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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Eyeshield 21 200


+ posted by ThE WoRm as translation on Sep 7, 2006 15:17 | Go to Eyeshield 21

-> RTS Page for Eyeshield 21 200

This is the final version, all of the parts I wasn't sure about was fixed, please use this for a new version for scans, because there are some things that needs to be changed, like the part with agon talking about what will happen under the waterfall ^^"


200th down REAL MONSTER

side of frame: The monsters we've been awaiting for that were not yet seen!!

2-3- (numbered 2)

announcer: The fierce fighting of the second half!

right to frame 2: The time of delight!!

announcer: The score in the end is 36-35!!

announcer: Now! Finally!
announcer: The ones who finally hit Kantou's god of no fail---

announcer: Deimon

announcer: Devil bats!!!

4-5- (numbered 3)

No translation needed, I guess :P

6- page number 5

no translation needed

7- page number 4

musashi: But you thought that in the start and end... That's so

doburoku: ... Hm?

doburoku: Somehow
doburoku: It fells like we're forgetting something really happy...

mamori: Ah
yukimitsu: The bet Doburoku-sensei have made on Deimon's victory in 170 rates
yukimitsu: 1 million yen...

8- page number 7

doburoku: One hundred
doburoku: Seventy million yen...!!

all: Wo
all: Wooooooooooo

doburoku: A multi
doburoku: Millioner!!

doburoku: Hugoo
someone: Ah, he died

9- page number 6

agon: If there were 20 me
agon: That would be a dream team

hiruma: A team made from the same piece 22 times
hiruma: Will probably be pretty easy to destroy

10- page numberr 9

agon: Listen
agon: You scum

agon: The spring tournament
agon: We're going to beat those guys at the next spring...!!

unsui: Yes
unsui: No matter how much time we've from now
unsui: Let's begin polishing it
unsui: The dragon fly...

agon: You too
agon: If you all will keep holding my legs, we won't win
agon: The scum who'll not follow will all be killed while basin under the waterfall...

11- page number 8

ikkyuu: Agon
ikkyuu: San...!

someone: ...
someone: A
someone: Gon...

someone: I, you see... Ikkyuu
someone: In the next year... You'll be born again in the next year
someone: Next year they'll be done by the Shinryuuji

someone: At last... That Agon
someone: Although he was a scary person
someone: At last, together with that provoked Agon
someone: Amazingly, Shinryuuji Naga
someone: Was beaten all together...!

someone: The reborn Shinryuuji naga
someone: I leave it in your hands
someone: Oh...!
ikkyuu: Yes...!

12- page number 11

sena: Shall we lift hiruma too? I think we should
monta: Ah, yes!
monta: Outgoing and straight forwarding...

hiruma: You can stop being cheerful, fucking brats!
hiruma: It was okay to lift people only when we won!!

hiruma: Kekeke
hiruma: In the coming semifinals
hiruma: The real monster is waiting there with his arms opened

musashi: Yes
musashi: He's different from the idling Agon

musashi: He's a genius that
musashi: Got his abilities through effort

13- page number 10

someone: Shin
someone: Seijuurou...!!

shin: Oujou will win too
shin: I'm going there now

shin: I'll wait for you Eyeshield 21
shin: In Enoshima Football field
shin: In the world of the decisive battle...!

sena: ...
sena: Okay...!!

14- page number 13

suzuna: Huh? but that means that
suzuna: The next match is still not Oujou's??
yukimitsu: It's because the game orders are by lottery
yukimitsu: The second match is...

announcer: While we are all so excited
announcer: It's Taiyou Sphinx VS
announcer: Hakushuu Dinosaurs!!

all: Wooooooooooow?!
kurita: He, he's full of wounds all over his body...
kurita: Wha, wha, what kind of training did Banba-san do...!!

15- page number 12

marco: Yo
marco: It's been a while

sena: Ah, I see
sena: He's from the opponents from Hakushuu
monta: It's that Marco!

kurita: Are the Hakushuu Dinosaurs strong?
kurita: I didn't hear anything about them...
hiruma: ...

marco: Ah, Taiyo, huh
marco: I didn't really want to face them
marco: But we'll face them strongly...

marco: Because they are
marco: already ruined

16-17- (numbered 14)

no translation needed

18- page number 16

sign: Hakushuu Dinosaurs Line
sign: Gaou Rikiya

marco: About the measures you can take
marco: Don't break bones
marco: Even if it's Banba's or Harau's

marco: Well
marco: It's probably impossible to your personality

19- page number 15

man: It's really impossible
A new monster

Bench press 200kg+
The strongest in senior High school

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#1. by moridin ()
Posted on Sep 7, 2006
you rock so much my man
#2. by La_Muerte ()
Posted on Sep 7, 2006
yes thanks Worm
#3. by Tamerlane (=D)
Posted on Sep 7, 2006
Thanks once again for taking the time to translate this chapter Worm-san.

#4. by Gold Knight ()
Posted on Sep 7, 2006
Thanks a lot Worm.
#5. by yatsin ()
Posted on Sep 7, 2006
life saver
#6. by TEK ()
Posted on Sep 7, 2006
Thank you Worm. Your work and effort is greatly appreciated.
#7. by Dragonzair ()
Posted on Sep 7, 2006
We thank you soo much <3
#8. by mageofdeath ()
Posted on Sep 7, 2006
thanks worm great translation!!!
#9. by luv_luv_4_life ()
Posted on Sep 7, 2006
#10. by ThE WoRm ()
Posted on Sep 7, 2006
I've a lot of time to translate, so you still will have me for some more weeks :P
#11. by Cherry ()
Posted on Sep 7, 2006
I'm a Newbie
This community is awesome, thanks for the raws and translations and nice to meet you everyone!
#12. by Daniee ()
Posted on Sep 7, 2006
Thanks. However, you did the pages(not the panels) from left to right. It should be right to left. And Mr. Someone has a name; Yamabushi.
#13. by ThE WoRm ()
Posted on Sep 7, 2006
Daniee, if it was critical, I would remember, if you know who is talking, it's fine to write "someone"

Anyways, I just fixed the page bug, and it was because I used the "better" raws, in which the spreads were seperated, but the same time, paging was wrong, anyways, this is numbered by the real numbering and the "better" raw numbering, if you read the spread version, I hope you understand how you should read, just read normal, fix your raw if you have the badly numbered ^^"
#14. by syphoon ()
Posted on Sep 8, 2006
thx mr wormy!~ a new monster revealed!!!
#15. by hhv94 ()
Posted on Sep 8, 2006
NICE! Thanks for the translation...makes much mose sence with this info! :)
#16. by break_dream7 ()
Posted on Sep 8, 2006
you're the worm..i mean man;p
#17. by ThE WoRm ()
Posted on Sep 9, 2006
Well, some changes were made, and here is the final version, after getting better raws. please use the better raws to make a new verson of the scanlation ^^"

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