
Nakagawa: Se…senpai!
Nakagawa: Where can…..we run? We’re on the same train, we can’t run.
Ryoutsu: I got that. I’ll think about it now! S**t!
Ryoutsu: Alright! We’ll hide in the bathroom.
Nakagawa: It’s impossible to put three inside.
Ryoutsu: You don’t have luxury to say that! Get in quickly!
Terai: They’ll be looking through from the window…
Ryoutsu: Obey me and hide!

Traveler: Haah, today is cold.
Traveler: At least there’s a nearby toilet on this cold day……N!?
Traveler: Wh…what, this door is stiff…come on. Kuku, hold on!
Traveler: It…opened!
Traveler: ……………!?
Ryoutsu: We’re in a meeting now, use it later.
Traveler: We…well, then……………?

Traveler: There are a lot of people anywhere I go in Tokyo.
Ryoutsu: Is he gone…?
Terai: Seems like it……
Ryoutsu: Buha!!
Terai: That…hurts.
Terai: Really, thanks…
Ryoutsu: You have no luxury for that. Life is filled with suffering.
Terai: I became hungry from that disturbance now. Let’s go to the buffet.
Ryoutsu: Buffet...?
Nakagawa: It’s in the dining car, senpai!

Ryoutsu: Can we really eat in here?
Nakagawa: It’s alright……what do you want, senpai? I’ll have…hamburger steak and coffee.
Ryoutsu: Right…rebanira rice, gyoza and some ton soup…
(TN: “Rebanira Rice” is a rice dish with chicken liver, “ton soup” is a bean paste soup with pork belly in it)
Nakagawa: Senpai, this isn’t a Chinese soba shop…Use this for whatever you want to buy here.
Ryoutsu: Well, the national rail doesn’t really have any high calories.
Ryoutsu: No choice then: a sandwich and beer.
Nakagawa: And Terai…?
Terai: I’ll have yakisoba.
Nakagawa: Pard—on.
Voice: Yes.

Waitress: May I have your order?
Nakagawa: We—ll, a sandwich and yakisoba……with a hamburger steak…and coffee and beer.
Waitress: Alright.
Ryoutsu: He…hey, that’s a nice girl. We’ve got a nice thing so quickly in the New Year.
Nakagawa: She is, but she’s a bit less than my little sister……
Ryoutsu: Your little sister would be fine too! I’ll go attack immediately.
Nakagawa: Ah, senpai.

Terai: Ryou-san doesn’t change regardless of the year.
Nakagawa: Good gracious…
Ryoutsu: Miss! I ran out of cigarettes for a bit. Don’t you have any?
Waitress: Alright, what do you want: High Life or Mild Sevens?
Ryoutsu: I always favored the western smokes.
Waitress: Which brand…?
Ryoutsu: A brand…u—m, we—ll, what’s it called, um……it has a hard name…I think that I “kent” guess…
Waitress: Ah, Kent…here!
(TN: There was a bit of a pun here in the conversation: as Ryoutsu tries to figure out what to smoke, he uses the expression “kentou”, which is “guess”. Thereby, with the “Kentou”, the girl easily knew to go with Kent cigarettes)
Ryoutsu: R…right, they’re called Kent……that’s what I was dozin’ for!
Waitress: Four dozen, alright!
(TN: Again, another language pun: Ryoutsu states “yondan” as in “I was asking for”, so I tried to make the pun work with the “dozin’ for”)

Waitress: Here, four dozen! That’ll be 11,520 yen.
Waitress: Thanks for being of service!
Ryoutsu: Oh, was no—thing, hahaha. (to himself): That used up all my New Years pocket money!
Nakagawa: Ah, senpai, you’ve already gotten souvenirs? That’s too fast.
Ryoutsu: R…right. Edoites don’t’ have patience……
Nakagawa: Senpai, shouldn’t we slowly head back? It’s getting crowded.
Ryoutsu: I haven’t eaten yet! You have no patience, Nakagawa!
Nakagawa: Can’t you bring a sandwich with?
Ryoutsu: Really, what’s the purpose of a dining car…s**t! And without money on me………
Nakagawa: Senpai, please take your time and savor it softly……
Ryoutsu: Obviously you don’t plan things one by one!!

Ryoutsu: Really, I can’t calm down on this……
Nakagawa: Ah—
Terai: Ah.
Ryoutsu: Wh…who did that!? Which one threw that ball. Come out, I’ll kill you!!
Ryoutsu: Was it you!? You—
Ryoutsu: Since you’re a girl, the period of forgiveness is already over!! Alright, at this rate, I’ll be patient. Soon I’ll have fun…
Woman: I’m sorry, my child was careless……

Ryoutsu: Well, it’s your child? Well, she’s a lively kid…...yep.
Ryoutsu: Hahaha…you’re really vigorous………
Terai: Ryou-san is nice to women to the end.
Nakagawa: Too nice…we don’t see that…
Ryoutsu: Hahaha, well, well.
Nakagawa: That face……
Ryoutsu: Well then, Nakagawa, where are we now?
Nakagawa: Since we passed Toyohashi earlier, we’ll be there soon.
(TN: Toyohashi is a port city in Aichi, on the train path between Tokyo & Nagoya)

Salesman: Um—you have choice of caramel, anpan and chocolate. How about a bento or tea?
(TN: Is it just me or does this remind me of “Lone Wolf and Cub”)
Ryoutsu: Well then, I’ll have a bento.
Salesman: I’m indebted. That’s 800 ryou.
(TN: Ryou is an old Japanese coin)
Ryoutsu: 800 Ryou! Really, today is a day I’m spending a lot…
Terai: What’s wrong, Ryou-san…
Ryoutsu: Well, pardon me again but I’m going to eat something else.
Nakagawa: Ah, right. I have to make a call home for a moment.
Terai: Understood…
Terai: Well well, I’m finally alone. This is relieving………

Terai: It’s great I’ve come with so many but…I really think it’s better to travel alone…
Terai: It’s getting really crowded………
Ryoutsu: Ah, sake, it’s sake!!
Ryoutsu: Let’s drink sake! We’ll have a New Years’ party here!
Nakagawa: That’s great, let’s go to the bar.
Ryoutsu: Hey! Terai, shouldn’t you sing along with us too? Give us one.
Terai: Calm down a bit, everyone is watching……
Ryoutsu: Is there a danger in what I’m saying? Now, let’s sing, hahahaha.
Nakagawa: Yeah yeah, go ahead Terai-san!
Terai: (to himself) They’re desperate already……(out loud) This—is a tri—al of the New—Year—Ah~~~there.

Announcer: We will be arriving in Nagoya soon!
Terai: Hey, get up!
Nakagawa: Huh!?
Nakagawa: Fua—I slept well.
Terai: We’re getting lost.
Ryoutsu: Even so, it’s so crowded……
People: Uwa, kyaa
Announcer: We will be departing soon.
Terai: Nakagawa, are you alright!?
Nakagawa: Yeah.

Terai: Hey, where’s Ryou-san……?
Nakagawa: Wasn’t he with you!?
Terai: No, I thought he was with you……
Nakagawa: That’s strange…!?
Terai: He couldn’t have—
Nakagawa: He’s still on the train!?
Conductor: What—where’s Ise Shrine…? That where you’re coming from? You won’t be getting there even if you pay 10 times the ticket amount.
Man: We get oversleepers and idiots from Tokyo…
Tooru: Yay, I’m Toudai Tooru! Welcome, cop-san.
(TN: Toudai Tooru is the lead character from 1976-1979 Jump series “Toudai Icchokusen” by Yoshinori Kobayashi)
(End of Vol. 2)

Singer: Igarashi Yuki

I think what’s called a typical cop has just become a scary person, but--, when I was in grade school, I had an extremely nice cop around me. There was always a police box within reach of a ten-yen coin’s throw as I came home from school on the roadside. When I was there, the cop would say “you’re great” and reward me with a caramel. With their good graces, he seemed greatly popular with the people of the neighborhood.
But the children seemed slightly stupid towards him. For some reason, they would speak selfishly thinking that he was short and fat, had a stern face, and was bowlegged.
I loved that cop. He was a kind man and occasionally vague, but he was one I could feel. Men are said to acquire courage and women love, but in truth he was one which I didn’t know if he was just what I saw.
The cops of the station in front of Kameari Park aren’t like that cop at all (?) They’re extremely happy and all of them are nice guys. Somehow Ryoutsu-san has a scary face with his unibrow, and can make a big riot with merely typical clumsiness, but while he stinks of humanity again, I can’t hate him a bit.
That slightly snobby and smart Nakagawa isn’t bad either, but I’ve can rely on him when it comes to it; he’s always a strong man who can protect me; though I yearn for a person like Ryoutsu-san.
Will that sort of man will appear before me like I’ve entered a dream world six years from now…? Huh, what am I saying!?.......right, right, everyone at the station in front of Kameari Park, forever please do your best to protect the lives of the people of Tokyo energetically. And please give me greater laughs than you have so far.

(TN: Yuki Igarashi, born Yuki Kanda, is a former Japanese singer who became popular at the age of 16 in 1977 (when this volume was released) for the song “6-nen Tattara” (the “6 Years from Now” I mentioned in her little comment referred to it). She released a few other songs and even starred in a porno in 1984!)

TN: I'm a bit surprised: when Ryoutsu said last chapter he was spending his first Temple Visit of the year at Ise, I thought he was just showing off...but when he, Nakagawa and Terai actually headed there...well OK, you saw the ending regarding Ryoutsu but still...the fact he actually went through with it shows that there is some continuity in this series. Maybe not continuity enough that makes it a consistent series, but enough to actually follow up on previous thoughts the next week...on occasion. There were some really fun moments in this chapter, from Ryoutsu's sneak attempts onto the bullet trains and stuffing the three of them into a bathroom to some of his bizarre game-playing maneuvers and his conversation with the waitress. (who looks like a prototype for...nah, it's too early to worry about "her") It's weird though about Ryoutsu: half the time he's a fun loving idiot, the other half he is somewhat of a jerk and what he does gets his just desserts. Oh...and somehow I liked Terai's short "quiet time"...being one who likes traveling alone too.

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