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Translations: Gintama 601 (2) , One Piece 836 by cnet128 , Bleach 686 by cnet128

Cage of Eden 18

Run Away from Fate

+ posted by Teishou as translation on Jul 3, 2009 18:14 | Go to Cage of Eden

-> RTS Page for Cage of Eden 18

Reserved for the explicit use of Red-Hawk Scanlations only.

Cage of Eden Chapter 18


Text: Try your best, Rhino!
Text: Arsinoitherium
Taxonomical family of the Embrithopoda Arsinoitherium
Withers: ~2 meters; Length: ~3 meters; Went extinct ~23 million years ago.
Guessed to be similar to a rhinoceros from its gigantic body and horns, but can also be recognized in close relation with the elephant and the dugong from the fauna in existence.


Bubble 1: That’s it! Mariya’s pictorial encyclopedia
Bubble 2: Of extinct animals wasn’t wrong!
Bubble 3: If it wasn’t, it’d be impossible for an animal that can swim to die by drowning!
Bubble 4: Eh? What do you mean, Akira-kun?
Bubble 5: It’s constantly in pain!
We and it have the same disease!
Bubble 6: What?!


Bubble 1: So then, this is about that rhino normally being in a rage?
I was under the impression that we were automatically being subdued…
Bubble 2: Ah! You can’t just think that!
Bubble 3: But that’s…why…?
Bubble 4: M-maybe it’s…
Bubble 5: Ah, and are you going to explain just what that is?
Bubble 6: You’re the only one that’s safe…
Text: The source of it…
Text: Are these…?!
Bubble 7: Look,


Bubble 1: I still don’t know the source but…what’s on Mariya’s laptop?
Bubble 2: This is the creature I wanted you to see!
Bubble 3: Hmm?
Bubble 4: Maybe it’s this shortcut…
Bubble 5: Ah!
Bubble 6: Th-this is it!
Small text: It’s what I’d planned to show you.
Box: Nemegtbaatar Gobiensis
Taxonomical Family of the Multituberculata Djadochtatherioidea* (See footnotes)
Cretaceous Period Postscript; Distributed in Asia.
As big as the current squirrel.
Bubble 7: It’s always eating those berries,
Even though it’s fine!
Bubble 8: Mariya-kun was worried about it, too!
Text: It ate those, but it’s okay?!
Text: The hell…what’s this mean?!
Bubble 9: Uughh…


Bubble 1: Ugh…
Bubble 2: Aahhh…
Bubble 3: Uhh…


Text: Everyone’s worn out…
Bubble 1: Akira-kun!
Text: No use thinking about it either!
Bubble 2: Wh-where are you going?
Bubble 3: I’m gonna look for that thing anyway.
Text: The thing ate those berries and was fine.
Text: That’s undoubtedly only
Text: Something to bet on…


Bubble 1: Okay, Akira-kun!
Bubble 2: The two of us will save everyone!


Bubble 1: Unh!
Bubbled SFX: Hyuta ヒュタ (dash?)
Bubbled SFX: Haahh ハア
Bubble 2: Gah…
Text: This time, I have to save them!
Text: All of them!
Text: And…
Text: I have to save Akira!


Text: There’s no time!
Text: If we don’t hurry…
Text: Everyone’ll…
Bubble 1: AAAHHHHH!
Bubble 2: My eyes…
Bubble 3: My eyes…
Bubble 4: MY EYES!


Bubble 1: Hey, Akira-kun…
Bubbled SFX: Haaaa ハー
Bubble 2: Let’s take a break…
Bubble 3: Don’t mind me, Rion.
Bubble 4: But…!
Text: He hasn’t noticed?!
Text: His eyes keep getting redder…!
Text: I-if we don’t hurry and catch it…
Text: There’s no more time!


Bubble 1: A herd of…
Bubble 2: Arsinoitherium…
Bubble 3: They’re eating those berries…


Bubble 1: That the herd’s here means
Bubble 2: That one by the lake strayed away.
Bubble 3: So this is where it starts… They’re eating those berries so,
They must be the same rhinos…
Bubble 4: Guh…
Bubble 5: Kyaaa! Akira-kun!
Bubble 6: Gah!
Text: What…?!


Text: What the hell…


Text: They’re different from the one at the lake?!


Text: This is the true nature
Text: Of the Arsinoitheriums?!
Text: But they’re eating the red berries…
Text: So why…?
Text: Huh?
Text: It’s different!
Text: That’s…


Text: Damn it!
Text: Was this all for nothing?!
Text: Just when we got a hold of something!
Bubbled SFX: Paanパアン(smacking sound)
Text: A coin…?


Text: Yarai…
Text: Bastard…where’ve you been ‘til now…?
Bubble 1: I didn’t think I’d be surpassed earlier.


Bubble 1: No doubt, our conditions were caused by the poison in those red berries.
More than likely, we ate them without knowing they carried a strong poison for hemorrhaging.
Bubble 2: But…did you know the poison of blowfish and scorpions can offset the deadly poison of an aconite plant?
Bubble 3: Their conditions are kept normal because they’re eating the berries and plants at the same time…
Bubble 4: So that means…
Bubble 5: If you eat this…
Bubble 6: Then you’ll probably…
Bubble 7: Hang in there, Akira-kun!
Bubble 8: If you eat this, you’ll surely…


Text: Akira-kun…his consciousness is already…?
Text: Th-then…
Text: How can he…?!
Text: A measure of a complete recovery of health! Without being in time for Akira…Rion’s in a critical situation?!
Bottom text: The ultimate crisis! Will this be a victory?!

* The taxonomical family is actually unknown at this point; while the author indicated the Sloanbaatar as the family, this is incorrect. Sloanbaatar is another genus under the Sloanbaataridae family, which is different from the Nemegtbaatar Gobiensis’ family. Because it is undecided, and because the author was less than accurate with his information, I have put this family instead (which is directly closer to the actual family).

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