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Bleach 361

I Hate Loneliness, But It Loves Me

+ posted by Svg as translation on Jun 12, 2009 20:46 | Go to Bleach

-> RTS Page for Bleach 361

No translation for this chapter yet, huh? Guess I'll just do it for the fun of it. Feel free to use for scanlations.


Text: Soi Fong unleashes all she's got in a destructive attack!! How powerful could it be... ?!


No text


No text


Oomaeda: Ugh...





Soi Fong: D...

Did I...

Get him... ?


Oomaeda: Captain...


Oomaeda: You did it... !!

Soi Fong: ... Take your /

... Filthy hands off me.

361. I Hate Loneliness, But It Loves Me




Stark: ... Hey

Is everyone's bankai /

That powerful?

Kyouraku: Well /

It's our trump card, after all.

So yeah, I think they're all pretty amazing.

Stark: And which one would you say is more powerful /

The ice dude's bankai or yours?


Kyouraku: Good question.

Captain Hitsugaya's a genius, after all.

So in a hundred years /

He'd probably catch up to me.

Stark: I see...

That means /

Right now you're the stronger one.


Kyouraku: Ukitake!!

Ukitake: Wha...



Kyouraku: Keep your eye on that a little, will ya?


Kyouraku: Our friend here /

Has decided to take this seriously.

Stark: Yup...

I really want to see /

Your bankais.


Ukitake: He sheathed...

His sword... ?

Stark: Lilynette!!

Get over here.

Lilynette: You...

You don't have to yell with me! Stop scaring me like that!!

Kyouraku: ... ?

Why are you calling her over?


Stark: The two of us are actually one person.

When Hollows evolve into Arrancars /

They usually split their power between their bodies and their swords.

Our power split into two bodies.


When we return to being one person /

Our power is unleashed.


Stark: Kick About

Los Lobos!


Kyouraku: ... Katen Kyoukotsu!

18. - 19.

The Primera's power is revealed at last!!

But what does he hold in his hand... ?!

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#1. by v3g374 ()
Posted on Jul 17, 2009
Thanks man! :)
Hey, I would like to ask something which bothering me quite a while. Maybe you can help me. In my opinion たいちょう should be commander or something like that instead of captain. What do you think?
#2. by Svg ()
Posted on Jul 27, 2009
Hi! Taichou literally means the leader of a squad. Both captains and commanders are leaders of their respective squad, so both can be used. I myself prefer commander, but because the word "Captain" has been a long established translation in Bleach, I chose not to alter it.
#3. by v3g374 ()
Posted on Jul 27, 2009
Thats exactly my toughts. Captain sounds little silly for me but now I understand why you stayed with captain. Thank you for the aswer! And keep up the good work. We need guys like you. :)

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