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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128
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Kinnikuman 363

Scramble for the Kinniku Throne (90): The Fatal Weakness!

+ posted by StrangerAtaru as translation on Mar 2, 2010 01:40 | Go to Kinnikuman

-> RTS Page for Kinnikuman 363

The final battle for the Kinniku Throne has begun with Suguru giving his side a major disadvantage, inadvertently destroying Roulette Strings on his side...including Robin's! Will this end a match that has barely started!?

Volume 34: Meet Samurai!!
Chapter 363: Scramble for the Kinniku Throne (90): The Fatal Weakness!

Suguru: Ooh, I’ve done what we’re doing. Though I didn’t get candy due to pulling just weakly at the String-Candy Lottery at the neighborhood sweet shop when I was young, I can compare this to around just that time---!!
(TN: The “String-Candy Lottery” (fully in Japanese as “Itoame Kushi”) is exactly how it appears in Suguru’s image: several strings are laid out without any identification of what candy the candy is connected to; a person pulls on the candy attempting to pull one of the candy, unknowing what they’ll pull out or, as Suguru mentions, with the risk of it breaking. BTW: “sweet shops” is “dagashiya” or “cheap confectionaries shop”/”candy shop”…BTW: is it just me or does Suguru look a tad “old” to be with his mom considering he should be on Earth by then?)
Mayumi: Hey—Suguru, don’t put together Roulette Strings which can take the life of Choujin and the Candy Lottery!
Phoenix: Though naturally you must cut the enemy’s Roulette Strings, you’re a very stupid man for cutting your allies’ strings, Kinnikuman.
Suguru: What’s that---!?
Phoenix: Se—e, Robin Mask’s Prophecy page is going to fall into the torch.

Suguru: Huh?
Suguru: Aah, the staggering flames in the torch are scorching up Robin’s Prophecy page!!
Robin: UWAAA
Suguru: What’s wrong, Robin!?
Robin: Uuh…my legs are…
Suguru: Geee! Robin’s ankles are starting to change to black!!

Mayumi: It’s…the same: the symptoms for Ataru, whose Prophecy page burned in the flames of that torch by Mammothman in his fight with Team Phoenix really are the symptoms for Robin now…
Mayumi: Immediately with his Prophecy page starting to burn, Ataru at that moment, just like Robin in the ring, started having his body change color to black starting with his legs; as the Prophecy page progressed in burning, before long the discoloration was on his entire body and, several minutes later, the black discoloration changed into transparency…
Mayumi: And in the end, as his page burned out, his body was completely annihilated from this world!!

Robin: Uwaa~~~!!
Suguru: At any rate, I must stop the dropping of Robin’s Prophecy page somehow so we don’t repeat the same failures as big bro Ataru.
Announcer: Kinnikuman’s going to the corner post!!
Suguru: Al—right, hold on Robin: because now I’m going to prevent your Prophecy page from falling in.
Phoenix: Omegaman, Mammothman.

Mammoth: Don’t get in the way, Kinnikuman.
Suguru: Owa!!
Meat: Ha! Prince’s mask has come off halfway with the shock of his fall!!

Voice: Aah: Robin Mask’s Prophecy!!
Mayumi: He won’t be in time anymore!!
Announcer: Will the first annihilated person in this Elimination Roulette Match be Robin Mask---!?

Meat: The first time a muddy river that had gone bad became a clean river fish can swim in when exposed to that light…the second time it rescued Terryman from suffering the see-saw attack of King the 100 Ton…And the third time, in the fight with Team Technique, the light exposure ultimately saved him from Zebra and Parthenon’s Canvas Presser…

Meat: And now the miraculous light is being exposed to Robin Mask’s Roulette String which had started but not finished being severed.
Meat: It…stopped. Robin Mask’s Prophecy page has stopped just before breaking into the flames---!!
Bibimba: Look at the Roulette String connected to Robin’s Prophecy!!
Mayumi: Ooh! Robin’s Roulette String, which we thought was completely severed, is connected by a single hair!!

Announcer: This miraculous reversal energy, which has occurred only for the Idol Choujin that has been seen frequently in the battles with many villainous Choujin in the past, has exploded out once again!!
Mammoth: Even in this Scramble for the Throne, though it has been in the fight of Team Mariposa’s King the 100 Ton and Terryman and the tag match of Zebra and Parthenon vs. Kinnikuman and Robin Mask, it’s now stopped the severance of Robin Mask’s Roulette String…
(TN: Yudetamago screwed up big time: Mammothman stated King the 100 Ton as on Team Zebra…yeah, it could be his mistake but I think it was the mangaka’s fault so I changed it appropriately to the right team: Team Mariposa)
Mammoth: …The Choujin of Team Kinnikuman are always having reversal dramas whenever their in a last moments of crisis.
Omega: Wh…what exactly…is the true identity of the miraculous reversal energy of the Justice Choujin!?

Meat: Every member of Team Phoenix haven’t realized it yet…the true identity of the miraculous reversal energy being the light fired from Prince’s real face under his mask…
Meat: And even Prince himself hasn’t realized his own mysterious ability.
Suguru: Hmm? What did I do?
Suguru: Right: I must prevent Robin Mask’s Prophecy from falling into the torch. Ooh, how could the Roulette String that should have been severed somehow come to be barely connected!?
Phoenix: What is this miraculous reversal energy? Don’t you know how this thing could just frequently cause these fortuitous events—
Mammoth: Bu…but they’re too lucky with it fortuitously repeating.
Phoenix: In truth, Robin Mask’s Roulette String had been done too much once.
Phoenix: However, even if it’s just knowing the place of his Roulette String…

Phoenix: This is lucky for Team Phoenix---!!
Announcer: Phoenix is throwing a Drop Kick as a final block, aiming for Robin Mask’s Roulette String which will be further severed by it---!!
Meat: Prince, behind you--!!
Suguru: N…no!!
Announcer: But Kinnikuman has prevented it---!!

Suguru: Take this: Dragon Suplex!!
Announcer: Kinnikuman, in the stance of a Full Nelson, is throwing to the back of Phoenix a Dragon Suplex---!!
Robin: Do…don’t use a power technique, Kinnikuman: Phoenix is a master of taking advantage of an opponent’s power and countering the technique!!
Phoenix: I warmly welcome this power technique, Kinnikuman---!!

Suguru: What!?
Announcer: Phoenix is hooking his legs to Kinnikuman’s legs, preventing the Suplex---!!
Suguru: Ge!!

Announcer: And nimbly has gone through Kinnikuman’s groin, throwing him down face-down---!!
Robin: How…skilled: Kinnikuman’s power for pushing his opponent has been abused into a power to skillfully draw him back and escape it!!
Announcer: And the end of the consecutive techniques is a high-grade Scorpion Death Lock---!!
Suguru: How—how could the techniques that I send out and send out be returned by Phoenix---!!

Robin: Kinnikuman, I’m hesitant to say this, but your rivals until now, Buffaloman, Akuma Shogun and Neptuneman, were just Power Fighters; naturally, you repeatingly were just in Power Fight battles that were exceeded due to facing them as opponents; due to this, you completely mastered power fighting.
Robin: …Thus, when a Technique Choujin, who can take advantage of the exact opposite of the power of Buffaloman and Neptuneman like Phoenix, emerges, you that can only do Power Fighting will come to not understand the best way to deal with them!!
Suguru: So…in short: my fighting, which is devoted to the side of power, gives me a fatal weakness as a Choujin…!!
Suguru: N…no…a man who possesses a weakness doesn’t have a reason to call themselves Great King of Planet Kinniku…it seems winning against Phoenix is…impossible…

Mayumi & Sayuri: Suguru---!!
Bibimba: Suguru-sama---!!
Announcer: Is something the matter: Kinnikuman suddenly has fallen like a string of tension has suddenly been cut---!!
Neptune: ………………
Phoenix: Kinnikuman has suddenly lost his fighting spirit and even Robin Mask can’t use his legs. We don’t have anyone in our way anymore. Mammothman, cut Robin Mask’s Roulette String!

Mammoth: Right! Nose Fencing Rocket!!
Robin: Can you do that---!!
Announcer: Robin Mask is crossing the rope with his arms in place of his legs which are injured and ineffective and using a decisive Flying Cross Attack so he could protect his own Roulette String!!
Mammoth: Idiot, I’ll cut the string with your body!!
Announcer: Robin Mask has been repelled and sent flying by Mammothman, flying towards his own Roulette String---!!

“Voice”: Fufufu…Robin Mask, you’ll cut the Roulette String by your own hand and be annihilated…from this world…
Robin: N? Some thing like a man’s shadow is standing in my way.
Robin: Th…that shadow is…!?


TN: Am I the only one sick of the Face Flash by now? Considering how broken it is and how it just the exact thing it needs to without Suguru realizing it, it just feels like the only really broken factor that his side has with one piece of unknown crap after another thrown out by every enemy in this arc. (the only time I really didn't care was the King the 100 Ton incident...but that was the only time it was done on purpose and sort of a "just desserts" matter; this and the Canvas incident in the Zebra fight just feel like DEM). Well...to tell the truth, other than yet another Face Flash, I actually liked this chapter more than I realized. For some reason, it mostly lied in the further explanation regarding why Suguru's power fighting style just won't work against someone like Phoenix...but then again it's Suguru's way: throw a few techniques a few time until it breaks. (that and the Burning Inner Strength but that's sort of out of commission now) It does seem really ridiculous that Robin is literally hanging by a thread now even with the Face Flash done to it, but I guess it's sort of to build tension for next time...yeah, it's obvious that it's Neptuneman but of course there is the whole "man of mystery" bit that never seems to work. (at least not since Mongolman did the same exact shtick)

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