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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128
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Jungle no Ouja Taa-chan 30

Etekichi’s Love Disorder

+ posted by StrangerAtaru as translation on Mar 3, 2011 23:55 | Go to Jungle no Ouja Taa-chan

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Love is a troubling matter no matter what species you are, in particular to those of simian nature...and I don't just mean humans.

No. 30: Etekichi’s Love Disorder

Sign: The chimpanzee is a wise animal that is closest to humans even among animals.
(TN: Unless you’re Etekichi…)
Ta-chan: Hey, Etekichi, want to eat this banana?
Ta-chan: You don’t want it?
SFX: Kokun
Narrator: Etekichi, who for several months has run away from his wife Eteko, has recently been in a strange state…
Jane: Isn’t he sick? That vulgar Etekichi isn’t eating his beloved banana.
Ta-chan: His appearance has been strange here for two to three days. What’s wrong with him?
SFX: Baku baku
Narrator: The truth was…he had lovesickness…
SFX: Fu—

Ta-chan: Huh? Isn’t that Etekichi? What is he doing in this place?
Caption: Etelina, 8 years old: if human, she’d be around 18…
SFX: Kari
SFX: Doki doki doki
SFX: Doki doko doki doki doki doki doki doki doki doki doki
Ta-chan: It seems like at a glance he is aiming for the apple that was half-eaten by that female monkey, but in truth he was tasting an indirect kiss with the female monkey. That love-fool monkey.
(TN: Yeah, they use “saru” here which could stand for either “monkey” or “chimp”, use either as needed)
SFX: Pinpo—n
Etekichi: Haa haa haa haa haa haa haa

Jane: Eh—you’re lovesick? You lack common sense in falling in love with a young chimpanzee, in spite of having a proper wife in Eteko.
Etekichi: Kikikikikikikiki—
Ta-chan: “I do not have attachments anymore to the wife I ran from.
(TN: I still don’t quite know whether it was Etekichi who ran or Eteko who ran but I assume it was Etekichi from how I interpreted the Japanese)
Caption: Interpreting
Etekichi: Kikiki—kikikiki
Ta-chan: It’s lonely not having a speaking partner being alone all along.
Jane: Now that you mention it, Etekichi doesn’t have chimpanzee friends since he lives with us.
SFX: Puchin puchin
Etekichi: Ki—ki—ki—ki—ki—ki—ki—ki—ki—ki—
SFX: Puchin puchin puchin puchin
Ta-chan: “With Etelina”, “I’ll do her”, “I won’t do her”, “I’ll do her”, “I won’t do her”, “I’ll do her”, “I won’t do her”, “I’ll do her”, “I won’t do her”, “I’ll do her”
(TN: Obviously “do her” refers to “kouhi” or “copulation”)
SFX: Puchin Puchin
Jane: Ultimately his aim is “THAT”!!

Ta-chan: Well—whichever it is, it seems I can’t do it with a partner whom someone like you is verbose on but
Etekichi: Ki—
Ta-chan: I have self-confidence in winning her over.
Jane: Heh—
Jane: If you’re rejected and come home, then you’ll have a coat of shame, alright? If you come to have that, you can’t come in here.
Jane: Gehehehehehe; this has become interesting.
Ta-chan: He’s putting in fighting spirit.
Narrator: With Jane’s malicious pressure on his back as such, Etekichi went to resolving win over the female chimp!!

Etekichi: Ki—
Etekichi: Ki—ki (Run this way)
SFX: Chu—n chu—n
Hunter: Fufu, it’s no good even if you hide in that place. If you raise both your hands and come out quietly, I’ll save just your lives.
SFX: Nyoi

Caption: The limbs of a chimpanzee, which are extremely well-resembling.
Hunter: Al—right, good there.
SFX: So~~
Hunter: GYA
Etekichi: Kikikiki (That thing was a human. He thought he was the smartest, but he was deceived so simply)
Etekichi: Kikikiki (Are you alright?)
Little Chimps: Kiki (Are you alright, mama--)
Etelina: Ki—kikiki (Thank you very much. You’ll get the thanks of my husband on another day)
Little Chimps: Bye bye old-man.
Etekichi: Bye-bye.

Etekichi: Kiki—ki (She had a husband?)
SFX: Shun
Ta-chan: I’m certain he did well.
Jane: He’s been ea—sily rejected and decided to put it in his bellybutton beneath some tree.
Jane: N?
Ta-chan: Hey, didn’t he make well with her and is embracing her? Let’s go home without getting in his way.
Jane: Ye—p. Let’s!!
Narrator: The chimpanzee is a wise animal that is closest to humans even among animals!

TN: Let me just spell it out: can someone really help me figure out once and for all whether it was Etekichi or Eteko that ran off? I still think it was Eteko, but somehow the translations make it feel like Etekichi left her mutually. (then again she really wasn't doing much and at least Etekichi is "dad") Regardless, the pervy old chimp being the lead of the chapter was...an interesting turn of events to say the least. Sure we know he's smart but I did like a lot of what he pulled, even if he was just doing it for chimp nookie. (though 18 and with 3 kids...then again in the line of work I do, that's not surprising) I also like the concept Jane brought up regarding why Etekichi really got this way: when you spend all your life with humans instead of other chimps, you do get rather weird in behavior and do need to find a way to reconnect with your fellow species. Of course considering Ta-chan probably has more chimp nature than human ones with that idiot chimp being his father...I doubt he'll ever really be lonely. Sure he won't have a sex partner, but he isn't lonely.

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rajin, Nintakun

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#1. by Nintakun ()
Posted on Mar 4, 2011
Etekichi is a very funny character as always =).

And for the doubt. From what I remember, i think that Eteko dumped him (I remember in that chapter when Ta-chan makes a Raft and Jane Sinks it, Etekichi puts some kind of map in the previous house), but Eteko isn't an very important character, though.

Thanks for the chapter
#2. by StrangerAtaru ()
Posted on Mar 4, 2011
It's tough to say: I think it was Eteko who left too but it just gets so confusing with the verb text and no real sign visually. Chimp love drives me nuts.

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