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Destro 246 1

The brown dog and the black dog

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Nov 25, 2012 16:41 | Go to Destro 246

-> RTS Page for Destro 246 1

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Chapter 01


Destro 246 // Contents

Chapter 01 - the Brown Dog and the Black Dog
Chapter 02 - The Owl
Chapter 03 - Confidential Yokohama
Chapter 04 - The Dust Collector
Chapter 05 - Saturday Night Special
Chapter 06 - Fire Cracker

[Chapter 01 - Destro 246 - the Brown Dog and the Black Dog]

Page 01(text present only in magazine color - available online)
- The sound in this mansion,
- Is the sound of reloads.
- The muzzles emit a scorching sound.
- Thus...

Page 02-03(same as previous page)
-… the quietness of the destruction conclusion comes.

Page 04
- All of it was disposed of, Master.
- It looks like I made some really good shopping.

Page 05
Chapter Title : the Brown Dog and the Black Dog
- Also outdoing the Police isn’t seen in every story,
- Ours begins in Tokyo. This businessman, the Director of a Restaurant Chain, is
- Discussing at the Foods·BeerEtc of a Mexican Cooking Group, about the countermeasures that were involved against the Mafia of a certain country of South America……
- What is this? Disgusting!
- I had just heard the story about the two dogs.

Page 06
- Well, you shouldn't say that! Compared to the other restaurants, Touno-san, yours is inexpensive. Of course it doesn’t taste good!

- This is Simon Saitou, he is the man in charge of Touno’s taxation treatment.
-Yes, even though the products come from my shop. While I’m eating, I’ll tell you what happened……
- Touno Ryuuichi is this person completely similar to a woman. In the whole country, Touno’s Foods Group is made of 420 restaurants. These make an estimated total worth of 48.9 billions. The restaurants have reasonably good food while also being a little pricy. His personality is that of a hard-working and serious person.
- It’s called “An inexpensive store 10 minutes away from you”?
- Well Touno-san this isn’t anything to complain about! Most people only receive that much as an income.
- Listen up. Simon, let’s continue this talk from a while ago. Wouldn’t it be better in pictures?
*TN: about 598m $ or 467m €.

Page 07
- What story could it be to make me so interested,
- Hey, this isn’t something I’ll regret right……?
- Come on show it already!

- Ehh? You two had lovely faces too didn’t you? How many do you want?
- Are those dressed in maid all right? Ha Ha Ha!

Page 08
- All I know is that they’re 17 years old. I don’t know their names.
- They’re professional killers as they were raised by the Mafia.
- Certainly, as their latest Boss, I said that I was anxious of letting go of these two.
- But, I wasn’t apologizing! Touno-san, that really all there is to it.
- I purchased them.
- Simon, Boss Diaz kept me from coming to an understanding. Of course, you know what happened next?

Page 09
- These Japanese girls were in a poverty we can’t even imagine, probably from around or below the 2nd level of poverty.
- For as long as they could remember, they had seen people die. I asked them if they would they sell their bodies or if they would they kill people? I don’t know why, but those two chose the latter.
- What is the lowest level of poverty?
- It certainly isn’t what people call “begging”.
- As people hearts usually can’t handle the pressure of committing murder, “Education” is given.
But, “Institutions” don’t have time to make the heart fully composed.
- The better you are raised, the prettier and clever people see you.
It is valued by Mafia bosses or bad rich people. This is because of the status. At all time, near yourself, must be bodyguards, strong and obedient.
- Of course they’re only in case of emergency.

Page 10
What about your wife and children that were poisoned!
- D-Didn’t you get desperate?
- You needn’t ask Simon.
This businessman had become desperate.

Page 11
- South America - a certain country

- Gaah ha ha ha!!
From the previous talk, it seems like you’d rather take these maids!!
For these maids you’ll have to bust over 1 trillion Yen! What d’ya think of that Mista Touno!!
- I see ya’re a good business partner!! Gah ha ha!!
- This is very kind of you, Boss Diaz.
Of course I prepared 5 times that amount. It’s not that high of a starting price. Well, it seems like the price all Yakuza work with?
- Shut up, you’re annoying!

TN: about 12 billion $ or 9.5 billion €

Page 12
- Oh, that’s it.

Page 13
- Ya’d take them, but ya know it’s a pity
- Fo them, havin’ sex isn’t possible!

- ‘Nother thang ‘bout that “Institutions” of yers.

- Them girls also have prides as killin’ machines. Gyah ha ha ha!!

- Ya still want to buy them?

- Yes, I sure do. Thank you, please let me buy them.
- Well ‘see, this is a done deal Mista Touno.

Page 14
- Ha Ha Ha!!
- Tch!
- So after all, you learned from adult books! You two!
- Can you speak Japanese!?

Page 15
- Oi Oi…satisfied, Mista Touno?
- Hey, ya shouldn’t talk ‘bout me in Japanese. ‘is freaking rude……

- It’s possible for us to speak Japanese.
- Ha Ha Ha, wonderful!!
This youngster looks on top of the world ……. However, I didn’t give him the most crucial fact. He didn’t hear about the password. As of now these are common maids.
- Of course, right now They’ve not awakened because you didn’t get the password!

Page 16
- Look Touno, these are my new Maids!
- They are stronger, dis kinda play I can also do it!!
-…… I’m just about exhausted of your foolishness.
- Overthrowing me? Is it in this whole mansion?
- 5 minutes is the time you have left.

Page 17
- All right, go!
- How did you know?

Page 18
No text

Page 19
No text

Page 20
No text

Page 21
- Gaaah!!
- What’s the use?

Page 22
- Ogyaaaa!!
- Boss!?
- Take the guns and come!!

- The Maids are!!
- Boss!!!

Page 23
No text

Page 24
- Well, they sure take their time to come.
- Yeah.
- Gaaah!! It Huuurts!!
- What are ya thinkin’, ya freakin’ okama!!!
- I’m buying an armed forced,
- Of course I’ll use of it - Can’t you even see that?
- You see, I was hurt when you deceived me.

Page 25
- The truth that is it no use to talk with you. You are dirty.
- That’s it.

- I’m cutting off our deal. This manner of doing things isn’t even enough.

- I’m powerless when it comes talking about money. But with guys like you I’ll become violent.

Page 26
- If you would excuse me.

Page 27
- Touno, you eff… I …
- Uh Ho!!
- He sure looks like a demon.

Page 28
- A Maiid!!.

Page 29
With such things as edge tools, someone is sure to cut anything!
- Aah Gyaaaoa
- What is it now?
- Ooooaa

Page 30
- Hiii!
- Wooaahh!!

Page 31
- Oh! All right!
- This is the end!!

Page 32
No text

Page 33
- Thinking of it, there is something else too.
- I-I will give you both names.
- You will be Sui.
- For you it will Ai.
- The businessman then came back to his home in Japan with two dogs.

Page 34
- Sui, Ai. It is necessary that everything you need shall be given to you.
My desire is for you to help me achieve something.
- Certainly, Master!
- What do you both desire?

Page 35
- And then their answer was “going to school”?
- Ha Ha Ha!
- As I thought it is impossible to understand what professional killers find important.
- But this is convenient. In school there will also be a Library. They do read a large number of books.
- It’s compulsory.
- They have to maintain knowledge, to balance their hearts. That way their mindset won’t be deluded.
They went to be under the Mafia guard to mine, I carried their weapons,
Of course they were glad I thought them the password. Simon, they ……
-Didn’t “question me”.

Page 36
- Oh, here comes Sui and Ai.
- Look how the uniform suits them! It’s spring so the admission went without troubles.
- As it was promised, I will let those two eat in my restaurant.
- What’s with that face?
- Me too.
- Well, the road is still long for these two until everything fits together, so let’s get along well Simon.

Page 37
- Hey, Imari.
- Huh?
- What is it Yoshino Nee-san.
- Aren’t you going to eat the eel?
- Why do you always say that when I eat my bento!?
- Because your bento is always the same thing.
- You’re already 3rd year, if you always eat so little you won’t be able to grow.
- Why is it, that when we’re at home you eat almost nothing? Are you lonely?
- This isn’t the case at all!

Page 38
- There was a certain new office in Tomioka City whose name I forgot.
- That’s all for the information.
- Everything was wiped out. Supposedly, fire was the cause.
- The office leader has gone missing.
- The work of hitmen, it’s over for him.
- Are you off to work? - Na ha ha!
- It’s different! Why do you think this is always the case?
- Are you going?
- Yes, it’s a new house.
- Don’t forget the night belongs to us.
- Yeees.
- Even hitmen look cute when we become attached……

Page 39
-Haaaa. It was delicious! It was the first time I had something that good.
-Me too!

Page 40
No text

Page 41
No text

Page 42
- Looks like Tokyo might also be interesting!
- Master “desire” is likely to come rumbling down.
- Stop!!
- You, the midget over there!!

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