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Law of Ueki Plus 4

Law of Ueki Plus Chapter 04

+ posted by Teii as translation on Mar 6, 2007 12:10 | Go to Law of Ueki Plus

-> RTS Page for Law of Ueki Plus 4


SFX= Sound Effect
ST= Small Text

Scans here.

Chapter Four: Fight with the Store Owner!

Page 1:

One day without warning, everyone in Ueki’s world has suddenly lost their memory space of their ‘most important persons’!

As Ueki is the only one left in his world that still has his memory space, he has arrived at Hangenkai to get it back.

But not long after arriving he was beaten by a debt collecting power user!

Understanding that he cannot continue without receiving a ‘power’…

He has challenged a goggle wearing man, Nagara (Store Owner of a dry cleaner, 22) to a match!

Page 2: Splash Page

Page 3:

Nagara SFX: Heavy Breathing

Nagara: If you don’t manage to steal my goggles in time, then I won’t tell you the secret to power using!

Ueki: Hey! You never said we could go out into the streets!

Nagara: Ahh…Would you just smell that fresh air! Forty-five minutes left!

Ueki: (He’s got the advantage now!)

Page 4:

Ueki: Crap!

No, right now the most important thing on hand is to steal the goggles! Then I’ll get him to tell me how to get ‘power’!

Ueki: (Right now I’m too weak to even consider going to Megasite and getting back everyone’s memories,
And even that business man could easily defeat me!)

You’ve got an hour! If you manage to take my goggles away within this time limit, then I’ll tell you!

WanWan: Woof!

Ueki: (And Wool can’t talk, so I can only rely on this “Nagara” guy to tell me!)

Page 5:

(I can’t quit!)

Ueki: Oi oi oi oi oi!


Page 6:

Ueki: Wool! Do you understand what I'm saying? Grab his goggles!!

Nagara: (This guy really won’t quit!)


WanWan: Woof?

Nagara: It’s still not going to work!

WanWan: WOOF!

Page 7:

Ueki: Hey! That was dangerous! How could you treat animals like this!

WanWan: (Woof?)

Nagara: Hey kid! Only using animals to steal goggles won’t work!

Not to mention, I know this city like the back of my hand…which means I have the advantage! You’ve got your work cut out for you!

So what are you going to do now?
Ueki Kousuke!

Page 8:

That’s right…

Ueki: (This Nagara guy doesn’t have the usual dry cleaner worker’s agility!)

Obvious statement.

Ueki: (And he’s right, I’ve only just arrived here in Hangenkai, he knows the place much better than I do with all of the secret pathways and shortcuts!

And I can’t use small attacks…What am I gonna do…)

Don't worry!
I'm...going to bring back everyone's memories.

Page 9:

I'll defiantly find a way.

Ueki: (That’s right!

Now’s not the time to think useless thoughts!)

Ueki SFX: Clench

Ueki: (If small attacks won’t work, then…)

Page 10:

Old lady: Ah, is that you, Nagara-kun? Going out for a morning jog so early today?

Nagara: Ah! Obaasan, you look so lively today as well!

Kid: Hey! It’s the dry cleaner guy!

Old lady: My family will continue to depend on your laundry service!

Nagara: Thank you!

Pedestrian ST: Ours too!

Only three minutes left…

Does this mean he’s given up?
And I thought he had so much potential…


Nagara: Oh!

(He caught up!)

Page 11:

Ueki: If small attacks aren’t going to work…then I’ll have to try a bigger attack!!

Page 12:

Nagara: (That’s just a bigger form of the small attack!)

Ueki: Go!! ST: Sorry, Wool!

Nagara: Wuwah!

Ueki: Now!!

Page 13:

Ueki: (Great!

Almost there…)

Page 14:

Nagara: HYAH!

Ueki: (No!)

Nagara: Sorry, looks like I’ll be taking off first!

Ueki: Eh?

Page 15:

Nagara: (Hehe…
Didn’t think I was going to have to use my power…)

Page 16:

Nagara: (But it’s really too bad, he still didn’t manage to take my goggles…)



Page 17:

Nagara: What the-

What the heck are you doing?! You actually jumped off?!

Ueki: You did too!

Nagara: I can use my power to save myself! Common sense should’ve told you that!

Ueki: Eh? Really?

But that’s not important anymore!


Page 18:

Nagara: Heh!

I’ve finally found it.

This guy is “the fourth person”!

Ueki: Great! I’ve got the goggles!

Nagara: Ah, crap! ST: So careless!

(Ueki Kousuke…this guy’s getting more interesting by the second…)

The power of…in the form of…

Page 19:

Ueki: What is this place?

Nagara: My family’s secret mountain!

I’ve lost! So I’ll stick to our agreement and tell you how to get a power!

Ueki: Really?! Oh, and how was I saved?

Nagara: Let’s not worry over the small stuff!

Ueki: Sure! Then, how do I get a power?

Nagara: Look behind you!

Ueki: What is it?

Page 20:

Nagara: Washing machine. ♥

Ueki: (It’s huge!!)

Nagara: So, Ueki…go inside for a bath, hmm? ♥

Ueki: (What the heck’s going on?!)


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