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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Eyeshield 21 321

321st Down : I am No.1

+ posted by Xophien as translation on Mar 13, 2009 13:09 | Go to Eyeshield 21

-> RTS Page for Eyeshield 21 321

Eyeshield 21 chapter 321

Page 01

321st Down : I am No.1
Left : This fist isn't holding anything yet. For the sake of seizing the world, this man is now grasping his resolve tightly.

Page 02

Right : What will the pentagram's Bud do after Monta's super play...!?
Someone : Oooh, Bud is coming to mark Monta tight...
Someone : ly...

Bud : Hi, Monkey Boy.
Bud : Let's get along well.

Sena : So close!!
Sakuraba : Being positioned so close,
Sakuraba : Can he really prevent Monta from going through...??

Ikkyuu : That guy, Bud...
Ikkyuu : If you consider the balance of his speed and power...
Ikkyuu : He's at the top, even among the five players of the pentagram.
Bud :
Benchpress : 150kgs
40yards dash : 4.4secs
Monta :
Benchpress : 50kgs
40yards dash : 5.0secs
Ikkyuu : If you only consider physical abilities, Monta is oni losing.

Taka : That's right... The only way Monta can win is with tenacity
Taka : and in the catching battle.
Taka : Of course the opponent is going to try to destroy that...

Monta : Bud-senpai.
Monta : I've pretty much guessed what you're going to do.
Monta : Well, if you're coming to mark me so closely,
Monta : There's pretty much only one thing you can do, huh?

Bud : Eeh~ What a smug look.
Bud : I hope for you you got it right, Monkey boy.

Page 05

Bud Walker Texas Ranger >.>

Page 06

Someone : A bump!!
Monta : A...
Monta : Kh...

Hera : No, you can't call that a bump
Hera : It's a punch!
Hera : Wait, isn't that kung fu...!

Bud : Of course it is.
Bud : I'm an action star from Hollywood, you know?

Girls : So cool!
Girls : Bud-samaaa!

Announcer : Here it comes, the trump card of the pentagram's Bud Walker!
Announcer : A close attack on the opponent receiver!
Announcer : Preventing him from getting in a good position for catching with brute strength,
Announcer : It's the Grappler Bump!!

Koutarou : That thing...
Koutarou : It'd be a foul in pretty much every other sports.
Akaba : But in a martial ball sports like American football,
Akaba : It's a rough but legal play...!

Bud : Passes are about aerial battles? That's wrong.
Bud : Well, I don't think I'd lose in an aerial battle either, though.
Bud : I won't even let you jump.
Bud : That's the strength of the strongest of the pentagram, Monkey Boy...!

Page 06

Monta : Yeah
Monta : I knew this was coming
Monta : Bud-senpai...!!

Sena : It wasn't a direct hit!
Sena : He deflected it with his arm...

Bud : And even though you knew
Bud : Without dodging,
Bud : you're going to try to break through head-on, huh...

Page 07

Monta : Because I know about my own speed.
Monta : You're physically superior on everything.
Monta : Even if I dodge, you'll just chase me immediately, right?

Monta : That's why I won't run away! I'll run while you hit me! I'll catch while you strike me!
Monta : I'll just catch all your punches!

Monta : I'll go and catch
Monta : the world's number one!
Monta : Today I can't help but be excited MAX...!!

Kid : It's not that it's no good if I don't win
Kid : I want to win.
Kid : That's right, this is
Kid : A dream...

Hiruma : As long as I play, I'll struggle to the death until I get to the top.
Hiruma : because that's how it's fun...!

Page 08

Someone : Oooooh, Kid
Someone : Made a quickdraw pass
Someone : towards where Monta is struggling!

Bud : I won't let you...!

Page 09


Page 10-11 (spread)

Guy : Woooh
Guy : So high!!

Announcer : The tallest player of the tournament with 210cm
Announcer : plus those long arms and jumping power!

Announcer : The human dome that deflects all passes
Announcer : That's why he is in the pentagram
Announcer : Tatanka!!

Morgan : Kakakaka, with that, Tatanka
Morgan : gets a MVP point hands down!

Tatanka : Catching the world's number one...?
Tatanka : Did you think you could compete against Bud for the passes?
Tatanka : You shouldn't get the wrong idea.

Page 12

Tatanka : This tournament isn't a game,
Tatanka : It's just a slaughter show for America.
Tatanka : For you who are physically inferior to us,
Tatanka : It wasn't an arena where you could fight from the beginning.

Hera : He sure
Hera : is talking big...

Panther (small text) : Uuuh, everyone of the pentagram is kicking ass.
Panther (small text) : It's still not my turn??

Panther : Wait, by the way, Tatanka, lately
Panther : what's with the broken “we are aliens”-like way of talking?
Tatanka : I tried to do the same thing as Don and learn several languages at the same time,
Tatanka : I ended up confused with words.
(note : In the original Japanese, it's represented with a few of the characters Tatanka is using being written in katakana instead of hiragana, so I chose to put some words in italic to show that since it works about the same way)

Tatanka : The number one quarterback in Japan, Kid.
Tatanka : That quickdraw is indeed incredible, but...

Tatanka : In America you'd be at most the number five, a substitute.
Tatanka : With passes of your level
Tatanka : You won't be able to destroy my Human Dome.

Page 13

Signs : 3rd place – 4th place – 5th place

Award : Pistol shooting tournament, grade school level 5th Place

Sakuraba : Tatanka of the pentagram
Sakuraba : The world's
Sakuraba : number one
Sakuraba : height...

Hiruma : Strategy
Hiruma : code.

Page 14

Kid : That's reckless, all of a sudden...
Kid : Challenging them like that...

Hiruma : kekeke, still feigning innocence, huh?
Hiruma : Even though deep inside you can't help wanting
Hiruma : to take down the world's number one
Hiruma : with your own strength...!!

Kid : This guy just seems...
Kid : to be able to read people's thoughts.
Kid : Well, that's also why
Kid : he's so good at predicting what the opponent will do, huh...

Page 15

Someone : Oooh, once more!
Someone : A quickdraw pass to Monta...

Announcer : Monta-kun was a feint!
Announcer : The real target of the pass
Announcer : is the tall Sakuraba!!

Page 16

Tatanka : I think I told you.
Tatanka : With your passes,
Tatanka : You won't surpass the height of my human dome.

Suzuna : Yaaa! He went
Suzuna : even
Suzuna : higher...

Page 17

Bud : The ball
Bud : disappeared
Bud : in midair...

Narration : At the time he first stopped the ball with his left hand
Narration : and raised the arm once again
Narration : the ball stayed in his left hand.
Narration : A quickdraw
narration : that no one noticed...

Tatanka : This
Tatanka : guy...!

Page 18

Kid : My selling point is the quickdraw.
Kid : “bring the match to where you can win it”
Kid : The man who said that had an impact on me.

Kid : Right now, shamelessly
Kid : Just a little bit,
Kid : My dream and ambition of becoming the world's number one
Kid : are showing up...

Someone : Woooh, here he comes, finally!
Someone : With his explosive run!
Someone : Senaaaa!!!

Page 19

Panther : Come
Panther : Sena...!!
Middle : The warrior and the black panther... Are finally about to fight like promised!!!

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#1. by Phat ()
Posted on Mar 13, 2009
thanks :D
#2. by gumin/zx ()
Posted on Mar 13, 2009
#3. by Egaki 21 ()
Posted on Mar 13, 2009
#4. by hagane no mcg ()
Posted on Mar 13, 2009
i like the "borg style" from tatanka...

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