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Doraemon Long Story Volume 24

Terrible Comet approaching

+ posted by wahwa as translation on Nov 8, 2009 12:20 | Go to Doraemon Long Story

Chapter 5
Terrible Comet approaching

Nobita : Doraemon!
Doraemon : You're both safe.
Doraemon : Leave it to me here, you guys go solve the machine problem!
Mr. Jara : How dare you to stop me!
Hachi : Dangerous!
Nobita : Be careful back!

Mr. Jara : What?
Doraemon : Dont worry x2
Doraemon : Just hold this Electrical sword,it can predict the enemy move, and can attack automatically.It will not lose
Doraemon : See.
Doraemon : You must go to the machine part right away.
Nobita : Be careful!
Nobita : Please help
Nobita : Doraemon

President : Citizen of cat and dog country, the comet has begin to fall
President : Please find a shelter right now.

Doraemon : Hey, hey.
Doraemon : Its all will over, Mr. Jara
Mr .Jara : Hiyaaaaa!!
Doraemon : Yi? Not moving? Why?
Doraemon : Out of electric energy?
Doraemon : Wah!
Mr. Jara : How? Its all will over, Mr robot cat?

? : Good, the machine is working.
? : Ho ho ho, this make me think 10 years ago...
Mr. Jara , we has receive a miraculous item.
Mr. Jara : What?
? : Based on our investigation, it is same as ship that writed in "Dark Forecast"
Mr. Jara : What did you say?
Mr. Jara : We can make a bigger ship with this thing?
? : From then, Jara trick has started..

Nobita : Is this machine room
Hachi : looks like it..
Nobita/Ichi : Who's there! How do we fight it?
Nobita : Like this...
Hachi : Yeah, lets do it.
Nobita : Hey!
Nobita : Come catch me!
? : Hm, damn!
Nobita : Wah!
? : Stupid, theres no way out, just surrender!
Nobita : Cool , Hachi
Hachi : Its just small matter
Hachi : Lets stop the machine!

Syami : Mr Jara!
Doraemon : Syami!
Syami : Seed of energy has been charged, can set off anytime.
Mr. Jara : Is it?
Mr. Jara : Come, Syami, press the launch button now!
Syami : Eh?
Mr. Jara : Syami, Fast!
Syami : I cant do it.

Mr. Jara : What did you say?
Mr. Jara : Go Away!
Syami : Ouch!
Doraemon : Stop, dont act rough on him.
Mr. Jara : Shut up!
Syami : Ouch!
Doraemon : Sya.. Syami, you're okay?
Doraemon : I will not forgive you do that on Syami

Doraemon : I will not let you do that again!
Mr. Jara : uh.. uh..
Doraemon : Hiyaaaa!

Doraemon : Mr. Jara, can you stand it?
Mr. Jara : Can.. Cant...
Doraemon : Syami, how are you?
Syami : Doraemon,i'm sorry.
Syami : I did not tell you that i am Mr. Jara family!
Doraemon : Its okay!

Nobita : How to stop this machine?
Hachi : Maybe.. its there..
Nobita : ee?
Hachi : Thats should activate the machine
Nobita : Really?
Hachi : Maybe!
Machine Stop!
The Machine has been stopped!
Nobita/Hachi : Yahoo!

Nobita : Hachi, thats marvelous
Nobita : How did you know?
Hachi : I also dont know..
Nobita/Hachi : Comet!
Doraemon : Syami, hold on tight!

Nobita/Hachi : Waaah, its fall down!
Nobita : The water has come in
Hachi : uuu Wah!

Nobita : Hachi!
Hachi : Wu u.. i dont know how to swim.. help
Nobita : Hachi, i will save you!
Nobita : Hachi, wait!
Hey,hey son of the turtle..
Son of the tutle..
Hachi : Wh.. why there are someone singing..

Nobita/Shizuka : Hey,hey son of the turtle..
Nobita : I will come tomorrow
Nobita : Ichi, you are the leader of everyone, i leave them to you
Ichi : Wang! Wang!
Ichi : Will come tomorrow!
Ichi : We have promised..
Ichi : Wang Wang!
Ichi : Have promised..
Ichi : Will come..

Ichi : Nobita...
? : President!
? : All hail President Ichi!
Ichi : So long..
Ichi : Using this, i can meet him
Ichi : UuWah~

Ichi : Right..
Ichi : I remember!
Ichi : I'm not Hachi
Ichi : I am....

Nobita : Fu Ha!
Suneo : Hey, Nobita has been founded with Hachi

Nobita : Its look like everyone safe...
Hachi : No.. Nobita!
Hachi : Nobita!
Hachi : Nobita!
Nobita : wu.. em..?
Giant : He waked up!
Nobita : Hachi, you saved me.
Hachi : No, Nobita..
Hachi : I'm not Hachi,
Ichi : I am Ichi

Nobita : Really, really!
Nobita : It is Ichi!
Doraemon/Shizuka/Giant/Suneo : Its is Ichi?
Ichi : I really believe you will come!
Nobita : Ichi,i'm sorry making you wait so long!
Nobita : Its already late 1000 years...
Ichi : Its okay, as long as we meet again
Ichi : Right, i still have this..
Nobita : ?
Ichi : This!
Nobita : Ah! Thats my ball!

Nobita : Thank you, Ichi! You always brought it everywhere!
Shizuka : Nobita is right!
Doraemon : Desire to meet each other has come 1000 years, a touching miracle!
Giant : Wu wu, so touching!

Bluetaro : Hey!
Ichi : Everyone!
Bluetaro : Seed of energy has fall to the water!
Ichi : Oh no, Seed of energy cant be used anymore if it wet
Shizuka : If that happen, the planned spaceship to run away from earth can't move anymore?
Suneo : If it like that, everyone will die!
Nobita : Doraemon, do you have anyway?
Doraemon : Er, this..
//// : Ah~!! God!!
Nobita : Er, what, where?

Doraemon : What!? Nobita is a god! Nonsense~!?
Ichi : I'll remember!
Ichi : Bluetaro, all of you go to airport first.
Ichi : Everyone follow me.
Ichi : We go bring seed of energy!
Nobita : Go where?

Ichi : Here!
Nobita : Whats is this place?
Ichi : It is a holy temple
Ichi : This god is god that protect this country, God Nobita

Shizuka : Its really like Nobita
Ichi : This statue is carved when i'm become president.
Nobita : President? You became president?
Ichi : Ya,Yes
Nobita : Really great! its really Ichi, president to everyone

Comet again!
Ichi : We're out of time, lets go!
Nobita : Lets move seed of energy.Ichi, we're seed of energy?
Ichi : Here.
Ichi : The God of Nobita statue is made from seed of energy.
Ichi : Its enough to move spaceshop to run away from earth.
Doraemon : Alright, move it using "Easy glove transfer"!

Giant : Wah, comet fall again
Suneo : Fast...
Doraemon : How longer go to airport needed?
Ichi : Approximately 20 minute.
Ichi : There. Seen the airport!
Giant : So good, can save everyone!
Nobita : Hey!!
Mr. Jara : Ha ha ha, i waited so long, human
Doraemon : Ah! Its is..

Doraemon : Mr.
Doraemon : Mr. Jara
Mr Jara : Now, its "Saro" family turn to revenge!
Nobita : Wah!
Doraemon : Nobita!
Nobita : Wah! Help!
Ichi : Nobita!
Nobita : Ichi!

Ichi : Wah!
Doraemon : Ah, Ichi, wait
Giant : Doraemon, do you have any tool?
Doraemon : This, this..
Nobita : Ah!
Nobita : Ah, Right!

Nobita : Ichi, throw protecting ball to Mr. Jara accurately
Ichi : Alright!
Giant : What they want to do?
Doraemon : I understand
Nobita : Hey hey, son of the turtle...
Ichi : Son of the turtle..
Ichi : Yo ~ !!

Doraemon : Big Light!
Mr. Jara : Hiyaaaa!!

Nobita : Ichi!
Ichi : Nobita!
Giant : Hey, you guys ok?
Nobita : We're ok
? : Alright, lets go to the airport!

? : Seed of energy is charged! All citizen of dog and cat aboard the spaceship!
? : Can set off anytime!
President : Yeah
? : Time Machine is also fixed
Doraemon : Ah, Thank you!
President : Thank you for all help, i represent all citizen says thank you for all of you.
Doraemon : Your welcome...

Ichi : This time we're really separated
Nobita : Ichi...
Nobita : Ichi, follow us back to 21th century.
Ichi : Nobita.. i cant
Ichi : I want to go with everyone to another planet to setting up cat and dog planet, this is my responsbility.
Doraemon : Nobita...
Nobita : I understand...
Nobita : Ichi, take care!
Ichi : Ya!
Ichi : Good bye, Nobita!
Nobita : Good bye, Ichi
Good Bye!

Ichi : Nobita..
Bluetaro : Hey, Hachi!
Ichi : Everyone here!
Syami concert will started
Do it, do it carefully!
Yes, yes
Even if ichi in another new planet, it will also work hard
Nobita : Ya, there will be no problem
Doraemon : Maybe someday, nobita grandchildren and Ichi will meet in some place in the space.
Nobita : Yeah.
Nobita : Its possible.
Nobita : Yeah, Ichi!

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