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Destro 246 7

Curse Investigation ①

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Jul 20, 2013 21:38 | Go to Destro 246

-> RTS Page for Destro 246 7

[Destro 246 - KEITAROU Takahashi]

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[Destro 246 - Curse Investigation ①]


P00 (character in the tank) - The author was kind enough to provide us with the official writing for the names in romaji :3
Imari Matoba - Assassin.
Sui Touno - Assassin.
Ai Touno - Assassin.
Ichigo Manryou - 893 girl.
Nanten Sakura - Hime’s escort.
Renka Ichii - Hime’s escort.
Ryuichi Touno - Businessman.
Minori Hotaruda - Police Detective.
Yoshino Minou - Underground Doctor.

P02 (contents)
Chapter 07 - Curse Investigation ①
Chapter 08 - Red Snow
Chapter 09 - Kasha (mythical beast said to devour dead bodies)
Chapter 10 - Razor Fish Phase. 1
Chapter 11 - Razor Fish Phase. 2
Chapter 12 - Razor Fish Phase. 3
Chapter 13 - Razor Fish Phase. 4
This tale is a work of fiction, as such, it doesn’t old any relation to any existing person, groups, event, places and so forth.

From then on, mag raws
P00 (cover)

One year before our current storyline.
Left : The thing that drives Imari to the wall, that is———
Volume 1 is now on sale with great popularity!!!

Chapter 7 - Curse Investigation ①
The strange relationship between Imari and the Underground Doctor Yoshino.
Destro 246 - Takahashi Keitarou

What do you want to eat today?
Ever since the time we met, Imari had warmed up to me a little but, it’d frequently become like this when she came back to the house after being invited on a ride.
Don’t you find this a bit depressing......?
I don’t think so.
It’s worrying that you’re so engrossed with your weapon~~~~~~!
Story - Summary : Touno, a young businessman went to South Africa in order to purchase two beautiful assassin girls straight from the local Mafia. The two girls that were named Sui and Ai, are now on Touno’s order hunting the people that killed his wife and children. However, on the road they’re going down on, they encountered other assassin girls, and now the situation is swiftly headed towards unforeseen circumstances. Ai and Sui invited Imari out on a drive. Right after getting a hint on who are the people that killed Touno’s wife and children they kicked Imari out of the car...

No matter how much time passed, the「high school assassin」wasn’t able to make even a single friend,
Rather, she was called a midget and taciturn as well as being a bullied child. Well, she was a girl that went through a lot of troubles.
Let’s get in the bath, Imari!
In the harsh world she was fighting in and were there would be not going back home if she were to sustain an injury,
The house of the Underground Dcotor was a place where she could be relieved of everything else but......
Character Intro : Matoba Imari - Assassin. Minou Yoshino - Underground Doctor.

What’s this? A compass?
It not a watch. Was it made in Japan? It’s just your everyday compass. Why is she carrying this thing around......

What are you talking about?
Big Sis Yoshino.
In the end, she acted as if she couldn’t see it......
It’s nothing......
Imari isn’t the type of person to say such a strange thing.
Character Introduction : Ai - Assassin. Sui - Assassin.

It’s making me feel uneasy. It’s a first for me until now in our relationship.
In the end, that response from before was......
The manifestation of the ability of Imari the assassin, it was probably influenced by the people that educated her.
Once again, she’s left it in a place that looks like it 「invites to look」......

The person that come in contact with it must be

It’s crazy!!
She was sleeping over there, wasn’t she......
「This person」? That touches the compass? A personification? Is itn article of a deceased person?... No it’s not that.
This is brainwashing!!
I... Imari, I got it already!
I won’t... Touch it......
So, this compass that draws out her power is only a 「key」, huh?

I wouldn’t mind it if you were the one to kill me.
Big Sis!?

Sorry, just for a bit,
My head, it really hurts.
Does this often happen?
Yeah, somehow my head always hurts......
She must be suffering from an intense burden.
I’ll go and fetch you some water.
......No need to. If I stay one minute in this position it’ll recede.
Thinking of Imari’s life as something trivial, the curse those guys have burdening this girl with——

——Simply removes a human limiter and a mysterious being appear out of nowhere.
I have to hurry.
And that, before it scorches her due to overheat.
The people that trained you, Senzaki...... You’ve only been deceived by them,
There is no way we’re letting this go, right Imari!


No text



Skate-sliding on her weapon, is she even human!?
But now her weapon is most likely destroyed!
Should we go to her pursuit!? Sui! Sui!?
I’m sorry Ai-chan......
Please, let’s not do this and get away.
Eh!? Sui, are you telling me?

I got hit.
No way~~!!
She did a good one on you!

OK. Let’s throw away the car.
We’ll find a new one and then get back to Tokyo.
Master told us of the 「Underground Doctor of Ogikubo*」. - Seems like she has awesome skills. TN : 荻窪 - Ogikubo, an outlying area of Tokyo in Suginami ward, approximately 8 km west of Shinjuku.
Let’s go there. You’ll be healed right away.

Where will I be able to get off this thing......
◼︎ The 「Brainwashing」that eats away at Imari——. How will it be solved......——!?
[Destro 246] Chapter 7 / End.

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