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Translations: One Piece 920 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Cage of Eden 12

Cry Out

+ posted by Teishou as translation on Jun 11, 2009 18:33 | Go to Cage of Eden

-> RTS Page for Cage of Eden 12

Reserved for the explicit use of Red-Hawk Scanlations only.

Cage of Eden Chapter 12


Bubble 1: …Th-
Bubble 2: This is a joke, right…?
Text (right): She’s…not breathing?!
Text (left): Rion’s life was regained from the fangs of the monster! But…her body is colder than the water.


Bubble 1: Rion! Rion!
Bubble 2: Hey, wake up!
Bubble 3: Blood?!
Bubble 4: That monster…
Did this to you earlier…?
Text: Oh man…As it is…
Bubble 5: Anyway…the island…
Bubble 6: If I don’t hurry back to land…!
Bubble 7: I-is everyone all right…?
The Andrewsarchus…


Bubble 1: Looks like it’s gone (missing) for now…
Bubble 2-4: Haah はあっ (breathing hard)
Bubble 5: Shit…
They betrayed us…
I won’t forgive you for this, Yoshimoto!
Bubble 6: Ah, that’s
Bubble 7: M-Mariya-kun?!
Bubble 8: Tch, what…
Bubble 9: Four-eyes couldn’t swim?
Bubble 10: If…
Bubble 11: If we don’t go save him…


Bubble 1: Say what? The hell you saying?!
Bubble 2: We don’t have a raft anymore, remember?!
And that crocodile thing’s out there in the ocean!
You saw it! Akagami got hurt by it!
Bubble 3: No way in hell I’m going out there!
Bubble 4: Even so…
Bubble 5: Sengoku-kun went out there.
Bubble 6: I do not wish
Bubble 7: For anyone else to die.


Bubble 1: W-wh-wh-what are you…
Bubble 2: I can’t save him fully clothed.
That’s the basis of lifesaving!
Bubble 3: H-hey…
Text: She’s serious…?!
Bubble 4: D-
Damn it!
Bubble 5: I’m such an idiot!


Bubble 1: Paddle more, Mukouda!
Bubble 2: And pay attention to the surroundings!
Bubble 3: Will you shut up?!
I’m paddling, I’m paddling!
Bubble 4: Have to hurry across to the other island!
Bubbled SFX: Haah はあっ (breathing hard)
Bubble 5: But it’s so dark, I don’t know where to go!
Bubble 6: Going this way, we’ll hit the island, right?!
Bubble 7: Of course!
Bubble 8: I know the placement of the stars!
Bubble 9: I gazed at them so much that I was sick of it the last two days! I can’t be wrong! (There’s no mistake!)
Bubble 10: We’ll be saved!
Bubble 11: I’ll show you, as *I* will definitely be saved!


Bubble 1-4: Haah はあっ (breathing hard)
Bubble 5: O-Oomori-san!
Bubble 6: There’s trouble! Rion’s not breathing, and her breast is hurt…
Text: No one’s here…?
Bubble 7: Th-that’s right…They’re already heading towards that other island…
Bubble 8: So it’s just me here…
Bubble 9: What should I do?!
Bubble 10: Maybe a heart massage…?
The wound on her breast…
Text: Should I stop the bleeding?
Text: Or should I make her throw up the water?!
Bubble 11: W-well, first…
Her breathing…


Bubble 1: Shit…
Bubble 2: I can do this first then…
Text: Sorry, Rion…
Text: That I’m doing something like this…


Bubble 1: Saji-kun!
From the back! Go around from the back!
Bubble 2: From the armpits, try to put your arm around his head!
Bubble 3: As one would expect of you as a Cabin Attendant…
Bubble 4: Are you all right, Mariya-kun?!
Bubble 5: Ah…
Yeah… Sorry…
Bubble 6: All right! Let’s get a move on back to the…


Bubble 1: Saji-kun!
Text: Let go of me, you bastard!
Bubble 2: Should be there soon!
The island…Where’s the island?!
Bubble 3: We should’ve seen it already!
Bubble 4: Look harder, Mukouda!
Bubbled SFX: Haah はあ (breathing hard)
Bubble 5: Ah…there’s something over there…
Bubble 6: …Eh?!


Bubble 1: Wh-what is this?!
Bubble 2: A rock?
Bubble 3: Just a rock, isn’t it…
Bubble 4: L-look harder!
There should be a much bigger island there!
Bubble 5: There isn’t one! I can’t see anything else but that!
Bubble 6: I mistook that little rock for an island or…
Text: A mirage…?


Text: I’ve heard about it before: …the light’s anomalous refraction. A mirage where a smaller object shows a much huger one…
Text: Real Image
Text: Mirage
Text: And if that happened…
Text: This island we set out for is what it really looks like…?
Text: Impossible?! That this kind of thing is what I…
Text: Wha…


Text: What the hell?!
Bubbled SFX: Cough ゲホッ
Bubble 1: Th-that’s over where Yoshimoto is!
Bubble 2: What the hell is that?!
Text: Impossible! That’s…


Bubble 1: Basilosaurus


Bubble 1: It was named king as the largest whale!


Bubbled SFX: Gasp ぷはっ
Bubbled SFX: Haah はあ
Bubble 1: Ri…
Text: What should I do? Her breathing is…
Bubble 2: Hey,
Bubble 3: Wake up…!


Text: I-it’s no good…?
Bubble 1: N-no way…
Bubble 2: That can’t be…
Bubble 3: O-one more time…
Text: Why…
Text: Did this kind of thing…
Text: Always by my side…
Text: Always laughing…
Text: Right…


Text: Rion…!
Bubble 1: Come back to me…!
Bubble 2: I’m begging you…!
Text: Don’t die!


Bubble 1: …They all died, huh.
Bubble 2: Tanaka, Mukouda,
Bubble 3: And Yoshimoto…
Bubble 4: Damn it!
Bubble 5: What the hell were we trying to do that for…
Bubble 6: That’s right…What about Sengoku and Rion? (the manga used “others” here but…only one other person. Naming her is easier.)
Bubble 7: Ah…


Text: Because of his hoping and struggling…his voice reached her!
Bottom text: Akira and the others have survived! And what about what they saw before…?!

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