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Kekkaishi 215


+ posted by Tanequil as translation on Dec 4, 2008 08:29 | Go to Kekkaishi

-> RTS Page for Kekkaishi 215

In order of reading bubbles, aka Right to left, top to bottom. All words within [] are my comments. Each point is one bubble. Bubbles that are fused together are counted as two bubbles. Unless otherwise stated, all are from bubbles.

Page 1

Chapter 215 - Resistance

- So, this hunt shall draw to an end.
- Even if you were not guilty of anything else, an attempt at fleeing is enough to incriminate you.
- And the most serious crime is that of toying with me!
- I will crush you into pulp!

Tokine and Yuukami’s plans to escape have been ruthlessly crushed!
The one who blocks their path is the Upholder of ‘Justice’ - Enjoji Saiko

Page 2
- First,
- Try to stop my blade!

Be careful!?

Page 3
- Such a pity.

Her arm grew longer?

Page 4
- My wrist and this Kusarigama are especially suited to my fighting style…
- Do not think you can escape so easily!!
- Hmph, running around like a pest…
- Ketsu!
- Ketsu!

Page 5
- Haha…
- How cute!
- Such a pity that even if your techniques can alter the path of the Kusarigama…
- It’s futile, widdle kitty!!
- Ah!
- Ah?

Page 6
- Yuukami-san!
- Stop! This has nothing to do with him!
- Ah~ How brave of you to say that.
- Besides, is he not just a man you tricked and took advantage of?
- Please stop thinking that way.

Page 7
- Coming back to you,
- Is there anything you want?
- It can be prepared for you,
- With conditions, of course.
- Hmph. Trade?
- No. I refuse to trade. What you speak of excludes your lives, does it not?
- Not exactly.
- It excludes her life.
- Honestly…
- This kind of thing just riles me up.

Sumimura Yoshimori - Karasumori Middle School 3rd Year Student - Kekkaishi - Hopes to one day seal Karasumori

Yukimura Tokine - 16 years old - Karasumori High School 2nd Year Student - Kekkaishi - Takes pride and fulfilment in her work.

Page 8
- With this Kusarigama,
- I will seal that foul mouth of yours forever!
- Eh?
- Run! Now!

Page 9
- Keh.
- Hurry!
- You go to the secret passage first!
- What are you doing?! We said that you’d run first!
- Enough!
- Think about it! We can’t win that person in direct combat!
- That woman is immortal!
- Even the technique with my tie did not do much…
- I said enough!

Yuukami - Member of the Urakai Investigations Special Inquisitorial Squad - Arrested Tokine, but caught on to Yashiro‘s plan and help Tokine flee.

Page 10
- You…
- Didn’t have to got to such lengths to help me.
- I’ll be fine,
- But I do not have the strength to protect you as well.
- Please, leave quickly!
- Hmph.
- I did say that my family had encountered the hunting of Gods before.
- That story has an after word.
- My sister passed away.
- Days after the God was hunted, she lost her purpose and committed suicide.
- The last words I heard from here were…
- “I’ll be fine.”

Page 11
- This… is for me.
- And I cannot endure the death of any others as a means to further this ridiculous plot.
- It would be for the best if you just ignored me.
- During unconsciousness, I lost too much blood.
- I cannot flee.
- No…
- Do not say these things!
- Enough.
- You do not need to care so much.

Page 12
- Ketsu!
- Triple-layered kekkai…
- This is the most I can manage.
- Don’t get too comfortable with each other!
- Ohhhh~!
- Concentrate, focus all the energy and power into the kekkai.
- If I cannot block such unreasonable things…
- Because Yuukami-san did nothing wrong,
- I must protect him!
- Please! No matter what, focus all the power…

Page 13
[No words here]

Page 14
- If anything should happen to Tokine,
- I said I would never rest till I set it right.
- Yoshi…mori?

Page 15
- Tokine,
- Are you alright?
- Nn, but… why…
- That’s great.
- Ever since you were so abruptly taken away,
- I’ve been so afraid…
- Huh?
- Why did you let Yoshimori go, Vice-Chief?
- Letting that guy go on his own is dangerous!!

Page 16
- No matter what,
- Yoshimori-kun was at the limits of his patience.
- Letting him do as he wanted was the better option.
- But…
- Because that child whole-heartedly…
- I wanted to let them meet earlier.
- That is understandable…
- But…
- What are we going to do?
- Suspended in mid-air like this…
- Yoshimori! Even though I have no idea what is going on, that can wait!
- That person will soon awake, with a powerful attack!
- We need to move!
- Eh?
- As compared to this… That person…
- Hurry!
- Ah, I understand!
- Hey…
- No matter what, Yuukami-san has to be brought to a safe place…
- Wait!
- Even though I’m not sure who he is, I’ll carry him!
- Let me do it!

Page 17
- Ai, How did it become like this?
- You… Can it be that you are the neighbour, Sumimura?
- Yeah… So what?
- And you came rushing after her?
- Yeah… So what?
- Really now…
- Yuukami-san!
- The secret passage is around here, right?

Page 18
- The escape ends here.
- Yashiro-san…
- Because I am a very busy person…
- As early as I can make it,
- The curtain will fall on this play.

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