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Area no Kishi 27


+ posted by Tanequil as translation on May 18, 2009 15:35 | Go to Area no Kishi

-> RTS Page for Area no Kishi 27

One line, one bubble. If it's unclear even with this much guiding text, look for me, lol.

For the private use of Chibisuke Scans only. Anyone else using it will die a very, very horrible death.

Chapter 27

Page 1

Text on Sign: Enoshima Community Field

Chapter Title: #27 Kickoff!

Bubble: Alright! Get ready, everybody!

Bubble: Turn on the lights!

All the Sfx: Pak Pak Pak

Page 2

Bubble: Whoa!

Bubble: It’s a real field!

Bubble: It feels great!

Sfx: Whump

Sfx: Slide

Bubble: How’s it, Kakeru, Kaoru?

Bubble: Football really should be played on fields like this, yeah?

Bubble: Yeah.

Bubble: Do you guys come here often?

Page 3

Bubble: We borrow this once in a while, too often and we’d run out of cash.

Bubble: Although it’s a little dark, using a white ball should be good enough.

Iwaki: That’s not all.

Kakeru: Coach Iwaki.

Iwaki: Saturday’s game

Iwaki: Will be played on this field.

Kakeru: Really?

Bubble: Nice one, coach! It’ll make this field seem like its our home field, right?

Iwaki: Of course we’ve got to make the game seem to our advantage,

Iwaki: We haven’t got people to substitute in like they do.

Iwaki: Alright, let’s warmup!

Page 4

Sfx: Whoosh

Kakeru: Amazing… Coach is so strong…

Bubble: Kakeru.

Kakeru: Eh?

Bubble: Mishima’s not coming today?

Sfx: Thump

Kakeru: No idea, maybe coach didn’t call her since it’s so late.

Iwaki: Listen to me while you warmup, guys.

Iwaki: We’ll be using half the pitch to do a 6-on-6 game as training today.

Bubble: Coach’ll be the goalkeeper like always?

Iwaki: Nah, I’ll let Mikami play, he played as keeper for the National.

Page 5

Bubble: Eh?

Bubble: Then wouldn’t that be 5-on-5?

Bubble: Araki left long ago.

Kakeru thinking: Araki-senpai…

Kakeru thinking: What’s wrong with you?

Kakeru thinking: I went to your house, but they said you hadn’t been home. And you haven’t been to school for two weeks…

Kakeru thinking: He really wouldn’t do what his mother said he would

Kakeru: And run off to the southern islands to play, right?

Iwaki: Relax! We’ve got a special guest tonight.

Bubble: Special guest?

Iwaki: You can come out now!

Sfx: Tap

Sfx: Roooooll

Bubble: Whoa! That’s some skill.

Kakeru: !

Page 6

Iwaki: Tonight’s special guest is the mysterious soccer player “Alien Mask”!

Sfx: [It’s literally… Cho-n, but I have no idea what that is or means, please ask someone who knows to fill this in. Sorry]

Sfx: Bonk

Bubble: Wah!

Seven: …

Kakeru: …Seven?

Bubble: Kakeru, you okay?

Bubble: Who’s this guy? You’re not here to trick us, right?

Sfx: Gui Gui Gui Gui Gui [I know it’s weird, but think those cute anime sounds when people do funny actions. Yeah]

Bubble: Ah, you jerk…

Iwaki: Then, let’s kickoff!

Iwaki: Red team’s with the bibs.

Page 7

Seven: We haven’t played together since elementary school, right?

Kakeru: …

Sfx: Tap

Sfx: T-Tap

Bubble: Bastard!

Sfx: Dash

Bubble: !

Sfx: Zuup

Page 8

Sfx: Whoosh

Bubble: Nice work, Alien!

Kakeru thinking: Seven really is quite good.

Kakeru thinking: She seems to be getting stronger.

Kakeru: I’m going to do better too!

Sfx: [Again, help needed here.]

Kakeru: !

Kakeru thinking: That sign is…

Kakeru: Hono-san, to the left, please!

Hono: Oh!

Bubble: Useless, useless, useless!

Bubble: My marking is pretty tight!

Page 9

Kakeru thinking: Horikawa-san isn’t too easy to shake off.

Kakeru thinking: But…

Hono: Kakeru! Watch the offside!

Sfx: Dash

Horikawa: How, Kakeru…

Horikawa: If you receive the ball here, you will be offside!

Page 10

Hono: Alien! Here!

Sfx: Shuffle

Hono: Hurry! Hurry!

Sfx: Dash

Horikawa: !

Page 11

Sfx: Whump

Horikawa: It’s already offside!

Horikawa: So obvious!

Seven: …

Iwaki: I see…

Page 12

Sfx: Fweet

Sfx: Roll Roll

Iwaki: Red Team Scores!

Page 13

Horikawa: Damnit! So that was what it was about!

Horikawa: Damnit! Damnit! Damnit!

Sfx: Kick

Sfx: Kick

Bubble: Oi, oi… What was that just now?

Bubble: How can they work together so well? Who on earth is that Alien? [Haha, sorry, couldn’t resist.]

Bubble: …

Sfx: Slap

Seven: So you still remember that sign.

Kakeru: Because we practiced it loads during elementary school.

Seven: This was Suguru’s idea.

Kakeru: Yeah.

Page 14

Bubble: Coach Iwaki, that ball…

Iwaki: Yep! A really interesting idea, no?

Iwaki: This’ll probably work once against the technique-based SC.

Bubble: But the problem is…

Bubble: Can we find a player who can accurately grasp such slim opportunities?

Bubble: Does our FC have that?

Bubble: That Alien really can’t play for us?

Iwaki: It’s a shame, but that’s okay!

Iwaki: Enoshima FC has a fantastic, dependable King, don’t we?

Iwaki: He might still be in his castle, but one day, the King will return to us.

Bubble: …

Thinking: Araki…

Page 15

Sfx: Thump

Thinking: I am waiting for you…

Thinking: All of us…

Thinking: Believe in you!

Thinking: All of us await… the return of the King of the pitch.

Page 16

Text: The fateful day of the match between the SC and FC has come.

Text: For these two weeks, Araki-senpai didn’t go to school and didn’t come for practice.

Text: We don’t have substitutes, a team of 11 members…

Text: Going up against the 52 strong and school-recognized SC.

[cut to next panel, because cutting the above two lines would be queer.]

Bubble: Your guidance please.

Bubble: Left! Move back some more!

Iwaki: Coach Kondou.

Page 17

Iwaki: Looks like we’re going to have to trouble you to play us again this year.

Kondou: You really think that way? Deep down, you really want to see me flustered and lose my cool.

Iwaki: Yes, I do.

Kondou: …

Kondou: Even if anything pops up, we will not lose.

Kondou: We will definitely not lose.

Iwaki: …

Sfx: Wa

Sfx: Wa

Bubble: FC, you guys do your best this year, yeah? I’ll cheer you guys on!

Bubble: SC, don’t struggle against a simple hobby club! Crush them!

Page 18

Commentator: Yes… For the Nationals selection match,

Commentator: The school-recognized SC and the hobby club FC

Commentator: Have a traditional match every year to decide the school representative team.

Commentator: The happenings of this match will be recorded by the members of Enoshima High Broadcasting club,

Commentator: And played to the school on Monday.

Bubble: Fudou! Back some more!

Bubble: Nakamura! No holes on the left side!

Page 19

Commentator: I will now introduce the starting players from both sides.

Commentator: Starting with the SC,

Commentator: Goalkeeper,

Commentator: 2nd year, Toudou Shintarou.

Commentator: Left Defender,

Commentator: 1st year Fudou Kenji.

Commentator: The middle is Kaiouji Gou, 2nd year

Commentator: And the right is Wakamura Shigeru. The defense is composed of three 2nd years.

Commentator: Because the midfielders up front actually also participate in the defence,

Commentator: In reality, their defence is five men strategy.

Commentator: Playing as the defensive midfielder is 2nd year Sakamoto Shuuji.

Commentator: Also a 2nd year is the centre of the team, number 10, Oda Ryouma.

Page 20

Commentator: Attacking midfield, on the left, is 2nd year Nakamura Kazuma.

Commentator: Also attacking midfield, we have 3rd year Captain Sawamura Yuuji.

Commentator: 1st year Yakumo Kouji on the right.

Commentator: Lastly, the forwards are 1st year Takase Michirou

Commentator: And 2nd year Kudou Kenya.

Commentator: Their opponents are the members of the FC.

Commentator: Goalkeeper 2nd year…Um… Kurin? No… Be… Benibayashi?

Commentator: Ah! Kurebayashi, right? My apologies.

Kurebayashi: …

Commentator: It is Kurebayashi!

Page 21

Commentator: Let me quickly introduce them, starting from the defense.

Commentator: 3rd year Mikami,

Mikami: …

Commentator: Horikawa on the middle,

Horikawa: Only the surname…

Commentator: Right side, Nishikiori.

Nishigoori: It’s Nishigoori.

Commentator: Defensive midfield, Sakurai.

Commentator: And Hama.

Commentator: In the 2nd row, we have Hyoudou

Commentator: Endou,

Commentator: And Matoba.

Commentator: Lastly, the strikers,

Commentator: Hono,

Commentator: And 1st year Aizawa.

Kakeru: Why are our introductions so short?

[T/N: If they were longer, I’d throw up on you.]

Hyoudou: Can’t be helped, we’re a hobby club after all.

Page 22

Hyoudou: But that’ll all change,

Hyoudou: S’long as we win this match!

Kakeru: Yeah!

Commentator: Alright…

Sfx: Fweet

Commentator: The whistle is blown.

Commentator: Kickoff!

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