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Translations: One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128 , Gintama 565 by kewl0210

Kuroshitsuji 21

That Butler, Competitive

+ posted by Tanequil as translation on Dec 7, 2008 15:30 | Go to Kuroshitsuji

-> RTS Page for Kuroshitsuji 21

One line one bubble, in reading order.

For use of Bleach Asylum Scanlations only.

Kuroshitsuji Chapter 21

Page 1

Soma: Not only is it comparable to Agni’s,

Soma: This curry even seems to be slightly better?

Soma: Butler,

Soma: What sort of secrets do you hold?

Side text: Black butler vs. Yellow butler, the time has come to clash!

Ciel: Hm.

Ciel: The Phantomhive company will definitely be able to obtain the Royal Warrant.

Page 2 and 3 double spread [all the text is on page 3]

Text: Chapter 21: That butler, competitive

Text: Such a classy team!!

Text: The awaited 4th Volume will be released on the 27th of May

Text: A fan-thanking event will be organized, see the next page for details!!

Page 4

Finny: Wow!

Finny: What is that big thing?

Small text just to the right of Finny’s thigh: Posh dress

Soma: That’s an elephant.

Soma: It’s a sacred animal.

Sound Effects above elephant: Trumpets

Soma: I breed some in my castle.
Smaller text in Soma’s bubble: About ten, I think.

Bard: That’s awesome!

Small text above Bard: They count as treasures, right?

Maylene: You rear such a large thing in your house?

Page 5

Sebastian: Please do not wander too far off.

Small text above anonymous head in the first panel: That over there is a snake charmer.

Lau: Yo, Earl.

Lau: It’s starting, isn’t it?

Ciel: Cuddling your woman in front of your clients, Lau?

Small text in Lau’s bubble: You’re so baad, Earl.
Lau: Ranmao’s my little sister, my little sister, ya?

Lau: Even though we have no blood relation at all.

Small text above Ranmao’s head: Cute, ya?

Lau: It seems like the audience will get to participate in this curry show, so I wanted to take Ranmao along for a little taste.

Small text to the right of Ciel’s head: Ho.

Small text to the left of Ciel’s head: Is that so?

Page 6

Lau: But back to the topic, is His Highness’ butler serious?

Text next to Soma’s head: My country is this spot over here.

Text next to Finny’s head: Oh!

Text next Maylene’s head: Eh?

Ciel: Betraying the master he holds to be god-like…

Ciel: Can he not be serious?

Lau: But saying that this is all for the prince and he would return the woman once he’s done…

Lau: That sounds like a lie to me, y’know?

Ciel: That might be true.

Ciel: Should his plan succeed, letting Agni go after obtaining the Royal Warrant could possibly mean a leak of his deeds.

Ciel: If it were me…

Page 7

Lau: Have him killed?

Ciel: There’s no need to be silence them all over such a small thing, right?

Small text above Lau’s head: Ha

Lau: Maa, if it were me, I’d kill him.

Ciel: Forget it…

Ciel: Compared to that, I am much more interested in today’s butler competition.

Someone: And that is…

West: Oh ho ho ho ho.

West: If it isn’t Earl Phantomhive!

Ciel: Ah...

Ciel: Lord West.

West: I haven’t seen you in some time! We have not met after that social event last year.

Page 8

West: It is such an honor to meet you again!

Text next to Ciel’s head: Shaking

West: You’re still the same, still wearing such fine clothing.

Text next to Finny: What are you doing?

Text next to Soma: Secretly looking

West: What brand is it that can live up to the Earl’s standards?

Ciel: My dressing is handled completely by my butler, I personally have no interest whatsoever in brands.

Text under West’s arm: Ha ha!

West: You’re still the same!

West: Come to think of it, is your company also participating in this curry show?

Ciel: Why yes. I intend to extend operations to food products and expand my market.

West: I was surprised to hear that you would be participating in the curry show.

West: Could it be that you have found exceptional talent?

Text next to Soma’s head: Secretly watching

Text next to Maylene’s head: Pardon, but what’s the matter?

Page 9

West: My company will not lose to yours.

West: We have also hired a curry specialist.

Ciel: Oh…

West: There are some things I can only say here… We were infiltrated by an opposing company’s spies.

Text outside but in between bubbles: Really softly

West: The lightings in some of my fixtures were broken. Some of the boxes I purchased at ‘general trading’ were also smashed. Really scary.

West: Even thinking back itself is scary.

Text near his head: Shivers

West: Even though we kept the secret of the curry safe.

Text next to Sebastian and next to Ciel: Ah ha ha.

West: I get the shivers once I think that the criminal could turn up at this occasion.

Page 10

Text to the right of West’s face: Rub rub

Text to the left of West’s face: Rub rub

West: But let’s not talk about that. I heard that the Queen will be attending this curry show?

Ciel: And?

West: Because Her Highness stopped going for functions after the passing away of King Albert.

West: My company wants to obtain the Royal Warrant, so we need Her Highness to be present to taste the curry that we pride ourselves upon.

Ciel: …

Ciel: Ah…

Ciel: That took a little too long.

Ciel: I’ll see you later then!

Ciel: To obtain the Royal Warrant huh.

Page 11

Text around Soma: Sneakily

Sebastian: His tone makes him seem so sure of victory.

Ciel: I am looking forward to seeing the look that crosses his face at failure.

Sebastian: Yes, my lord.

Sebastian: Then I will head to the competitor’s rest area.

Door Sfx: Creak

Page 12

Agni: Sebastian-san

Words next to Agni’s head: Tremble

Sebastian: I have not seen you in a while.

Agni: Why would you be at this curry show?

Sebastian: I am here at the order of my master.

Page 13

Agni: Can Lord Ciel please consider His Highness the Prince’s predicament? Please ask him to cease using this method to solve the problem!

Text next to Sebastian’s head: Ha

Sebastian: My master to Prince Soma?

Sebastian: You do not have to worry. My master has always put himself and the company as his first priority.

Agni: I beg this of you!

Agni: I do not wish to compete with people who have cared for me!

Sebastian: You are here for your own reasons, and I am here for mine.

Sebastian: It is simply thus.

Page 14

Agni: I…

Agni: Will definitely not lose!

Sebastian: Such a coincidence.

Sebastian: I feel the same.

Announcer: We have now come to the highlight of “The Empire Governed Indian Culture And Prosperity Exhibition”

Announcer: With participants from famous curry houses throughout London, let the curry show begin!

Page 15

Announcer: We have prepared a special curry for the guests who are present.

Announcer: For your anticipation!

Announcer: Now, today’s judges are

Announcer: The palace chef who will not suffer the slightest mistake tastewise, Head Chef Hayam

Announcer: A tax collector currently serving in India, Mr. Carter

Announcer: And…

Page 16

Announcer: Viscount Druid, who has a great love for the arts and food!

Audience response: How handsome!

Audience response: Viscount-sama!

Audience response: Kya!

Bolded text next to Ciel: Cold

Text next to arrow pointing at Ciel: Goosebumps

Ciel: !!?

Lau: Ara? Wasn’t he locked up by the police?

Ciel: Probably bribed his way out.

Small text in Ciel’s bubble: How corrupt…

Small text near Lau’s head: Does not want to remember

Announcer: Now, these are today’s contestants!

Page 17

Announcer: Passion Dove Company’s Master Darbin,

Announcer: Dmitri Bill Company’s Master Lassiu

Announcer: Daria Company’s Master Rittman

Announcer: Orlanst Silen Company’s Master Lipuli

Announcer: Harold West Company’s Master Agni

Announcer: And Phantomhive Company’s Butler, Sebastian.

Page 18

Announcer: Eh?

Announcer: Butler?

Sebastian: I’m no chef.

Sebastian: Just one hell of a butler. [You can insert that Akuma de Shitsuji desu kara thing here.]

Little Kid: Mama, It’s the Phantomhive Company!

Crowd: Butler?

Crowd: Why would a confectionary company take part in a curry contest?

Announcer: A-Anyway, every contestant seems to be really unique and confident!

Announcer: We’ll be awaiting their marvelous culinary delights then!

Page 19

Announcer: Let the cooking begin!

Lau: If it’s like that, we’ll be really free until they’re done cooking,

Text next to Ciel’s head: Watching closely

Crowd: Hey!

Crowd: Look there!

Page 20

Guy: That Indian man’s right hand seems to have a life of its own.

Lady: And what’s with this wonderful fragrance?

West: Ha

West: So this is the Right Hand Of God. So it really will be an easy victory.

West: ?!

Page 21

Crowd: The Phantomhive Company is also impressive.

Crowd: That fragrance ain’t half bad either.

Ciel: Seems like this round is one we won’t lose easily either.

Text next to Lau: Che

Text next to Lau: Ha ha

Text next to Lau: You little bully.

West: Wh-…

Page 22

West thinking: Why? Why is that butler so familiar at mixing spices?

West thinking: That cannot be… That guy’s English. Even if he watches and learns from the Indians, there is no way he can be better than Agni…

Crowd: Hey!

Crowd: What was it that he did?

West: !?

Announcer: He put something black into the pot!

Announcer: Can that possibly be…

Announcer: Chocolate!?

Page 23

Crowd: Putting chocolate into curry!?

Crowd: That’s disgusting.

Crowd: What is he thinking?

Kid: Mama! I want to eat chocolate!

Text outside of bubble: Ha ha ha

Text inside bubble: As expected of the Phantomhive Company! That’s one new medium of advertisement!

Ciel: …

Agni: No…

Agni: That’s wrong…

Text: That is obviously a condiment. Cocoa. Butter. Milk. Sugar. This mix will draw out the fragrance, the bitterness, and even the taste of fermentation at the same time.

Text: This is an idea that only the English, and not us Indians could have come up with.

Page 24

Agni: Sebastian-san… From the time we met, I knew…

Agni: That you were someone special.

Agni: But

Agni: Even so, I will not lose.

Agni: For the god I hold dear!!

Crowd: Wha…

Crowd: Blue

Crowd: What is that?

Crowd: Lobster!?

Page 25

Druid: That!

Druid: Is that not the Royal Blue Lady?

Druid: It is a type of blue lobster found only in the clear sea waters off the coast of Bretagne, France.

Druid: This color which is comparable to the famous Chartres Blue, hides within that gorgeous shell a splendid body, much like a beautiful lady dressed in a blue evening dress.

West: You see!

West: Agni’s Right Hand Of God together with rare and exquisite ingredients,

West: This is undoubtedly the highest class of curry products!

Agni: I will do my best.

Agni: Sebastian-san, I will defeat you.

Page 26

Agni: !?

Agni thinking: That… That is!!

Soma: This is bad!

Soma: We are going to lose this competition.

Text next to Ciel: Slight twitch

Ciel: !?

Lau: Why?

Soma: Yes, it’s true, Ciel’s butler’s curry is the real thing

Soma: But it is only the curry that is perfect!!

Page 27

Soma: The problem is the Naan.

Soma: Because it is not a staple in Bengal, what I know is not much. Naan is made from leavened wheat and other ingredients.

Soma: It is cooked in a high temperature oven known as a tandoor.

Soma: But this place does not have such facilities. The perfect naan cannot be made.

Soma: So it is that all the effort that Sebastian put into mastering the spices has only come to this.

Soma: And not only the naan

Soma: The curry fire is too large.

Text next to pot: Bubble Bubble

Soma: If this goes on, it will be dry in a matter of moments. The painstakingly made curry would all go to waste.

Soma: As I thought, using one week to master the art of curry was way too short.

Soma: The battle…

Agni thinking: Victory is mine.

Page 28

Announcer: Time’s up!

Announcer: Now to invite all the judges to the stage.

Announcer: First up is Passion Dove Company’s Beef Curry.

Text next to platter: Clatter

Passion Dove Guy: Please

Text next to beard face: Chew

Beard face: The beef was cut in large chunks and cooked well. It goes down nicely.

Beard face: It really is an extravagant curry.

Beard face: But the soup is plain and ordinary with no fragrance.

Beard face: You used curry powder.

Text next to guy on right: Ah crap

Bubble words: Professional chefs using curry powder! This is simply ridiculous!

Text next to guy in middle: Ding dong

Text next to guy on left: I used it too.

Page 29

West: Daria Company’s spices seem to have been mixed by the chef.

West: But the spiciness is overpowering, and the subtle nuances of the flavor have been lost.

Word half in half out of bubble: Ha

West: But your hard work is also to be recognized.

Announcer: Next we have Harold West Company’s Master Agni.

Soma: Agni!

Agni: This is

Text next to platter: Unveil

Agni: My curry.

Page 30

Agni: Blue Lobster and

Agni: Seven types of curry, an Imperial Feast.

Beard Face: A whole Homard Bleu matched with red, yellow and green curries…

Beard Face: What delicacy is this?

Agni: To accommodate your tastes, I did some adjustments to the spiciness and the flavor.

Agni: All the curries now fit perfectly with the taste of the lobster.

Beard Face: The proper seven curries prepared by an Indian, and matched with a whole Homard Bleu lobster.

Beard Face: Then I must…

Page 31

Beard Face: De-Delicious!

Beard Face: The meat is suitably springy, and after chewing, that subtle sweet flavor permeates the entire mouth.

Moustache Face: And that sweet and spicy, clear and rich soup!

Moustache Face: All this was accomplished without compromising the marvelous taste of the lobster!

Druid: Ahh

Druid: Ohh

Text: Like the beautiful lady unexpectedly met,

Text: The seven precious stones, wrapping their beauty around you.

Text: The pigeon-shaped gold brooch, sapphire and pearl blessing, garnet necklace, badge carved from agate.

Text: And the diamond and grandmother green ring on your exquisite fingers,

Text: They all serve to bring out and show off your beauty.

Druid: By you, my…

Page 32

Druid: Heart has been stolen from me…

Druid: Simply astonishing! This is the best curry!

Agni: Many thanks for your praise.

Announcer: Can we truly discern the winner just like this?

Announcer: The last to the stage is the Phantomhive Company!

Sebastian: This is the curry I made.

Beard Face: This…

Beard Face: This is!!

Page 33

Text below round white thing: Sil----------ence

Text in the second panel: Stunned.

Beard Face: What is this white thing?

Sfx: Slap

Beard Face: What are you trying to pull?

Beard Face: Ah

Sfx: Whisk

Sfx: Clatter

Page 34

Crowd: Ah?

Crowd: Deep-frying?

Soma: Ciel! What in the heavens is your butler doing?

Soma: Does he even have to deep-fry a ball of dough?

Ciel: …

Sebastian: It is ready.

Sebastian: This is our company’s curry.

Beard Face: But where is the curry?

Druid: !!

Druid: Wait a moment. This is…!!

Page 35

Announcer: W-What!?

Announcer: The curry… from inside…

Agni: What?

West: What?

Ciel: !!

Sebastian: This is the curry that the Phantomhive Company proudly presents to you.

Sebastian: It has a name.

Page 36

Sebastian: The Curry Pie!!

Crowd: Cur…

Crowd: Curry Pie!?

Sebastian: Please, have a taste.

Text: Lots of

Soma: What in the name of… I have never seen that kind of curry before!

Text: Discussion

Beard Face: A…

Beard Face: Anyway, we’ll have to taste it first.

Page 37

Beard Face: It explodes in the mouth!

Beard Face: This is delicious!

Beard Face: The deep-fried pie’s crispy exterior and soft interior texture added to that sticky curry creates several levels of heavenly taste!

Beard Face: The most fantastic part is the curry filling used in the pie!

Beard Face: Ingenious and fragrant, it is all blended together as if it were the very meaning of ‘delicious’. It blossoms the moment the pie is sliced open!

Agni thinking: So that was it!

Agni thinking: He cooked the curry to dryness so that it could be put in the pie and would not spill out.

Beard Face: In addition, the chunks of chicken in the curry are sizeable,

Beard Face: This really is a perfect creation…

Druid: Ahh

Druid: Ohh

Page 38

Text: The young girl at the ball that makes me want to love her tenderly,

Text: The mischievous mockingbird, noisy as a child in the daytime,

Text: But the evening you shows your true colors,

Text: The heartstring pulling smile behind your mask, the young girl who is alone…

Druid: I really want… to…

Druid: Hold you tightly in my arms!!

Druid: Fresh innovation and undoubted quality,

Druid: This really is the Phantomhive Company’s special revolutionary curry!

Sebastian: My gratitude for the praise.

Page 39

Ciel: ?

Lau: ?

Announcer: Now’s the time that everyone has been waiting for! Taste-testing time!

Announcer: Everyone is now free to taste the curry they have their eyes on.

Judges: This really is a difficult decision to make.

Moustache: It was Harold West Company’s Agni that created a curry mixed so well it is within the realms of the gods.

Beard: No, I am more impressed by Phantomhive Company’s Sebastian. He has created a new page in the history of curry.

Druid: I cannot choose.

Druid: The beautiful lady, or the cute young girl? No matter which, they both have different flavors.

Page 40

Announcer: Everyone has waited long for this moment.

Announcer: After numerous rounds of discussion,

Announcer: The victor of this curry show is…

Announcer: Harold West Company, and Phantomhive Company!

Announcer: A tie!!

Page 41

Announcer: Huh?

Goggles: Please wait.

Page 42

Goggles: The vic…

Goggles: …tor

Bard: Who’s that fashionable old lady?

Text: Lots of discussion

Lau: That person is…

Text in bottom right hand corner of last panel: Commotion

Text next to Lau’s face: It seems like…

Text at top left hand corner of last panel: Noise

Text on top of Ciel’s head: Step

Page 43

Ciel: Your Majesty!

Ciel: Why have you come here?

Crowd: Your…

Text in box: Queen Victoria

Text just below box: Sparkling

Queen V: Greetings, everyone.


Text in box: This queen is the one who crafted the most brilliant time of Great Britain’s history.

Page 44

Text in box: Not only was she the political power behind the idea of expanding the territories of Great Britain to be ‘The Empire Where The Sun Never Sets’,

Text in box: Even in the fields of fashion and balls and other fashionable events, she is the one leading the trends, with immense popularity with the people.

Text in box: Till this day, she is still deeply in love with the deceased King Albert.

Text in box: This is off topic, but it is said that the popularity contest, “The Unrestrained Earl” was based on Her Highness.

Queen V: Before more words,

Text next to Goggles: Tremble

Goggles: Her Majesty has a few words to say.

Queen V: This curry show was indeed exciting.

Text next to horse: Thank you, John.

Queen V: The fragrance permeating the entire room reminds me of the time I had curry with Albert on White Island.

Text next to pocket watch: Flip open

Page 45

Queen V: Oh, Albeeeeeeeeert…

Text next to Goggles, above Queen V: Your Majesty, please pull yourself together.

Text at arrow pointing to doll: King Albert Doll

King A: I want to eat the curry here with you too…

Lau: Her Majesty is really emotional…

Word outside the panel: Read straight

Words at the bottom right hand corner of panel: Victoria, pull yourself together. I’m Albert.

Words to the left of that: Albert? Where are you?

Words to top left hand corner of panel: That’s why I told you not to come out.

Ciel: Shut up.

Words just above John’s head: Your Majesty, Albert-sama has always been by your side.

Queen V: You would not oppose to me joining this competition as an invited judge, would you?

Queen V: My choice is…

Queen V: Cough

Queen V: Cough…

Page 46

Queen V: Phantomhive Company’s Butler, Sebastian.

Queen V: Which would be you.

West: Wha…

Agni: !?

West: Wh-Why?

West: Would the curry we made lose to a deep-fried pie using curry as a filling?

Queen V: Please cast your glance over there.

West: !?

Page 47

Queen V: Do you understand?

Queen V: Phantomhive’s curry requires no utensils and can be consumed by anyone.

Queen V: Yes, that is right, this is a method that even takes into account children.

Queen V: Everyone is happy, the rich, the poor, the adults, the children. Everyone is equal.

Queen V: This advantage, to Great Britain who will control the New Century before us, is essential.

Queen V: I highly approve of the Phantomhive Company’s accounting for children.

Page 48

Queen V: Thus,

Queen V: The victor is the Phantomhive Company!

Text in front of West: Tremble

West: How… How can this…

Agni: …

Bard: Nice one, Sebastian-san!

Maylene: Sebastian-san is so awesome!

Text at top left hand corner of panel: Kyaaaaaa!

Text below that: Let’s eat together!

Finny: You should come and eat too, Young Master!

Ciel thinking: That’s right. Sebastian thought of the pie

Ciel thinking: After seeing Finny at that time.

Announcer: Congratulations, Master Sebastian!

Announcer: Could we have a few words?

Text next to Sebastian’s face: Smile

Sebastian: I’m no Master.

Page 49

Side text: The sounds which resonate through the Crystal Palace… The fragrances wafting from within… Delicious

Sebastian: I am but

Sebastian: a butler. [Again, you can insert his catchphrase Akuma de shitsuji desu kara thing.]

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