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Daikusei Kuuki Heishidan 1

Dark Skies

+ posted by Teishou as translation on Dec 7, 2013 06:26 | Go to Daikusei Kuuki Heishidan

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For the sole use of Galactica Scans.

Daikusei Kuuki Heishidan Chapter 1

Cover Flap

Bubble 1: A pleasure to meet you. Kurotora, a representative for the author, speaking.
Bubble 2: Thank you very much for buying the tankouban.
Bubble 3: As a service to express my gratitude, I will now shake my head for you.
Bubble 4: Ah, I shook it too much. I don’t feel well.


The Ninth Air Calvary Subjugation Division

#000 Dark Skies
#001 Then, There in the Clouds
#002 Akatsuki's Secret
#003 A Top Secret of Utmost Importance
#004 Rhea Calquerite


#000 Dark Skies

Box 1: For all those of us living now…
Box 2: Sea level rising. Entrance forbidden.
Box 3: The world basically looks something like this.
Box 4: There's that, and…
Bubble 1: Ah, man. I’m gonna be late.


Box 1: Whenever I look up at the sky, there's always a ton of planes flying overhead.


Box 1: I'm sure there's probably something going on, somewhere in the world…
Box 2: But can't say that has much to do with people like me.
Bubble 1: Hey, Iono!
Bubble 2: Iono Akatsuki!
Bubble 3: What?


Bubble 1: You need somethin'?
Bubble 2: Senpai?
Bubble 3: You little fuck!
Bubble 4: You did me in good this morning, first-year.


Bubble 1: And you are…?
Bubble 2: Yazawa, a third-year!
Box: This morning
Small text: Wha…?!
Bubble 3: We were passing by and you just up and punched me!
Small text: We'd never even met before!
Text: This morning…
Bubble 4: Maybe…your face…just ticked me off…?
Bubble 5: The fuck?! You don't even know why?!
Bubble 6: You don't remember? What the hell kinda reason is that?!
Small text: Against someone you'd met for the first time ever, too!
Bubble 7: I was wondering what kinda dude did you in, but there's nothing to this kid.
Bubble 8: Clam it! I just wasn't paying attention!
Text: Gwaaa
Bubble 9: See, you see?! Doesn't his attitude just piss you off?!
Bubble 10: Whatever, I'm out of here. Seeya, senpai.


Bubble 1: I get it. You're right.
Bubble 2: Looks like we'll have to teach him a lesson!

Page 12

Bubble 1: Gyaaaaaaaaah!
Bubble 2: Damn you…
Bubble 3: Wh-why can't I hit him?! Damn it!
Bubble 4: Ah…
Bubble 5: Ah…wha…wha…
Bubble 6: Huh…
Bubble 7: GOTCHA!


Bubble 1: I'm an ordinary kid. I've just got really good kinetic vision.
Or so my dad says, anyway.
Bubble 2: Wh-what the hell…
Bubble 3: Well, not like that stuff matters anyway.
Bubble 4: Now…payback time!
Bubble 5: Stop it, Akatsuki!


Bubble 1: The teacher will be there soon.
Bubble 2: I reported that some delinquents were going crazy.
Badge: Cooking Instructor
Seibu Tsubasa
Bubble 3: Tsubasa…!
Bubble 4: Hurry and get out of there, Akatsuki!
Bubble 5: I will cover for you.
Text: Where are they fighting at?!


Bubble 1: Kay. Sorry about this!
Bubble 2: You're pretty curt, but I like that about you!
Bubble 3: Just make sure to get to my next class on time.
Bubble 4: You kids again?!
Bubble 5: Your power isn't meant to be used for something like this.


Bubble 1: Whew, that was a close one. If I'd been caught, they would've called my parents.
Text: I-Iono-kun, you shouldn't skip class…
Text: Stand.
Text: Bow.
Bubble 2: Let's begin, starting from page 19 in your textbook.


Bubble 1: Hey, Akatsuki! Is it true you live together with Seibu-sensei?
Bubble 2: Yeah.
Bubble 3: That's too cute. He's the same age as us, right?
How is he a teacher?
Bubble 4: How, they ask…
Box 1: The first time I met Tsubasa was five years ago.
Box 2: He used to live in the Republic of Galimeia. A friend of my dad's died, so they brought him over here.
Box 3: He'd already graduated from the Galimeia Graduate School by that time.
Text: We're the same age, though…
Box 4: He had a doctorate in machinery something or whatever studies.


Box 1: But, well, no one was gonna go for a 9-year-old strolling down the streets on his own,
So he transferred to the same elementary school I went to.
Bubble 1: You assholes!
Bubble 2: You’ve been bullying Tsubasa!
Bubble 3: PON!
Bubble 4: Geh…
Bubble 5: Crap, it’s Akatsuki!
Small text: And that relentless raccoon dog of his!
Bubble 6: Run away!
Bubble 7: Yeah, not happening, assholes.
Bubble 8: As colorful as always.


Bubble 1: I’m sure you wouldn’t mind putting everything back the way they were, would you?
Bubble 2: If you can’t, trade out those for yours, instead.
Bubble 3: WAHHH!
Bubbled SFX: Pon!
Bubble 4: Don’t do it in the first place if you’re gonna cry about it!
Bubble 5: This is the last of them.
Bubble 6: Okay.
Bubble 7: I told you not to get too far from me, didn’t I?
Bubble 8: You’re way smart, so everyone’s real jealous.
You’ve got no tact, either.
Bubble 9: You’re right.
Bubble 10: Thanks, Akatsuki.
Bubble 11: Don’t mention it.
Text: Yeah, pon!
Bubble 12: We’re both practically brothers, anyway.


Bubble 1: PON!
Bubble 2: Ah, sorry. I meant, all THREE of us are bros!
Bubble 3: Hahaha.
Box 1: But, you know…
Box 2: For him to become my freakin’ teacher, of all things…
Bubble 4: As I thought,
Bubble 5: There is no point in my becoming a junior high student, so I will be commuting elsewhere.
Bubble 6: And, due to this…
Box 3: Now that I think about it…


Box 1: The sky hadn’t been this busy back then…
Bubble 1: Akatsuki! Dinner’s ready! Call down Tsubasa, would you?
Bubble 2: Got it.
Bubble 3: You heard the man, Tsubasa.
Bubble 4: …You made more weird stuff again.
Text: And that is why you’re a genius.


Bubble 1: Ah, that’s your surveillance bot, robot No.4.
Whenever it senses your excitement, it will stab your head.
Bubble 2: You’ll become calmer this way.
Bubble 3: You’re always prone to quickly starting meaningless fights.
Bubble 5: I don’t need crap like this!
Bubble 6: This is overdoing it during the day. You could just stop me yourself!
Bubble 7: I could,
Bubble 8: But I despise dealing with trouble.
Bubble 9: Besides, do you truly believe I have the physical strength to stop one of your fights?
Bubble 10: Guess not.
Bubble 11: Akatsuki…


Bubble 1: You’re only continuing a chain of violence,
Bubble 2: By using your power that way.
Bubble 3: Gah, enough about that.
Bubble 4: There’s no chain, or whatever. I’m just strong!
Bubble 5: Nothing wrong with that!


Bubble 1: I was genuinely attempting to discuss this with you. Whatever was I thinking?
Text: Haaaaah
Bubble 2: Huh?
Bubble 3: What the hell are you guys doing?
I said dinner’s ready.
Bubble 4: The food’s getting cold and it’s ticking your mom off.
Bubble 5: Sweet. Food, food, food!
Bubble 6: Tsubasa…
Bubble 7: How’s Akatsuki doing at school?
Bubble 8: Ah, yes.
Bubble 9: He’s progressing well.


Text: Japan Air Force
Tokyo Bay Sea Base
No Unaffiliated
Vehicles Allowed
Text: Japan Air Force
Tokyo Bay Sea Base
Bubble 1: We must find the wielders of the Kigan.


Bubble 1: Precisely that! This project requires
Bubble 2: The people born with the Kigan.
Bubble 3: Their greatest distinction
Bubble 4: Is the fact they do not observe a latent determent.


Bubble 1: For example, let us say you are currently looking at me.
Bubble 2: When you do, while other things aside of me may enter into your field of vision
You essentially do not see them.
Text: A normal person’s field of vision
Bubble 3: However, the ones who possess that ability see not only me,
But everything that enters into their field of perception.
Text: The field of vision of a person with this ability
Bubble 4: This is for the very purpose of the brain accepting whatever outside information comes in.
Bubble 5: Well, the persons themselves
Probably only believe they have great dynamic vision.
Bubble 6: However,


Bubble 1: With those eyes, one could perceive the every single situation of the battlefield within but a moment,
Bubble 2: At a speed unparalleled by any normal person.
Bubble 3: I’m not certain they could lead much of a normal life, however.
Bubble 4: They’re out there, sufferable…
Bubble 5: Geniuses.
Bubble 6: This is an urgent matter which concerns this country’s very continuance.
Bubble 7: We must find these people without a moment’s delay!
Bubble 8: A number of people have been confirmed,
But we are still very much lacking in numbers.


Bubble 1: The project is already underway.
Nameplate (middle): Lt. Col. Iono Asahi
Nameplate (upper left): Col. Shinohara Kensuke
Nameplate (bottom): Tsubasa


Text: Playing together with Akatsuki and Pon
Bubble 1: We’re both practically brothers, anyway.
Bubble 2: Ahhhh! Finally over!
Text: All you did was sleep.
Bubble 3: Ah, Akatsuki.
Bubble 4: I told you to stay after school for a math test
Only because of what happened earlier today.
Text: Although I said I would teach you more, you wouldn't study regardless.
Bubble 5: You serious?!


Bubble 1: Oh, Seibu-kun. Good work today. You're free to head home now.
Bubble 2: All right. Take care.
Note: If you don't hurry home, I'll eat all the side dishes.
Note: Say what?!
Note: Get to it!
Bubble 3: Hey, you serious about beating down Seibu?!


Bubble 1: Already got thirty people in on it.
Bubble 2: He's had it coming.
Acting all like a high-and-mighty prof. even though he's younger than us…
Bubble 3: He even got Yazawa and them suspended.
Bubble 4: Whoa, come on, let's go then. A little string-bean like him won't even take a minute.
Bubble 5: Huh?
Bubble 6: Yamada?!


Bubble 1: Where?! Where are they?!
Bubble 2: Where are you bastards grouping up?!
Bubble 3: Y-you punk! Knock it off!
Bubble 4: Spit it out, damn it!
Bubble 5: Iono! What do you think you're doing?!
Bubble 6: You damn brat!


Bubble 1: Huh?
Bubble 2: UGWAH!
Bubble 3: Listen up, you shits.
Bubble 4: He hasn't done jack to anyone! You're in no position to resent him for anything!
Bubble 5: Where is he?!
Bubble 6: I-in old Minato City…in the…abandoned building…
Bubble 7: Wha…now, just see here, Iono!


Bubble 1: Th-that kid…
Bubble 2: How'd he see my movements?
Bubble 3: Damn! Tsubasa's just some weak kid with a curt personality!
Bubble 4: I've gotta hurry…!
Bubble 5: Uh…
Bubble 6: Huh?
Small text: Where's it at?
Bubble 7: Guh…
Bubble 8: Tsubasa…


Bubble 1: Oh, it's Akatsuki.
Bubble 2: What happened to your makeup test?
Bubble 3: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Bubble 4: You…did you do all of this?
Bubble 5: How the hell did you…
Bubble 6: Seibu…


Bubble 1: Say your last words!
Bubble 2: Watch o-…
Bubble 3: Whoa…
Bubble 4: Uwah!


Bubble 1: Wha…
Bubble 2: Take this…
Bubble 3: Gah!
Bubble 4: Those moves…
Bubble 5: Gyah!
Bubble 6: Tch!
Bubble 7: Could Tsubasa…


Bubble 1: Be the same as me?
Bubble 2: No, he's even better…!


Bubble 1: You're kidding…
Bubble 2: And here you were all talking about how you've got no physical strength at all…
Bubble 3: Those moves…


Bubble 1: Why were you acting all weak?!
Bubble 2: Answer me!
Bubble 3: Let's see just how good you are then!


Text: Huh?
Bubble 1: Wh-why didn't you evade me?
Bubble 2: These eyes of ours,
Bubble 3: Are not meant for fighting.


Bubble 1: Then again, I, too, had to use them against all of these people…
Bubble 2: Th-then…
Bubble 3: What the hell else can you use them for?!
Bubble 4: Akatsuki.
Bubble 5: Huh?


Bubble 1: Tsubasa?
Bubble 2: For that.
Two different rocks flying in two different directions at the same time, yet you saw both.
Bubble 3: This is matter of course for you, but to a normal person, that is an impossible feat.
Bubble 4: What…?
Bubble 5: Your eyes…


Bubble 1: Are called Senkigan.
Bubble 2: Sen…kigan?
Bubble 3: If you can truly awaken that power, you will,


Bubble 1: Without a single doubt,
Bubble 2: Become a wonderful strength for this country in the future.
Bubble 3: Tsubasa…


Box 1: A week later…
Bubble 1: Tsubasa!
Bubble 2: Why are you going home?!
Bubble 3: Akatsuki.
Bubble 4: I was sought out by a place willing to back up my past five years of research.
Bubble 5: While I am sad to leave you all,
I would like to complete my research as soon as I can.
Bubble 6: Oh yeah?


Bubble 1: It'll look good for you to say you went to Galimeia for that.
Small text: Not that I really get it…
Bubble 2: And just when you'd finally gotten all those followers, too.
Text: Seibu-sensei, good afternoon!
Bubble 3: I have something to give you.
Bubble 4: Here.


Bubble 1: P-Pon?!
Bubble 2: B-but, why…? He was supposed to have died a long time back…
Bubble 3: OOOWWW!
Bubble 4: AH! He really is Pon! He used to always look at my hand and bite it, right?!
Bubble 5: What the hell is with this thing?!
Bubble 6: It's a robot.


Bubble 1: They're only a simulation, but he also has emotions.
Bubble 2: I believe I have reproduced the Pon of old.
Bubble 3: Pon…
Bubble 4: What's wrong, Akatsuki?
Bubble 5: Pon's dead…
Bubble 6: A neighbor told me he was hit by a car…
Bubble 7: Ever since he got lost and wandered into our garden,
Bubble 8: We've always been together…
Bubble 9: I…liked him, too…


Bubble 1: Pon…
Bubble 2: The three of us,
Bubble 3: Were brothers, after all.


Bubble 1: So, as my replacement,
Bubble 2: I will entrust him unto you.
Bubble 3: Tsubasa…
Bubble 4: Calling all passengers for boarding the SAL128 flight to New Yoke…
Bubble 5: Ah, it's time.
Bubble 6: Yeah…
Bubble 7: Oh yeah, Akatsuki!
Bubble 8: Make sure to at least get into high school!
Bubble 9: Geez, I know!


Bubble 1: I'll do my best, too…!
Bubble 2: Okay…!
That's a given.
Box 1: And like that, we went our separate ways.
Box 2: That day, too,


Box 1: The sky was filled with planes as far as the eye could see.

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