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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Kurogane (Ikezawa) 38

We are the Ouka Kendo Club

+ posted by Viredae as translation on Jul 27, 2012 02:27 | Go to Kurogane (Ikezawa)

-> RTS Page for Kurogane (Ikezawa) 38

[page 1]

box1:The day before the tournament

text1: will they get the ace back!? Ouka's fight begins!!

-Asagiri-san... / at the kantou prelims...!?

-he just might show up... / that's al it could end up being, but...


-I want to show him a win... / that we're different from last year's Ouka...!!

-And of we do that---

[page 2]

SFX: waa

-Asagiri-san might... / rejoin the club...!?

-Alright!! let's do it, Senpai!!!


SFX: DODODODO (trampling)

-hehehe... they're really into it from the start of the day

-even the 2nd and 1st years...

SFX: Ga (clash)



-I really don't care about all the drama between the senpais... / I'm gonna fight for my own sake

[page 3]

SFX: Ni (grin)

-but we both want to win anyways

-so let's work together

-...! / yeah


SFX: Paa (blush)

-me and the idiot were thinking the same thing...

-... Their movement has improved significantly after the newbies tournament...!!

-at this rate, I won't be able to tell who'll be a regular... / the revenge driven 2nd years or the 1st years...!!


-Excuse me!!

SFX: BA (door slam)

-ohhh, Shiratori / did you et the tournament chart?

-yes... that is... / you see

[page 4]

-the second seed is...

-Renpei high!!!

SFX: DON (shock)

-the ones we lost to...

SFX: OOOOO (heavy atmosphere)

-last year...

-I guess... / this is what you call karma...?







[page 5]

-i want you to decide...

-this year's regulars

-!! / but...

-this.. Is your fight / challenge them with your best... And regret nothing

-my... fight...

-well then... / I'l give you till the end of after school practice to think about it

-...!! Yes sir...

-I wonder how Kamiya-san

-will pick the regulars

[page 6]

-I have to

-pick the regulars...

-there's no question about Hazakura's strength anymore

-and Ebana's physical ability is already higher thean everyone else / there's no comparison between Kinoko, Sarutobi and them

-the problem is...

-Kakei or... Kurogane?

-to tell the truth / Kurogane's incredible improvement gives him a better opportunity...

-but is that okay? That none of the 2nd years that supported Nao...

-that none of them are there any more?

-If it was Nao, he'd definitely pick the 1st years...

-But if it was me...

[page 7]

paper: Kamiya / Kakei / Hazakura / Yuuri

-I got nervous so I came too early...

-I wonder... Who the regulars are...

SFX: za (shuffle)

-.. Kakei-senpai

-... / Kurogane

-I want you...

-to fight me

-... Huh?

[page 8]

-Did you decide?

-... Yes

-Well... / since you decided yourself, I won't object...

-And neither will the underclassmen / hm?

SFX: DON (shock)


-What's this? Kakei!? Kurogane!?


-Sorry for acting on my own / But.. Please see for yourself

[page 9]

-This will show

SFX: OOOOO (heavy atmosphere)

-and clearly decide... / Who's fit to be a the regular!!!



-So this is why we're having a match so suddenly...

-but... Then

-then if

-if I win this match... I'll be a regular / In Senpai's important tournament...

-is that... Alright?

-... / Hiroto

[page 10]

-you can't be thinking of holding back, are you?

-!!! / No, I just...

-do you think your opponent will be happy if you did that? / Aren't you just afraid of carrying the burden yourself?

-you can only answer pride with pride

-the one thing you can do is---

-saying "leave it to me" / and winning with all you've got

-... correct?


[page 11]

-One point match!!

SFX: OOOOO (heavy atmosphere)

-Let's Go, Kurogane!!


-Ouka Nanashiki (Cherry Blossom seven Styles)

-That thrust... / I've seen it already...

-"Ni no kata" (second form)

[page 12]

SFX: DO (impact)

-"Kagerou" (Heat haze)


[page 13]

-he came this far




SFX: Goto (thump)

-... You understand now, right? / Kamiya-san

[page 14]

-... You see... I want to fight...

-but us 2nd years still have next year...!!

-but you... / kamiya-san...

-it's your last year, right...?

-And we want you to win...

-so if it gives you even a 1% better chance

-those 1st years... We want you to use them...!!!


[page 15]

-You were always so kind to us... / even when it was our fault that you lost / even when Asagiri-san left because of us...

-that's why it's enough already...

-At least be a little selfish near the end!!!

-Don't you want to win, Captain!!?

[page 16]

-... I understand

-i wll announce the regulars!!

-Vanguard / Ebana!!

-Yes sir!!

-Second is Yuuri!!!


[page 17]

-Center is Hazakura


-Lieutenant... Kurogane!!!

-...!! / Yes!!


-The general... Kamiya-San!!


-... I'm sorry

-... But don't forget / who wll fight in this tournament... And who will win it...

[page 18]

-We are Ouka high's Kendo Club...

-yes sir!!

[page 19]

-This fight is for all of us!!

-summer... / Has begun

-they challenge the Kantou Tournament as one!!

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