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Doraemon Long Story Volume 16

+ posted by wahwa as translation on Dec 15, 2009 00:17 | Go to Doraemon Long Story

Part 5

- : General spaceship that contains 600 soldier!
Move foward from centre of galaxy!
- : Jenny, no water?
Jenny : No! water and food is empty!
- : No one will help us...
Jenny : No one will come!
Will spaceship come to a place like this?
- : Its all Aston fault! That boy is arrogant because his father is rich!
Jenny : Yeah! I will catch and bite him when meet him...

- : I can't come... - back home again!
Maybe... thats a spaceship?
Jenny : Yeah, Spaceship!
Come to save us!
- : Hey! Hey!
Jenny : Here!
Ah... Ah!!
- : Collide here!!

Jenny : Colliding greatly!
- : Where will it go?
This planet is out from its platform...
Try to stop it!
Giant : Hey! Hey!!
Who? Who locked us here?
Let us go! Let us go quickly!
Suneo : Shut up!

Giant : Suneo, you're a human...
Why serve for monster!
Suneo : Human? Sorry! Please call me living parasite No. 009!
Giant : Living parasite?
Nobita & Doraemon : ?
Suneo : Not parasite! I am living parasite!
We are high-class living things in outer space!
If you follow master parasite command, you can be a part of us!
Giant : Follow master parasite command?
Doraemon : Do it means living parasite?
Means it is a type of living things that is brainy and without body!
They're treespass human body and control joint then absorb nutrition while moving!
Shuzuka : Like playing puppet!
Giant : Don't joking!
Nobita : Isn't this crisis of sun and galaxy?
Shizuka : We must contact police team with "Anywhere Door"!
Doraemon : Right!!

Doraemon : Woh Wah~~
Shizuka : How is it?
Doraemon : Having a serious jolt!
*Door to Time space* is blocked!! -* is inaccurate
Giant : So, can't use fourth-dimensional pocket pocket?
Nobita : So, we can't do anything!
Suneo : What... you do? Dont!
Giant : ?
Brown : Sorry!
Rest awhile!

All : Mr. Brown
Doraemon : Did you safe all the time?
Brown : No! I have encountered danger!
When i aware of the weird situations, its too late!
Monster are everywhere!
Its a luck that i meet express train waiter!
We want to run away from this planet and try to contact police centre in the border!
Giant : Steal the centre rocket!
Express train waiter : But, the security there so tight!
Shizuka : But, we can't just leave 600 passenger from the express train!
Express train waiter : I've thinked of something!
But it will be uncovered!
Nobita : What is it? just said it!
Shizuka : No other way!

Wizard : Why there are many smoke?
Report Mr 008!
Aston : What...
Thick smoke creep to the air?
Yesterday i light fire in every place...
Maybe this is the source of fire!
Dont care about it! Human's city has no business with me
Wizard : Really...

- : Plans working fine!
Because we activate all the smoke funnel!
This thick smoke taked out to cover the train foward to the space!
Almost arrive to the space! Successfully come out from thick smoke!
Foward to the police border...

- : What? Has run!?
Because of knowing has captured 600 Human, i'l come here quickly!
Its unbealiveable that they run away with express train!
Aston : My lord, we has secured tightly...
Officer : Maybe we were tricked by this smoke funnel!
- : Shut up! Shut up! Its no use you make an excuse!
When will they fall in my hand?
How if they report to border police?

Aston : Don't worry! Because i already pulled out express train's engine incinerator!
It will stop immediately and now it suppose to stop in one of planet!
- : Good!
So, Lets find them!
Collect back 600 human body!
All : Yes! We will...
Complete this mission!
Aston : That boy must in one of small planet!
We will find them in the space!
Failure is not accepted!

Nobita : ? X 3
Room is reversed!
Doraemon : Yeah!
What happened?
Nobita : We successfully run away...
Doraemon : We go back to our room after saying "Good Night"...
Then we sleept peacefully!
Express train waiter : I'm responsible!
I'm sorry! I did not know that engine incinerator is pulled out!
Shizuka : Its not your fault!
Nobita : This means that the train is fall in one of the planet!
Express train waiter : Said early or late...
Giant : Its the same!
Suneo : Hey!!

Suneo : Human like you...
How dare treat me like this!
Giant : Shut up! Traitor!
Doraemon : Sorry! We can't free you before suneo is cured!
Shizuka : Be patient!
Brown : This takecopter is so useful!
I wear it to patrol in the carriage!
All passenger safe! They all sleept!
Doraemon : Its better they'l sleep!
Nobita : Lets see outside!
Express train is having a serious damaged!
Looks like fall in circle ground!

Doraemon : We'll safe/survived...
Express train waiter : Because this is mountain of ash
This soft ash is result of mine digging of rare mineral!
Around it full with ash of mountain, this is closed planet!
Giant : Don't challenge fate!
We can't fight fate!
Finally we will die of hunger in the side of space!
Express train waiter : You don't need to worry!
We're still safe for a while!
Look there!

Express train waiter : In the side of mineral mountain is a mineral city!
Now no one live there!
But, warehouse there still contain ceratin water and food!
Giant : Lets go see!
Found it! There is warehouse!
Nobita : Wah! Everything here!
Doreamon : Like a shop!
Giant : Look! Burger that still hot!
Nobita : Macaroni!
Shizuka : There's a lot type of snack!
Express train waiter : Eat until satisfied!
Doraemon : No dorayaki?
Brown : Hey!

Express train waiter : You found this thing inside locker in office?
Brown : After pushing button, there's image like a map!
This is mineral mountain underground way as deep as 1000 feet, its have route with a lot of floor!
Express train waiter : You're right!
Brown : This space in floor 3, maybe...
This is express train station that transport minerals!
Express train waiter : Yeah!
Brown : So, there's should be express train there!
Express train waiter : Evenlthough it is...
The exit door is blocked when it were abandoned, express train can't move anymore!
How unfortunate! I thought we can run away with that express train...
Express train waiter : No way! Because the underground way is collapsed, even entering is hard morever is going out!
Brown : Can't go in!
Giant : There's express train here?

Giant : Exit door express train is blocked!
This mountain full with cave!
Walking to short way can find new way!
Walking will seeing map will not lost way!
So, exploration team go!
I am Giant! La La La~
Shizuka : We've forgot about suneo!
Nobita : Is living parasite will feeling hungry?
Doraemon : Because it entering human's body!
Give him a little food!
Nobita : Eventhough he's evil!

- : Hold strong attraction power!
Must chase human's express train journey with full speed!
Doraemon : Careful!
Shizuka : Oh! This is UFO that entering the bathroom that day!
Doraemon : Stupid toys!
Shizuka : Toys...? Looks like it has connection with living parasite!
Show to Mr. Brown!
Nobita : Suneo, we bring food to you!
Doraemon : Open door carefully!
Nobita : Ah!? What happened...

Nobita : Ouch!
Doraemon : What is it?
Nobita : Entering one more human's body easily!
Giant : So weird!
Walking to up should is suppose to be floor 3 number 8...
Ah!? Its blocked because of landslide!
So... to floor 7... - - -
Way number 13, then walking to up!
SFX : Do. Do.. Do... (Landslide)
Its so far i walk still found many landslide!
Never mind! There still many exit!

Shizuka : This thing suddenly fly when entering!
It will fall when hit with spray!
Express train waiter : Spray?
Brown : It produce "crack" sound
SFX : Pok
Brown : Wah...
I never seen species like this!
Express train waiter : Is this spray?
Shizuka : Yeah! - - -
Express train waiter : This is "Soap Vacuum", the soap bubbles can cover entire body in a second! - -
So that living parasite will frozen!
Nobita : Mr. Brown!
Brown : ?
What is it?

Brown : Wah!!
Danger! What you do? Stop!
Nobita : Human! Human!
SFX(After Nobita sprayed) : Pok
Nobita : What? I attack you just now?
Shizuka : You possesed by living parasite!
Brown : Because of you, we know living parasite weakness!
Doraemon : Hey! Suneo... Suneo is cured!
Suneo : I... like a dream, i make something bad to you...
Doraemon : Don't be upset! Its all living parasite act/deed!
Everyone has come!
Suneo : Where's Giant?
Doraemon & Nobita : !?

Giant : Walk from way number 4, turn to here is junction! No, its wrong! Because here is blocked, then come back to original place... wait!
I connfused...
I lost the way!
- : Hey~~
Giant : ...... ....... - - -
Its human voice?
Hey! Hey!
- : Ah~ You come to save us!
Giant : You come to save me!
All : What?
- : What we lost way!
Giant : So dissapointed!
I come here to find express train!
- : Express train!? There's express train there! What happened?

Giant : With this train, we can run away from closed planet!
- : But, theres no exit!
How to move it?
Giant : ........ ........
Its look like we can't challenge fate!
But i brought a little food!
Hm... What this?
Nobita : I find in everyplace, did'nt found Giant!
Express train waiter : I found every side in train carriage!
Brown : What can we do! Where he go?
Doraemon : Hey! Everyone come here!
There's a footstep!
Ah! He enter in the way!
He walk so far...
Express train waiter : You can't go in!!
Brown : We can't let him...
Can't! Just leave him!
Suneo : Poor Giant!
Nobita : Eventhough he is rough, but his heart is good!
Shizuka : Can't meet him again!
Suneo : Ah! Ah! Ah ~
Train comeout from rock...
Giant : Ninja knowledge ~ Through wall~
All : Giant! Great!

Express train waiter : Bring water, food and as such...
To express train!
Even i think its not needed... because it only take 1 day to arrive at border police's planet!
Brown : Good if it working smoothly but living parasite sure will chase us!
If possible, i want a little weapon!
Express train waiter : No need! - - -
Because this place is so peacefull!
- : Set off!!

- : Detecting strong gravitational attraction wave!
Radar successfully detect express train situation!
Aston : Enemy approaching us!
Turn sail to left!
- : Turn sail to left!
- : Right!!
Aston : We must catch them this time!
Good luck all of you!
- : Found express train on the left side!
Full speed ahead!

[Double Page]
[Underlined] "Galaxy in my heart"
[End of Double Page]

- : Really appear!
Earlier than expected!
Unfortunately! with our speed, they can chase us!
Brown : Run away faster!
600 human's life is in our hand!
Express train conductor : Entering area full with small planet!
Brown : If wan't to avoid collision, we need certain teqnique!
We depend on you!
- : Hmm... can across this area?
Maybe collision will occur, reduce speed! Rise ship sail!

Lord : No need to reduce speed!
Attack with mortar!
Drop the planet! Move foward!
My Lord is great!!
Shoot front part of express train!
Express train conductor : We've been shooted, can't control express train!

Express train conductor : Have to land on the planet!
LV Parasite : Give up, Human! Get out!
You are valuable to us! We will not hurt you!
No response!
Aston : Let's go there!

Aston : Bad! They hiding there!
Shizuka & Suneo : Surrounded!!
Nobita : Its good there are many spray!
Express train conductor : There still many more!
Nobita : Don't let them run away!
Lord : I... I...
Don't lose to human!!
Doraemon : Gold UFO entering the pirate ship!

Lord : Wah! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha...
Let you feel the Lord power!!
Nobita : He's entering robot's body!
Doraemon : Eventhough he can't eat and grow like "Living thing"...
But he can control computer!
Nobita : Spray doesn't work!
Doraemon : Liquid can't wet him!
Wah! Can't!
Suneo : Run!

Lord : Stupid human! You think you can run away?
There are still someone there!
Wah Ha Ha... his body is weak?
Yes! First control your body!

Lord : So regret!

All : Nobita Great!
Doraemon : Living parasite run away!
Eventhough this adventure is dangerous, but its so cool!
Human possesed by living parasite is cured!
Aston father is a millionaire, he investing to rebuild Dream Park!
3rd Planet will arrive at solar system shortly!
Nobita : Thank you for your service!
Express train conductor : Please come again!
Passenger that arrive at earth, don't forget your luggage!!
Text : Doraemon Long Story/Daichohen Doraemon 16 Express train galaxy (END)

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