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Translations: One Piece 920 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Cage of Eden 14


+ posted by Teishou as translation on Jun 25, 2009 00:37 | Go to Cage of Eden

-> RTS Page for Cage of Eden 14

Reserved for the explicit use of Red-Hawk Scanlations only.

Cage of Eden Chapter 14


Text: With this meeting, their world has changed yet again.
Text: Yarai…Kouichi…
Box: Cage of Eden (Eden no Ori)
Bubble 1: Yarai-kuuun!
Bubble 2: Yarai-kun!
Bubble 3: Whoa, what the…it’s you guys!
Bubble 4: You guys survived?!
Text: Guh…
Text: Just these crappy guys?!


Text: The Yarai team, and preeminent times of unrest…
Text: The Akira team, and crap – way too anxious!


Bubble 1: Eheh…
Bubble 2: It’s Akagami Rion…
Bubble 3: …Hmph.
Bubble 4: Zajiiiii…
Bubble 5: You’re living well, huuuh…
In spite of the small fry.
Bubble 6: …Well…
Bubble 7: I guess…
Bubble 8: Hey now!
Bubble 9: You guys can’t flat-out greet them?!
Bubble 10: Ahh, wonderful!
Bubble 11: We’re gathering people this way!


Text: Yarai, huh…
Text: Never talked to him before, but I’ve heard he was trouble.
Text: He beat up Guam soldiers just by himself…
Text: But if we don’t work together here…
Bubble 1: G-good to have you here…
Bubble 2: Huh…?
Text: He ignored me?!
He didn’t even take me in consideration?!


Bubble 1: P-please stop it…
Bubble 2: Hey, hey now! We’re your friends from today on!
Your stuff’s our stuff!
Bubble 3: Hey! Cut it out you guys!
Bubble 4: Gahahah! Even as far as having beds!
Bubble 5: Man, this fruit’s good!
Bubble 6: H-hold on… Stop it, all of you…
Bubble 7: Oh come on, Kurusu-chan…


Bubble 1: Knock it off!
Bubble 2: Then hell are you guys doing?!
Bubble 3: You’re being really selfish to come along together and do this!
Text: And Yarai…?
Bubble 4: Akira-kun!
Bubble 5: GAH!
Bubble 6: Sengoku-kun!


Bubble 1: Shaddup, you…
Bubble 2: Ohhh…
Bubble 3: You’ve done it now…
Bubble 4: Stop it, all of you!
Bubble 5: Shut up and butt out, Kurusu-chan.
Bubble 6: Kya…
Bubble 7: Hey.
Bubble 8: Food…
Bubble 9: Ah…
Bubble 10: Ahh, right away!
Small text: Hey…


Text: Just one word…?
Text: They didn’t listen to a word Sensei said…
Text: They listened to his words over an adult’s…
Text: But why…?!
Text: Just what does
Yarai have?!


Bubble 1: Click, click
Bubble 2: Yo, Mariya.
Bubble 3: Whatcha doin’? Searchin’ for something again?
Bubble 4: …There’s usually something bothering me.
Bubble 5: Up until now, there haven’t been such mistakes in the pictorial encyclopedia, and the animal ecology.
Bubble 6: Y-
You got a sec? I know you’re worried from earlier…
Bubble 7: But do you know why?
Bubble 8: About those things that went extinct a long time ago…
Bubble 9: I have a guess.
Bubble 10: It’s because it can’t see them directly.
Bubble 11: Huh?


Bubble 1: For example, the Andrewsarchus.
Bubble 2: There’s only one part of the skull they aren’t finding.
Bubble 3: Huh?!
Bubble 4: However, from the fossil that were unearthed (appeared) from the stratum, we know the time it lived, the place and the environment,
And from the shape of its teeth, we know its feeding habitat.
Bubble 5: They found common traits the animals have from the shape of its jaw,
And so it can be categorized.
Bubble 6: If you can attach it to a classification, that’s “taxonomic”. That shape is assumable.
Bubble 7: Ahh…
Bubble 8: The shape and feeding habitat… If you can gather its period of living,
Then next up’s the ethology.
Bubble 9: In this way, various studies combine together.
Bubble 10: I-I don’t get it…
Bubble 11: B-but…
Bubble 12: I thought the animals now were based on those…
Bubble 13: All right…
Then why…?
Bubble 14: “Nature doesn’t jump.”
Bubble 15: Y-


Bubble 1: Yarai!
Bubble 2: Ohh…
Bubble 3: So you know that, Yarai?
Bubble 4: In Darwin’s theory of evolution, it’s thought that it seems like you’re rising up a staircase in evolution.
Bubble 5: On the contrary, if you go down, you expose the reality of the past’s living things though it wouldn’t be difficult.
Text: How does…
He know those things…?
Bubble 6: Oomori-san was looking for you, Akira-kun!
Bubble 7: Rion!
Bubble 8: Your injury okay?
Small text: Overdoing it’s…
Bubble 9: I’m just fine!
Small text: You see?
I’m sorry for making you worry…


Bubble 1: Eh…
Bubble 2: KYAAA!
Bubble 3: Y-Yarai, you bastard!


Text: He’s…smiling…?
Text: Say what…?
Text: Did I do something risky…?
Bubble 1: Hey, you!
What are you doing?!


Bubble 1: Kurusu-sensei…
Bubble 2: What happened, Akagami-san? Are you okay?!
Small text: You have a change of clothes?
Bubble 3: Y-yes…I’m fine…
Small text: I have a change of clothes, too.
Bubble 4: That woman…as it is, my right arm remains a hindrance.
Bubble 5: The shoulder to the elbow’s firmly fixated, and she said not to move it for 2-3 days.
Text: Huh…?
Bubble 6: Wait just a moment, Yarai-kun!
Bubble 7: Sensei…
Text: She’s worried about Rion…? No…
Bubble 8: What kind of guy is Yarai…?
Bubble 9: I…don’t think he’s a bad kid…
Bubble 10: He lost his mom as a child,
And he only has one relative. His father is constantly transferred around overseas…
Bubble 11: What’s the guy do?


Bubble 1: Not sure…
I heard it was just with a foreign corporation…
Text: I don’t get what the hell that guy’s thinking…
Bubble 2: There!
Bubble 3: Where? Aim it right, Mikoshiba.
Bubble 4: I’ll hit it with this arrow!
Bubble 5: Don’t explain it.


Bubble 1: The hell?
Bubble 2: What are those guys doing…
Lemme take a look.
Bubble 3: Stupid, that’s skill! Skill!
Bubble 4: Give it here.
Bubble 5: There, yum!
Text: Those guys…
Are just bullying that weak creature…
Bubble 6: Hey…
Bubble 7: This next one’ll hit!


Text: Oh…c-crap!
Text: What do I do?! If I yell out,
They’ll all leap down and come after us…
Bubbled SFX: sch (sound of sand/something gritty)


Bubble 1: Y-
Bubble 2: Yarai…
Bubble 3: Hold on!
Bubble 4: Look up in the trees!
Make one wrong move and…


Bubble 1: Y-
Bubble 2: YARAI?!
Text: What’s he plan to do?!
Text (right side): A delighted smile at the smell of blood?! The king departs!

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