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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Area no Kishi 33

The Best Show

+ posted by Tanequil as translation on May 30, 2009 04:12 | Go to Area no Kishi

-> RTS Page for Area no Kishi 33

For use by Chibisuke Scans only.

One line is one bubble. Merged bubbles are two bubbles.

Page 1

Commentator: It’s not an offside after all!

Commentator: 3-2!

Sfx: Cheer

Commentator: It’s Araki’s trick!

Sfx: Cheer

Commentator: What sort of magic did he perform?

Text: #33 The Best Show

Commentator: When the ball is passed, the receiver must have at least two people between them and the goal.

Text in Black Bubble: Keeper

Text in Black Bubble: DF

Text in White Bubble: Kakeru

Text in White Bubble: Araki

Text in Box: Not Offside

Commentator: In other words there must be the goalkeeper and one defender to not be offside.

Commentator: Just now, excluding the goalkeeper, there were no other defenders.

Text in Black Bubble: DF

Text in Lower White Bubble: Araki

Text in Box: Offside

Text in Black Bubble: Keeper

Text in Upper White Bubble: Kakeru

Text in Black Bubble: DF

Commentator: And it seemed like Aizawa received the ball and shot?

Page 2

Kondou: Ref, where were you looking!?

Kondou: That was obviously an offside!

Iwaki: That really was a goal, Coach Kondou.

Sfx: Grin

Kondou: Iwaki.

Iwaki: However,

Iwaki: It wasn’t Aizawa who scored,

Iwaki: But Araki.

Kondou: What?

Iwaki: Aizawa did not react to the ball at all.

Iwaki: All he did was run towards the goal.

Page 3

Kondou: How can that be!? The ball went to his feet before it changed direction and sped up!

Kondou: !

Kondou: …

Kondou: Was it a spin ball?

Iwaki: That’s absolutely right.

Iwaki: Araki aimed for the legs of Aizawa who was running towards goal,

Iwaki: Let the ball bounce,

Iwaki: And made it seem like Aizawa had shot for goal, the ball bouncing strongly and changing direction.

Iwaki: To use tennis to explain, it is like topspin,

Iwaki: Kicking the ball with a slightly slanted spin in the forward direction.

Page 4

Iwaki: Even if the ball was passed to a place where the striker was offside,

Iwaki: As long as he did not react to the ball, it would not be counted as a pass.

Kondou: …

Iwaki: It would be a direct shot.

Iwaki: This is unquestionable.

Iwaki: That was Araki’s Long Shot.

Mushroom Guy: You bastard! You must have been peeking when we were training.

Araki: Eh? I have no idea what you’re saying.

Mushroom: Still playing dumb!

Sfx: Thump

Kakeru: …

Page 5

Text: That’s amazing…

Text: Araki-san is amazing.

Text: He only needed to see it once to be able to grasp a shot that is so difficult to time and control.

Text: And he even added in topspin to fool the opponents!

Nana thinking: …

Nana thinking: The magician that had Suguru dumb-founded still exists.

Text: We’re only 1 point down.

Text: There’ll be no problem!

Commentator: W-What! That ball just now was not Aizawa but Araki’s shot at goal!

Page 6-7 double spread

Sfx in the 1st panel is all: Cheer

Commentator: Fooling us into thinking it was a pass to the FC’s forward,

Commentator: It was actually Araki’s own trick shot!

Commentator: Like a magic show,

Commentator: Closing the gap to 1 point!

Crowd: Ohhh, that’s awesome, Araki!

Crowd: You’re so cool!

Page 8

Takase: Damnit… That kind of ball isn’t going to work the next time!

Oda: They will not use it a second time.

Takase: Oda-senpai.

Oda: Be careful, Takase.

Oda: He is an unfathomable man,

Oda: This Araki Ryuuichi.

Takase: ……

Oda: With 17 minutes left, there’s no need for unnecessary attacks. We just need to defend the 1 point difference to win.

Oda: Takase, you go mark Araki as well.

Takase: Yes.

Takase: …

Takase thinking: Why is he so happy?

Page 9

Mushroom: We stand a good chance now! Just one more point!

Others: Yeah!

Kakeru: Araki-senpai!

Kakeru: You’re amazing, suddenly adding a spin to the ball like that!

Araki: We’re still behind by 1 point, stupid. Is it the time to be happy?

Kakeru: Sorry, but I really am happy.

Araki: ……

Araki: It’d be you performing for me the next time.

Kakeru: Eh?

Page 10

Araki: With our pass,

Araki: We’ll crush their iron wall of a defense.

Kakeru: Araki-senpai…

Araki: The stage is yours to craft.

Kakeru: !?

Araki: Leave the acting to me.

Araki: Let’s give them the best show!

Text: ……

Text: Stage…?

Page 11

Sfx: Tweet

Commentator: Since number 10 Araki came on, the atmosphere soared to a new high!

Commentator: The Enoshima High Football Team traditional representative selection game!

Commentator: 16 minutes left in the game, and only 1 point separating the teams!

Commentator: It’s getting harder to tell who’ll win in the end!

Oda: Another one to mark 9!

Oda: Don’t let him get into the penalty area!

Oda: Don’t let Hino come barrelling forward again!

Mushroom #2 thinking: This Oda seems to have caught on fire after seeing Araki’s play.

Page 12

Mushroom #2: Heh.

Mushroom #2: Well… I can understand what he’s feeling!

Sfx: Dash

Araki: Yukizou! Mark the striker!

Araki: You haven’t done much in the second half.

Hama: Oh… Right!

Sfx: Bam

Sawamura: Urgh!

Sfx: Bounce

Sfx: Tweet

Sawamura: Damnit! They suddenly became more spirited!

Page 13

Araki: Kaoru.

Kaoru: Ah… Yes!
small text in the same bubble: Why suddenly call me by first name?

Araki: You don’t need to be so restricted to the right side. You can move more.

Araki: Even if the ball isn’t with us, the match still goes on.

Araki: You must think of the opponents as 11, 12, or even 13 people.

Kaoru: Yes!

Text: He very clearly knew that I always only moved on the right.

Araki: Kouta.

Kouta: Yes?

Araki: What yes?

Araki: Sticking to your man is good,

Araki: But you take too long to get back for defense!

Araki: An undefended left side will be a huge hole!

Araki: Return immediately after you pass the ball, alright?

Kouta: Yes… Sorry.

Kakeru: ……

Text: The calls he’s making… it’s like he’s always been on the pitch with us…

Page 14

Text: No, maybe he’s always…

Text: Been fighting together with us on the pitch!

Kakeru: !?

Kakeru thinking: Wait.

Araki just a short while ago: The stage is yours to craft.

Kakeru thinking: So that’s it! If that’s really the case, then it means…

Text: Alright!

Page 15

Sfx: Tweet

Sfx: Dash

Bald: Whoa! What are you guys doing?
Small text in same bubble: All rushing for the ball like little children…

Iwaki: That’s it! Our FC’s football is all about having the ball under our feet!

Iwaki: Which increases our possession for us to play.

Iwaki: So having them enthusiastically rushing for the ball from all corners is very important.

Iwaki: After the king’s return, the FC is finally back to its original self.

Bald: Urgh!

Sfx: Whoosh

Iwaki: Take a good look.

Iwaki: Practicing on sand allowed them to snatch for the ball as vigorously as little children.

Iwaki: Pressuring the opponent…

Page 16

Iwaki: And forcing mistakes.

Mushroom: Mine!

Sfx: Tap

Commentator: The pass from SC’s Nakamura failed!

Commentator: Intercepted by FC’s Hyoudo!

Sfx: Dash

Guy: Damnit!

Mushroom: Kaoru!

Sfx: Tap

Sfx: Step

Kouta: Matoba!

Commentator: FC switched the ball over to the left!

Commentator: A beautiful flowing pass route to change the field!

Page 17

Kouta: Alright! Now to burst through…

Kakeru: Kouta!

Kouta: Ha?

Kouta: What are you doing, Kakeru?!

Kouta: I’m going to break past their defence and pass the ball into the penalty area to you!

Sfx: Step Step

Kouta: Whoa!

Sfx: Tap

Kouta: Damnit!

Kakeru: Good!

Sfx: Thump

Page 18

Sfx: Tap

Sfx: Dash

Nana: Kakeru?

Oda thinking: What’s he trying to do?

Oda thinking: Hasn’t learnt his lesson, still trying to bring the ball past by himself?

Page 19

Sfx: Dash

Kakeru: ……

Araki thinking: This guy…

Araki thinking: Seems to have understood what I meant… That’s right, keep going.

Text: If you really can become the Knight like Suguru said…

Text: Then you should be able to succeed, Kakeru!

Page 20

Text: Let’s begin.

Text: Unveil

Text: What was created by the gamemaker and the striker…

Text: The scriptless play!

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