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Gringo 2061 7

Elder Safe House

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Nov 17, 2013 12:35 | Go to Gringo 2061

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Gringo 2061 - NOGUCHI Keisuke

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Gringo 2061 - [#7 Elder Safe House]

Raiji thinking : July 28th 2061 was the day of Halley’s Comet Collision…
He said the same thing as the old man.
If what he said is true then this place is…

Insert Text Top Left : Projected in the future a few thousand forwards—— Only the dazzling light hasn’t changed——
Inser Text Middle : Acclaimed by “Attack on Titan” Isayama Hajime!! Comics Volume 1, is selling ravingly!!
Author : NOGUCHI Keisuke
Title : #7 Elder Safe House

Usui : Hey, don’t get lost from me,
Over here.
Raiji : Alright…

Raiji thinking : The swelling’s become worse…
Usui : Does it hurt…?
For now the only thing that can de used as disinfectant
Is Shochu…

Raiji : Hey,
Except me,
Have a long-haired woman and a karate uniformed wearing man come here?
Usui : Karate Uniform?
Raiji : Yeah…
Usui : It might only be me but
I don’t really care about…
…Stuff like this.
Though I might get it if they wear such strange clothes.
Raiji : Look carefully!!
Usui : I don’t give a crap about this…
Agh, agh~~!! Fuck…
This palce inside is covered in shit…

No Text

Raiji : …Who the heck are
These people…??
Usui : Livestock
For transport…
They transport healthy mushrooms
Or even scrap metal.
Usui : Hey!

??? : Oh, Usui…
You in the middle of a date?
Don’t screw with me.
Tatsuya : Hah Hah Hah,
Deb wouldn’t shut up yesterday…
Raiji thinking : That guy…
Is the mohican that scavenged my bag…
Usui : …How is he?
Mohican : He’s in a sad state,
Down with the diarrhoea…
My stomach huuuurts~~, I’m fucking dyiiiing~~!!
Take this.

Raiji : My wax…?
Mohican : I was ordered to…
Usui : Wasn’t the high-voltage power line by the forest destroyed?
Mohican : Dunno,
Did anything happen?
Usui : My pops and him
Both said they were attacked by a Gringo…
Won’t you take a look just to be sure?
Mohican : Attacked by a Gringo?
Who told you that?

Usui : Him.
Mohican : C’mon, he can’t be trusted.
Don’t you get that?
Usui : I’d be glad to kill him if it’s a lie.
Raiji : …Huh?
Mohican : Just to make sure then…
Usui : I’m counting on you.
Mohican : Hey!!!

Raiji : …Hey,
I didn’t lie…
Raiji thinking : This place is
Usui : I know, but if I hadn’t said that he wouldn’t have gone to look.

Usui : Carry this.
Raiji : What the heck is it…?
Usui : Scrap Metal.
Raiji : What?
Usui : I’ll use it as cash to buy my pops’ medicine…
That’s what the people underground want.

Mohican: Are the repairs done?
??? : Yeah…
Mohican: Is that…
Satake’s weapon?
??? : That’s right.

Mohican : I never thought
You’d be anyone else’s supporter apart from being his.
Girl : That’s right…
How is Andou doing?
Mohican : It’s useless… He’s gone mad.
By going as far as killing Satake,
He’s totally turned into a human slump.

Mohican : Were the two guards by the barricade spies?
It’s not impossible.
Girl : I see…
Mohican : I heard the barricade by the forest was destroyed…
Girl : Eh?
Mohican : That brat from yesterday said so…
Just to make sure, I’ll take Deb too
And we’ll go on patrol.
Come with us.

Usui : Hey, over here, don’t get lost!!
Raiji : Alright…

Usui : You don’t want to get tied up again, right?
Raiji : It’s all dark…
Where are we?
Usui : Someone must have turned the light off…
??? : Hey, don’t turn it off, fool!!
??? : Yeah… Sorry about that…

??? : Ugh…
Usui : He’s a junkie that only eats human-faced mushrooms.
He’s a fucking sleazebag.
Raiji : So there are guys like this…

No Text

Raiji : …Rather than saying this is a shelter, isn’t this more like a market?
Usui : Look inside!
??? : Koshu TN : Sound of breathing through mask, much like Dark Vador.
Raiji : …Huh?
We can’t get inside.
This place works with the giving and taking system…
??? : Koshu

Usui : Agghh~~!!! Alright, I get it!!
Wait a sec, alright!!
Raiji : What?
Raiji : Ueeeerk…
Raiji : Fuck…

Usui : Pweh!
??? : Goshu!
Usui : It’s only that he didn’t stand alcohol!!
Raiji : What the fuck’s was that…
Usui : He always disinfects us when we come here…
They think the people coming from above will dirty up this place.
These fucking human-mole,
Seem to be quite proud.
??? : Koshu

Usui : Hey!!!
My pops arm was chopped off,
Give me medicine.
Usui : Raiji, bring it over.
Raiji : Alright.
Usui : What are you doing?
Hurry up.

Deb : Ugh…
My stomach hurts…
Girl : Did you eat something bad again?
Mohican : He ate something that was
Sickly-sweet smelling and oily.
Girl : I see…
What an idiot…
Deb : Let’s go back already…
There is nothing to gain going that far…

Deb : Let’s get away from here as fast as we can, that brat only messed with us!!
Girl : You’re the worst…
Tatsuya : Go back if you want to. You’re only dead weight to us right now…
In bubble SFX : *SST*
Tatsuya : Quiet!
Girl : What’s wrong?
Tatsuya : That thing is so scared it won’t even go forward one inch…

Girl : The high-voltage power line is ahead, right?
Tatsuya : Yeah… I’m going to see it for a bit.
I’m leaving him in your care.
Is that for real…?

Usui : Let’s go back.
Raiji : Alright…
Usui : …What?

??? : Hey!
It must be that junkie by the entrance who did this again!!
Now matter how many times I tell him, he won’t get it…
I’ve had my fill!!
I’m gonna fucking kill him!!

Raiji : What the fuck…
Is that…?

??? : Haa
Raiji : …Huh?
Gringo : Pant

Gringo : Pant
Raiji : It’s a Gringo…
Insert Text : Terror drifts in darkness!!
To be continued in the December issue.

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