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Destro 246 4

The Dust Collector

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Jan 22, 2013 13:05 | Go to Destro 246

-> RTS Page for Destro 246 4

[Destro 246]
1. Do not use for scanlations without my permission.
2. No non-English scanlations before a release in English is out
3. If you want to translate to another language ask me first.

[Chapter 04 - The Dust Collector]
Reserved for Kiss Scans
Page 01

Page 01

- Chapter 4 The Dust Collector
- See ya.
- You going to club activities?
- No, my part time job.
- Are you coming?
- Yeah, let’s go home.

Page 02

- Chapter 4 The Dust Collector

Page 03

- Ai-chan, there isn’t anyone in the library.
- Even though this place really is comfortable------
- Maybe it’s because everyone hates books?
- Books can be quite helpful though.

Page 04

- Look.
- Hasn’t someone come to see you again? Sui.
- Then, I’ll go see what it is.
- Wow, wait Sui!
- You’re making such a scary face just because you were disturbed in your reading!?
- Be careful, no one must ever see that!
- Yes!
- I’ll remember that.

Page 05

- Sui sure is popular!
- And it’s not even been two weeks since we came to this school!
- She’s tall and looking so as result……
- She’s only being “confessed to” by “girls”.
- I don’t understand why though.
- Are you saying you aren’t popular with guys Ai-chan? Tell me, how many times have they already come for you?
- Fast! You already turned her down?
- Not quite, she only wanted some advice “from a friend”.

Page 06

- All her questions were about you, Ai-chan,
- What’s your relationship with her? Are you going out? These sorts of questions.
- Ho Ho!
- On book : Architecture II
- On book : Architecture II (word is cut)
- Seems like she doesn’t get the idea of relationships between women!
- But then,
- In case she sniffs around too much,
- We’ll just have to kill her.
- on Book : Architecture II

Page 07

- You know we can’t kill ordinary people, right? It’d be going against Master’s order.
- Of course I know that, I was just joking.
- Were you thinking about “that kid”?
- Ho!
- Well guessed, that “Shinjuku brat”, right!?

Page 08

- We’ve hardly been at school for two weeks.
- If she’s older, then she must at least be a 3rd Year. I wonder where she lives.
- I investigated into that. This uniform was from West Tokyo Academy.
- I also found out this is a gigantic school located in Musashino, Tokyo.
- A gigantic school and Shinjuku… I wonder which of these two areas will be easier to approach.
- Ho Ho!

Page 09
- Hime, don’t you find Kabukichou a bit too clichéd?* TN: Kabukichou - 歌舞伎町 is the entertainment and red-light district of Shinjuku - Tokyo, Japan. It is the location of many host and hostess clubs, love hotels, shops, restaurants, and nightclubs, and is often called the “Sleepless Town”.
- There is nothing more clichéd than this place!
- It is after all known as a city where assassins prowl all over!
- Then why did we come to Shinjuku?
- Coming here will probably allow us to gather intel.

Page 10

- East Tokyo, West Tokyo,
- Yokohama City.
- Right in the middle of all this, we have Shinjuku where we’re now.
- Wall Station: Shinjuku Subnade - Fashion·Restaurants·Foods* TN: it’s an undergroung shopping mall.
- East Tokyo is the only place where a 893 killer would be. Have you heard of that affair in that place called “Tomioka”? It’s been all over the news recently! TN note : 893 is another name for yakusa. This name comes from a losing hand in Oicho-Kabu, a traditional Japanese card game that is similar to the Western games, blackjack.
- It’s easy to understand those sort of guys did it. They really did a dirty job.
- I think it was discovered that a bunch of corpses were abandoned after the head had been blown full of holes.
- After this, East Tokyo will fall into ruin. Nanten, Renka, even us will not be spared by this wave!
- People will be the target of gunshots and then turf wars will occur!

Page 11

- As for West Tokyo…… - Munch!?
- KiSS
- On board : Shinjuku Subnade - Fashion·Restaurants·Foods
- What’s with you all a sudden, Renka!! – Not in the middle of town.
- Your story is so boring, Hime. As much as an old man about to die.
- I think we should find a private room and have sex!
- Haah~~?
- Where did this come fro - Munch!?

Page 12

- Really, you girls……
- I really hate Kabukichou too!
- Hime, let’s go the Tochou!* TN : The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building
which houses the headquarters of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government which governs not only the 23 wards, but also the cities, towns and villages that make up Tokyo as a whole.

- It’s in the other way!
- I mean, you do know there are assassins in West Shinjiku, right!?
- Thud
- Thud
- Thud
- And they’re all like that brat Renka fought! This is West Tokyo’s…… - Ha Ha.
- I don’t care “ how many” there are in this city!
- Nanten, Renka, it seems you can have a really cute voice when you’re serious.
- What are you saying? Hime, your voice is the cutest, isn’t it!?
- Really, you both are lost cases…
- Excuse me……

Page 13

- I’ll also do my best to send flying any rude guy we meet.
- Yeah, leave it to me!
- Thud
- Thud
- Thud
- Forget it, with your superhuman strength the opponents will die instantly!
- Could you listen to me, you three?
- Would you please listen to what I have to say?
- It won’t take much time so…… - Ah, no it might be a bit long…probably?

Page 14

- She’s so tall!!
- Not only is she in such unfashionable black pantsuit, but her presence, why is it so weak?
- Crap! Hime’s pissed off!! She really hates cops, huh?
- Eh? What? What d’ya want?
- Ah, huh? Looks like you understand I’m from the police! You don’t want me to take you into protective custody, right? Then, I’ll need you listen to what I have to say……
- Instead of talking while standing why don’t we go to a restaurant?
- Again! As a detective so why is she expressing herself hesitantly!? She’s so weak-natured!!

Page 15

- Do you have any business in Kabukichou?
- Not particularly~~~~.
- Such a place is know as the lowest resorts in Tokyo. At night this place has a strange atmosphere. It isn’t recommended for girls your age to loom around here then.
- You don’t need to tell us that!
- Should we head over to the Tochou?
- We’ll pass on that .
- SFX : thud
- So the leader is that girl with the glasses, huh…… Even so the accessories and her demeanor make it show she’s strong willed,
- Phew
- I’m glad she decided to come along quietly.

Page 16

- vrrooom…

Page 17

- I guess I should go home.
- Flinch
- shudder
- Glance
- This presence……
- I don’t understand, it could only be from this person. Where is it coming from…….?
- stagger
- Dammit, it’s getting closer and closer.
- Ah, is that Imari-chan?

Page 18

- As I thought! It’s been a long time, hasn’t it!
- What are you doing here?
- You should come with us too.
- Minori-chan.

Page 19

- Who’s she?
- She’s so small!! Is she some kind of Koropokkuru!? TN: koropokkuru - コロポックル, also written Koro-pok-kuru, korobokkuru, or koropokkur, are a race of small people in folklore of the Ainu people of the northern Japanese islands. The best example for this is the spirit Horohoro (guy always with a snowboard) carries with him everywhere in Shaman King.
- No? It’s a brat? What a brat doing in Shinjuku?…Ha Ha.
- What you just said was really rude, Ichigo-chan. Imari-chan is older than you after all.
- For real!?
- Once again, she’s gathered bothersome people around herself!
- She was an acquaintance Imari was encountering for the umpteenth time. This woman was known as Hotaruda Minori, a policewoman,
- Working at Department of Public Safety in the Division of Juvenile Justice at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, or to sum it up she’s a “Detective of a Central Government Office”. Also, she was the possessor of an unusual ability……

Page 20

- This is the same place we saw her first, right------? I wonder if we’ll really going to meet her in the same circumstances it happened.
- whoosh
- At the time we met her, she was walking in the Tokyo Government Office area.
- I was unable to determine whether this was only a place she happened to visit casually or if this was a place where she has something to do regularly……
- Yeah, I understand now. It’s worth a shot checking this place out!

Page 21

- Actually, even if we manage to encounter her, will we really be able to finish her off? She’s quite skillful, isn’t she?
- So true~~~~~~, she’s quite good.
- Since she’s that strong, it’d be going against Master’s order if we couldn’t kill her.
- Sui, did you think about it? A way “ to counter that brat”.
- It’s usually very easy for people to disappear. But that girl, if she even momentarily falls short on something, people will gather to back her up,
- The eyes of people usually become useless in front of skilled movements. Then, in our case,
- To be able to kill her, we’ll have to set aside the use of our eyes.

Page 22

- Come to think of it, there are few “warriors” in this country. I guess this makes this girl something like a rare character.
- I think this’ll make the act of killing her very enjoyable too.
- That’s right, it’s just like you said. - Ho Ho Ho Ho.
- I’m telling you I want to go home.
- Please , don’t say that, I’ll even treat you to sweets if you come!
- If I hadn’t had any money in my wallet, I’d have looked really silly after this show I put on!
- It’d have been so embarrassing!

Page 23
- So tall!
- Errr~~~~ Girls…….
- I’d be really pleased if you’d let me treat you to some sweets!
- Even if she wasn’t aware of it, her ability was to be able to gather assassins around herself.
- Well, I must also say that this is part of my work in the police, kind of like a circle for intel gathering!?
- Ah, sorry for the wait you four!!

Page 24 - 25

No Text

Page 26

- Manryou Ichigo-chan, Sakura Nanten-chan, Ichii and Renka-chan are over there.
- It just feels just like protective custody, doesn’t it!?
- ……Then, over here, we have Touno Sui-chan as well as Touno Ai-chan.
- Nice to meet you----.
- Ho Ho.
- Ah, it’s my phone! I’m sorry everyone, I’ll be back right away.
- The sweets are here! Eat!

Page 27

- What the fuck was that “nice to meet you” for, bitch. I’ll freaking kill ya……
Page 28

- Pfft.
- You look to be really bad at sports though. Aren’t you misunderstanding what the 893 really is?
- In your place, I’d shut my trap if I hadn’t had the gut to eat everything I was offered.
- Kya Ha Ha.
- Do you know that insults are not to be told to Hime?
- All of you are fools!!

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