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Yuuyake Locket Pencil 2


+ posted by Transfade as translation on Nov 13, 2011 13:41 | Go to Yuuyake Locket Pencil

-> RTS Page for Yuuyake Locket Pencil 2

This is reserved for Black Rock Scans.

If it is to be used in a scanlation, credit the translator as Transfade. Bubbles that have no need to be translated are not included. Bubble sequence is in order from rightmost to leftmost in most cases otherwise just figure out the flow of the speech bubbles. Generally I may interchange SFX sounds with their onomatopoeia to go with the flow. I may also leave certain phrases in Japanese because I can't think of a suitable English equivalent or the term is recognized by western audiences as is. This translation has yet to be proofread.

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
Name: Apple Banana(STYLE) Cucumber. Means a particular word has to be done in a specific style.
Name:(STYLE)Bla bla bla(/STYLE) marks a segment that needs to be done in that style.
Name(STYLE): - Means the entire sentence is done in the mentioned style.
(Random) - Means a comment only meant for working purposes.
(TN:) - Means this comment is meant to be included in the typesetted version.
(H) - Heart Symbol

Page 039
Title: Chapter 2 Pretend

Page 040
Ebisu: Ngggh
Ebisu: I wonder if a hundred million yen would just fall out of the sky~
Ebisu: Ten million yen would be sweet too. Well I'd take a million too but that's as low as I'd go!!
Ebisu: If it does happen I'd give you twenty thousand.
Satomi: Right, no more snacks for you.
Satomi: Ah!
Ebisu: I was thinking about giving you a hundred thousand really! Give em!
Satomi: I don't want your imaginary money.
Ebisu: Just hear me out Satomi! I did come by to see how you were doing after all!
Satomi: ...Ebisu-kun, look where you're stamping.
Ebisu: Assets! It's all about assets! From here on out the survival of these private shops are going to...

Page 41
Ebisu: Crap... Mom's going to kill me...
Satomi: Stop messing around. Go deliver them.
Ebisu: Don't wanna. It's cold today.
Ebisu: I've got it Satomi!
Ebisu: Let's go get some lotteries!
Satomi: ...huh?
Ebisu: Let's buy them together! The place in front of the station should still be open!

Page 42
Ebisu: What the heck! Come on!!
Satomi: I'm not going
Ebisu: Why not!?
Satomi: Cus-
Satomi: Customers that's why.
Satomi: They might just...
Satomi: Come by...
Ebisu: AS if they'd come!! This shop's on it's last legs!!
Satomi: Last legs!?
Yamano: Excuse me

Page 43
Yamano: Are you open?
Satomi: Wel-
Ebisu: They're huge!
Satomi: Welcome! How can I help you?
Yamano: Umm...
Satomi: Where are the adults?
Ebisu: For... For the time being this is the shopkeeper! She's just a little squirt though!
SmallText: In a lot of ways
SatomiMutter: In a lot of ways...
Satomi: Y-yes! I'm in charge!!
Yamano: Really? Small but so mature.
Yamano: Well then miss shopkeeper, do you have any university notebooks?

Page 44
Satomi: We don't have anything but these...
Satomi: Umm...
Satomi: These...
YamanoLaugh: Ahahahaha
Yamano: Oh? There are these kinds of notebooks too aren't there?
SmallText: Amazing
Yamano: That's really cool. First time I've seen these.
Yamano: But then again, I really can't use these for university.
YamanoMutter: I do want them though
Satomi: I'm sorry. I'll be sure to stock up on them.
Yamano: Really?

Page 45
Yamano: Then I'll come by again okay.
Yamano: Bye bye.
Ebisu: I wonder what's her cup size.
Text: I'll be sure to stock up on them.
Satomi: What
Satomi: What should I do...
Ebisu: I bet they were Ds. Maybe even Es.
Dad: Morning Satomi... Is the food ready?

Page 46
Dad: Uwaah
Satomi: Dad!
Satomi: Don't we have even one normal notebook in stock?
Dad: Go put on some pants first.
Dad: Notebooks huh...
Dad: I think we sold all the ones we had in the house.
Satomi: ...And it doesn't look like I'll be able to get any from the wholesalers...

Page 47
Dad: Now back off to dreamland.
Satomi: I know about it. You had a fight with the one wholesaler we did business with last year.
SatomiMutter: Hey. You're leaving behind the ramen broth.
Text: I'm going to have to look for a new wholesaler...
Satomi: But I'd have to handle it
Satomi: And I don't have any information or connections...
Satomi: Alright then. It's necessary after all.
Box: Told her the computer is off limits.
SmallText: 10 years is too soon!

Page 48
Satomi: Ohhhh
Satomi: It came out
Satomi: Let's see... Open the internet...
Satomi(BOLD): What the heck is this
Ero (H) Moe Store
Amozon Ero Ero House
Doujin Lookup
You Tuve Anime
Ero (H) Moe Store Alternate
Yuri Lookup
Shota Lookup (H) Traps
Precure Doujin Search
Otaku Mixiv
3Chan 20 & Below
3Chan Cowgirls

Satomi: What is this!? That's not secret at all!
Text: Secret Ero Folder
Satomi: This isn't illegal isn't it!?
Text: Emulated Stuff
Satomi: I don't even want to know
Text: Peeping Stuff
Satomi: No good... I better just keep my nose out of that stuff
Satomi: Erm... I wonder if this will work...
Search: Stationery Wholesaler X Town

Page 049
Site: Refer to http://i1223.photobucket.com/albums/dd502/Transfade/LocketPage049.jpg
(Don't actually type in blablaba into the right box)
Satomi: Wholesale in small denominations?
Satomi: Consult...
TvMutter: Good morning! It's eight a.m.!

Page 050
Shinya: Mmmmmphh...
Shinya: So it's already morning huh
Shinya: I better go buy some food
Shinya: I'm always going all out at this
Shinya: So why is it I only just manage make my deadlines...

Page 051
Shinya: Ah. Someone's moving in.
Shinya: It's weekday so it has to be a student.
Shinya: It'd be nice I could take it easy.
Yamano: Good morning!
Yamano: I'm Yamano. I'm the one moving into room 102.
Shinya: Oh... He-hello there. Umm... I'm in 201.
Note: Hasn't talked to humans in a while
Yamano: Sorry for all the noise. It'll all be done soon.
Shinya: Ye- Yes?

Page 052
Yamano: There's something on your head
Shinya: Eh
Yamano: Lower your head
Shinya: Ah Hey...
Yamano: There. I got it off.
Shinya: A Tonecast
SmallText: And it was out real nicely too
Yamano: What's this? A sticker? Label? It's got some patterns on it.
ManMutter: We've finished carrying them in
Yamano: Cooooming! Please do come by and to say hi some time.
Yamano: I brought some sweets with me so let's enjoy them then okay.

Page 053
Shinya: They were huge
Satomi: Uwaaah... There are a lot of shops here
Satomi: It's to the right of the corner... Ah

Page 054
Satomi: So this is the place...
Satomi: Umm
Satomi: Ex- Excuse me...

Page 055
Oomura: Ah. I'm sorry.
Oomura: But we don't sell in small amounts.
Satomi: Umm That is
Satomi: I'd like to make a request on behalf of the store manager
Oomura: Whose daughter from which store are you?
Satomi: No... I... you see... I! I'm here on behalf of Marutamachi store. I found your wholesale stationery store on the net...
Oomura: So there won't be an adult coming?
satomi: Ye-yes! For now, I'm representing us.
Oomura: Hmmmm
Oomura: So your store sent over a kid like you.
Oomura: It seems we're being looked down on as well.

Page 056
Satomi: We We are not looking down on you!
Satomi: I am the store manager! I'd like you to sell us some notebooks!
Oomura: Ah
Oomura: Are you pretending to be a store manager?

Page 057
Oomura: Sorry again but this is a business.
Oomura: I don't have enough goods for my clients to play pretend with you.
Oomura: Could you have someone else come next time?
Oomura: ...go home already.
Satomi: I'm not playing pretend here.
Satomi: Please
Satomi: Sell me some regular notebooks. Please do business with m...

Page 058
Oomura: Yes yes. I've got it. My bad.
Oomura: Are two packs enough for you?
Oomura: If so, go play(EMPHASIS) with them and don't come back.

Page 059
Text: So there won't be an adult coming?
Text: So you're pretending to be a store manager then?
Text: If so, go play with them and don't come back.
Shinya: It's fine! Really!
Yamano: No!
Shinya: Hey! Stop pushing me!

Page 060
Shinya: I said it's fine already!
Yamano: No it's not! You can't live off that stuff!
Yamano: The food's going to be on me so eat lots okay!!
Shinya: Why are you doing this? I'm doing fine!

Page 061
Waitress: Welcome to Sai-
Satomi: Ah
Satomi: I better go home...

Page 062
Yamano: See! It's the girl from the shop that I was talking about!
Yamano: Hey there! Watcha doin' over there?
Shinya: Ya-Yamano-san. You're drawing attention to us.
Yamano: Come here~ I'll give you whatever you want~
Yamano: Come right here~

Page 063
Yamano: What!? She left!!
Shinya: I knew it looked suspicious!
Shinya: Now that I think about it, I haven't been there lately.
Shinya: I wonder if she's feeling better now.

Page 064
Dad: Welcome home.
Dad: We're having your favorite today, Sanma(H)
Satomi: You made it Dad!?
Satomi: What's this?
Satomi: Don't touch that !!

Page 065
Dad: This is a rare item you know! It's a Yuu-gi-oh card with a Shockman seal that goes for 5000 yen a pop.
DadMutter: We're cursed
(Probably a reference to something in the original anime. No idea what)
Satomi: In that case don't just leave it lying on the dinner table.
Dad: I got it from Ebisu.
Dad: From time to time I'll be the one to make food for you.
EbisuMutter: I'll give it to you if you put it on
DadMutter: No way! Really!?
Note: Elementary School Level
Dad: It's not like I didn't work for this rare card.
Dad: Still, to make me put on an item as rare as this.
Dad: Just how lucky is that kid?
Satomi: Ebisu-kun...

Page 066
Satomi: Ahhh? What did you stick on me!?
Dad: That's a present from me. It's a rare item you know~
Satomi: Geeeez If it's so rare take good care of
Satomi: it...
Banner: Come Come Cat
RightNote: Business fortune UP!!
Lantern: Prosperity
LeftNote: Loads of custom(CUT OFF)
Dad: There's also a fortune on the back. Did you get one?
Satomi: ...it's fine.
Satomi: More importantly

Page 067
Satomi: I'm feeling
Satomi: kinda famished
Dad: I see! I see! Right! Let's get down to the food!
Dad: Make sure you drink your milk so you grow up big!
SmallText: In all sorts of ways
Satomi: Geez! I already did the other day! And what do you mean by in all sorts of ways!?
Radio: The time for us to say goodbye has come.

Page 068
Satomi: ...I'm not pretending.

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