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Destro 246 5

Saturday Night Special

+ posted by vinceled as translation on May 13, 2013 08:03 | Go to Destro 246

-> RTS Page for Destro 246 5

[Destro 246 - Keitarou Takahashi]

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[Chapter 5 - Saturday Night Special]


Back again with this series after a long break ^^
Next will probably the last chapter of the volume and the omake. Then the oneshot for Mutou Black and the first chapter of the series by Nonoue Daijirou before going back to Biorg Trinity and then I'll finally start doing the requests I was asked to do :3

Page 01

- You’ve gotten hold on Matoba Imari’s current whereabouts? Awesome!
- West Shinjuku, huh? Yes, got it. I’ll head over there right away!
- insert chapter title : 5th Saturday Night Special
- Eh!? You’re asking me if I’m pleased with this!?
- Of course I am. Now, I’ll certainly be able to kill her off!

Page 02

- No way, yes. Don’t mention it~~~~. Yes.
- Noo, yes. Consider it done. Then, I’m hanging up!
- Finally! Some good news!
- With this Nee-chan’s medical fees will be covered for at leasr for 10 years.
- Really, getting money easily really is the best after all.

Page 03

- 5th chapter - Saturday Night Special

Page 04

- Sorry Minori-chan……I can’t eat anymore.
- T-there’s no need for you to apologize, Imari-chan.
- It’s because I never thought it’d be so big.
- You’re already full!?
- If so, let me take it!!
- Don’t be a glutton Nanten.
- It seems all the sugar you eat must go to your breasts, huh?
- You’re probably right! Kya Ha Ha.
- Aren’t you going to finish yours, Hime?
- Thank you!!

Page 05

- Wow, look at this. Even though I gathered them unexpectedly,
Somehow I find this much more impressive that they’d all be nice to each other.
- Gochisou sama deshita. * TN note : what you said when you’re done eating in Japan, equivalent to this was a good meal.
- It was really good, Minori-chan!
- It’s fine, it’s fine! It’s as thanks for listening to what I had to say!

Page 06

What they said seems to be true. That they have no relations whatsoever with any of the recent events. The Yakuza related crimes that have been going all over recently as well as these strange murder cases and this epidemic of stimulant drugs (crystal meth)------
- Even so, my real intention behind this round table of intel gathering was to make sure these girls weren’t walking the path of evil!
- My sole job was to make sure I’d protect them against the evil hand that could have reached and pulled them onto this road.
- As usual, your hair is so beautiful, Minori-chan.
T-thank you. So you’ve noticed they’d grown longer, Imari-chan----
Which hair saloon did you go to!?
Excuse me, I’d like some water, please!!

Page 07

No Text

Page 08

No Text

Page 09

- Authorized Personnel Only
- Keep Closed

Page 10

- Did she move?
- Is that so?
- Yes, all the necessary arrangements have been taken care of.
I’d be able to make it from relatively anywhere. Even so, I’d ideally would have liked if she’d been walking in a public park.
Eh? Where I’m located?
- This is a secret.

Page 11

- Fu Fu……
- With this great view this place is giving me I can finally do it,
- Hasn’t the wind turned against you? Matoba Imari.
- Dammit, this was so useless! Playing “house” made me tired. We’re going back to Yokohama!
- When looking at me I’m sure she was thinking “Be careful with dope”, something like that! Minori-chan missed out big time. I really wonder how she became a detective. - Fu Fu.

Page 12

- You sure did well controlling yourself all this time, Ichigo-hime.
- Yeah…had there been a quarrel at that place, we wouldn’t have been able to protect you Hime……
- I understood that just from seeing your faces. Those girls were extremely dangerous, weren’t they?
- Especially that Matoba brat, whom Renka fought and who was responsible for smashing our dealers to a pulp. Am I right?
This fucking bitch!!

Page 13

- Why is everyone of them making a fool out of me----!!
- Stop it, Hime! You’ll hurt yourself!
- *WHACK* (x2)
Enough with it. Me too.
I also wanted Nanten and you Renka to show that I was powerful!!
Instead of that I passed for some kind of garbage rotten miso!!!

Page 14

It’s good. You seem to be turning back all your frustration on us, since you couldn’t break your fist on that machine, Hime.
- We got it, Hime. We’ll kill all of them for you.
- Who should we start with?
- Sui and Ai. Ai is the first of the list.
What’s wrong? Did you just get dumped?
- Hey----, stop crying, it’s making me sad too----

Page 15

- You also better do as we say. Don’t even try to run away. Because of Hazama’s control in this area there are no CCTV, you know?
- Wow, Look at those girls. They’re super cute.
- Come with us to a party. We’ll buy you anything you want. - Ha Ha Ha.
Is that it?
If there are no crime preventing CCTV here then it makes thing easier, doesn’t it? Renka, Nanten.
- Get rid of them. - Still, watch out for any blood spurts.

Page 16

- This presence…It belongs to Sui and Ai. So they came along, huh……
- I’ve been thinking so since I was enjoying the soothing effect of the Niagara Falls at the Cntral park but they’re trying to hide from me, huh……
Do they really believe I haven’t noticed them yet?
Seems like coming to the park was the right choice after all……
If I’m here, I can easily get away from then if nee…….

Page 17


Page 18

Haa!? Hey.
- What the fuck am I doing!?

Page 19

- *TA* x5
- Imari, someone’s targeting you!! Also,
- Shut up already……
- What’s with that face, are you sick!?
Ai-chan! 2 minutes. You’ll have to hold out for 2 minutes.
I’m heading to Master’s restaurant right now!
There are around 1300m between the restaurant and the shooter! I can kill him in ten minutes once there!
- on board : 12 Co. Roads, Shinjuku District, West Shinjuku 4th City Block.

Page 20

- The 2 gunshots bit the air……no, did someone moved her out of the way?
This wasn’t part of the plan……what should I do…?
- Only one more shot. This is all I need to bring down Matoba. I shouldn’t worry about these new factors.
We can’t stay helpless against this rain of bullets! Do you know who’s targeting you!?

Page 21

- It must be Kemuri…… uses 5.56mm bullets, as well as silencers on his rifles……
- Belongs to the Sakhalin mafia. If it’s really that idiot Kemuri then he’s certainly attacking from a high place.* TN : sakhalin - a large Russian island in the Sea of Okhotsk, situated off the coast of eastern Russia and separated from it by the Tartar Strait; capital, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. From 1905 to 1946, it was divided into the northern part, held by Russia, and the southern part, occupied by Japan.
If he doesn’t get a particularly good shot in after firing 2 or 3 rounds, then he usually abandons the mission……
- From this building there,huh!
- Sui!

Page 22

Ho Ho!!
Don’t tell me being attacked from two different fronts woke you up!?

Page 23

*TA* x4
Heave, ho!!
The only room master allows us entry in is located at the top floor of the Touno Foods Group Chain main establishment.

Page 24

So fast!!

Page 25

- Are they fighting? Hm…they are crazy living being then, doing so when facing an assassin.
Even so, can I really be considered an assassin?

Page 26 - 27


Page 28

- Hah.
- *THU------NK*

Page 29

- Hah
- Buaah!!
- So you killed that sniper, didn’t you Sui!!
I did!
What about Matoba Imari?
- Disappeared!
- She suddenly became really violent! - Ho Ho Ho!!

Page 30

- Sui! She seems to be out of this world! Ho Ho!
- Ah~~~~ I should get home I guess. - I’m a total wreck though……

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