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Doraemon Long Story Volume 16

+ posted by wahwa as translation on Nov 28, 2009 05:16 | Go to Doraemon Long Story

Part 4

Brown : What the thing that produce white light?
Dissapear in the forest!
Express train waiter : Maybe a comet! there are many star splinter in this area!
Express train waiter : So, we meet tomorrow! Good night!
Brown : Good Night!
- Here!
Aston : Everyone has arrived!
So,we act immediately!
All of you has to steal a human body to become human!
The target is to seize vehicle and communication control centre!
I want robot to make chaos every place!

Aston : He is come
He is communication building officer! Go 0001!
Officer #1 : Wah Wah Wah
Officer #2 : What is it?
What happened?
Officer #1 : Ah! There's nothing!

Officer #2 : If you sick, dont work by force!
Officer #1 : Dont worry!
There's nothing to do during night!
Officer #2 : So, good night!
Officer #1 : Open door!
Machine : After checking sound and fingerprints..
Machine : Open door!!
Officer #1 : Will destroy equipment here tomorrow.
Side planet cant ask for help!
So easy!
Ah! Minister searching for me!
Minister : Mystery thing that produce light fall to the forest, contact security parts!
Officer #1 : Yes! I will contact them right away!
Stupid human, your doomsday will come!

Shizuka : Doraemon, you're awake?
Doraemon : Fuh~
Shizuka, i want to make preparation.Please wait for a minute.
Shizuka : I have a request!
Doraemon : What? want to borrow "Anywhere door" again?
Why you always go back home?
Shizuka : Bath!
Everynight didn't take a bath, its discomfort!
Doraemon : The end door is bathroom!
Shizuka : Said it earlier!
Giant : Good morning!
Nobita : Let's go to dinasour planet!
- What? Bathing before go?

Shizuka : La La La... This is the real bathtub!
What? so rude!
Is this theme park robot?
Toys like an UFO!
Nobita : Rude UFO!
Suneo : Don't care about it!
Giant : Lets go!

Shizuka : Good Morning, Mr. Brown
Giant : Want to go to dinasour planet together?
Brown : I want to interview everyplace, you guys plays happily!
- The great adventure is starting today!
Car : That is mid-age planet!
Plane : So big!

- : This Mid-age planet represent dinasour from 3 age, they will do their life like usual!
Everyone can move freely!
On the first day, you can approaching your favourite dinasour and befriend them!
If can ride them and have a good relationship, you can join dinasour competition on the day-2

The starting place is on volcano mountain shore, the target is side of beach!
The first place will get prize consisting robot dinasour!
Giant : I want Brontosaurus
Suneo : Its hard to find place for it!
Shizuka : You have T-Rex?
- : Of course!
Shizuka : Will it attack us?
- : It will attack you!
Shizuka : So, we will eated?
- : Of course you will be eated!
Shizuka : So, what will happen?
- : You will become fossil in his stomach, then vomit out!
Its mean "Game Over"
Doraemon & Nobita : Dont!
- : Dont worry! Active employee will restore your original shape!
Nobita : But, must be careful too!

Doraemon : Can wear Takecopter here!
Giant : I will befriend big dinasour!
Shizuka : I will befriend cute dinasour!
Doraemon : According to this compass...
Near this place...
Its here...
Its supposed to be in this place!
Suneo : There?
Giant : What? What?
Shizuka : Hey! behind the rock!

Shizuka : This is herbivor dinasour!
Nobita : Hey, can touch it!
Giant : Ready!
Its not moving... is sleeping?
Doraemon : Hey! Stop!
Stegosaurus : Woo...
Doraemon : Stegosaurus brain is small, the speed is slow!
Suneo : Its not suitable to join a competition!

Nobita : Dont always fly in the air, lets land in the forest!
Giant : I also think so!
Doraemon : If we split, must contact each other!
Nobita : If found anything, contact me!
Doraemon : Dont Move!
Tyrannosaurus! a type of wild carnivor!

Nobita : Its not really big!
Doraemon : Its move actively and have an intelligent brain!
For example, it will bait his hunt so his friend can attack from behind...
Nobita : We... we...
We're surrounded!
Doraemon : Wah!!
Tyrannosaurus : WooWaah~
Doraemon : Dangerous!

Suneo : Ah! Triceratops!!
Giant : His movement not really fast!
Lets eat! / Itadakimasu!
Suneo : Biscuit!
Giant : Eat only one already full!
Suneo : Hey, a friendly dinasour!
Small dinasour : Chi~ Chi~
Giant : Short dinasour!
I like big dinasour!!
Look! This footprint is big!
This is a big dinasour!

Giant : S... So Big!!
Suneo : Brontosaurus!!
Giant : I am finding dinasour like this!
A big dinasour is suitable for me that have big body!
Suneo : The size is too big, it must can't run fast!

Giant : If racing with dwarf man/small man, who will win?
Suneo : You're right...
But... how to ride it?
Giant : Hm~
Suneo : I go find a greater dinasour!
Giant : Is there other way?
I cant give up!
There Is !!
Hey suneo! wait!
Be my assistance!
Suneo : What? Why?

Giant : Look carefully!
Why the neck is so long?
Suneo : That is Brontosaurus's characteristics!!
Giant : To eat young leaf on the tree!
Its like to eat soft leaf!
Go pluck it!
Suneo : Why asked me?
Giant : Pluck more!
Go infront of it!
Suneo : Oh no!
Wah! Its heading here!!
Giant : Don't run! Lure it with young leaf so it will run faster!

Giant : Good!!
Lure it cleverly!
Dinasour : Chi~ Chi~
Shizuka : Want eat?
Dinasour : Chi~

Shizuka : Is it yummy?
Oh! Its follow me!
So cute!
Dinasour : Chi Chi! Chi Chi!
Shizuka : It have parents, maybe its a terrible dinasours!
Gadget : Type of dinasours like Ostrich! It run fast, Omnivor's type dinasour that eat everything!
Shizuka : Eat!
We become best friends!

Nobita : Can't find a suitable dinasour!
How's flying dinasours?
Fly in the air, isn't it the fastest?
Doraemon : Yeah... Let's try!
Nobita : A lot of it on shoreline!
Doraemon : They are finding food!

Doraemon : How to ride it?
Nobita : Try first!!
Like flying in the air!
Doraemon : I also want to try!

Giant : Good! It's run with full speed!
Suneo : Please consider my safety!
Dinasour : Wuak!!

Giant : Wah! Its run in other direction!
Suneo, block it!
Suneo : Its run rushly!
What happened?
T-Rex : Wuak! Wuak!!
Giant & Suneo : T-Rex!!
T-Rex : Wuak~
Suneo : Its heading here! Run quickly!

Giant : Suneo, you want to leave me?
Suneo : Too heavy ...cant fly! [[Opposite of hold]/[Dont Hold]] me!
My takecopter!
T-Rex : Wuak!!
Hu Hu Hu...
Giant & Suneo [Both said]: Mom!!
Giant : ..... ..... ..... ?
What happened?
Suneo : It doesn't move!

Doraemon : I become understand their flying way!
When pushing the left leg, the left wing will move foward, the body will rotate to the right!
- : Wah! Fall below!
What happened? They fall one by one!

Nobita : Robot is damaged?
Doraemon : Robot is damaged on the same time...
I'm Doraemon! Hello! is it Giant?
Giant : T-Rex didn't move! Just when i want to fight it...
Nobita : Where Shizuka?
Doraemon : Contact her!
Shizuka : "Flying dinasour fallen..?"
Doraemon : There is also damaged!
Nobita : This park is irresponsible!
Doraemon : Make complaint at the office!

Officer : Robot movement controlled by control centre's planet!
Nobita : So, please contact the control centre now!
Officer : But... i'm contacting the comunication building a moment ago, no response!
Doraemon : Its so noisy outside!
Officer : What is happen? Robot is colliding each other!!
Nobita : Why its happen?
Doraemon : Maybe something happened on centre planet!
Giant : Lets go see it!

Shizuka : Ah! What's that?
- : A group of flying dinasour attack us!
Nobita : Must escape it!
Giant : Its will not follow us to the space!

- : They will collide us!
Don't worry! Move foward with full speed!
Dinasour : Wuak!
- : Wah! Its flying to us!

- : Successfully escape!
Look like it nightime on the centre planet!
Looks like a fire occured!
Looks like something happened!

Doraemon : So quiet!
Shizuka : There's no one here!
Doraemon : Let's go to the incident place!
Giant : I and suneo will go to that buiding!
Doraemon : Looks like the communication buiding is here!
Giant : Here is having a serious damage! [Who do this? // Who's job is this?]
Suneo : The fire is creeping, we cant do anything!

Giant : Here...
Is anyone here?
Suneo : There's no one!
Its not good enter here without people!
Lets go from here!
People there... Who?
Giant : How is it?
Suneo, what is it?
Where are you? Suneo!!
Rude boy!
Suddenly go!

- : I searched from the basement to the house roof, no one is here!
Nobita : Even a coachroach isn't here!
Shizuka : There is also no one in the both side of the big buiding!
Doraemon : Hey! Giant!
What? Suneo is missing!?
Lets find him!
That boy is always troubling us!

Nobita : Its Dangerous! Suddenly stop!
Doraemon : I think there's something wrong!
Looks like theres something big on the side wall!
Nobita : That is park train!
Doraemon : Its moving indefinite way!

- : Look at sky!
Shizuka : Full with monster!
Doraemon : Robot from "Magic planet" and "Tales planet" is appear!
What is actually happen?
Giant : Hey! Here!
Nobita : Giant!
Where's suneo?
Giant : Dissapear in a second!
Doraemon : Maybe has transform to monster!
Nobita : No way!?
Giant : SUNEO!!

Giant : We're worried about you!
Suneo : Kee Kee.. Sorry!
Shizuka : Where are you?
Suneo : I successfully find a safe place! You come here!
Doraemon : He said there is no monster around the hostel!
Giant : If hiding here, can't be finded easily!
Oh! There is he!
Nobita : You're okay?
Suneo : Good... everyone has arrive?
Alright! Start!
Doraemon & Nobita : ?

Nobita : Love god!
Everyone : Ah...
Suneo : Don't worry!
You rest for a while!
I have finished all human in the side planet!
Aston : Good job! Lock the kid in the hostel!
Eventhough there is still 600 passenger, but all of it has asleep!
8 Million citizen under the king command...
Is now board on Jeneral spaceship heading here with full speed!

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