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Destro 246 3

the Confidential of Yokohama

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Dec 17, 2012 23:32 | Go to Destro 246

-> RTS Page for Destro 246 3

Chapter 3
1. Do not use for scanlations without my permission.
2. No non-English scanlations before a release in English is out
3. If you want to translate to another language ask me first.

[Destro 246 - Chapter 03 : The Confidential of Yokohama]
Reserved for Kiss Scans

Proofed by Quicksilver

[Destro 246 - Chapter 03 : Yokohama Confidential]

Page 01

- Nanten-chan how is Hime’s condition? - Munch, Bite
- She’s fine, and isn’t angry. She’s playing games.
- What, are you eating? Ah, that pie you bought?
- Buy some fo’ us too.
- Hime said to buy some for us too! Pretty please~~~~~~

Page 02

- Don’t worry. I bought some for Ichigo-sama and for too Nanten-chan. I’ll bring it over as soon as I’m done.
- Ye----es, as expected of you, Renka!! !! You’re awesome!

Page 03

- Be careful Renka.
- Hime-sama said you should be careful.
- Right.
- Fuuuck!! It’s all because of that idiot rapist. I wish those two other people on escort
- Could also be “erased” completely like he is!!

Page 04

- I swear that as soon as the guy who is doing this is found, I’m gonna kill him!
- Calm down, we can’t do anything about it Hime.
- Yes, we can. That dimwit is only attracting attention on my dealings territory!!
- Maybe it’s a hitman?
- You’ve entered the dreadnought class there. You should know that hitmen have important backbone networks backing them up, right?
- If really we were against one of them, there wouldn’t be any evidence left, all the leads would have been erased or something like that.
- Anyway, they mostly kill because they’re greedy for cash, that’s what hitmen are, you know!
- Think about what you say before talking Ms. Huge boobies!!
- Kya Ha Ha Ha!

Page 05

- Being the successor of an important organization, Ichigo-Hime has to oversee how the business unfolds.
- Don’t rub them so strongly, Hime.
- Ahh (heart insert)
- So lucky……
- Hanten-chan and I serve with what Hime can’t do by herself. We are her shields, her guns but also her swords.
- This brings about the most gains for Hime, that is the route of ecstasy and ICE*. As such she needs someone to shadow her when doing business . TN : ICE, also known as crystal meth is the informal name for methamphetamine, a synthetic drug with more rapid and lasting effects than amphetamine, used illegally as a stimulant and as a prescription drug to treat narcolepsy and maintain blood pressure.
- I should get going it’s already time to connect the money, no? - Support me properly, all right?
- Roger, I’ll leave it to you.
- Even though it’s Monday, the money is usually collected from the dealers on their “Thursday turn”. That’s on that day, she suddenly appeared outta nowhere.

Page 06

- It’s an uniform……is she an high school student?
- You’re so small!!
- Blonde hairs, blue eyes……a Russian, huh?
- And you just talked in Japanese!

Page 07

- Is there someone there Renka?
- Ah, it’s nothing……
- Imari-san, this blonde hair pink hooded girl is a bill collector.

Page 08

- Bitch!!
- Renka!?
- Nanten-chan, protect Hime!

Page 09

- A hitman just got out the building!!
- She passed right in front of me!
- What should I do!? Hime!!
- Don’t rush Renka. Listen, you absolutely mustn’t go against her.
- Nanten.

Page 10

- Peel off the car license plate, now.
- Roger----!!
- Beeeeep Beeeeep
- Yes.
- An hitman is heading your way. Inform the others members through radio.
- Ha?
- Ya fucking wit’ me!? What do you mean by a hitman is here.
- Just that,
- Brr.
- You’ll die soon.
- Done!!

Page 11

- Renka, forget about collecting the money! The dealers are already done for.
- Roger that!
- Hime!

Page 12

- C’mon, 11 people left! Just so you know they’re running away.
- Shut up.

Page 13

- He--ey
- Kawasaki’s group isn’t answering.
- Really? What’s with that crappy development? Ok, let’s go!
- What a girl, this hitman……
- Even though she’s so small that presence she’s emitting…….
- It’s full of blood thirst!! Even my father doesn’t hold a candle to her………
- So far, she’s the most dangerous hitman I’ve ever seen!!

Page 14

- So fast!! It’s as if she were flying!
- She’s way too silent and precise!!

Page 15

- Hurry!!
- That Renka, I’m sure she didn’t run away like I told her to!
- Dammit,
- Renka, Renka?
- Are you there!?
- Uuuurrrggghhh!!
- Why did this have to happen on my territory!!!

Page 16

- Dammit all, no one’s answering!!
- It’s bad, right!? Listen to me. I have a really bad hunch, shouldn’t we be running away instead of staying here!?

Page 17

No text

Page 18

- Sma~~~~~~all fries!
- …Ouch……

Page 19

No text

Page 20

- Kya Ha Ha!
- Idiot! You should have run away when you had the chance.
- Fuck……
- I couldn’t do it!!

Page 21

No text

Page 22

- I didn’t think she’d attack me while I was inside.
- Looks like I’ll have to kill her.
- Gyaa
- Gakyaa Thump Thump Thump Boom Boom
- Crash Hah Hah
- Arrrggghhh!! Giin
- Kya Ha Ha.
- Oh C’mon, Renka’s fighting!
Page 23

- A woman’s voice!?
- Gyaa
- Boom Boom
- Nanten, get the weapons!
- Roger!!

Page 24

- Were they your friends? Let me tell you that next time I’ll move even faster than I did now.
- Eh?
- No way. Wait!

Page 25

- I know! Your name! Tell me your name!!
- Fo------ol!

Page 26

- Renka!!
- She ran away!

Page 27

- Let’s floor the Daisan Keihin Road.* a notorious highroad in Japan. This road is Japan National Route 466. National Route 466 is a national highway of Japan connecting Tokyo to Yokohama in Japan, with a total length of 18,4 km. A major part of the road is known as the Daisan Keihin Road (第三京浜道路 Daisan Keihin Douro)
- Yes!
- I’m sorry Ichigo-Hime…… Don’t get angry…….
- You know, the money was all recovered.
- And there wasn’t much damage dealt~~~~
- After all only the dealers were done in! Right, Hime!

Page 28

- I know! I have a good idea!!
- To forget about all this event why don’t we do an intense threesome from now and until morning comes!!
- That’d be nice!!
- Don’t even think about it!
- Why is it that your only thinking about such things!
- Why did you let the bill collectors escape? Imari-san.

Page 29

- Senzakio only told me to “get rid of the dealers”,
- I was already done.
- Too bad, the pie’s been crushed.
- It’s a real mess…….

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#1. by neitan666718 ()
Posted on Dec 18, 2012
Thanks!! Thanks!!
Waiting for more!! ^^

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