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Aoki Ao No Atopos 1

Seg.1 - Returnees

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Mar 24, 2014 14:16 | Go to Aoki Ao No Atopos

-> RTS Page for Aoki Ao No Atopos 1

Aoki Ao no Atopos by Yamamura Hajime

Reserved for KIKE

Aoki Ao no Atopos - [Seg.1 - Returnees]

P01 [cover]
Yamamura Hajime Returns!!.
Aoki Ao no Atopos
New Series, Opening Color, 44 Pages!!

??? : That’s right! It’s making its entry to port today, you know?
I’m talking about the Mary Celeste… no, scratch that! It’s that abandoned ship!!
Insert : GX new series, seventh action series!!

??? : I told you I’d be staying overnight for 2, 3 days because of this, didn’t I?!
Then how come you haven’t arrange anything for it even though you told me about this?

??? : Well, like I said, I forgot them, okay!!
The bag on the table in living room! Bring it to me as soon as possible!!

??? : So I’ll have to go to the port right now?
Sure, I’ve got a break from exams and all right now but you’re being…
Left : Yamamura Hajime’s grand return to GX!! Finally starting up in field of Juvenile Sci-Fi!!!

Seg.1 - Returnees
Blue Text : New series, opening colour pages and 44 pages containing accel fate and adventure!!
Yellow Text : The compass direction they’re heading towards
Will take them to the World’s limits and unspecified places.
Yamamura Hajime

Insert : The whole adventure starts from a ship that gives off ghost ship vibes, ship that had drifted ashore.
Box : Contacts with a research vessel belonging to the Marine Resource Research Corporation that employs my elder sister were suddenly lost while the ship was at sea.
It was discovered a few days later by a fishing boat in coastal waters but no one was found onboard at the time.

Box : The 70 sailors and 25 researchers had disappeared without a trace.

Box : Without any new facts being discovered even with the following investigations by Japan Coast Guard,
The case enlivened the World and was labelled “The 21st Century Mary Celeste Case”.

Box : The ship being finally returned to the company means it’ll make its entry to port today.

Hey, look! This it is!
It’s the vessel that was wrecked!!

??? : In the end, nothing was found out even with Japan Coast Guard’s investigations, right?
I’m telling you dude, pirates did this.
Yeah but no one’s taken responsibility for this and there’s been no ransom asked either, you know!

??? : It’s gotta be an impediment!! It’s a governmental impediment I tell you!!
Yeah, but what for?
Fools!! It’s obviously a conspiracy, ain’t it!!
It’s aliens!

MC : What rubbish talk.
Seriously, how fussy can you get over one single ship…?

MC : Uwah!

MC : Agh, damn!!

??? : Oh! Sorry!
MC : Nooo,

??? : Hey, this too.
On ticket : Entry Pass - Marine Resource Research Corporation - Ferret
MC : Oh, thanks.

??? : Did you drop anything else?
MC : Looks like it’s fine.
??? : Are you working for the company “Ferret”?
MC : My sister is the one employed there.

MC : Sorry, I’ve got to hurry!

??? : Heh.

??? : Hey there, Masato!
Masato : Hello.

Masato : It’s my middle school uniform…

Masato : I though sis’ company was a super minor one but…
To think someone from the same school as mine would be working.

Masato : That aside…
Masato’s sis : Heeeey,

Sis : Over here, over here.

Sis : You’re late, Masato!!
Masato : Don’t give me that,
I came as fast as I could, you know?!

Sis : Huh?

Sis : Hehee…

Sis : So thats’ it,
So your antennas are finally standing up to things like this, huh!
Masato : That ain’t it!!
It’s only that she’s a student in my school!

Sis : Ah, you’re right!
I knew I’d seen this uniform design before.

Sis : You know, that girl…
Is the little sister of a researcher that was sailing on that ship I told you about.

Sis : Also, looks like the company-internal investigation of the research vessel “Kan’nagi” will soon take place…
How about telling her that and asking her if she wanna take a tour?

Sis : C’mon, go invite her!
Masato : Eeeh?!
Sis : C’mon, go!

Insert, Sis : Don’t let this chance slip by, got it?
Masato : Here goes nothing.

Masato : Miss!

Masato : Would you like to come with me for a bit?
Girl : Eh?

Masato : Ah, no!
The ship investigation!!
It’ll take place soon so…
Want to take a tour?

Girl : And you are…

Masato : Ah, me?! Sis…
No! My elder sister works at this company… she told me to invite you and… well I came to invite you,
But only she told me
To ask if you wanted to do it…

Masato : Also…
Masato, Insert : I can’t talk anymore…

??? : Thank you for the offer.

Masato : What the heck is that…?
In bubble SFX : *SHING*
Masato : It’s shining…
It isn’t the reflection of the surface of the sea, is it?
In bubble SFX : *TURN*

Masato : It’s coming over here!

Sis : Masato!!

Masato : *COUGH*

Masato : *COUGH*
Seriously, what the fuck was that…?
In bubble SFX : *FWIIISH*

No Text

No Text

Masato : What’s that?

??? : *COUGH*


Sis : Masato!!
Sis : Utou!
Are you alright?!
Masato : Aaagghh!

??? : *COUGH*

Sis : Ah.
Is that you,

Sis : Hitaki?

Masato : Heh?
You know him?

Masato : Sis…
Who is he…?

Sis : A sailor from our company.

Sis : He was sailing on the “Kan’nagi”.

Hitaki : I,
I’m hungry…

Box : He’s the worst.
Seriously how messy and disgraceful can he get in front of such a cute girl…

Box : It’s…
His fault.

Masato : Ugh!

Sis : So?

Sis : Mind telling what the hell happened?
What about the others?
Where have you been until now and,
How did you come back?
Also, that appearance back there…

Hitaki : You’re full of questions, aren’t you?

Sis : Well, of course I would be!
Do you even understand how serious of a matter this case is?

Utou : Do you…

Utou : Do you know how
My brother is faring?

Hitaki : Your brother?

Sis : Her brother is a researcher, he’s called Utou. Do you know him?

Hitaki : Oh! So you’re Utou’s little sister?
Utou : Do you know him?
Hitaki : Well, not that much…

Policeman : Who are you people?
Are you doing some kind of event?
Not that I’ve heard of any going on anyway…

Policeman : Show me your passes, would you?
Only this company’s workers are allowed beyond this point…
Wait! Stop right there!!

Hitaki : What an unexpected meeting!

Hitaki : To think I’d meet Utou’s little sister right after coming back to Japan.
At sea, your brother wasn’t really interested in doing anything, you know?
And with that, we talked about various things, and even played shogi too. He’s strong, you know?

Utou : Please tell me,
Is… my older brother alive?

Hitaki : He’s alive.
There is no doubting it.

Utou : Is… that really so?

Utou : That’s such a relief…

Box : Something…

??? : Is it here?
It appears so.
What do we do?

Sis : Come on, Hitaki. Explain properly,
Just where the hell were you?
And just where are the missing people…?

Hitaki : They’re on an island.

Sis : An island?

Hitaki : Yeah, one right in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
An island that sunk to the bottom of the sea a long time ago.
That’s where I came from.

??? : Found you.
??? : There was an entrance right on the side, you know?
You freaking lazy bum.

??? : What was that guy’s name already? Errrrm, can’t remember…
??? : It’s Hitaki Haitaka.
??? : Ah, yeah, that’s it!

??? : Seriously, you have a good memory,
And as always, it’s impressive.
??? : It’s only you that have trouble remembering things, idiot.

Box : What? What?
These guys…

??? : Anyway, show yourself and hand it over, would ya?
Hitaki Haitaka!!
That artificial fairy you took out with ya, that is!

Sis : Artificial… what?
Hitaki : Stay hidden, got it?
Sis : Eh?

Hitaki : C’mon, you too. Get back.

Box : What the heck…
Is he doing…?

??? : I’d appreciate if you could quietly hand it over,
Seeing this would spare us of losing time unnecessarily…

Hitaki : I’m pretty worried seeing how you believe you’ll conveniently
Get your own way in everything just like that, you know?

??? : I see.
In other words,
I take it we can just take it by force?

Hitaki : Fine by me.

??? : Be careful, his Bukaku* is warrior class. TN : written with the kanjis for ‘weapon’ and ‘shell’.
It’s on a higher class than ours…
??? : Heh!!

??? : That’s uncalled-for, ya know?

??? : After all!!

??? : It’ll fine if we end everything and take him down!!
And that even before he has time to equip his weapon!!
Hitaki : Guh,

Masato : Unfair…

Utou : Stop…

Utou : Stop Iiiiiiiiit!!

??? : Hpmh!
Hitaki : Damnit…

In bubble SFX : *TWIRLLLLLL*

Masato : Utou!!

Masato : Utouuuuu!!

No Text

Artificial Fairy : Fuck!

Artificial Fairy, across 4 bubbles : Nooooooooooo!!

Artificial Fairy : Whyyyyyyy
Been brought

Artificial Fairy : You!!

Artificial Fairy : Let me take a quick
Utou : Nooooooo!!

Artificial Fairy : It’s hopeless…
I’m completely bound to you…

??? : Caught it (heart)
Artificial Fairy : No-no-no-no!!
Let go! Let go!

??? : In fact, I don’t really know, but

??? : Sis
This is the artificial fairy we were told about, ain’t it?

Sis : Most likely.
You can guess from its shape.

??? : Alriiight! Then, this means we can just get back with that thing.
Sis : Watch out.

??? : Huh?

Hitaki : I told you, didn’t I?
That you wouldn’t do as you please.
Insert : Battle start!! Next issue, cover and opening color once again!!
Aoki Ao no Atopos Chapter 1 / End.

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