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Aoki Ao No Atopos 2

Seg.2 - Taroa

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Oct 31, 2014 20:29 | Go to Aoki Ao No Atopos

-> RTS Page for Aoki Ao No Atopos 2

Aoki Ao no Atopos by Yamamura Hajime

Reserved for KIKE

Aoki Ao no Atopos - [Seg.2 - Taroa]

I'm looking for a proofreader for the series so if a native English speaker is interested that'd be great.

P01 [cover]
Red Text : A fairy has appeared!!
Yamamura Hajime
Aoki Ao no Atopos
Great response, new series 2nd chapter, Opening Color pages.

Hitaki : I told you, right?
That I won’t let you do as you please.

??? : Bastard,
You’re really persistent…

Insert : Second Consecutive Opening Color pages!
Yamamura Hajime’s long awaited new series second chapter!!

Insert : Everything is beginning, changing in front of Masato and the others’ eyes.

Masato : Wha-
What is he…

Fairy : Quiet!!
Shut up and look!!

Insert : This “item” is the key to metamorphosis!
Seg.2 - Taroa

??? : Shit!!
No good!!

??? : He’s…
Insert : And now, at last!!

No Text

No Text

No Text

Fairy : Look! Look!!

Fairy : This item who’s even holier than Tetum,
Is a “High Class” Taroa!!

Fairy : It bests these “Normal Class” Taroa these people are using!! No matter how many of them there are,
They’ll definitely bite the dust and get their asses handed to them!!

Fairy: Gooooo!!

???: Tsk!! A difference in specifications
Isn’t a decisive rule in a

???: Gahaah!!

Masato: Watch out!!

???: Fuck!!
Got ya!!

???: What?

Masato: Awesome…
Fairy: Serves him right!!

???: B-Bastard…!!

???: Ugh

???: Ghaaack!!

???: Hah
Masato’s sister: He’s…
Utou: Ja…

???: It appears we're currently in an unfaorable situation so,
Let’s retreat for now.
???: Enough of your screwing around, he has my memory…
???: Nothing guarantees you’ll be able to recover it even if you fight him now. Give up on it.
???: No way! But then…

???: Bitch,
I knew something was up since all you were doing from the beginning was watching…
But that’s because you were “saving up”?!

???: I don’t think this will actually work on him but it’ll at least cover our escape.

Fairy: This is bad, Haitaka!!

Hitaki: Eh? Really?

No Text

No Text

Masato: Ack!!

Masato’s siter: Huff
T-thank you.
Masato: My glasses,
Where are my glasses?

Utou: Are these it?

Masato: Ah,
Thanks for the help.

Masato: Where did you find…

Utou: They got stuck in my socks.
If not, I'm sure they’d have ended up in the sea, right?

Masato: Ah…

Masato: Aaaagh, I’ve once again shown my uncouth side to her… - Still, I’m glad she talked to me!

Masato: Eeek!
Not again!!

How horrible, why do you keep doing it on me!!

Masato’s siter: Hah

Masato’s sister: Those people before…
They’re on the list of the missing people from the research group…

Masato’s sister: What the heck was all this about?
Holy cow…
Fairy: What do we do now?
Hitaki: Let’s hide somewhere for now, alright?
We can’t keep on getting anymore people involved in this after all.

Hitaki: So with that said,
I’ll be counting on you, Miss Shirohara.
What is it?
SFX: sirens sounds

???: Good work on coming back from such a distant ocean…
Is what I’d like to say but,

???: Were you able to bring back that much only?
Looking at your report I assumed there were much more than that though…

???: It’s because the Taroa memories are needed over there.
After all, remodelling is necessary in order to presently allow people
To live on that island that sunk at 2000 meters in the depths of the sea.

???: So this, is a special suit that doesn't even require decompression to withstand2 the water pressure of the ocean depths, is that it?
It certainly is a major discovery.

???: In that case,
Supposing that a fraction of them are in the hands of a third party means this whole state of affairs will become… quite alarming.

Kuroji: Yes, sir!! I apologize for what I did!!
???: Well then, what kind of man was he?

???: I was under the impression that only sailors were present with us at sea.

???: Yet, in spite of that, one of them unleashed one of the anchored investigation vessels,
Accessed Area A on the island, and brought back the artificial fairy and a Taroa with him…, right?

???: How about we see if there aren’t wheels within wheels to what he did?
I don’t think my last attack actually killed him, after all.

???: Very well, since we’re talking of a “Ferret” sailor then there should be a list of them all;
Please look into it.

??: Have you placed him under surveillance?
This way we’ll be able to catch hold of their next movements.

???: Well? Is that your written report?
???: It is, for the present time that is. Ah, we’ve also included the written instructions we received from the bureau director.

???: Is Shinzan well? I take it the operations going smoothly, right?
???: Of course. Even we wish for the advancement of the project,
And that everything goes as planned.

???: Hmph.
Still, since the loss of a vessel as well as the loss of means of communications with the research unit will prove to be a great minus for the advancement of the project
We’ll have to urgently secure means of communication.

???: Why don’t you just dispatch another research vessel?

???: This is exactly what I intend to do so. But for this,
We’ll need to take over the “organization”.

???: Does that mean it is finally time?

???: Do you all can for our ambition!
???: Yes, sir!

???: Pheeeeew,
I thought he’d tell me off much more than that.

???: That’s because he has yet to carry out what he wants to so
It’s better for him to have a lot of aides.
Seriously, what a dry way of thinking.
How about you stop doing reckless things like you did before?
If you do so, at best, you’ll earn more points if you work well, you know?

Haitaki: Sorry about that.
Shirohara: I’ll cooperate with you for the time being
But in exchange
Once we reach my place, you’ll have to properly explain everything from the start, alright?

Haitaki: I promise.
Masato: Look in front, in front!!

Utou: Erm… well, I too would like have a lot more things explained to me, but first,
Could please tell me…
What this is…?

Haitaki: Ah, that’s
Pani… she’s an artificial fairy.

Pani: You’ve become one!!
With me!!
Now you know!!

Utou: And, we can’t separate ourselves?
Utou: Are there ways for me to return to how I was before?
Pani: None! Here at least.
But it might…

Pani: Be possible… At the altar.
I guess.
Utou: The altar?
Where is it?

Haitaki: It’s on the island.
It’s on the island that sunk in the Pacific Ocean a long ago.

Shirohara: You said that before too but,
Does that mean all the sailors and the people of the research unit are there too?

Haitaki: Yup.

Shirohara :Did those people from before come from there too?
Haitaki: They did.
Box: Towards….
The Pacific Ocean…

Masato: …W-
Who the hell
Are you?
Aoki Ao no Atopos Chapter 2 / End.
Left : Taroa, Pani, as well as the island that sank in the sea a long time ago… Mysteries pile up at extreme speed!!

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