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Doraemon Long Story Volume 24

Original place of my protector ball

+ posted by wahwa as translation on Nov 9, 2009 03:40 | Go to Doraemon Long Story

Special Episode/Chapter :
Original place of my protector ball

This story happens before Hachi and Nobita meet.. before remembering events about the protector ball.

Hachi's Mother : Hachi, you're friends waiting!
Hachi : Alright, i'll come, i'll come!
Hachi's Mother : Hachi, you're forgetting this!
Hachi's Mother : Protector ball.
Hachi's Mother : Today, i'm also helping you polish it!
Hachi : I dont need it.everyday is also troublesome!
Hachi's Mother : Enough, there's no more time.
Hachi's Mother : Bring it, the protector ball has special power
Hachi : Really...

? : Almost late.Its all because of Hachi!
Hachi : Its not because of me..
Bluetaro : Change to green light faster!
? : Its changed to green light
Hachi : Fast, there's no more time.
Hachi : Ouch!
? : Wah!
? : Hachi, why suddenly stop!
Hachi : Pr.. Protector ball is jumping!
?: WAH!

Police : Hey, there someone in sleepy state, arrest him!
Bluetaro : So dangerous, if not because of Hachi suddenly stop, something bad will happen.
? : Hachi, Thank you!
Hachi : No, not me.
Hachi : This protector ball protect me...
Hachi : Its like what mom says.
Hachi : Its has special power!

? : Protector ball that has special power
? : Really?
Hachi : Its true, because of this protector ball, this morning i've able to avoid from that accident!
? : I dont believe it.
? : Nonsense.
Hachi : Alright, after school.We'l meet at school park, let me show you its special power!
SFX : After school...
Hachi : All of you can use land ball to throw at me, the protector ball power will throw it back.
? : So fun!
? : Its really alright,Hachi?
Hachi : Dont worry, you watch it beside
? : Alright, i'l throw
Hachi : Dear protector ball, show me your power!

SFX : Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
? : Hachi!
Hachi : What protector ball?
Hachi : What special power..
Hachi : All Nonsense!
? : Ah!
? : Can throw it?
Hachi : Can!
Hachi : Only useless garbage!

Hachi's Mother : What have you done?
Hachi's Mother : Go find it back!
Hachi : Its dont protect me at all.it didn't throw the land ball back!
Hachi's Mother : Protector ball will only protect you in dangerous situation
Hachi : If failed to find it,dont go back home... - - - Can you help me find it?
? : It can't be helped.

? : Is it here?
? : Find it deeper
? : Ah, look!
? : Cat Recreation Park.
Hachi : Apparantly this park and cat recreation park is connected.
? : Do the protector ball fall inside?
? : Its closed.
? : Here is closed, the new cat recreation park is builded in another new place.

? : Ho,ho,theres no customer for a long time.
? : Find a friend and play with them.
? : Its look like all the work has stopped
? : Eh,why?
? : There's a ghost.
? : Dont talk nonsense
? : Wah!
? : Welcome to predict fate shop!

? : I am this shop owner
Omike : Omike that using cat rock eyes to predict fate.
? : N.. Not ghost?
Omike : I'm not ghost, i am Omike!
Omike : Why? did'nt you want to predict fate?
Ichi : No
Omike : Go home if there's nothing
? : Let him predict first, see if she know where your protector ball.
Hachi : Er, can you predict where my missing item?
Hachi : Please, Sister Omike
Omike : Dear cat rock eye, tell this boy where is his missing item!
? : Hey Hachi,we're found the protector ball.
Hachi : Really? Where?

? : See, in his moustache.
Hachi : Its right,found it!
Omike : Dont go there!
Hachi : Wah!
Omike : That computer robot has damage, no one can control him, he become so wild, leave here now!
? : Thats why all the works has stopped?
Omike : Thats right,now his started destroying things
Bluetaro : Lets run away, dont care about the protector ball.
Hachi : Ah.

Omike : Dont let it go!
Omike : Cat rock eye says that!
Omike : Thats protector ball full with power to protect you.
Hachi : Eh?
Omike : Every morning polish it will produce power...
Hachi : Mom!
Hachi : Every morning mom polish it to protect me!
Hachi : I want to get it back

Hachi : Give it back, its my protector ball.
Hachi : I've got it.
Hachi : Wah!
? : Hachi, danger!
SFX : !!
Hachi : Dont... Dont~!!

? : Why? why its become liquid.Why?
Omike : Its look like the electric source has cutted...

? : Hey Hachi, you're ok?
? : Its good, the robot has become liquid.
Hachi : Yes.
Hachi : Thank you for helping us finding this important item
Omike : Ya
Omike : Its good to keep it in pocket so its not dirty.
Hachi : True!
Hachi : Good bye, Grandma Omike.
Omike : Wu!
Omike : Hm!
Omike : Oh!
Omike : What!
Omike : There's something like that!

Omike : That boy grow in the protection of the protector ball.
Omike : Moreover...
Omike : Also the savior to the dog and cat country?
Omike : Its so unbelieveable..
? : Its..
? : Its like a ball made from wood.

Hachi's Mother : Hachi, you're friend are coming
Hachi : I know!
Hachi's Mother : Why so slow?
Hachi : I'm polishing something.
Hachi : It is my protector ball!
Hachi : I'll go!

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