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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Nabari no Ou Special : 1

Thobari-sensei’s Bantendōchū Hizakurige

+ posted by Tanequil as translation on Dec 5, 2008 13:23 | Go to Nabari no Ou

One line, one bubble. All asterisks indicate translator notes at the end of that page. Free to use , but please PM for permission first. I'd like to know if anyone is doing it. :)

Nabari no Ou - Special

Page 1

Thobari: I will not let you get your way, Rokujou!

Text at bottom right hand corner of first panel: Thobari-sensei’s Bantendōchū Hizakurige*

Text at bottom left hand corner of first panel: Kamatani Yuhki

Text at bottom left hand corner of first panel: Nabari no Ou Tokubetsu Hen

Aizawa: Wha…

Aizawa: What’s the matter? Why the sudden…

Miharu: …

Thobari: Now you’re going to trick me and get me on the shinkansen**, right?

Thobari: I’m sorry, but no matter what you try, it’s not going to work today.

Aizawa thinking: The lingering feelings from Chapter 17 have been crushed. I think.

*Translator Note: This chapter title is a play on Ikku Jipensha’s (1765-1831) Tōkaidōchū Hizakurige, which is a picaresque comic novel about the misadventures of two travellers on the Tōkaidō, the main road between Kyoto and Edo during the Edo Period. [Taken from Wikipedia] So instead of the ‘Tōkai’dōchū Hizakurige, we have the ‘Banten’dōchū Hizakurige.

**Translator Note: The Shinkansen is a network of high-speed railway lines in Japan operated by four Japan Railways Group companies. [Taken from Wikipedia] It is also known to the general, non-Japanese populace as the bullet train.

Page 2

Aizawa: Eh? You’re really going to walk back from Tokyo?

Thobari: Running back would be more accurate.

Aizawa: But returning is different from coming here. Your leg is wounded.

Thobari: If you think about it carefully, a leg wound is little compared to public transport.

Thobari: You two be careful on the way back!

Aizawa: His trust in us would be better utilized in other areas.

Page 3

Text: Kanagawa

Raimei: Hm?

Juji: What is it, Raimei?

Raimei: Uh…

Ramei: It feels like a very familiar presence is approaching at a very fast speed.

Page 4

Juji: Kumohira-sensei…?

Text over Juji’s head: Shocked…

Raimei: He’s really on his way back to Banten.

Raimei: Sensei, Ganbatte*! [See translator note at the bottom]

Text: At this time…

Aizawa: Waa, it’s Mount Fuji! Mount Fuji!

Thobari: That’s right! I should bring some local products back!

Thobari: It’s rare that I pass by Tōkaidō, so I should drop by the places and get some of their famous local produce!

*Translator Note: Ganbatte is Japanese for something like good luck and do your best. It’s best left untranslated, imho. [Most of you would have come across the term ‘Ganbatte’ before, anyway.]

Page 5

Text: Shizuoka

Guy: I thought we saw this guy just two days ago…

Text: Aichi

Thobari text: This is beautiful

Text: Gifu

Thobari: I’ll have to get a good night’s sleep.

Text: Mie

Ninja to the right of Thobari: Clap clap

Ninja to the left of Thobari: Wh-Whoa, you’ve got the skills to be a ninja!

Text: Kyoto

Text before the arrow: Shinsengumi uniform* [See translator note at the bottom]

Text on Thobari’s back: Sincerity

Thobari: Could you get me the pond and field patterned one?

Girl: Thanks for your patronage!

Text: Osaka

Thobari: How do I join the programme without sitting in anything?

Text: Kobe

*Translator Note: The Shinsengumi were a special police force of the late shogunate period. The members of the Shinsengumi were highly visible in battle due to their distinctive uniforms. The uniqueness of the uniform was most evident in the haori, which was colored asagiiro (generally light blue, but can also be light yellow). The haori sleeves were trimmed with "white mountain stripes", resulting in a very flashy outfit, quite unlike the usual browns, blacks, and greys found in warrior clothing. [Again, taken from Wikipedia. Wikipedia is your best friend!]

Page 6

Text: At this time, Miharu and the rest…

Text next to Aizawa’s head: If I don’t finish my homework quickly…

Text: Okayama

Thobari: I’m finally here.

Thobari: Now it’s a battle against time!

Sfx: Haah

Sfx: Haah

Sfx: Haah

Guy with spiky black hair: What’s that?

Girl: What incredible speed!

Bald guy: It’s a sprinting athlete carrying bags of local produce!

Bald guy: Even though I don’t understand why, someone working so hard is wonderful to see!

Page 7

Crowd: You must finish the run!!

Crowd: Ganbatte, brother!!

Text on banner: Wondrous sense of unity

Crowd: Ganbatte!! Local produce relay runner!

Miharu: Ah, he’s back.

Page 8

Thobari: I am…

Thobari: …back!

Miharu: Three days and ten hours. That’s a new record!

Words to right of Thobari’s head: I bought this in Yasaka

Words to the right of Thobari’s head but even closer than the previous line: This is Hamamatsu’s unagi*. [See translator note]

Words to the left of Thobari’s head: The rest should be arriving soon.

Aizawa: This air of having no time to catch my breath… Thobari-sensei’s definitely a superman now.

*Translator note: Unagi is the Japanese word for freshwater eel.

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