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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

One Piece 549

Ship Sailing Forth

+ posted by Svg as translation on Jul 2, 2009 10:29 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 549

You may use my translation for scanlations, but please give me credit if you do so.


One Piece Chapter 549

Ship Sailing Forth

Franky's I'm no good this week /

Final volume: The house where Dr. Vegapunk was born


Opening line: The great gaol destroyed

Box: Impel Down

Box: Level 4

Shiryuu: What a day-to-day life you're living.

If I hadn't brought you the antidote, you guys would've surely died.

That's what you get for underestimating Magellan... !!!


But we're alive!!!

Auger: Your coming here is fate's doing.

Lafitte: Hohoho... I really thought I was done for.

Doc Q: We were... Lucky again... Ah...



Blackbeard: Let the heavens deal with life n' death!

Even the most fearful lose to that!!

Zehahaha!! Let's live for another moment!!

Oh, Shiryuu!! Nice work saving our asses! Thanks, man!

Once again, I invite ya!

You'd make a fine addition to my crew!! Zehahahaha!!!

Shiryuu: My fate's obvious if I stay here.

I was waiting for a man of your stature... !!!


Box: The World Government's private route / The Tarai Current

Iva: Let us leave Inazuma rest.

Candies: What...

Are you saying the poison's advancing?!

Iva: I vas able to counter my poisoning /

Vith Healing Hormone and Tension Hormone, but...

For one thing, it shortens the lifespan. For another, it is a technique with violent aftereffects.

All ve can do is vait for him to recover!!

If I cut his lifespan, those years vill never come back!!

Inazuma is an important Newkama of the Revolutionary Army!

I cannot afford to put him through such a procedure at a time like this!!


Mr. 3: Come to think of it...

He wasn't such a bad guy after all...

Luffy: But we just met after such a long time... And then he goes and saves me again...

Candies: Bon-chan!!

Brother Bon!!

Buggy: Hey, how long're you guys gonna stand there moping?

You should be happy!!

He was a nice guy, but now he's dead so that't that!!

C'mon, let's throw ourselves a party!!

An Escape Party! Gyahahaha!!

Yeah, n' we can make this a funeral for Mr. 2


Luffy: Bon-chan can still be alive, you giant nose!!!

Buggy: Ubleh!! Damn, my blood's spoutin' out from the rum... !!

Who're you callin' a giant nose?!

Luffy: Red nose, round nose, idiot nose!! Yeah, that's what you are!!!


Crocodile: I thought being able to talk to fish /

Is a unique ability of mermaids...

But to think you can call sharks, too...

Jimbei: Do you find it strange /

That we get along well with fish?

Crocodile: ... Well, it's certainly out of the ordinary.

Guess that's one reason your violent race is secluded.

Jimbei: I shall take that as a compliment.

I cannot deny that fishmen are indeed violent... !!

Prisoners: Captain Buggy!!!

SFX at Luffy: Sutan [[Sound of landing]]

Jimbei: Luffy-kun...

Luffy: Hm?


Jimbei: You have given me another chance to save Ace... !!

I am forever in your debt!

Luffy: Aw, come on!

There's no need for that... !! It's reasurring for me, too!

You're strong as hell!!

Jimbei: Even before this current situation...

I was humble and grateful to you, but...

Arlong: Shaaahahahaha

Jimbei: I shall let that go for now...

I must focus on my goal... !!

You can call me Jimbei.

I was a Shichibukai, but they have certainly stripped me of my title by now.

I intend to go all out at Marine Headquarters!!!

To honor Okama-kun's last wish... I shall definately rescue Ace!!!



Luffy: Holy guacamole!!! You're a Shichibukai?!!

So that's why you're so strong!!!

Candies: You seriously didn't know?

Jimbei: Sorry I am late with the introduction.

Buggy: Hey!! Whaddya mean "Marine Headquarters"?!! You're tellin' me we're heading to freakin' Marine HQ!?!

You guys know about the upcoming war between Whitebeard and the Marines, right?!

Prisoners: Huh? What? Marine HQ??

Crocodile: Quit it. It's your fault for being stupid and slow.

Buggy: Whuzzat??!

Crocodile: As soon as we passed the Gates of Justice, our destination could only be Marine HQ or Enies Lobby.

Our ship's riding the Marines' private route, the Tarai current.

It's a giant swirl that ties the government's three great facilities together.

Names: Calm Belt / The Great Gaol Impel Down / Marine Headquarters (Marinford) / The Island of Justice Enies Lobby

Crocodile: We broke out because we had interest in the coming war in the first place.



Buggy: Stop this ship right now ya fish!!!

Jimbei: We certainly cannot stop.

Luffy: Get off then.

Buggy: We can't get off, dumbass!! If we get off, we're dead!!! [[Note: There's an untranslatable pun here]]

Prisoners: I'd rather be back in prison than go to where we're goin'!!!

Candies: We Kama Landers knew about it.

Prisoners: Oh, man!! The Shichibukai versus the Whitebeard Pirates at Marine HQ! That's way scarier than Hell!!!

Dendenmushi: Pururururu... Purururu...


Luffy: Huh? Hello?

Denden: Marine Headquarters speaking.

Luffy: Hi, I'm Luffy.

Candies: Don't introduce yourself, you're a pirate for godssake!!


Denden: If you are the escapees aboard that ship /

You are hearing a report from the Impel Down escort fleet.

This is intelligence we received of the situation before communications ceased.

There are two masterminds behind this jailbreak incident!!

Luffy: Two?

Denden: The pirate, Straw Hat Luffy /

And Buggy, the clown, likewise a pirate!!!

Prisoners: Wh... Wha-wha-whaaat?!

Whaaaa?! Seriously? Captain Buggy's mentioned as a mastermind instead of a Shichibukai?!

Who in the world's name are you?!

Buggy: Why me?!

Box: Marine Headquarters

Marine boss: Hand me the documents.

Marine: Right away, sir!


SFX: Pera...

We did not take you seriously, thinking you were an average, insignificant pirate /

But now we know who we are dealing with!! Buggy, the clown!!

You served on the Pirate King's, Gold Roger's ship!!

Buggy: How'd they find out?!


Denden: We also received information that you are like a brother /

To none other than one of the Yonkou, Red Hair Shanks!!

[[Note: Yonkou means Four Emperors in case anyone forgot]]

All: Is this guy serious?!!

Denden: To think that a man like you restrained himself from causing conspicuous incidents /

And kept a low profile for so long... But now you displayed who you really are!!

We had no information of a bond between you and Fire Fist Ace /

But by teaming up with Straw Hat Luffy, it is evident that you, too intend to rescue him.


Denden: There are over 200 villains aboard your ship including Jimbei, Crocodile and Ivankov /

And now we have confirmed you embarkation... !!! Here is a word of advice.

Since we will not open the Gates of Justice for you, you cannot possibly reach Marinford.

Additionally, you cannot break away from the Tarai Current!!

You have nowhere to run /

And you will in no way survive... !!!

That is all...

Luffy: Hey!! Wait, Marines!!!

I'm gonna save Ace no matter what!!

You just wait and watch!!!


Candies: You're a wanted man, Straw Hat-san!!!

You shouldn't say stuff like "just wait and watch" in a situation like this!!!

Why's he picking a fight with Marine HQ?!


Prisoners: But more importantly, Captain Buggy!!

So you were one of the Pirate King's crew?!

Buggy: This is bad... !! From now on, the government's gonna watch my every move!!

Prisoners: ... And you're like a brother to Red Hair?!

So our savior... Is an amazing pirate after all!!

Jimbei: What a history he has...

Mr. 1: And yet he's so weak...

Mr. 3: But how can he be so cowardly then... ?!

Iva: It seems every ship has its own disgrace!!

Luffy: Oh, right! I remember the old man first mate mentioning that.

Buggy: First mate... ?!

Luffy: You know him, right? He's called Rayleigh.

Buggy: Whaaat?! You... !! You met Rayleigh-san?! Was he doing well?!

Boy, that brings back memories!! Our first mate!! Where on earth did you meet... ?!

Prisoners: Now they're bringing up Dark Lord Rayleigh!!

What a conversation!!!


Prisoners: Captain Buggy!! You are /

A truly frightening man!!!

Buggy: No, no, wait a sec!! While that may be true /

My career as a pirate compared to these big shots is...

Prisoners: You're amazing!!! Man, you were a part of that legendary pirate crew!!!



Buggy: But I was just an apprentice... !!

Stop cheering, you idiots!!

Even if you mock me, I'll...

They don't have a clue!!! I get it!! If even the Marines've have it wrong... This is a great opportunity!! This is no lie!!

My reputation's gonna skyrocket... !! If... If you grasp this authority...

If you use this misunderstanding... !! They might mention this as the day you take Whitebeard's life... I...

I can't take it...


No... Too little power...

The Pirate King?!!

All right!! All of these guys have a bounty higher than mine... !! But if I can control this situation, I can do this!!!


Prisoners: Captain Buggy!! I'm gonna follow you!!

SFX at Buggy: Butsu Butsu [[Note: Muttering]]

Prisoners: Give us orders!! If they're going to Marine HQ, let's just take the ship for ourselves!!!

Then we'll sail to freedom!!

Well then, Straw Hat!! We'll be taking this ship from ya!!

Like we'd go to Marine HQ just after our jailbreak!!!

We've got Captain Buggy on our side!!

We're countin' on ya, Captain Buggy!!

Jimbei: We may have a problem here.

Crocodile: I guess we'll just have to kill them all.

Prisoners: Buggy!!


Buggy: That's right!! I...

I think I can do this!!!

Prisoners: Buggy!!!



Buggy: Quiet, you flashy idiots!!!

SFX: Pita... !! [[Note: Stopping]]

Buggy: Don't get yourselves worked up on a whim!!

This ship won't stop!! It's headed straight to the middle of the war!!

We're just passengers going with the flow!!

Just brace yourselves and think for a second... We can reach it!!

A chance at the top of the world's appeared before us!!

This is a once in a lifetime chance!!

If you're a man... !!

Come and fulfill the dream with me... !!

Today, I will... Conquer Whitebeard...

And with him, the "top"!!! [[Wow, I actually believed him for a sec!]]


Prisoners: Uooo...

Captain Buggy!!

Uhh!! Captain Buggy!!

We... We were knocked down to the darkness of Hell... !!

And somewhere on the way... !! We seem to have lost something precious!!!

We lost the dreams we had back then, in other words our "Hearts' Gem"!!!

I will follow you no matter what!!

Who needs a peaceful life!!

Buggy: Well said!!! Let's set off, my men!!!

To Marine Headquarters!!!


Luffy: Well, that's settled then.

Jimbei: It seems he has a talent for this...

Prisoners: Captain Buggy!! You're the leader of the world!!

I'll follow you wherever you go!!!

Buggy: Gyahahahahaha!! You do that!!


Box: Marine Headquarters / At noon

Guard: The execution is in three hours.

We will be despatching the criminal to the gallows!!

Climb the stairs... !!

SFX: Katsu... Katsu... Katsu... [[Note: Clomp]]

Katsu... Katsu... [[Since when does Ace wear girly shoes?]]

Ace: Listen up, Luffy!

Promise me we'll live /

A life without regrets!!!

Luffy: Okay!!


Guard: Stop!

We're opening the gates!

SFX: Gacha... [[Note: Sound of opening]]

Ace: Let's set out to sea one day, and live life the way we want to!!

With more freedom than anyone else!!

Closing line: The execution draws near...

The End

[[No One Piece next week]]

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I corrected the misinterpretation of Jimbei's line, he doesn't have a grudge against Luffy, he's thankful to him for stopping Arlong. Made a few other minor changes as well at Buggy's thoughts.

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