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Destro 246 6

Fire Cracker

+ posted by vinceled as translation on May 15, 2013 15:43 | Go to Destro 246

-> RTS Page for Destro 246 6

[Destro 246 - Keitarou Takahashi]

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[Chapter 6 - Fire Cracker]


Chapter 6 - Fire Cracker

Yokohama - Yamate City
Private St. Moshika Girl’s High School

*CHAK* x5
I couldn’t sell it after all…the remaining stock. It won’t necessarily incur a loss but……
With this, I can’t make any profits either.

Hey, who’s there?
I’ll kill you, bitch……

You can try to look smart all you want, 893!
But I know you’re only showing off. Even you have a limit to what you can do Manryou!
You’re even entered this school like it was nothing!
This is really pissing me off, an unattractive 893 like you acts so arrogantly. I’m sure you got in here through your connections, you did right?
I entered this school using the normal ways.
I also have no intention of standing out. Aren’t I behaving properly here?
Cut the water off now, you’re wasting it.

*JERKS* x2
This bitch, she must have glued the lock.
Stop spouting bullshit.
Your two escorts transferred in the same class you’re in,
And they don’t even wear the proper uniform! You’re really showing off, aren’t you! You did this so you could show-off your power, right!?
Hime sure is taking her time on the toilet.
Maybe it’s the number 2?

Just so you know, these two also had to pass the entrance examination!
Also, I should mention that they are pretty poor. That’s why as for their clothes, no one tells them anything. - The school expenses are even carried by me.
Anyway, I’m pretty sure now, this voice belongs to San’nouji from the 1st years, right?
You’re quite mischevious for a daughter belonging to a high-class family, aren’t you……
I never forget the association between a voice and its face.
My line of work requires it after all.
I must say you went pretty far even for a simple tease, San’nouji……
What’s wrong with you? Are you acting this way just for your boyfriend’s sake?

It’s fine already, get out of here.
If Nanten and Renka were to come here now, you’d end up in serious trouble.
You must feel better having teased on an unattractive 893 for ten minutes, don’t you?
Keiichi is making serious efforts. He’ll swallow your territory in one go too!

[Scary looking pissed off Ichigo]

You talked about him getting my territory “too”, didn’t you.

I’m taking back what I said before about letting you off.
I’ll have you to cough up
Everything you know
About “your boyfriend’s territory”.


You’re trying to lead us on aren’t you! You got us to the same place both yesterday and today! You’re totally setting up your own pace with this.
Matoba Imari.
Should I really tell them?

Today, we haven’t come specifically to kill you.
Be careful, you’re way too close to her!
I don’t take the bite.
I don’t have any business with you.
You better cut it out, if from the very beginning I haven’t tried to get rid of you is because I don’t want to fight, you know?
Stop approaching me already.
If you don’t, you’ll get noticed by my owner.

We’ll do as you wish but,
But today is another matter!
You seem to be well informed about hitmen, aren’t you? Like for that “Kemuri”. I have something I want to talk about.
Take a ride with us,
If you refuse, I’ll shoot down all those kids playing over there.

Have they all been assembled?
Yes, all those related to the continuous fall in prices in Kawasaki. But for most of them, Nanten and Renka have……
Hey, I hope they won’t do something regretful until we get the safes code numbers from them.
I think this should be fine, seeing how they listen to you.



Fuck…because of you, I’ve probably caught a cold!

Renka! What about the people giving the safes code numbers?
They’re already inside the container. I had what they were saying recorded on this device.
I’ve collected the money at the XXbuilding in Omori,
Gya------. my foot!!
Did you really need to record all of it? This for example!
If you don’t want to finish drowned in the deep sea while being stuck to the bike you rode and in this wrecked container you’d better cough up.
B-Boss, the truth is.

Who’s that guy?
Her boyfriend. He’s the leader of a biker gang.
Ah, so he Keiichi-kun, huh? Was is he still alive then.
You really should start talking you know Imari-chan.
Look, we’ve already arrived near Tomei! TN : Tokyo-Nagoya.

Is that really the attitude you should have when asking something to someone!?
Well, I figured that you’ve already fought Ai-chan so now,
Don’t you want to fight against me too? (heart insert)


Hey, don’t kick in the seats!!
You only need to quickly tell what we want to know.
Then, you’ll be able to get off the car!
We want to know about assassins that use poison!!
There are a large number of assassins that use poison……
…Even though……

So even you are good for nothing, huh.
Sui and Ai. You’re also known as the black dog and the brown dog.
You’re just like dogs, never using your head and only sniffing around and snarling at others.
If you want to know about poison users, then you can’t bustle about hurriedly in your investigation……
You didn’t think about “that four eyes who is bad a sports”, did you!

[Scary looking Hime]

San’nouji, live where the San’nouji group makes his business, right? - Is you really a daughter from the high-class?
Ah Ha Ha Ah Ha Ha,
I’ll let you alive on the condition,
That when you grow up, you finance me with your enterprise!

From now, he’ll be our pet!!!! TN : pet written as sex slave
Even so, the pleasure I get from making men suffer really seem pale in comparison to girls!
Sex slave!?
Yeah! It’s great!!
Thank you very much, Imari-san.

Thanks to you, we’ve finally found who our target is. So, you get off the car now.

- End -

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