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Yuuyake Locket Pencil 1

Locket Pencil

+ posted by Transfade as translation on Oct 29, 2011 15:56 | Go to Yuuyake Locket Pencil

-> RTS Page for Yuuyake Locket Pencil 1

This is reserved for Black Rock Scans.

If it is to be used in a scanlation, credit the translator as Transfade. Bubbles that have no need to be translated are not included. Bubble sequence is in order from rightmost to leftmost in most cases otherwise just figure out the flow of the speech bubbles. Generally I may interchange SFX sounds with their onomatopoeia to go with the flow. I may also leave certain phrases in Japanese because I can't think of a suitable English equivalent or the term is recognized by western audiences as is. This translation has yet to be proofread.

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
Name: Apple Banana(STYLE) Cucumber ・Means a particular word has to be done in a specific style
Name(STYLE): - Means the entire sentence is done in the mentioned style.
(Random) - Means a comment only meant for working purposes.
(TN:) - Means this comment is meant to be included in the typesetted version.
(H) - Heart Symbol

Under Cover(LEFT)
Text: Sunset Let's Go With Akiha Today

Under Cover(RIGHT)
Dad: This part here's important!!
Board:(Refer to http://i1223.photobucket.com/albums/dd502/Transfade/underCoverRight.png)
Dad: It's super important!!

Page 004
Title: Sunset Locket Pencil
Subtitle: Contents
Chapter 1 Locket Pencil
Chapter 2 Pretend
Chapter 3 The Notebook Selling Girl
Chapter 4 Diary
Chapter 5 The Day a Lot of Things Happened
Chapter 6 Behind You
Note: This work is fiction and bears no relation to real life people, events or locations.

Page 003
Satomi: Haa
Satomi: Haa

Page 004
Title: Chapter 1 Locket Pencil
Satomi: I'm home!

Page 005
Satomi(BOLD): DAD!!

Page 006
Dad: Wel- Welcome home Satomi.
Satomi: When the bell rings you go outside and check!!
Dad: Stop stop! I've been working properly haven't I?
Satomi: Then why is it that the only things on are around the computer!? The shop's lights aren't even lit up!
Dad: Well that's because there was a meet at the bar you see.
Satomi: Dad, are you telling me that you...
Dad: Also, please refer to me as Warren when you call for me.
Box: Online Game
Satomi: So how many people came today...?
Dad: You mean customers? I woke just now so there really weren't any.
Dad: Whoah!
Dad: Secret Stone Get!!

Page 007
Dad: Aggggghhh!! Satomi! Stop!! Please don't throw away my game!!
Satomi: Geez!!
Satomi: It's because the shopkeeper's like this that we don't get any customers coming in!!
Dad: No it's not~ Also, call me Warren.

Page 008
Satomi: No matter how much I look at them I just can't tell if these things are profitable or not. There's nothing but weird stuff here...
DadMutter: Satomii~ Warren's in the mood for some curry today~
Satomi: That binder looks like it was made around 20 years ago too...
Ayanokouji: Excuse me.
Satomi: Ah! Welcome Ayanokouji-san!
Ayanokouji: Ooohhh. It's cold out there.
Ayanokouji: It's March already but it's cold isn't it.
SatomiMutter: Have a seat.
Satomi: Were you at the hospital again today?
Ayanokouji: Yup. My hip's at it again.
AyanokoujiMutter: Yesterday you see, I stopped Yama-san's house on the way back from an errand. Over there is this dog you see. And that dog was-
right. Lately the greengrocer's been lookin(CUT OFF)
didn't he. After all, the supermarket has lots of(CUT OFF)
you can get 15 spring onions there so it's reall(CUT OFF)

Page 009
Ayabokouji: Oh my. Look at the time. My daughter in law can be quite scary so I better get going. Bye now.
Ayanokouji: I'll come again.
Satomi(BOLD): This isn't a freakin' lounge darn it!!
Dad: So Ayanokouji-san stopped by did she?
Dad: How was she doing?
Satomi: Yeah. She went on about the latest gossip as usual. She's going to live a long life.
Dad: ...I see.
Dad: Therefore I'm going to go buy some ice cream so could you hand me some money?
SatomiMutter: "Therefore", how is that even related?
Satomi: Go drink water and be happy with that.

Page 010
Girl: Hello!
Girl: Oh!
Girl: We came Sacchan! Are you free right now?
Girl: Want to head over to Shimizu's? I've got some points saved up.
Girl: And nacchi's treating us all to some Chilulo choclate too!
Girl: Only 3 pieces though!
Satomi: ...I have to mind the shop so I can't go.
Girl: Again? You said the same thing last time too! That's no good!
GirlMUtter: Come on
GirlMutter: We came all the way here
Nacchi: ...fine then.
Nacchi: I just won't bother to invite you next time Marutamachi-san. Let's go!

Page 011
Satomi: ...I don't feel like making dinner
Satomi: Hurry up... and come back already...
Shinya: Umm...
Satomi: Mom
Shinya: Excuse me... erm...
Shinya: Excuse me

Page 012
Shinya: Hellooo
Satomi: Ah! I!
Satomi: Sorry about that!
Shinya: ...no. It's okay. More importantly, could I have a look inside?
Satomi: Ah! Sure! Please come in!

Page 013
Shinya: Ohhh~
Shinya: Incredible~
Shinya: This is the first time I've seen so many screen tones in a shop.
Satomi: Ah... Thank you...
Satomi: Well that's because Dad's an otaku.
SmallText: But I can't say that.
Satomi: He doesn't look like an uncle so is he young?
Satomi: Ah. His hand is black.
Satomi: His whiskers...

Page 014
Satomi Ah... Sorry.
Satomi: Did he catch me staring at him?
Shinya: Say, is that a locket pencil?
Satomi: ...huh?
Shinya: That thing on your chest.
Shinya: That's a locket color pencil isn't it?
Satomi: Ah... Umm this is! You see...
Satomi: Shhhh!!
Shinya: What are you hiding it for? Let me have a look at it.
Shinya: Ohh! How nostalgic!
Shinya: I used to have one too a long time ago.

Page 015
Shinya: So these things are still around huh?
Shinya: You shouldn't be tricked by all those colors inside though. If you take even one of these colors out the whole thing comes apart you see.
Shinya: It also gets pretty awkward when you want to use each of the colors one by one so in the end I never did use it up all the way.
Box: Known as changeable color pencils. Went on sale in 1970. One unit came with 20 different colors available for use. It was very popular among children.
Shinya: Still, seeing all these colors lined up like makes me want it.
Satomi: Give it back quick...
Shinya: It's really neat this thing here.
Shinya: ...I never managed to wear down back then
Shinya: But I think I just might be able to now...

Page 016
Shinya: Thanks for letting me see it. How would it cost if I wanted one?
Satomi: Erm... We haven't stocked up on this for a long time.
SatomiMutter: This one's mine
Shinya: Oh well... That's a shame.
Shinya: Guess I'll just have to try my luck somewhere else. Thanks for the tones.
Satomi: Ah! Thank you for your business!
Text: It's really neat this thing here.

Page 017
Dad: Welcome home Satomi. Thanks for getting some cola from the convenience store for me(H)
Dad: Diet cola just isn't...
Ayanokouji: So you're still doing this sort of thing then.
Dad: Ayanokouji-san...
Ayanokouji: Ohhh. So you slept into the afternoon and are still wearing that what you slept in aren't you..

Page 018
Dad: Did you have some business with me...?
Ayanokouji: No. I'm here to talk about this today.
Ayanokouji: It wasn't made very clear before.
Ayanokouji: So I had my son get me a solid estimate on it. The wreckers are also willing to give a little bit of leeway as well.
Ayanokouji: It'd be a simple matter to separate the shop space from the living area. They'll just take this 4-sided part.
Ayanokouji: It doesn't look like such a bad deal when you take a look at the money you'd get from selling the shop. A garage would also be
Dad: ...Ayanokouji-san

Page 019
Dad: I appreciate the concern but...
Ayanokouji: There you go again
AyanokoujiMutter: Siigh...
Ayanokouji: How many years do you think it's been since it happened?
Ayanokouji: If I recall correctly, you've been alone for... No, it's been 3 years since she left. Also... That girl is still just an elementary school student!
Ayanokouji: Don't you understand who it is she's waiting for?
Dad: Satomi
Satomi: ...yes
Dad: Were your friends here?

Page 020
Satomi: Yeah
Satomi: Those girls were going on about kiddy things like Chilulo chocolate and the sweets shop. I prefer staying at home anyway.
Satomi: I'm really just like you Dad.
Text: Don't you understand
Text: who it is she's waiting for?

Page 021
Satomi: That dad of mine. He skipped out again.
Satomi: I'm home.

Page 022
Dad: ...where have you been? It's late.
Satomi: Huh ...Da-
Satomi: Dad...?
Satomi: Ah...
Satomi: Ummm
Satomi: Tur- Turn on the lights will you!
Satomi: Well... You see... I was
Satomi: Looking for something...
Dad: ...Satomi.

Page 023
Dad: This shop
Dad: We're going to close it down and the place will be turned into a garage.
Satomi: ...what?
Dad: That way we'll be able to turn a profit out of it.
Satomi: Wha- What? What's going on? Wait a second! If it's about customers then they're sure to come!
Satomi: Let's tidy the pace and run the shop properly! If we do, then they will! Definitely!
Dad: Nobody's going to come to a shop like this.
Dad: Not even the one you're waiting for.

Page 024
Dad: That's why you should just throw that thing away.
Dad: Get rid of it.
Satomi: ...What do you mean "that thing"?

Page 025
Drawing: The Adventures of Poopy
Satomi: No! There's no way I'm just going to throw this away!

Page 026
Dad(BOLD): Get rid of it!
Dad: ...I'm begging you

Page 027
Dad: Please throw it away
Dad: I'm probably going to be like this for the rest of my life. And that person has found a different path in life.
Dad: She's never coming back.

Page 028
Satomi: Oh yeah. What am I going to with you?
Satomi: ...right. It's fine. It's better this way.
Satomi: I dont have to stress over this. I'll get to play after school.
Satomi: I'll get to have a life.

Page 029
Satomi: Ah...
Satomi: The string snapped
Text: Nobody's going to come to a shop like this.
Satomi: It's no good anymore
Text: Not even the one you're waiting for.
Satomi: It hasn't been for a long time.
Shinya: Ex...
Shinya: Excuse me...

Page 30
Shinya: Thank god!
Shinya: You're still open!
Satomi: Are Are you alright!?
Satomi: I'll get you a towel...
Shinya: Forget about that!!
Shinya: I need 5 pieces of Deleter 61 and 2 pieces of 63 and 64 each!
(Alternatively you could use "Deleee" as stated on the tone's packaging instead of "Deleter" to keep it consistent)

Page 31
Shinya: I'm saved~~ I can make the deadline with these...
ShinyaMutter: What a relief
Satomi: Umm the bag.
Shinya: It's fine. Its fine. It's more eco-friendly like this so I don't need one!
Shinya: Thank you so much! You just saved my life!
Shinya: His hands are dirty...
Shinya: You're the jewel of the shop!!
Satomi: Here
Shinya: Huh? This is...
Satomi: Take it. You wanted it didn't you?
Satomi: It's been used so sorry about that. I tried to find one for you
Satomi: But I couldn't any no matter where I went... Also

Page 032
Satomi: I won't be needing it
Satomi: Anymore
Shinya: If it's important then you should carry it around properly. It's no good if you don't.
Shinya: ...it's okay. Even if I don't get my hands on one right now.
Shinya: Just as long as I know that you're holding onto it.

Page 033
Shinya: And it's not out there lost somewhere. Then that's good enough for me.
Shinya: Whoah! I have to get back or I'll be danger.
Shinya: I'll come by again when I need some more tones.
Shinya: Remember to smile next time okay.

Page 034
Satomi: Dad!!
Dad: Wha...
Satomi: Someone came!
Dad: Wha- What are you talking abou...
Satomi: The customer we've been waiting for came!
Satomi: We just need to sort everything out better!! We also need to always keep the lights on too!!
Satomi: I'm sure that if we stock up on goods and have faith in them it'll only be a matter of time before lots more people come!!
Satomi: Definitely!!
Satomi: Mom's going to come back!!
Satomi: If you won't wait for her
Satomi: Then I will!!
Satomi: I'll do your share of the work and get more goods... The customers will call for more and more!!

Page 035
Satomi: That's why
Satomi: You should hand over the shop to me!!
Dad: I thought I told you to throw that away.
Dad: You're only looking at it fondly because of your memories.
Dad: You shouldn't be clinging to that kind of thing. ...It won't do you any good to keep clinging onto it now.
Dad: I don't know who it is that made you think otherwise but...
Dad: That's not it!! That person's...

Page 036
Dad: Kids should just play around.
Dad: Not work behind a counter.
Satomi: I said that's not it!!
Satomi: I'm not doing this because I want to cling to something!!
Satomi: Today... I... It made me happy.
Satomi: Today was the first time! That's why I want to keep the shop open!

Page 037
Dad: The store's uniform.
Dad: Kozuka wore that before this.
Dad: I guess this means that
Dad: I'll have to have play around even more, for your share.
Dad: You're going to have to set a monthly allowance too.
Dad: Sure...!

Page 038
Satomi: Alright!
Ayanokouji: Ohhh. You changed the sign then?
Ayanokouji: It's nice.
Satomi: Heheh
Ayanokouji: ...so...
People: Those clothes...
Satomi: Please don't stare...
Satomi: Dad... You made mom wear this...?

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