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Destro 246 2

The Owl

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Dec 16, 2012 05:35 | Go to Destro 246

-> RTS Page for Destro 246 2

1. Do not use for scanlations without my permission.
2. No non-English scanlations before a release in English is out
3. If you want to translate to another language ask me first.

Chapter 2
Reseved for Kiss Scans

[Destro 246 - Chapter 02 : the Owl]
Proofed by Quicksilver

Page 01
Insert top left corner : 2nd story - The Owl.
- Stop!! You there, brat!!

Page 02
Insert middle top - Chapter 2: the Owl
- Hm…? Is there…
- A problem?

Page 03
Sign on board: Tomikutsu Real Estate*
15 hours earlier; Tomioka, Koutouku in the Tokyo Metropolitan area.

-Ai-chan, how many minutes has it been?
-Just a little over a minute, Sui. Finding this drill took two minutes.
-Well, at this hour you do have to be quiet.
-But this yakuza boss was shouting, “Oi, what’s that?”
- Well, it’s fine now.

-I wonder, what should we say?

Page 04

- This time, ain’t ya going to say some lie like we hurt him because he tried to escape?
- Hm? Why aren’t ya saying anything? Oh, I see.

- Well, in this business, they’re like our senpai.

- I don’t think we gathered any intel though.

- Because of this, Master will be angry…

Page 05

- Ai : We absolutely must find the hitmen who poisoned Ryuuichi-Sama’s wife and children.

- Sui : While Master is still mourning, we’ll destroy those “hitmen”.
- Sui : This is our mission.
- Man : Mrrmph...
- Man : Hmph!!

Page 06

Let’s drill the foot first.
Next, the knee. Then the elbow. And then the fingers. After that, we’ll do the head.
- Mrrmph Hmph
- Hmph Mrrmph !!
- Then we’ll tear the stomach out. This is the punishment for those who poisoned Master’s family.
- Rest assured, you’ll already be dead by that time.
- This will serve as a lesson.
- Hmph Mrrmph Mrrmph

Page 07

- So, Ai-chan, what about that guy? Shall we burn this place down?
- Sui, let’s drop the body in the waterway at the back of the house.
- Roger that.
- This isn’t a coincidence. These two caused the Tomioka incident.
- I can’t believe it. Are they really not trying to hide it? Their viciousness increased suddenly. They smell of death. These two are…
- Yeah, there’s a small problem.
- Ho ho

Page 08

- Assassins.
- Don’t play dumb.
- Chibi-chan, don’t ya want to chat a little…?*
- Stay away.
- They’re like dogs. Do they really want to fight here, in the middle of town!?

Page 09

- I don’t think I’ve met them before. They mentioned a “Master”. They discussed it calmly, and without expression.
- I don’t like it. I don’t want to fight them.
- …It’s not my mission…
- Your ribbon color and uniform… Are you 2nd years at Iriya Private School?
- Calling your senpai a brat is rather rude.

Page 10

- Ho ho!! Senpai!? Yer our senpai!?
- Kawaii!!*

Page 11

No text

Page 12

- So… she ran away.
- She’s fast! Even I was startled!

Page 13

- A sweet perfume?
- Tokyo isn’t interesting!!
- I always make sure to kill those who call me a brat!

Page 14

- I have to pull out of this town.
- I’m uncertain. I became attached. I don’t like their eyes… full of killing intent.
- This is why I hate hitmen.
- Fuaaa.
- Matoba Imari was an assassin employed by the Ministry of Education’s Educational Faculty Special Inspection department. So to speak, she was…a school hitman. *
- Was, because she is no longer working as one.
- There was a project that removed corruption throughout the whole school system. Imari’s power… was employed to eliminate the school owners who were concerned.

Page 15

- ……What about Senzaki?
- Senzaki is busy.
- I gave Senzaki a ride first. Imari-san, were you meeting someone?
- I’ll be leaving the car.
- How will you enter the request confirmation?
- I won’t.
- While the police are covering up evil deeds, I’m dying because I can’t do as I please.
- Well, this is my duty.
- That was something Imari’s guardian was tired of.

Page 16

- I tried to press forward the secret project to my academy.
- But that school was spoiled by the villains who should have been exterminated.
- It only hacked at the leaves of evil, though I don’t understand why they used Imari for their dirty work.*
- I don’t understand why details should given on Imari’s friends and her home. This house is Imari’s. Senzaki worked there as an underground doctor…

Page 17

- Yoshino nee-san, I want…
- To be a normal girl.
Senzaki and Imari separated, and negotiations for a home
- Were made in a hurry.
- Imari’s small and still growing body was like a machine ready to explode.

Page 18

- Thank you for coming.
- Hm, Excuse me. I’m Hirata. Are you by any chance Mino?
- Ah, yes. Pleased to meet you. My name is Mino Yoshino.
- Oh, could you please not smoke? I don’t…
- Once again, pleased to meet you. I’m a psychiatrist; my name is Hirata Kenichi.
- Thank you for taking the time to come here after reading my e-mail.
- Don’t worry about it. Mino-san mentioned an “A-san”. I’m really curious about that case.
- Well, I examined the information you gave me.

Page 19

- Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture - a certain place

Page 20

No text

Page 21

- Yer not allowed in.

Page 22

- The guard is composed of Judo or Karate black belts and former JGSDF paratroopers…*
- But that’s not important, for these guys, it’s already…

Page 23

- Too late!!

Page 24

No text

Page 25

- Beeeeeep
- Ha,
- Wooa…
- Emergency stop.

Page 26

- Resuming operation.
- Please press the button for your desired floor.
- Hah,
- Ugh.

Page 27

- ...I’m done.
- Good job, Imari-san. Leave the rest to us.

Page 28

- insert above elevator : Not available during Work Inspection Mode.

Page 29

- Why am I remembering those two…?

Page 30
I feel empty…*

Translator Notes :

Page 1 - (Chapter title) The Owl - 梟, this kanji actually refers to the Ural Owl (Strix uralensis).

Pages 3 - Tomikutsu - I had no readings for the kanjis used so I made one up using the possible readings for the kanjis. The kanjis used were 富久津アース不動産 with the last three kanjis meaning real estate. (I asked native Japanese speaker and even them were unable to answer me)

Page 8 &10 - I deliberately left the Japanese expression here as it is well known and rendered better in the translation.

Page 14 - the Ministry of Education Educational Faculty Special Inspection - 文部省教育施設特査という肩書きの暗殺者 are the original Kanjis and Kanas used. I tried to stick to the text as much as possible. More pieces of information might be given later in the manga.

Page 16 - It only hacked at the leaves of evil – for the non native English speakers , this is from the saying, “For every thousand hacking at the leaves of evil, there is one striking at the root.”

Page 22 - JGSDF - Japan Ground Self-Defense Force

Page 30 - empty - There might be a play on words for this one. The kanji used 空 can mean sky, but here takes the meaning of vain, empty.

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Posted on Dec 18, 2012

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